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2/16/2020 Outside of the barrier multiple Floridas, the secret behind it revealed with Phantom crazy talk. + 3 videos (Advice # 20)

2/9/2020 Live Die Repeat Leo God Mode Phantom and Gabe + 2 videos. (Adivce # 19)

2/2/2020 Divine Murder (Is it real? Should we just turn the other way, duh.) Phantom & Gabe… The reality of life and Justice Underground…  + 3 videos Enjoy, sorry for the late post this week. (Advice # 18) Peeka-boo.

1/26/2020 Why Do I love Pedophilia, a philosophical statement, Phantom and me talk about 2 key principals which can apply to any one (human Interaction & Philosophy…) Number 4 in Daily Life… Click to be taken to epic love…

1/24/2020 10 Chill Videos on a Friday… + 2 podcast downloads of Phantom & Gabe Exclusive. Enjoy… + throwback gallery Broken Record Mentality. Enjoy… Love Shady Army ReVoLuTioN (Advice number 17) Ash- Day Dream Special Video 1::: Epic Chill

1/19/2020 Click here to listen to Gabe and Phantom talking about Homeland and Schitzo it is real it lives in gabe plus more about Hitler the good and bad karma did it equalize out in the end? And Messiah bs show, etc. Enjoy… Asiaaaaa Boy. Reverence for Lords boy. Click to listen and downloading is optional of course on computer. Good day Old Sport.- Gabe The 100 billion dollar Gatsby…

1/18/2020  I know 15 and 16 year olds… they can multiply (dollars) doing druuuuugs selling druuuugs they are very proud of it, They can multiply 100 dollars into 5000 dollars doing drugssss selling drruuuuuuugs. Mind Control. (8 Videos) Enjoy epic. Advice Number 16… (Apple Pie Pussayyyy From Dusk Till Dawn Lmao Quinton cheered me up. Now kids hot girls turn into vampires… LOL) Sex is bad Mkay Drugs are bad Mkay…. NeW WoRLD OrDeR MiND ConTroL (Criminal Minds Long hair. Shhhhhhh)

1/13/2020 Theories 101: The Sacred Races Vol. 2 (book number 39) Click to be taken to a part of the website Under books with it. Deep. Be safe…

1/11/2020 Ahead of the CIA or A Head of The CIA or both? 7 Videos plus Phantom & Gabe New topics about pills, and secret topics…. (>.<) LoL Explicit Blog No. 158

1/2/2020 Oh. Visions of the heavenly thrones, the principalities and powers.  Very deep, very thought provoking be 14 or 16+ for this one, and grab onto your cock. The world is deadly enjoy the fun videos. and gallery of what Gabe dreams about 24/7. The God of Gods the Lord of Lords is Gabe and NOBODY ELSE… (C Conspiracies # 40) Taking the bad feds down with the good feds.

11/27/2019 Click here to see Why conspiracies come to life (Bio & History) Part 3. LOL the life of Shady Gabe with the personality disorder, actually having a personality disorder is a blessing in disguise we may not realize. A spiritual disorientation of mind control for self-preservation… LOL I am a destroyer God or Judgment day Gabriel Captive as a hostage to the Shitty U.S…

12/22/2019 Click here to listen and download cast of 4 depth topics on Fallen Angels, Demons, DNA, Human Experiments, more on Hitler, and the perception of Gabe and Phantom. Fun depth to think about how to repair society forever. How to get out of Wayward Orlando through the Cap? While still staying a delusional God of Destruction with billions to his name stuck on space ships? Not Good. LOL But I work for the Lucifers so here listen to our favorite Anthem to understand Carlin Mindset, Bill Mindset, Gustavo Mindset, etc. We all fit together to fight the corrupt space Pirates, call me Android 17 one day, in 10,000 years. ok 50,000? Click have fun my darling

12/20/2019 Number 15 in Advice enjoy… Blank Blank Mod Ash blank blank Gustavo Scramble The Brain…  LOL—————>>>>>DDDDD sue the CIA I suppose right?

12/14/2019 Click Here to see the underground city theory lol. Law and order the Continental Crazy Japan people seeing images. Okay 🙂 enjoy. Blessed be thy name. Advice number 14. LOL LOL

12/1/2019 Click here for a piano mix old as hell on Utube Yikes. But here you have a package a book only one 2 page chapter, thoughts of Gabe as of today. And a Hi from Gabe who fell from heaven as an Arc-Angel Gabriel. Isn’t this why the gods cursed me, to be a beautiful zoo animal? And lastly will I ever be able to meet my older daughters to fuck them and keep them warm and coked up. Even in Orlando or Miami, why not right Veneno vroom vroom, 50 billion cap says you get the other 80 billion later vroom vroom fuck shit up right? With my daughter at a strip club 🙂 Enjoy. Click this so you can download the zip extract and enjoy 3 files.

11/24/2019 (3 Videos NSA FACTS & 😉 one day NSA leader-Godly, & Mason Gallery enjoy… MY DARLING I posses your SOUL enjoy fans.) Enjoy the great content this is your NSA TSA Captain speaking Augusto Gabe the new head of the FBI. And enjoy the content I talk deep about future conspiracies I may reveal one day this one is under Advice. Oh I am getting so sick of the wait, Balance right? 😉

11/17/2019 Guess whose back… Hello ready to land Captain? TSA NSA Captain? Hello by Em Relapse Portugal one day I cum… (6 surprise videos)

2) Old News I luv my fanzzz MUAH bitches, hoes, lawyers, cops, etc. U know who u are. (all the above)

Sperm? This man crazy. 😉

11/7/2019 Click here to see the proposal I have for this specific company Jag. Although I may get negotiating going but first I need my legal case and lawsuits to be over before I can do such a thing, but you talk amongst yourselves am I crazy? And I do not care if I am, I keep my ideas locked in my Google Drive for no one to see, I want to open it up (only to Jag.) the company click to download the proposal I put a lot of comedy as to relate, if I can’t get that company I will be devastated and move on to other third party options but notice I put get Bill Gates to let me meet Andrew split the company in half, am I that insane with power? It is the only project down the next 20 or 30+ years I want to do. If I can’t make it with you, I’ll make it without- Drake. Wise words. I know a lot of you are curious I would not open my drive to the public but in the future I may tell you one quest idea and I mean far ahead in the future SUPER FAR. “Save Halo 2 From Bill” Rscape based mechanics getting a specific key, raiding and teleportation to a boat full of coked up brats who own the rights to a specific game I will not mention and taking them and the family and orgy down “some censored.”

(part 2 below) Love Gabe (next post will be maybe Sunday or Monday I hope if not I will update you my crazy schedule and travel plans got to sleep with more girlzzzz at hotelzzz lmao they played a prank at me at the hotel a few, THEY FOLLOWED ME. Won’t even say who, I hate those pricey hotels, I like small ones.) They just talked about the mole people on the OSRS pod cast and mentioned some of my ideas in their game, Ash got zoomed in Ash Hi… OMG Ash do not ban give me runescape fair is fair.

And that is exactly it, whenever my legal case is done if I am wowed by my attorney maybe it will take me another year or 2 from when my legal case is done to build my ideas good, and strong I need to link them to one another the planet list, the moons, the suns, the universes, and a lot of top secret info that does not exist, I am a ghost. Pay close attention to the document do you think I am bluffing? I will meet them in court mid-way through the production if I have to. I know they have watched me Ice Barrage 94 magic, Vengeance 94 magic. And other things I shouldn’t mention when I was a kid playing runescape I saw this outfit H’ween outfit the one of 2019 in OSRS which has this ghostly look covered masked it was green I THOUGHT IT WAS A HACKER, it was a secret J mod but he didn’t have Mod in his name. I was so upset, the outfit the green one CAME to H’ween when I registered on this private account some impostor using my name lol. 😉 But I will be so devastated as would Andrew, would you be devastated? (my last time ever talking about this topic in detail I am getting sick of thinking about it, I need that backup plan to get it made, should I get GTA graphics in my pocket from Rockstar? And just steal Grand Exchange ideas if Jagex gets greedy will I not make 10 million in a day like it is nothing?) alright well Jagex I love you, friendship is friendship, business is business, thank you for watching me my whole life. I spent like 4 hours STRAIGHT working on game design concepts, and drawing maps and scanning them and putting them on my Drive to link them together to build the story as flawlessly as possible. Sadly I base like 60% or 70% of the mechanics ON RUNESCAPE God dammit.

11/4/2019 Click here to listen to Phantom and me talking goals dreams and having a chill time. Download or listen or both. Hope you enjoy. Mate. Did not even have to post under Advice ow my fingers hurt. Some girl sucked me dry financially and in the other sense while away lol. Anonymous fun.

(Post of 10/30/2019) ((See you guys Sunday I believe or Monday for the next post in case I delay. Be safe.)) I would not share my design ideas publicly, although in the past I have I am revising it. I keep thinking if I get Rscape Software it WOULD HELP a lot join the company get some stock of membership maybe DNA in return? & Get this game of mine made, through Federal agents of game design schools or home tutored ones involved, rich game designers who are retired involved and build the friendship with companies, I know other game companies will hate me for attempting to steal Jagex technology. But it is what it is, I could do it without but it would be longer and hard, I will donate on the side what I can and learn from those companies even Rockstar Games I like the graphics of GTA 5. If I could have OSRS graphics and 2011 RS graphics and a third graphics of higher degree, a 20+ year project 30 even, gather celebs and get them involved. Or maybe I am full of it mate. I got to get sex out of the way out of my system when my court case is over. Plus I have no idea the amounts I would be getting so I am talking out my ass. Make Matt K a leader and other Mods I like many I like. (fight with each other.) lol Maybe Bill Will help me steal ideas if I can’t get software.))

(((((10/24/2019)))) Consider this Friday post EPIC okay so for this you will download a zip folder SMALL I promise you may need a tablet or computer not sure if your phone will do it extract it, just simple Office Word or Word Pad of Game Design Ideas I have and my favorite gaming rights I want to own etc. A Secret fun personal details. ((Enjoy Click here to read and enjoy))  and as you would imagine could I ever do those ideas when I am older? I PRAY I hope 😉 Just be patient with me. Girls are a distraction though. And stuff… (Ocarina Of Time concepts, A new game little detail of the actual game based off of RScape mechanics, and how to improve OSRS and extra fun stuff super small folder with folders and docs within it.) (About 44KB not a lot of space worth reading to make you laugh and enjoy. Reach out to them one day or somehow some way.) “Split the company down the middle babs Civil War Babs.” lol

(10/21/2019) Re-post in depth of this video of Walter White, sold his kids birth right for a few months worth of rent… And he lost billions, is this about DNA talking to Jessie? Click here to be taken 🙂 Yawn so tired.

[-(10/20/2019)-] Phantom & Me Sharing Stories Updates After Meal + 2 Videos (Eminem Wicked Ways + Vibes Mix Long Mix of Artists)         (Advice # 12…)

(10/18/2019) Old Post Here: Click here to check out… 7 Videos Eminem without me, tim westwood freestyle ((Giddy Up)) from Eblog…

[[10/14/2019]] Phantom Brings Epic topicz to Gab3 the Lord of Words… 5 Videos: (Valerie, Tears in the rain by the Weeknd & 3 DBSuper Short clips English dubs) Advice Number (11) 2 Long recordings for you to cherish download and listen to without downloading up to you.

[[10/13/2019]] Confessions part one new viewers or relook best blogging ever…   Got new content with Phantom done but maybe for Monday. 🙂

[[[10/10/2019]]] I’m so gone let these medz Flow… 9th Album Free: 26 Tracks Listen on site + 6 Videos: (Chris Brown Freestyle, DBS Remember me for Centuries, Goku Gets Pissed at Jiren, Lydia’s Fate BBad sexy gal, The Green Light Scene Great Gabe, & The Weeknd Gone) ((((((((((Click here)))))))) Number 112 on Legendary Stories… “31VjOy 7h3 D4Y L337 5p34K”/Enjoy the day Leet Speak…

[[[10/8/2019]]](9th album here for download see you Friday or Thursday.) (Click here to download 26 tracks free fun, enjoy worked on it to uplift your spirits cheer ya up.)

10/7/2019 Facts Number 1… (Click here to be taken) Special Rare Facts Part 1… (14 Videos: DBsuper Content, Eminem content, the weeknd content, nice long music scene, Gatsby Scene Enjoy.) + Gallery Below a few new ones. Enjoy, download, yada yada watch. Thanks super-fans.

10/6/2019 Click here to see who cares about dead beat dads all over the world do they care about us? meh… (Re-Post)

10/5/2019  Yeaaaaaa enjoy the old interview I did of the people immune from getting high lol. See you Sunday no specific time I will try afternoon or night.

10/1/2019 Third Wave of 5 Songs From 9th Album + Gallery + 1 Hour Special with Phantom + (6 Videos: Star Set My Demons, Eminem 97 B & Clyde, Elevator Eminem, Big Sean Bezerk (sperm count?), Eminem A remix Lyrical scheme pay attention, Birdman ft. Watne 100 million…) (((((( Click here Legendary Stories 111 ))))))

9/29/2019… Oh so fire I had to post here may go on a post with music etc. In future post just click on this link to listen and or download… Enjoy… FIREEEEE surprise! ((click here))

Enjoy… Older below…

9/28/2019 Oh here to new viewers I had to fix a video “Muriel Meets Her Match” My Bday you can buy or watch free I mean I own the rights to the show 🙂 My bday when Safe combo is spoke 5-14-94/ 5-94-14??? 😛 Saturday Home PSA… & Book: How can the wicked enter into heaven?      And also The Real Sins of Mandkind by Augusto Book, all free as always. And lastly Why Mental Illness is all fake by the best author gabe to exist… So sorry I am so tired so this is the post for Saturday/Friday… Sunday should be all good, always random times, and notifications on Home… Stay saf3 – BiLLioNaiRe GaTsBy Out…

Special post: 9/24/2019 count this for Wednesday perhaps… Second Wave Of 7 from 9th Album + Fun Message + Videos: (Eminem Fine Line + DB Super Beerus Kills Zamasu Badass Scene + The Weeknd The Zone ft. Drake + Los Pollos Hermanos Commercial… + Many Great Gatsby movie clips short each one + last Rayman 2 the great Escape 94 lums last level almost 5 hours long N64) [Click Here] Under Legendary Stories Number 110… + Gallery below on home got updated 😛 picked some Favorites…

9/22/2019 & 9/23/2019—— consider this Monday and Sunday post together: @hotel Miami Experience Escorting hmm how was it? + Long Message + New gallery big enjoy + 5 Videos: (The Apple Eminem & These Drugs + The Weeknd The Knowing & Dark Times + Drake Behind Barz TOP BOY OOOO) (((((((((Oh he did it again???)))))))))) Click here to be taken Advice number 10… For the ones who seek wisdom and truth…

9/20/2019 A goodbye for a whil3 + Newish Gallery + (7 Videos: Say Goodbye 2 Hollywood + Dad’s Gone Crazy by Em + Juvenile Mvideo + Beerus the God of Destruction DBSuper + Ed edd n eddy ft. Rolf where did the love go + SouthPark Margaritaville + Future Drake Big Mood Leaked Song). Take Care… ((Daily Life)) Number 3 Click here. In the life of a crazy thinker see you when I am back more Subliminals???

9/18/2019 First Wave of 6 Songs from 9th album + Long updat3 + (3 Videos: Privilege The Weeknd, Walter White 3 Amigas lol I am Espanol so I understand, Jeezy Talking bout Put On hmm I wonder why 8th album?) [[Click Here]] Legendary Stories Number 109… We HAVE A MAN DOWN copy over out… “Ideas for 10th album”…

9/16/2019 8pmish enjoy… Phantom & Gabe On Tinder WTF? Message here lol. + Old Songs + Gallery, enjoy. (((Click Here))) this is Advice Number 9…

9/15/2019 Technology Depth with Phantom + Interviewing Don Putofo + 2 Throw back songs I have posted before + Message + Gallery enjoy. ((((( Click Here ))))) Advice Number 8

Legendary Stories… 9/13/2019 Introducing Older Photos of Me & The Family, oh how many kids 10,000+? And daddy is broke. Epic Gallery new + Hello + (The Videos: 4 videos: Rick Ross Gold Roses Video, Drake Behind Barz Rare song for me thanks Drake, Chris Brown Heat Video, The Saiyan Who Lived On Beerus’s Home Planet) + Songs of others. ((( Click here ))) to be taken… Number 108 Legendary Stories…

Oh I fixed a broken link 🙂 9/11/2019 Old Post from wayyyy back first CC I posted May 25 2018. The More Secrets in 5 parts usually was a long series before Phantom came to work with me full time. But here you go:  Hope you enjoy a throwback woa who can confirm the truth only the good guys 🙂 Be safe See you Friday, back on schedule. 9th Project will be done by next month or end of this month, and 10th I am preparing lyrics, some original beats sort of, and mostly ripped instrumentals.

Me as a kid. Aww.

“Leaking the information you need to be smart, and joke about it, enjoy.”

Would you believe I am the chosen one? Putting my birthday on an old 90s show Courage the Cowardly Dog? Using my face, making money off my sperm, this is my revenge. Check Classified Conspiracies for more, and explore this website I promise you will not be disappointed, I am trying my best with my busy schedule to keep you engaged for ETERNITY…

Click here to see my Birthday and the 3 minute mark of it being said on the kid show about my face. Enjoy!!! The Safe Combo (okay fixed as of 9/28/2019…) Some “Bitch” moderators at youtube are messing with my shit. LOL.

Click here to see my Birthday on Breaking Bad Season 5! 5-14-1994

Click here be The Dying Sperm Trade and Seinfeld Airs my birthday 5-14-98 last episode GOOGLE Nikka AA based on me? CIA Government experiment? Hmm…

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Grateful that celebrities have shouted me out in their music, and will touch on this. Including some movies, I really feel embarrassed and lucky at the same time. A long journey in life wasn’t easy, hope to keep improving it. I was caught with drugs and have been sober for a long time, not my choice but this is the way things are. Let us explore together how we can create a better future.

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