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Divine Murder (Is it real? Should we just turn the other way, duh.) Phantom & Gabe… The reality of life and Justice Underground…

Please click here to listen and/or download optional Phantom & Gabe talking about the 3 ladders of life “Local Law Enforcement”, after “U.S Flight Marshall” the cops who are on the planes for public airlines whom hold bigger networks then local law enforcement, and finally the captains whom are required to keep everything top secret, […]

Theories 101: The Sacred Races Vol. 2

Intro: Life is a prophecy of fear and love. That is how we must all look at it because of the state of our WORLD, the state of Florida, the state of the universe at constant war. Do you want to be Switzerland and get shot by BOTH sides? NO not good. Because if you […]

Why little girls be cute. and Philosophy…

So is it possible that girls lose beauty at 12 and gain feisty at 13. And gain at 16 a Rep hopefully, and at 20 they are rebels, and at 25 or 30 they are just UGHHHH annoying. But good Dana Gordons etc. are born. But I don’t deserve good girls I want the bad […]