Rant on Life and Series of Events, with (great videos to share and an awesome remix song.) 19 videos.

Oh watch them beg for my help after court is over, after wasting years of my youth when my money rolls in to travel the world, and these prosecutors should have offered me something the moment I was in police custody, and drug immunity, instead they pushed me away for years. But that is life, waiting for the big break. Otherwise you are hustling in the circle of life. and your cum could go for billions to one family, while only 100 grand to a local Orlando family. the doctors of Orlando have conspired against me, to get the biggest reward possible in the future I guess, maybe for the better?

Click here to see one of the planet maps of the Bi-Polar planet, Wilderness map. (Copyrighted with Jagex to work with them one day.) You can zoom in and wonder how come great games like that don’t exist with 50+ planets on a Runescape type game with questing with Sasha Grey etc. because of these Japanese cocksuckers who want every game to resemble (a pile of shit.) that is what awesome people like Mod Ash have to deal with, Japanese cocksuckers, who don’t want your kids to grow up on great content, great ideas. Grand theft Auto is the only game series besides Runescape that has maintained great ideas, League of legends, World of Warcraft are all shit, piles of steaming shit.

I basically waste my time every day like 2 or 5 hours a day typing up quests, and planets, and making maps for my large MMO concept which may or may never happen due to Japanese cocksuckers, but I would still build it with like-minded people especially the company Jagex I would imagine to even publish publicly adult-like content costs billions, with lots of charities to begging for money cocksuckers who graduated but accomplish nothing outside of that. I mean that is the reason I dropped out of school, smartest choice I ever made, and Orlando has the worst, these L.A Schools are bullshit also your daughter will attend some nonsense for singing and realize the cold harsh world.

These trash private servers stealing Runescape mechanics without their permission like: Spawn PK and runescape private servers in general don’t realize how trash they are, Old School kept the spirit Runescape 3 is like dead content thanks to the 1,000 buttons, but still where are the real designers at, are they all private? do they work together through CIA networks? and can I one day connect with them privately? Yeah of course, hopefully I won’t have to suck cock to get it.

Video 1: The Him- Nothing On Us

Video 2: Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier (Breath Carolina Remix)

Video 3: 220 Kid- Don’t Need Love (with GRACEY)

Video 4: Lil Wayne Russian Roulette (audio)

Video 5: Steve Kroeger x Sky Holland- So Close

Video 6: Alexander 23- IDK You Yet

Video 7: Ur such a fkn hoe I love it (super smash bros N64 custom stage of Kanye) by Snooplax from Youtube some of his videos are interesting Banjo Kazooie Mods.

Video 8: The Fate of the Bombiwa (Ocarina of time romhack) by ZFG one of the best youtubers.

Video 9: Top 10 Comparisons between 2005 RS and 2007 RS by MotePlox Runescape Youtuber.

Video 10: Anabel Englund- So hot (MK & Nightlapse Remix)

Video 11: Cash Cash- Gasoline (lyrics) ft. Laura White

Video 12: Oliver Heldens- Details (ft. Boy Matthews) (Club Mix)

Video 13: Blasterjaxx & DBSTF- Wonderful Together (ft. Envy Monroe)

Video 14: Party Pupils- West Coast Tears (ft. Gary Go)

Video 15: Doja Cat- Say So

Video 16: H O U S E (Lo-Fi House Mix)

Video 17: The Chain-smokers, Kygo- Family

Video 18: Conro- Fighters

Video 19: BanjoKazooie Worlds Collide (Snooplax) you can also check out Banjo Threeie playthrough by him 2 great Romhacks of Kazooie. Before games became trash, sub-par, and boring with to many mechanics, and not enough magic and imagination.