3 Subjects: (Very long for Thanksgiving thoughts) + 4 Videos + Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi and 420, u guys burn up for me I am on Xanax.

 10th track acting up click here to download or listen.

3 Subjects: (Very long for Thanksgiving thoughts) + 4 Videos

You know controlling the internet, hearts and minds is not easy its a life time job, other wise you just get lucky with the lotto and leave your fans behind like some cock suckers would. – Gabe Quote. Beat that Mark Twain.

What it means to be within one’s self.

To be within yourself means you have blocked out the local cocktail or beer to pick up a girl who is gonna think you are a loser and take you home if you are barley lucky.

To be within yourself means you create a company something substantial like Augusto Gabe dot com, or some other venture where you can put your soul into it, or go to YouTube and beg for a deal to be a famous youtuber since the system is rigged, sell your soul, commit to that.

To be within yourself is to be happy when people call you a pedophile or many other words, because you see it as playful in your personal dealings with men and women, it is not an insult on your character.

The most difficult part of being within one’s self, is sacrifice, should you network with Attorneys? Should you network with police officers? In the City I come from they know everything, and they are assholes, so you must deal with things in between?

And lastly for those taking the last resort of being within one’s self would be creating a family, having people who depend on you, etc. But this is the most difficult one, because it is the ultimate sacrifice, no more dog parks, no more bath houses, or these things are kept to minimum, or some therapy is worked out for you, for these so called addictions of pleasure, to take it further, parents have better drug immunity, but that is a secret.

How to discover friends and know your limits.

When you discover a friend you know one of two things, they are going to match up with your personality in the moment and it could last a day, a week, a month, or longer, misery loves company concept, or you guys are closed off, maybe your both dealing with bullshit. One of the things I hated was that community collage I was required to attend before I got arrested, back in 2016 or something, and I will tell you, it is like looking at zombies, one guy will offer you drugs, one girl will offer you a flirty moment then ignore you if you don’t answer right, everybody looks depressed, and suicidal, it is almost like limbo for people who don’t want to conform to doctor, or lawyer, or those terms. Was there for over 2 years, and got me nowhere.

But who are the best friends you can meet one day? The family friends and the friends who take interest in what you do, destiny is a real thing, it is difficult to say how it works because it works differently for everybody but I am preaching in this post about destiny, and sometimes one friend out of 10,000 friends could make all the difference in your life. You may know 10,000 lost souls can’t help you progress, but that one in 10,000 can help you reach that website potential, or that divine code the Gods left behind, or just be a great friend for you to start a family.

I ask myself don’t want a child because I have to focus on my website, where it takes me, do the Jagex creators want to meet me one day and handle classified information? Do L.A Agents want to leak illegal data through my website to cause mayhem? I chose the path of solo-whistle blower after my arrest, and I am still waiting to flex my full capabilities on this website, to impress, and progress the minds of not only personal bank accounts, but of population mind control. But you can still give the gift of a child to a lady and not just to anybody Augusto, a good mother would say.

Well you let me know when these Criminal Defense Attorneys are done lying about these drug charges to get the information and such I need, because they will string you along for years. I know it first hand, still going through it as we speak. Therapy and Xanax is my remedy, besides the internet for different creative purposes.

And hey some of you can write novels about your life story, about drug dealing, and find someone to sell it to, because you may find success and money, and settle in quicker then a guy like Augusto, who goes through years of waiting, I mean involving yourself in the community is difficult because you need to be a cop, or have a degree, or be very good at fucking a girl you picked up on the street, and you go from there, but some of us grew wise and old young, such is my case, and it will always be divided in opinion. (Why would he need so much? Why not deals to go to Asia? Is money everything? Let me just focus on changing his reality.) Instead of offers being so messy. We do not have high powered Agents like Ari Gold here in Orlando, if we did, I would have 100-million-year contract just to sleep with the female agents in the building or something good, and an inheritance after that.

And lastly: why do you tell people what to do with their time? Because you care, but you could be wrong, and don’t blame me if 5 year old little Melissa who is adorable grows up to be a whore wearing actual bunny ears one day, and the word of Augusto and his website could save her by the time she reaches 16 or in her 20s. Because Melissa the little girl may aspire to be something but if like 90 percent of the population, she ends up becoming nothing but a bar tender or barley a whore for the local community, you will still need to love her regardless. Augusto can’t take it sitting down my friends the internet is there for that reason to rant, to be consistent, and to change your reality and the reality of others as you get older.

And for the few ambitious ones, where to go?

Well to be ambitious is difficult you got 3 roads, you could be the guy who wants to produce music but you work with your friends from Music school, and you put all your energy to get opportunity, this is the story of my friend Jose, iQue because he went to school for his programming skills on the laptop, he found the rich kid before I got arrested back in 2014, and we made music together at Hit Squad Studios and Plush Studios in Orlando. But after recording for a long time, he knew me well, and he hated that my parents were sending me to L.A and it went horribly wrong so I returned.

Now I had my drug charges about a year or more after returning, and so he was there to be my friend, to be my guy, and thankfully I can afford to chill and make music, and he makes the price deals appealing even album 13 is having 43 tracks instead of 15 or 20s, to spoil my audience with more free entertainment.

Secondly you got the person who wants to go work for the big law firms, they will end up teaching you about disguises, about stealing sperm, about local families, about the local neighborhood, even which cops deliver the better blow or Molly to your house or apartment, and this may require years of cock sucking in schools to make it to the top, unless you settle for a fun cheer leader a long the way, good for you. And this could mean you end up being on T.V one day, because the career you pursued was exciting and venturous.

Thirdly you got the person like me and that is the guy or girl who doesn’t want to quit, who will put it all on the line, I will put my whole life on hold, no dog parks, only escorts if in Miami, and behave and do all well, and impress the so called Judge my Criminal defense attorney and do your best with your website to see where favors and years of time lands. Because it is difficult to find again those high-powered L.A people, they all flocked to L.A for a reason.

So that is all for this one I hope it wrapped up good.

Lastly: Dishonest people: Gonna lose weight, gonna visit a dying relative, lets go out to eat (while staring at you with a dead eye.)

Honest people: Even when they don’t have a lot, are Criminals, have records, have experimented with drugs such as Meth, Molly, blow, etc. Honest people are there for you even when times are rough, these are the people you want by your side. Going down that first road is like Doug Bachelor, said, the arrogant devil in all of us, that wants to win at life by being dishonest, instead of being honest to heal and to proceed, and to conquer.

Videos: 4

Video 1: NO SLEEP 1 hour version (bootleg boy) (I fall in love to easily ye.) could mix for my own music.

Video 2: Jay z Reasonable Doubt a Documentary

Video 3: Rap Radar with Drake. 2 hours.

Video 4: Don’t Trust Prince Ea Diss track (dave from boi in da band?) nice.