Why little girls be cute. and Philosophy…

So is it possible that girls lose beauty at 12 and gain feisty at 13. And gain at 16 a Rep hopefully, and at 20 they are rebels, and at 25 or 30 they are just UGHHHH annoying. But good Dana Gordons etc. are born.

But I don’t deserve good girls I want the bad even the bad 12 year olds. I keep googling Portugal mansions for the future. Still my favorite location I could stay there lost for years like a Homebase with the FBI by my side lol.

But you kind of need to accept prophets, angels, and people for whom they are, even Carlin a great idiot was clever with teaching the youth how to be stand offish because the life we live in is cruel so might as well joke and ease into it, even if you don’t truly mean it. You are a part of the show of the evil and good learning to co-exist for now right?

Can humans have 1,000 souls in them? Is Goku from Dragon Ball a real person based on an alien race called the Sayians yes true, all true. Beautiful how they have harmony if only our universe had full harmony.

Maybe only 5 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000 x 1,000000000 universes are fully co-existent. The Grand Priest is also a real deity in my opinon the one who appears on Dragon Ball Super, and if you fully connect to the original creators in your soul you learn to accept the good with the bad, the all. The fall and the rise can co-exist.

One day…. I think the best stories are the ones of Beerus the God of Destruction because his job is only to destroy planets whom have fallen all together forever and he rarely makes an appearance where we are Earth. However remember we have like 4 or more United States airports can lie and rig the flight to a copy cat Florida.

And they do use vaporizers if you try climbing out of the dome the Military traps you in, hard to blame individuals or groups because of all the mouths and people they feed. Ever heard you can’t sue the military.

And that is the whole concept of life, have we actually gone above where Captains TSA is not allowed to reach? I would not want that. However one gift I do want one day is to be immortal like the Just In Time Fellows, however odd that might be Timberlake may know the secrets or bring it to me. LOL

Enoch was taken into heaven which is the center of each universe, which opens wormholes and man-made wormholes to connect with others in coded language. I want to be turned into a God of Destruction like Beerus with hot sexy Beerus ladies and destroy the wicked for stealing sperm and making orgies look bad. Don’t get me wrong good and bad people do orgies and such but it isn’t about self-control it is about protecting the military at the top that keeps us in this disgusting bubble where young men in particular are targeted. Sad to say I had powers like a Jumper when I was young the movie Jumper has a lot of truth to it, I have constraints that shock my body inside, I was raised as a human against my will and my DNA is worth trillions to some I guess it depends on what part of the actual world you are in. And

Don’t you think good speech like my own gives me credit to be pompous in the world of sinners? Correct. Because for all we know we might have 7 or 8 planet Earths all connected to each other and Pilots can’t tell us, imagine flights being simulated while the behind changes, I bet Asia has a lot of this secrets they hide I want… Maybe I go into the War business over technology when I am much older.

Video 1: Dragon Ball Z AMV Em My Darling Pull up a chair…….

Video 2: Nunya WOAAAAA Did she Did she oh Chris lend me her.

Video 3: Did angels marry humans? Yes they did we did.

Video 4: Yowza take me to heaven 🙂

Video 5: Rabbit Run Em

Video 6: Drake War, we are WAR ANGELS in secret 😀

History of Lucifer Selling My Soul… (2 Videos: Gryffin Tie Me Down, Yellow Tape Chris…)

What does it mean to sell your soul to Lucifer?

  1. How did we get here on Earth?
  2. Who decides right and wrong?
  3. Are man made laws better then natural Godly Laws by the gods?
  4. Don’t we look at the facts? No we do not.
  5. Lastly Why are kids so cute.

Here Videos to share:

Video 1: Gryffin, Tie Me Down lyric video. Get on your knees for her? hmm.

Video 2: Chris Brown Yellow Tape (Oh Sick. Sold my soul to Lucifer in the song.)

History of Childhood Life “Proving a Point”

Why is it that pedophilia is so bad. I mean kids are cute to touch and fondle. But anyways my childhood was good. The Sex was hot and heavy. 10 Year Old Girls coming onto my 9 year old dick I mean what the fuck your a year older then me get off my tiny dick.

I mean yes I like little kids, maybe I have or I have not done it, not your concern that tight ass 10 year old girls open up. Then the jail gates open up afterwards but hey I got away with it. They have nice small feet and toes you can play with. But am I building an empire? LOL

This was fun enjoy! Walter don’t smack me!

Video 1: Am I in the right business? The Empire Business… Dark Web Lord…