Phantom & Me Sharing Stories Updates After Meal + 2 Videos (Eminem Wicked Ways + Vibes Mix Long Mix of Artists)

(((Click here to listen to the best throw down after a meal)))

Legal case done? Or 1 year left according to a judge named after my brother? Tibby Food, the meal, his current Stress Bot of a girlfriend and more ranting, officer did not respond to questions I had about life? But is that why I was spared in court so they could get away with the billions from my DNA? As my lawyer strings me along and keeps me close with 20 microchips inside me so they track my movements and spies invade my privacy to the highest degree?

Suck it…

People may wonder what ya wanna do?

  1. Live a simple life in Portugal and other liberal countries, sex with whomever, whatever age 9 the youngest kay? & drugs 24/7, and a pool so I can work out.
  2. Promote my website through YouTube and other medias maybe some news stations in the world talk about me.
  3. Get rid of Tony Robins and have Augusto Gabe Clones after my real face and make them be the new Tony Robins and motivate people to be famous and network with people over the sperm issue and building a strong personal portfolio.
  4. Become a lawmaker in Portugal, a law maker for Interpol/CIA/Homeland/All the above.
  5. Invest money in games I like or create a great idea when I am older.
  6. Argue with Mark even when I travel about how he fucked me over if that day should ever come?
  7. And lastly do right by people like George Carlin did, be a good heart-ed person, and the only people you should be executing or getting rid of are the thieves/spies/the people who make millions/billions from stolen DNA, and act like it is NORMAL.
  8. And that is the end the rest is a secret plot :O my.
  9. And when I can show some of the evidence when my court case is officially done. Because like I said in the recording they don’t say “You are here because you have a case against thieves yada yada… Who knows right conspiracies go deep and wide. And thank you to fans who don’t think I am insane. What a relief.

Actually was a little peeved off when we went out to this one place the waiter had 3 fake moles not anything like mine, I grow hairs on mine, but you know people with Face Masks like Celeb Clones/Twins piss me off. But the 3 fake moles looked so different and popped out more, mine are under my skin lol.

And ye my daily life is the same old same old. Going to start 10th project when ready it has been taking a while, I have to be patient, Therapy sessions on a regular basis and of course vacations to mainly Florida I just started taking advantage of to meet the ladies of the night, eat the asses like candy 😉

And WHAT the fuck lol how does my attorney live with himself? Does he drink heavily? Enjoy the recording and download it.

“This is my legacy just a regular guy with outstanding predestined cursed looks and talent.”- Shady God.

Video 1: Eminem Wicked Ways Going to take them all down.

Video 2: Grey Vibes Mix Fun Woa epic songs of artist I have never heard of but THEY are sick.