Google Fined 170m Woa sent to my device? They hear me? Gallery + (3 Videos: The Importance of Polyethylene & Dr. Dre ft. Eminem Need a Doctor? & Rihanna What’s my name ft. Drake)

A hello + (6 Videos: Chris Don’t Be Gone 2 long M.V, C.Brown Drunk Texting, Matame Otra Vez Ricky, If Beerus Went 100%, & South Park Bullying + The Weeknd Angel Fav…) + New Gallery stuff etc.

Enter Into The Darkness With Phantom & Gabe + SHERIFF has my B Day on the correctional van? When I was coming home from work. + Gallery in general and idea sharing. 

When Will It All Be Over? + Gallery + 6 Videos [Ari Gold Drug Test Scene Anger, Overlord movie, Sopranos Ending, Hagamos El Amor Ricky, Nicebeatzprod Bridges, & Ending of Overlord explained.]

Relaxation & Love? [5 Videos: Eminem Space Bound Music Video, Wayne Cashed Out, Wayne Banned From T.V, Chris Brown Dear God, & Por Hacerme El Bueno Music Video.]

Relaxation & Love? [5 Videos: Eminem Space Bound Music Video, Wayne Cashed Out, Wayne Banned From T.V, Chris Brown Dear God, & Por Hacerme El Bueno Music Video.]

Sorry this post was lazy as fuck, I have stories of like things that have occurred in past, when my mom hired me prostitutes in the past, but I will be respectful about it, if I ever talk about it. I may even take a day or two break not sure when yet. Have been so busy with so many things.

But lastly: Love does not exist… Love is not real… Right? Think about it. Love is just a way to defend the truly guilty, love is just a word used in music, love is just a word to describe fucking your ex who wants to steal your booze, food, and or drugs.

Truth… The truth is always more powerful then love, and respect, real genuine 100%/100% solid gold respect comes from the truth. So when you wonder… “Why is Shady God, so honest? Why is Gabe such an honest guy?” BECAUSE HE believes in RESPECT, gaining the respect of the public, changing the world, making a difference. That is why we exist, that is why “The Gods”, “The Aliens”, Who built us, put us here. To make the world as good as it possibly can be and to win, war after war, fight after fight, and never give up on our goals? Right?

Video 1: Eminem Space Bound with Sasha Grey. 😀

Video 2: Lil Wayne Cashed Out Dedication 4 :O Threats NIGGA that is it. GIVE IT.

Video 3: Lil Wayne Banned From TV. EPIC.

Video 4: Dear God Chris Brown. Thank you Brown I shall grant your wish but the IRS has me by the balls… I swear I probably can fly and have red laser vision because my sperm is all they want and the money. Crazy as fuck these people.

Video 5: Por Hacer Me El Bueno… Music Video Beautiful. Sigh…

Shady Is Back, Back Again… + Gallery NEW NEW + 5 Videos: [Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne Mirror ft. Bruno music video, Justin Timberlake Mirrors Music Video, Rehab Rihanna ft. Justin Timberlake Music Video, & Eminem Clean Music Video Superman…]

Giddy Up! 7 Videos: [Eminem Without Me, WestWood Freestyle, Oblivion Scene & Gustavo Scene, Bitch Better Rihanna, & lastly Omarion 2 videos Ice Box & Post To Be…]

Pardon my girlfriend who is “Blank” in the photo… LOL

Click Here when done to see a favorite song of mine on an old post. Immortal with the lyrics and gallery…

Video 1: Eminem Without Me Video

Video 2: Eminem Nice 9 minute freestyle, Tim Westwood.

Video 3: Oblivion “I’ve Been Watching You Jack.”

Video 4: Omarion Ice Box I heard as a kid and fantasized…

Video 5: The Music Video is good but I think you need to be 18 or make a fake account like I used to when I was 10 or 12 making fake accounts to watch porn and say yes I am 18. pffft. Kids jack off get over it. “Michael Jackson Says”: Heee heee.

Video 6: “All of them Hector, Don Elladio, Don Paco, etc. etc. All dead, as is your grandson wakeem?”

Video 7: Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko Post To be. “He got to eat the booty like groceries.” I thought I came up with this line she stole it 😉

Guess Whose Back… Gallery + 8 Videos: Wayne Mr. Carter, Get Down Like That & When You’re Mad Ne-Yo, Sunnery James Shameless, Future Government Official, Gryffin Remember, Eminem Medicine ball, 2 minute Freestyle Old Eminem.