Giddy Up! 7 Videos: [Eminem Without Me, WestWood Freestyle, Oblivion Scene & Gustavo Scene, Bitch Better Rihanna, & lastly Omarion 2 videos Ice Box & Post To Be…]

Pardon my girlfriend who is “Blank” in the photo… LOL

Click Here when done to see a favorite song of mine on an old post. Immortal with the lyrics and gallery…

Video 1: Eminem Without Me Video

Video 2: Eminem Nice 9 minute freestyle, Tim Westwood.

Video 3: Oblivion “I’ve Been Watching You Jack.”

Video 4: Omarion Ice Box I heard as a kid and fantasized…

Video 5: The Music Video is good but I think you need to be 18 or make a fake account like I used to when I was 10 or 12 making fake accounts to watch porn and say yes I am 18. pffft. Kids jack off get over it. “Michael Jackson Says”: Heee heee.

Video 6: “All of them Hector, Don Elladio, Don Paco, etc. etc. All dead, as is your grandson wakeem?”

Video 7: Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko Post To be. “He got to eat the booty like groceries.” I thought I came up with this line she stole it 😉