How can the Wicked Enter The Kingdom of the Gods?

The Augusto Gabe Show, that Watches Back… The Show that Watches Back??? Do my spying friends watch back? Careful now ya hear… “The comments in this book are so good, they will offend the stupid ones, and make you change your mind.”


Chapter 1 Laying foundations for the wicked entering the Gods zone/realms

When I think about life I look at it, in such a way of a bubble. Outside of that bubble the realities start to change. And more bubbles exist, however do we have an end point? A bubble which stops? Maybe we do, I am under the impression we have maybe 100 or 1000 + layers of scientific bubbles, in outer space, and unfortunately due to our sinful ancestors the original 10,000 humans who fell from grace. We suffer for their eternal consequences. This may not seem scientific, but then again the bubbles are mysterious, life in general is mysterious, and science unfortunately can’t explain everything, you need to accept the absolute facts that science is a dead end.


But this last bubble in outer space, what happens after that? Maybe the Alphas and Omegas, the Gods who shaped our world, the way construction workers all work as a team to construct our planet and solar system, they reside up there. You see I believe in this strong version of morality, so powerful it surpasses the depths of human nature and the mind of a sinner like ourselves. It brings about a peace so deep with burning passion, it doesn’t come to an end, even in our deaths.


We need to lay foundations here in this world, with the community around us, not with churches, and get togethers of bullshit, but with real friendships like in Entourage, or Futurama. A sense of being, a sense of accomplishment even in the smallest of ways. This will be the mastery of the soul, and once you have accomplished that, you will be granted access to these final bubbles, with the Eternal Watchers waiting for us on the other side. I call them (The Gods) (The Eternal Watchers) (The Mystical Ones) etc. You can name them whatever… I only find Jesus and other religions offensive because that is like trying to sum up the vast infinite space which is inconceivable into one man or one woman. It had to be more then one, life is about teamwork, love, power, struggle, gaining access to wisdom beyond the minds of the public for secret societies…


On a last note for this chapter, the Gods have that zone, with the realms, what do you think the steps are? This isn’t AA or SA or NA… We don’t have addictions. Addiction, the word in itself was created by foolish humans full of sin, who wanted nothing then to tear our world apart into pieces. Addiction was meant to drive us apart from each other, and to steal sperm, make money through rehabs and homes of those who are professionals at it. I guess I don’t understand the depth of what they look like or what they live through, but when will these moral key issues, be discussed and changed, usually it is behind closed doors… Who knows maybe Augusto Gabe the greatest asshole of all time, is the biggest angel in the world. Maybe I am an angel sent from heaven with the age of 65 billion years of age or 40 billion under my belt. Can you prove I am not? Can you prove you are not from the same background as me? Can you prove that I am wrong? No, you can’t logically I make more sense with my spirituality then scientist do with Carbon Dating and get togethers to sell books, while all my material is FREE.


Find that sense of direction in your life and use it, push for it, even at all costs, you have nothing to lose except for certain lifestyles, and worthless relationships, that is all for now.


Chapter 2 The bigger foundation of sin at its core

 The sinful deeds committed by the sons of men are great indeed, sometimes I can’t fathom what they do to get through to make these prisons/rehabs and the laws exist. Justification for them keeping the lies up and being hypocritical drug users behind closed doors is growing tenfold.


You see like I have said in previous writings, sin itself is not inheritably evil, I am a sinner, we are all sinners. It just means we love to fuck, we love to get high, we love to be adventurous, I thought the gods built the original 10,000 humans to be this way? Religion has flipped the script on us. Now pedophilia is evil, when it really isn’t it is normal. Drug use is evil, when it really isn’t. Etc. This is the bullshit lawyers and prosecutors have to deal with in court, the conflicting views of the Great Conflict between good and evil.


The thing about yourself you should realize is secrets can be a good thing or a bad thing, just like sin… You need to keep some secrets, and you need to reveal others. Being a loving God amongst a group of fans who hold on to your every word is going to be called a cult. But wait… Pastors do it all the time? They preach about one cult leader Jesus? Why can’t I preach that I am an angel who is 60 billion years of age? Who has more wisdom than half the planet?


Again, the foolishness arises and the ignores increases 100-fold.


Chapter 3 The Fountains of Eternal Life & Infinite Trees amongst other Realms

What if I told you some crazy bullshit, sounds like total horse shit because you and I are used to having our guard up in this world. A realm, multiple in infinite number, with alien creatures far beyond our comprehension waiting for us on the other side, the holy ones with eternal powers, some gods amongst the groups. They hold the key power to immortal success and perfect pleasure, and all we have to do is go through the tests of life.


You see the world is like an infinite dream, even a nightmare. But you need to toughen up and increase your brain power. The infinite trees, are out there. Imagine the Gods painting real life 3D designs in a blank realm and plotting on how they can turn it into reality. Realms so great, dragons of huge proportions and other great mysterious beings could live at the top of the mountains with zero interruption for an eternal period of forever.


Maybe eternal fountains do exist, and we drink from them to gather more energy when we get exhausted? Or maybe we are always powerful? I don’t know, these are questions no one can answer, but isn’t it fun to think about it, and formulate theories about the glorious lives beyond, that await the saints of the gods?


Chapter 4 Realms besides, Planets, what other life force may exist as a Platform…

  If we want to take science seriously in a way which makes sense, maybe we should consider the fact that not all life forms in the universe live on a 3d planet like ours. Maybe they have cubed planets, other oddly shaped planets, some full of ice, some full of fire, and only ancient immortals can survive on them. Maybe even realms so great where it is all a strange video game we can live in, this all could be possible. Don’t rule it out…


What are the things that hold us in place? Well clearly scientist love to say we don’t know or it is some bullshit about an exploding star, but they can’t prove this. The fact is the stars all around us are actually eternal and they always will be there. Maybe our Earth will always be here no matter what, even if the second coming of Jesus comes in 2443 and ruins all our tapes from that Era like in Futurama. We will lose Entourage No!!! Jesus you fuck face, go fuck yourself…


Honestly, we may look at stars and be like “meh cool, not a big deal.” But what if some of those stars were removed! Or if they all went away! What if our sun and moon exploded! We would all die, you dumbfuck! We need those things to live, they hold us in place. Wouldn’t you love a pastor who spoke like this? Maybe I will open a school for the Gabeism and Oprahism religions and you can train to be a religious nut and preach this in public.


Chapter 5 The Chambers of The Sacred Ones, Invisible Cameras…

The Chambers of The Sacred beings that exist, and the invisible cameras which keep track of everything in our life. Have you ever thought maybe our brain is an immortal audio recorder, and it sends all our thoughts and the things we speak to the Gods in a cloud they can only access? Maybe even our eyes are cameras in a way, the Gods built us like cyborgs, but it is a secret, they laugh at the spies, because they are the real Eternal Watchers, they have the best of all, the sort of technology that would make you shit your diaper.


These invisible cameras can probably be all around us without us knowing, I mean who knows? We have gravity, wind, and a lot of other cool things we can sort of prove but we can’t see it. Just because you can’t see it, does it mean it is not there? Maybe that is your problem, you are being very carnality, and not focusing on the deeper meanings behind things… Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking dick, and fucking as much as the next fellow but I know how to look at the deeper meaning of things, including sex. I am not all visual like a lot of fools, and I don’t get brainwashed by the media as easily as the rest of the world.


Chapter 6 The Miracles of Life hold evidence of Eternal Glory from the Gods

The birth of a child, the birth of animals, how animals work simultaneously with nature, and survive is incredible. The fact that you can’t disprove how miraculous this is, and how glorious it is, shows eternal creators are above us. They hold all of us accountable for our sins. But it is not Jesus or Buddha, let me burst your bubble with my cock, my 7-inch cock on a good day.


The fact is the evidence, indicators, and proof is overwhelming in favor of the Eternal Gods, the Eternal Glory they hold is so strong. I made a lot of strange life decisions and now I am on my way to being a very powerful man, I could have waited till I was in my 30s or late 20s for money. Who knows right? Maybe the gods do guide us in a way through faith in life. I have that inner voice and love in my soul which guides me down the right paths.


Chapter 7 How the Soul Can Change with Time

The soul of a person is the combination of the physical material we are made of and the spirit inside of us. Otherwise we are a dead corpse, but should we pay a lot of reverence to this? No, we shouldn’t we need to get used to degraded goals, degraded ideals, this world is harsh, I have tasted the blood and pain of it on my end, I am sure some of you have. This is the pain a lot of us how to endure, and the hatred for the government grows tenfold and a thousand-fold.


Our soul will feel the pain of it all, again this world belongs to me? Who says that? A lot of us say that? But is that true, or is it just a feeling of power overtaking our minds? I mean in a sense to a small degree it can, but you will always have egos clashing, and hard feelings this brings about the downfall of society, because the greats don’t want to settle their differences…


“Just let the soul drift the natural course, and add some spice along the way, and you will see how danger and risk is the best part of this life. This is my advice. – Angel Gabriel Quote”


Chapter 8 Again! Good is Evil? Evil is Good? Confusion but necessary Enlightenment for Everyone…

 Seriously again? Augusto again? What the fuck? This topic never gets old, it is like re watching your favorite shows and movies, do they ever get old? I have to retouch it, like a child in a Catholic Church, or a Spain boy in a party full of perverted freaks. *Point at each other*, now there, don’t you feel better?


We will constantly go through the struggle of accepting who we are in a world full of hypocrites, maybe they are undercover cops who knows, why do I care. I am always a loner and only like sexual relationships, but the point being is you can’t let your guard down for a minute if you are on a special mission in life. Even if it is spiritual, these words are old they are so old, they are negative in the time loop, the time lapse is an end.


Why even bother understanding everything? When we should only focus on the basics and the people closest to us? We need to set our priorities straight, and only you can make those decisions, maybe you want to live a self-deluded life and not enter heaven as an immortal, maybe you want to go down the wrong road, go ahead. Rick James is on the other side waiting for you, and a lot of police officers.


Chapter 9 Biggest Conclusion of the Wicked and the Saints, how Religion has flipped the Script on Us, The Saints…

We are sort of underground now, maybe that is code word for “we are fucked”. Maybe we need to learn some of the origins through sobriety and all that boring bullshit. I am under a lot of impressions of how they work here on this planet, it is full of hate and backstabbing, they can’t have a good voting system which is effective and enforced. Unfortunately, some cops and people want to do third party groups to set others up for their defective personality. It is like entering the mind of a criminal, and that stupid show Criminal Minds… I didn’t hear them address the sperm issue once, and it is like half the issues in the whole world. Only CSI Miami had the kidnapped baby to a wealthy family with a private jet waiting for Augusto’s child, I mean I respect them, hats off to the spying CSI Miami crew.


And trust me I know about all the playing a long and getting persecutors in trouble. And false persecutors who get the real ones in trouble. This is all a part of life, that leaves us with one last thing, are you going to heaven or not? Not based on some fictional book I use as a coaster, wait no now I use Harry Potter as a coaster, the bible is soaked up now.


But really this war is fun so gather your guns like rednecks. “Shoot your weapons wildly into the air” – Zapp Brangiann “Leelaaaaaaaa”, “Every mission with me is a suicidal mission.” Bwahaha my favorite character…