@hotel Miami Experience Escorting hmm how was it? + Long Message + New gallery big enjoy + 5 Videos: (The Apple Eminem & These Drugs + The Weeknd The Knowing & Dark Times + Drake Behind Barz TOP BOY OOOO)

Hello Message: So the recording is below with a huge gallery. Fun trip, so the strip club will not mention by name was good a few problems I saw: A big black lady kept asking us for free dollars, the girl I wanted originally was ignoring me. And I invited some other stripper like 500 dollars for 2 hours to my hotel. So she stood me up and so I ended up ordering in from one of the 100 websites out there. But hey all the cops and many escorts know me even if they act like they do not know 😉 Can escorts be spies? One of our topics below. Anyways it was fun as fuck the best part of the whole trip WAS when I got laid and lasted till like 1am I overpaid a bit but she was super thin and petite, loved her. Would love to request her in future again but it all depends on location, good choices in my local area, but you never know, we may visit Miami again and or Tampa.

Music was a bit loud in the strip club etc. etc. we talk about it. ENJOY, lol gave my business card purposely to one of the strippers with my website and a number I have and she can sell it to her cop friends for like 5 grand gets resold for 20 grand then gets resold for 100 grand. LOL

Again I don’t sell my shit or my DNA I could make easily a lot but I can’t smoke pot lmao but escorts are allowed so hey good. And it has been like a year I SWEAR with no sex I am tired of male sex, so escorting females I ate that ass like candy and that pussy but I spoke the truth after I came inside, she sucked with no condom good, I offered to get her pregnant because I think I have done this before with escorts but she made me use the condom but I fucked for 50 minutes with her with her petite feet in my mouth couldn’t cum then flipped her over doggy and wow I was like fucking a 10 year old girl her body was so TINY omg.

But ye guys enjoy the recording and gallery and videos below. If you just listen and read my material for like 100 hours or 50 hours you get a good idea of who I am. Will be in the FBI when I am older but I like open countries with open laws not my fault I am stuck in the United Slaves who keep the good looking guys in shackles. I want that billion dollar sperm settlement then I can move to Portugal and the 20 other places I have in mind, take you guys with me. I can dream right?

Click here to listen to Phantom & Shady talking about anonymous experiences. Make sure to check many new photos and some old throwback photos lol. Enjoy. ESCORT? huh? Well believe it or not half the girls in all cities all over the world escort to some degree even marriage is escorting duh. Many escort girls in my life not once in trouble, the cops would be like “OMG it is gabe” but I always do out calls lol maybe I got some regulars 😉

Videos to share?: Was a blast lol my mom was happy I finally got laid, she introduced me once to an escort we got into an argument after 2 visits she wouldn’t suck it without a condom but she would sit on my face etc. Her attitude was annoying but the dick can sometimes speak louder, better if I look for them and stick to some regulars. Like my past. But the sheriff has me on a website I am protected lol from my old charges. No drugs Gabe no Pot even but hey get laid sure I am not going to put effort into a relationship FUCK that it never worked for me. I like open minded kind cops who care not the traffic cops lol.

5 Videos: (The Apple Eminem & These Drugs + The Weeknd The Knowing & Dark Times + Drake Behind Barz TOP BOY OOOO)

Secret Message below gallery wisdom for the youth to grow up strong and not bent over for society your whole life be yourself… – Augusto Gabe/The Highest Sheriff/The FBI Lord/The Spying King/ The God of Gods/ The smelliest Feet/ The best… Legendary…

Video 1: Eminem The Apple Lyrics Never Officially Released. Hmm I want to hear Em go all out I bet he makes those rare albums for rich people private concerts, just mention me on Stage Em if you believe in my message to enlighten the audience a new generation that evolves in a digital age.

Video 2: The Weeknd The Knowing

Video 3: Drake Behind Barz Top Boy :O is drake making an advance I would Drake wait which twin lol the highest bidder. For those who do not know I had an old tracklist said behind barz I think so Drake gave me a shout much love.

Video 4: These Drugs Eminem Last one…

Video 5: Ok last video Dark Times The Weeknd I know some of you are stuck in situations, I am stuck with my legal case. It is annoying really my only option is to stay on the right path and focus on the cops who have my back the spies who will get my money and kids, and wife, and future, and future fun traveling orgies. For now I just play along and play a movie. Millions of you feel the pain the 1% control laws and control our lives to a degree of suffocation it is dreadful.