How Childhood Works in the Brain + 4 Videos @ the end…

 The human experimentations they perform on children are top secret to many. They do not tell you where super humans/aliens come from, that is on purpose so the therapist, and doctors can profit in a community which is based solely on lying, popularity, and sex. This can be said about all 50 states, of all 5+ U.S.A that exist, and the 2+ Canadas that exist which keep us all in a crazy world. We are an amusing show for the people on the outside.

 With all that in mind childhood would work in a way which is unseen like Albert Einstein described, kids are an absolute mess, like the galaxy and theories of relativity. The only way they become structured is through fear or love, or both. For some reason I agree with both, because of the state of decay in our cities, with hypocrisy running freely.

 Something they do not tell us about children is the desire they have to be loved is so great it can make you hate everything, including your own personal freedom. That is why rehabs and doctors have plotted together to steal millions and billions from men for their DNA, while the rest of the world lives care free not realizing they aren’t helping young guys with civil freedom. It was black people at one point, then it became about young white suburban males who are good looking, and Hispanics especially.

 When you tell a child something and they agree it is based out of the fear of not knowing true love, because they have not formulated different versions of reality in the brain like adults. However, does it make them horrible people? As Carlin would put it, yes, and YES. Children are horrible little rodents that shit and piss everywhere and make our lives a living hell, yet some families with great wealth and the cops who gave up the real meaning of the badge who work for those wealthy families hunt down good-looking guys like Gabe and many others. Now while some of us could be in the billions some are in the millions, but the concept still applies.

 They will end up putting shock collars and schizophrenia in all our children so they behave and that is what I as Gabe grew up with. I even realized how alienated I was but I avoided any commitment so I became committed to my crazy notions of the world in such a fantastical way as an entertainer and author. While some may not see eye to eye, the people who matter do, and I somehow even strike the proper respect on the oppositions side.

 I do not think private schools are the answer, it should be more so the children learning conspiracies and having freedom of speech more readily available which in many elementary, middle, and high schools they do not have. You can even get punished in High schools for speaking your mind, unless your giving yourself up sexually to your classmates. Because as said before the only true government we have is each other’s company, and the company of professionals, so both of those. The child may grow up to be something unique.

 Just the simple concept of spilling a coffee on someone at a shop can lead to strong sexual relations leading to a friendship in bed which can last years, it can change the course of history altogether. It is not easy to do anything, I myself struggle with the concept of can I make it all in one location which is not impossible but it is frowned upon, for some reason the economy favors me as Augusto, maybe the Apple family is bleeding out the economy for attacking my website in the court of law, which is all made up bullshit.

 The true reality is simple, drugs are only illegal to control people, otherwise the most harmful thing you could do with drugs is drive while being sleepy or not eating for weeks or months on end on cocaine or meth which both have the same strong effect.

 What is the purpose of this existence some might proclaim, the purpose is to serve others and you get rewards for being loyal and sometimes you end up on the right end and you must never serve, but enjoy in silence, I suppose children will all grow up differently because parents tend to change children if they do not like the outcome, children swapping is a real thing, which is why they do not get the real driver IDs till they are 15 or 18 or sometimes in Asia even never, which is how Asia has legalized prostitution.

 The only thing I truly respect about the laws of nature regarding children is that they will control the population who have children, now not all of us want to be under that control. Thankfully that is why it is good to be friends with many people or to hit and run as long as you do it right. Maybe some of us really want certain goals we aren’t allowed to say out loud, because living in the moment is the most important thing. Some people become proud mothers and fathers, I do not think that is an easy choice because of the domino effect the world is in over medication versus street drugs, and to say the least most professionals will pretend to be on medication rather then street drugs, because the mind is always racing so we are slow or fast we can’t really be both at the same time, just like a kid can’t be drowsy and hyper on a bicycle that is a trick question pharmacist have taught us. Simple because it is hard to land dream jobs, or a job to work for some large conglomerate which can be painful within itself.

 I guess that concludes this book, I hope you enjoyed love- Gabe the author of life and death in this era at least like the fat captain with the creepy smile would say.

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