10 Chill Videos on a Friday… + 2 podcast downloads of Phantom & Gabe Exclusive. Enjoy… + throwback gallery Broken Record Mentality.

Oh Enjoy the new videos I found to share for the love of vibes and humanity. Plus 2 downloads of podcasts I did not center. And 10 epic videos to enjoy the music and flow.

Oh hit refresh first video fixed Ash Day Dream.

In case you forgot to download or listen to these 2 the 4 Topics of life  (opens in new tab)

And the other latest 1/19/2020 Click here to listen to Gabe and Phantom talking about Homeland and Schitzo it is real it lives in gabe plus more about Hitler the good and bad karma did it equalize out in the end? And Messiah bs show, etc. Enjoy… Asiaaaaa Boy. Reverence for Lords boy. Click to listen and downloading is optional of course on computer. Good day Old Sport.- Gabe The 100 billion dollar Gatsby… (opens in new tab)

Video 1: Ash Day Dream- A beauty indeed we are reminded of beauty in the face and in the music and how they are both persecuted by D’Evils.

Video 2: Pascal Junior Holdin’ On (Original Mix)

Video 3: Pascal Junior- Overdose (Original Mix)

Video 4: Jheno Aiko ft. The Weeknd & Frank Ocean All I want (Runaway III)

Video 5: The Weeknd Gifted (Epic the life :O)

Video 6: The Weeknd- In Vein Epic Soul in the song.

Video 7: Skeler HardWave (Dark Star Asia Mix)

Video 8: Phurion Into The trance A halo 2 montage classic. (Reminds you of when Microsoft was building greatness imagine how many people had to lose their lives when this great game got made, it was hard to master bbx, rrx, double shot and four shout.)

Video 9: Eminem & Dr. Dre- MTV Interview (1999) Epic these are the real cops here. Em and Dre the feds ATF etc.

Video 10: Leaving Heaven Em and Skylar. Epic sounded like Django music, OHHHH to die for. (Top 3 on albums and he put out slim shady lp 2 for me from my old request I had for him lol.)