Ahead of the CIA or A Head of the CIA or both, I like both… (Life, Pills, Phantom & Gabe) Enjoy.

I would like you to take a moment to pray I saw a big lady who spilled McDonald’s Ketchup on a Mirror and appeared on a horror film of some kind on the telly, and the audiences watching are life… So the world has come to this… LOL She was trying to dip the french fry on the mirror of the blood a killer left I was like LMAO I couldn’t hold back.

I hope you guys enjoy this section we talked about the 5 or 6 U.S.As, Pills specifics, Recommendations from Gabe who has taken pills since he was 14 who is now 25. I tell you Seraquil and Xanax the best, the only 2 medications I really take Oxacapazine gives you neck cramps any anti-psychotic will make you more psychotic and hit your stomach.

However Seraquil and Xanax are the best I wish I had Valium in my Potatoes ya little mothafuckaaa.-Em

Sera means Seraphim, a biblical definition of an angel. We need those angels of light and those angels of darkness to be bi-polar and schitzo so we understand the problems around us at large within our hearts.

Click here to listen enjoy the other content below and also download if need be. Maybe Gabe will fuck over the government to be wealthy with his website and sperm and hire any girl he so desires instant BOOM.

I mean whose judgment do you trust, right?

here enjoy the videos below:

Video 1: The Weeknd King of The Fall. Love the Fall Liquid G Diet LMAO. Downs and ups.

Video 2: Future Life is Good ft. Drake (I try to relate to common folk and rich folk especially doctors.)

Video 3: 1st Sayian God of Destruction before Beerus. Hmm am I that God of Destruction in training?

Video 4: The Weeknd House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls

Video 5: Pascal Junior The boy is Mine…

Video 6: Lil Wayne ft. The Weeknd I’m Good Remix Longer Version

Video 7: Jibber Jabber RnB Mix TrapSoul 2017 ish Old School.