Sharing Progress, many Gabe comments, 7+ videos, and is Earth flat, do humans exist above us?

Oh Lookie here at the fun videos I found and one I made:

Click here to watch me on OSRS Ice Barraging at Castle Wars. 2007 Runescape. Go be a member check it out. (The Weeknd while I was playing.) (Side comment: the good old days of youtube when you could upload anything with any music. No copyright nonsense. Sentimental, taking it back, all good.) They steal sperm and make millions and billions, and you expect me to believe you can sue someone or copyright, sure kiss my ass no such thing. Joke.

Click here to see, and or download after if you choose my birthday on Courage The Cowardly Dog.  To see 5-14-1994 my ID look no further look here.

Finally upgraded everything so I can have unlimited Sharing with files, 4 grand gone. Not needed, well spent. Work on my game designs daily, and smoke less cigarettes thanks to American Dad and Bob’s Burgers, that lady who plays Louise the voice is very cute like a stewardess, hmm how do people find famous people?

Was talking with Phantom about people living outside the barrier, is that possible that the black/space/sky is just some artificial wall by the Military to keep us out of cities above, when we had Confetti Cake at my small birthday party at the house. Medicated to love mommy, unhealthy relationship issues I have.  Check this out and stop listening to your history teacher.

Drake & Future dropping new songs and albums. Hip hip hooray.

Video 0: “They sent a Go-pro to space full footage.” Skip to 2 Hours and 10 minutes or so to see where helicopters can probably fly straight up into Elysium or some grand city or military base up top. Doesn’t that explain aliens and God and all we need to know? We have to learn to live well with each other and grow, and make our paths unique for the ones still at youth, let them follow the messages, in code.

Video 1: From Florida With Love

Video 2: Demons Drake

Video 3: Feds Did a Sweep

Video 4: Future Hard to Choose One

Video 5: Posted With Demons

Video 6: Halo CE Original Sound Track, Godly.

Video 7: Story time with Mod Ash and Ian Gower and others. The company Jagex, spying company, DNA company, and game company all in one in the U.K would love to work with them and learn when I beat my legal charges, I have no idea what to expect or when I am released.