Divine Murder (Is it real? Should we just turn the other way, duh.) Phantom & Gabe… The reality of life and Justice Underground…

Please click here to listen and/or download optional Phantom & Gabe talking about the 3 ladders of life “Local Law Enforcement”, after “U.S Flight Marshall” the cops who are on the planes for public airlines whom hold bigger networks then local law enforcement, and finally the captains whom are required to keep everything top secret, whom know how many U.S.As exist, and how many Canadas exist, and is the world really how they present it or is it FLAT and if you try flying a helicopter straight up will some areas open up? and you will see the outside? Or will you get shot down or freeze to death by people whom don’t want you to see immortality and other alien life outside because it will hurt the pockets below?

3 Videos and the podcast long awaited. “Oh life how thou art such a disappointment. “-Accept and learn rather then ignore your shortcomings etc. Put that into eternal practice…-Gabe

Video 1: You Gon Learn Em

Video 2: The Weeknd Lonely Star

Video 3: The Best of Pascal Junior by Dj Unique 1 hour long epic.