Live, Die, Repeat (Schitzo) Leo-God Mode… Phantom & Gabe + 2 videos…

Imagine them having your brain locked away that is what its like. Difficult should you take the Easy way and if so how do you earn the easy way as you go along with the heart, not always simple, but even for your own safety with contracts. I like Alfred and the Pink Lamborghini Girls who are petite but that is all illegal according to the tall blondes. Whom are red Cashmere.

Even how Texas is trying to rub their bull on Florida, in Florida we want peace with both sides the lawyers and doctors who deal with DM and that nonsense, to keep it a secret to protect people on the surface, in Texas they lock people up for doing the right thing and kill you for shoes or for property at least Florida is 98% pure compared to Texas, at least my Florida because the CIA cleans up whatever place I am located at. Niggas on motorcycles disappearing and shit they bring it upon themselves because they steal from the IRS WHEN MARK ZUCK would take a chance on me with a free 40 or 60 billion and resume in Florida the way I would want. Fucking horseshit, these niggers.

lol enjoy. Phantom and me babbling. (Live Die Repeat Schitzo) Movie Tom Cruise… In our head Day by Day. to listen and or to download optional.

Video 1: Illusions of existence (Different realities)

Video 2: Chris Brown Froze