Talkin Bout Rich Girls & Our Personal dreams, goals, things… + NEW gallery old photos + Old throwback songs of mine below + Hiiii

Well I hope you guys enjoy the content Phantom and I provide oh near future we may go to Miami check out the scene the good scene no parTy just shaking asses and secret hotel we could record there our podcast, get my own room. So many nice hotels.

My friend be producing our latest project all recorded sigh I wish I could forward time, I can’t be the only one?

And here is the recording to listen and/or download it. 

Photos of me when I was a kid and 15 years of age, any other photos I was 17 or 19 I forget I got laid with guys mostly girls was when I was 16 and below I had lots of blackies and interesting girlies models my dick was gonna fall off. BLACKIE- Tarantino lol


Still waiting on my cunt of a therapist to get her operation on her crotch yes she did say “I need to get an operation on my crotch” and she also said “Our employee Brit is pregnant” LMAO I have seen them rotate employees like how they rotate a Begin girl who is 10 in Bejin- South Park Season 1.

So ye all is fine Nicotine still in my lungs because I am a study I guess years of footage of me doing nothing. What a bad criminal this guy. Gets fucked over his whole life. What a bad guy lol.

So why haven’t I met the perfect girlfriend or marriage type? Well I have been asexual for a while hopefully I score sometime in near future with a girl. I gave up the 1,000 + male partners I had in the past I was such a slut for guys from 17 to 23ish that I am aware of, but you get tired of it, I would need a strong drug to get me in the mood.

“Rihanna” Talking to her twin let us both fuck him in Dubai. Or Triplets. Sniff Sniff..

Sure Judge I am sober going to take my 10 billion dollars from the IRS for molesting me my whole life and going to be a lawmaker in Portugal and other countries and secret locations and fuck girls who have billions oozing into my accounts and the hot friends they have who are broke in comparison with the millions they will get for keeping my children. “To go sell my children to billionaires who will do the same with my children, now they are molested cycle repeats”- from a song of mine rephrase REMIX.

Ruthless, horny, outgoing, dead inside, my lawyer Mark O Mara is a dick, and the only thing that he has ever been hit with is a cock- Ari Gold I think oh no Eric to Ari Gold.

Which reminds me I had only one successful black girl on backpage that is not her in the photo I forget how she looks I think she knows some rich people. 300 dollars for 3 hours fucked and ate it raw for 2 hours then I took her out to eat, I should have just kept cumming. lol But she said she had the pill, is the pill real? *all guys look to each other* If I ever meet another girl and I go raw it better be a prostitute or in my new deal or it better be a rich girl who will pay me for sex and marry me in Vegas any takers???

Wait trespassing laws? 🙁 lol