Dark Rise (5 Videos)

The Dark Rise of a person is something to behold, Carlin was the only one who discussed divine murder in a public Fashion, in a way to entertain the crowds like the Colosseum in Rome. It was all to send a message that murder in New York was to be expected, even till this day many of those Wolves of Wall Street live in fear, of damnation, they try bringing New York funds to other states and our states get mad about that, it is like actual blood money which poisons our communities, which we have to co-exist with.

One of the greatest gifts a person can bring upon themselves is accepting the delusions so they become reality, that is how the world tends to work, we all have different realities that collide, we teach each other things.

Video 1: EDM Party Mix 2020 Best Progressive & Electro House Charts Music

Video 2: Remixes of EDM Gaming Music Mix

Video 3: Chris Brown Grass Ain’t Greener

Video 4: Chris Brown Hope You Do

Video 5: After Hours