More from the 12th album, + 4 epic videos one about proof of earth being flat + messages from gabe, enjoy.

You know I was pretty happy so far with music production I think we did really good on 12, I am waiting for the last 3 tracks to be sent to me, I thought for a second with earbuds playing it to loud made some of my lyrics not make sense, I had to message my producer about that, when I lowered it I could understand, I mean I want people to get the lyrics and enjoy the beat, but I let it slide, I think its not the worst thing in the world, I hate it when songs just don’t want the full lyrics to be heard, cutting out pa, after me saying pass is good and different from that one song on 12, because you get it.

To be a great artist you need these qualities:

1- Divine Faith in things bigger then yourself, meaning you must fit your ideas into the bigger picture, you can’t think about being ridiculed, you should put smelly feet and crazy words and phrases in your lyrics, expose yourself as the freak that you are like R. Kelly but maybe add some class to it, so it sounds better then my old Rude Boy song which is me like drunk just wanting to fuck any guy I have improved since then.

2- Be honest about blogging, do not post if you do not mention, your current situation in life no matter how bad it sounds like in my case, terrible parents pawned me off to Mark o Mara who is handling my case while I skipped on a lawsuit to sue Nickelodeon for stealing my face with one of those many attorneys, while also finding my inner calling that Mark told me I need ammunition I guess he meant bring your website back up and do good, and try to improve as a person, so I was happy to say I felt good getting out of the job and school race while waiting on an inheritance to stay in Orlando, because that is what the facts have lead to.

3- Lastly but not for you to forget, if you can’t feel embarrassed or make fun of yourself for pedophilia or other weird things you are clearly on the opposing end of entertainment and humanity it means you are more opinionated, for me I am like the famous guy who shouldn’t exist because I have 40 million + more fans I can feel in my heart while Leon Lush can only carry a million viewers if he is lucky because you get bored of his ranting, it is not genuine like mine. So this is also the signs of a great person to be leader.

How do you simplify all I said, be gracious, be smart, be honest, and take those few words literally and you still have an Augusto or a copy cat Augusto who isn’t as vocal but shares those same in sync values. And my web guy fixed this weird bug I had of ads sorry about that with the plugins.

Scroll below not just for my music but especially Video 1 the insane video of proof and smart humble people talking about earth being flat in a dome, important for all of us to play a role as dads, mothers, boyfriends, and people in the community, you know I do the biggest community service of all and that would not count in court, I would get treated like shit because I did not want to see 2 homeless niggers fighting about who got the quarter. But hey I still love my city Orlando, right?

More from the 12th album, + 4 epic videos one about proof of earth being flat + messages from gabe, enjoy.

Here are videos I found I liked especially for young audience. To start:

This is about the Earth being flat the Illuminati, a great interviewer asking questions to the black guy who knows a lot about this he is spitting scientific facts and goes in depth trust me I never promote sub par. I talk a lot in my music and stuff about earning respect one day to a grand level through just my website alone, over the years and decades of you following some parts of my life, so one day I can secretly take a helicopter in Portugal and not get shot, and be well received by the army and those CIA spies at the top of the sky. Portugal is the safest the voice in my head told me since drugs are legal. A dome is around us, hunger games, and many movies speak about this.

Video 1: Flat planet great interviewer.

Video 2: Lol Leon Lush not the brightest not all his videos are great but this was hilarious because the wealthy pastors are acting so funny, but guess what these wealthy pastors know about the sky and illuminati it could incriminate them if they did not have police protection they are not bad people, they just protect other civilizations and countries on our world map that do not exist.

Video 3: AirGuitar901 providing so many old Halo 2 videos of the mlg pros double shotting etc. the glitchy days and where did the internet and all that come from, goes back to video 1 about the deadly secrets they keep.

Video 4: Last video of the day. Full session kanye on Cannon’s Class part 1, part 2 may be even more epic, Cannon is like the friendly Howard Stern and I am what Howard once was but without freedom of a computer 😉 Power to us the leaders because without our voice we just fit into the cage the government built for us to keep us inside.