Sharing Progress, many Gabe comments, 7+ videos, and is Earth flat, do humans exist above us?

8 Videos oh stay Awake Quote…

4 Videos & R & Morty Gs…

5 Videos + Blog Quote Gif Central

Dark Rise 5 Videos

Ahead of the CIA or A Head of the CIA or both, I like both… (Life, Pills, Phantom & Gabe) Enjoy. (7 Videos)

Google Fined 170m Woa sent to my device? They hear me? Gallery + (3 Videos: The Importance of Polyethylene & Dr. Dre ft. Eminem Need a Doctor? & Rihanna What’s my name ft. Drake)

A hello + (6 Videos: Chris Don’t Be Gone 2 long M.V, C.Brown Drunk Texting, Matame Otra Vez Ricky, If Beerus Went 100%, & South Park Bullying + The Weeknd Angel Fav…) + New Gallery stuff etc.

Enter Into The Darkness With Phantom & Gabe + SHERIFF has my B Day on the correctional van? When I was coming home from work. + Gallery in general and idea sharing.