The Gods of the Suns- Holding All Accountable

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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Basics- The Gods of the Suns-Holding all Accountable

We always need to start with the basics. Today are not about smelly feet, young girls who look cute, and questionable fetishes you may all have.


Today is about “The Gods of the Suns- Holding All Accountable”

Things to keep in mind, this isn’t a first date, and lying to get into the bed with someone out of your league, this is about the frame of mind we can all share similarities on. About the future of immortality above, which awaits us like a puppy at the door for the master.


  • Life isn’t always about us, sometimes it is bigger and we need to sacrifice the selfish desires to achieve a higher way of thinking. Easier said than done. But a lot of people seem to struggle with this, and the biggest problems are social, environmental, and family traditions.
  • Family traditions are usually not a good thing, they bring about a spell of darkness in the mind, an evil spell which won’t awake. And people have confused good for evil, and evil for good. I can no longer preach about being a hippie, or legalizing prostitution without being called something bad, people have it all around. Christianity is the real religion which leads you to the gates of Hades, and the demonic limbo forever.
  • Not everyone will see our point of view on how we carry ourselves, that is okay, so long as you can adjust or start a new life over, sometimes easier said than done, depending…
  • A part of life is accepting that we are always being watched by the gods and the guardians they have created who are above us in power. Not the New Jersey spies, or North Koreas spying army. We are talking about the spies of old, the Alphas and Omegas, who have always been. They show great reverence to the things of old, and nature. When you live in a modern society full of hypocrites and backstabbing, going against what feels good, then you have created a modern society of self-destruction. Just remember the gods that hold the stars in place, will judge us one day on that glorious day, our death.
  • Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism, Muslims, and other religions are about as accurate as you wish to take it. The less seriously you take your religion, the more the gods will embrace you for that immortal day in heaven. Tolerance of the natural divine feelings we hold is the key to mastering this life and simplifying what needs to be boiled down. This is about co-exist some religious people can do it, others can’t, and learn to joke about how dumb your religion sounds or get the fuck out.
  • On a last note to put down: you should always enter the frame of minds of those around you, and learn how to cope, this is important to be successful in this world in any way imaginable. Even if you 100% disagree with how they carry themselves, this is a part of blending in, sometimes you got too.


Chapter 2 The Poem of Prophets

The Poem of Prophets: By The Angel Gabriel Himself:


Set your heart, into the greatest imagination

You will be a part, of the greatest nation

One nation higher than the rest

A place of immortal fun, and rest

To make it to the end, it is not gold you need

You need not to defend, your old seed

No need to hide your misdeeds

No need to sign broken creeds

The prophets of old a large variety

Not all shared the same similarity

Some had to be covered in holiness more than others

But in the end, the imagination we shared made us brothers

The false prophets fall before the gods of old

The gods of the suns, in outer space to them it isn’t cold

They survive in the vacuum of space, because they are space

The gods follow at a different pace, they have no need to race

For time is a concept of mortals here in this world

But perception will make you an immortal for the eternal world

We the prophets of the gods must appeal to mankind in the smallest of ways

Even if it takes days, in different ways, life will always find a way, to pay

The invisible cameras all over the universe linger

Don’t give it the middle finger

Instead give the gods what they want

Life isn’t all about selfish flaunt

It is about the meditative ones who haunt

The prophets will always be under siege

Choose your road carefully, for it will bring much fatigue


Chapter 3 The Riddle of the Stars- Secrets of the gods

The stars each tell a different unique story. A magical one at that, as a matter of fact could a lot of technology exist without them.


This goes to the theory of “The Riddle of the Stars” This theory goes on the basis that they hold mysterious power which gives life to the technology here on earth. It sounds a bit strange, but even our spirits/souls/life forces as Farnsworth would say. They all go to this cloud that the gods hold on each and every one of us. And the stars represent the chosen spiritual DNA which is invisible encoded in our actual blood DNA.


Maybe this is strange to think of life, but just think of how the stars are there to protect us, from the flying dangers through space. They help pull the Earth all in perfect place, if one of these millions of stars all around us was in the wrong place, maybe it would upset the Earth so no life could exist. They say this about our moon and sun, but how true could it be for the other objects out there?


Notice how life is just one big mystery, the beauty of creation. I think the mystery of it is all around us, we always wonder well why is it this way? Maybe the gods live amongst the stars, keeping them hot like guardian angels, keeping our spirits intact so we may live to see another day.


Each star probably has its unique teleportation coordinates, and specific names which the gods have crowned them, notice how they always stay in place, and yet are so immortal. While the rest of us die, can scientist really prove stars die out? No, they can’t, that is just a theory created by sperm thieves with no morals and take atheism to its ultimate extreme. I mean atheism is just a pathetic excuse to live a life which is meaningless, maybe if we all had balance between sin and selflessness, then we could live in harmony. Not just one or the other.


The greatest proof that the stars are there for us after life is the fact that logically this can’t be it. Whatever mystery waits for us, if you believe in the original 10,000 of society like I do, or Adam and Eve, in the end you will be taken after death to an eternal place of perfection. This is the miracle of life, staring at the stars is like dreaming of the afterlife, superpowers, space travel, etc. I mean how can something burn so hot, and why is it so far away, because that is what the gods made for us to aspire to reach the stars as closely as possible, like a little kid dreaming of fevered dreams which may only come true in his or her afterlife.


On a last note, the next time you feel down, just look at space during the day and night, especially at night when everyone is asleep. The souls of the world are hidden, cast away, and you will see glorious hope for a future so great our heads can’t fathom the child-like wonders thereof.  And that my friends is the riddle of the stars.


Chapter 4 The 10 Logical facts on DNA of the Gods inside of us…

So, this will bring us back to the fact that we must become gods ourselves. How? Augusto how? I can’t even pay rent, because I spent all my cop money on blow and drugs! Well young one you have a lot to learn, like the art of seducing a person through feet, and dirty talk, you need to open your mind to an infinite strategy. Pay attention to the word infinite and notice how it is a dream that stays in us, because truly we know of very few things in our universe that are such.


Logically: 10 Common things I often think about as do the total of 1 billion people on this planet as of 2018:

  • Why would the gods create us as mortals, and then to die with no hope of eternal life?
  • Why should we listen to religion because it contradicts the normal feelings? Wouldn’t the gods want us to legalize drugs, sex workers, better networks, and lower the age of consent? Isn’t all that natural? Based on history?
  • Why should we not fight back against the stupid ones, whomever they are, on these social issues: families, friends, and co-workers? Put them in a better state of mind, before they perish like a washed-up celebrity.
  • If the gods that created us, are eternal, and have always been, doesn’t that mean they want their creation, us? To have this gift one day? And so, we become the great servants of the universe, along with a life of fun, balance?
  • It makes more sense that the gods created 10,000 + people on this planet. Ranging from all sizes, races, and different unique DNA code, right? Two people in a garden, sounds almost impossible.
  • So, we understand time is short on our planet? Is this a bad thing? I mean maybe this means we did fuck up in the origins? Or at least paying for the sins of our ancestors, so we must do our best to right some of their wrongs, however remember, you can’t do all things at once! You need to let me play my part in the changes in the world, and you do your part. Teamwork is the key, although one individual can do a lot of influence on their own, don’t underestimate that.
  • Isn’t it normal for us to think of the infinite, the superpowers, and greatness we can’t have and don’t understand? Of course, you can settle for less, but why? Why not dream big, and let your imagination take you on a journey of danger and excitement.
  • We all believe in faith, I mean the word “Faith” implies the final key to our existence. It means we believe what we can’t see, right? Well the term faith has been corrupted as have other terms in general, and people walk blindly in ignorance. That is not what the gods wanted, humility is for the fool hearty. Forget the bible toss it out, let us focus on the opposite, ambition, generosity, self-awareness, and pushing your mental limits beyond.
  • Clearly conspiracies are real, I mean I could get 100 million dollars to sink into a new medication and try medicating the world to make money off my bipolar medication. Because I am a strict piece of shit, and I only care about my bank account, I mean seriously, they must be facing serious consequences, I hope.
  • On a last note, why can’t we cherish and share our learning experiences of glory with the world, and those closest to us? Why is that taboo, it seems like half the population lives in fear, thanks to the laws made by greedy wealthy individuals who only think of the bottom line. But of course, we need to outnumber them.

Conclusion: The DNA of the gods are inside our veins, and this is our chance to shine, even if we look stupid to others, we look glorious and holy to others. Ever heard: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is often true about how people often perceive other people, I mean we won’t always see eye to eye. But at least I am not forcing ridiculous laws even I don’t believe in on you, the way the cops and the legal system does. Thus, I go to heaven, and they don’t.


Chapter 5 Never Ending Theories Deep-Thoughts

The never-ending theories of life:


Notice how the suns continue to blaze, with heavenly praise, distracted by a beautiful gaze, life is a beautiful maze, don’t get stuck in a haze, this is the beginning just a phase.


The never-ending universe, is like an infinite verse, of the holiest of scripture, a testimony to actual literature, making us more mature, but keeping some form of immature, making balance a thing which is pure, our lovely sin has no cure, who knows what in life is for sure?


The gods sitting on thrones, they are almost like clones, but all hold a unique look different tones, golden mansions with concubines’ loud moans, universal infinite transmitted telephones, and incredible teleportative cellphones, let the imagination run wild, like a wild, child, who isn’t mild.


What can the gods not accomplish? Don’t they live to astonish? Glory be to them, the holiest of all, we are their gem, yet we are living through a fall, the original 10,000 humans may never return, a fraction of rebels will go to burn, how does one earn, the respect of the highest creations? Maybe by acting and preaching to the nations, truth and liberty, not ignorance and humility.


Raise your self-awareness, logical mind needs to be full of greatness, don’t make yourself aimless, thus you remain chainless, life is almost never painless, the never-ending cycle continues, as the world keeps opening up venues, and the heavens sing, dance, and fuck, while we are all stuck, in a world as a lonely shmuck…


In the end who is right? The one with the best sight? Who can take the best flight, pay with more money then what is considered right? Who will party at night? I will, and so will you, our will be done, for the sun, moon, and stars. Our DNA is priceless like the fanciest cars…


Chapter 6 The Magic Number 3 & 6 Facts about it…

The thoughts of the magic number 3: 6 total strong points…

  • All the known materials in the known universe, even from a scientific point of view boils it down to 3 parts. If we want to make it simple: 1) Physical/Nature 2) Spirituality/Divinity 3) Imagination/Dreams. Different terms could be used I suppose. But everything that matters, and even the things which are awesome which don’t really matter will end up in one of those categories. Sometimes the product is a mix of two or three.
  • The steps to getting something in life: 1) Ask/Take 2) Sell/Trade 3) Enjoy/Rejoice from the sperm you sold, or the items. This is the cycle of the DNA trade.
  • The main components of the outer space universe, we know of which are most common are: 1) Planets 2) Stars 3) Moons. Isn’t this what makes us unique in our realm? Our dimension is full of this life and lifeless creations from some all-knowing deities. Where you see a painting, you must know someone painted it, how absurd to say it evolved from nothing. You should be ashamed of your unholy self, now go light up a meth pipe or some cannabis and enjoy.
  • Time is what we define in three ways, is that not so? 1) Past/Beginning 2) Present/Current 3) Future/Destiny. We live in a state of confusing circumstances. Who is telling the truth about the purpose of life? Well that is all up to you, no one can decide that for you even if we disagree strongly with it. “You can play a role in my life, but not the lead.”- Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2, God Bless Amerika…
  • The way relationships work in this life are usually like this: 1) Family 2) Relationships 3) Friends. But out of all the three, the two most important are family and relationships. We all have sexual needs, and the needs to nest with a future abode, although not all of us will be lucky at that. Maybe your calling requires beautiful sacrifice, kudos to you then.
  • Last one I will touch up on is morality. 1) Good/Holy 2) Normal/Neutral 3) Bad/Unholy. But notice some people in the world have switched the definitions around. I think drugs, pedophilia, and sex workers should all be legal. Even small forms of drug dealing should be legal like in some countries. Unrealistic for everyone to act and think like the old traditions in a world full of temptation and fun.


I will conclude with saying, keep things simple, and not complicated like your mother’s 5th wedding to the asshole that does blow with her, and lectures you on not doing the same with a straight face.


Chapter 7 When bad thoughts are Approvable

Ever wonder what it would be like to have those panties all over your neck, with her or him on your face. I mean hell, wonderful, if they aren’t taken sure. If you are in a country where it is legal go ahead, age of consent. No wonder we always get nervous the illuminati is watching.


What about smacking someone, well this one isn’t my style, I can’t buy them a wardrobe and smile in the court room, I got other things to do Marshall. But I also like the idea of somebody being restrained permanently. I mean for example picture a person who has the power to keep drugs illegal, why not have this man or woman get locked up for life in prison, one which I control, for this is the only kind of human besides sperm thieves I don’t approve of. This is the top of the line modern common trash.


The gods may have created us to respect life, but what happens when life goes a different opposite direction as intended, and infringes on our rights to get high, get married, taking away our freedom, and not letting me experience the things I find kinky, that Chris Hanson doesn’t approve of, because the older rich girls pay him to talk like that. “Well sir have a seat”. Because truly why do you care if someone is attracted to someone who is underage? That is better then what your wife is giving you, stop being so self-loathing and jealous.


You see we have things in place now to keep the tension at an all-time low. Sex offenders aren’t real, they use face masks to protect real people who practice rape and lower ages. Did you also notice the news is never real, I mean you got a big case against someone if they try doing that to you, even if it holds some bearing in any way.


Newsflash these rehabs/sperm banks steal sperm, that is the only reason why the age of consent is unrealistically high, drugs are illegal, trading drugs for money is illegal, and sex for money is illegal, and your telling me you never knew this? These are all good things. What the fuck! I think Portugal and The Netherlands preach a holier story and history then the United States of Persecution and trying to have it both ways.


So, in the end try to justify it, if it too hard then give it up or change locations. Make sure to cover all the mirrors, T. Vs, cellphones, and other devices.


Chapter 8 Video Games in the Universe vs Our Modern Days

You know if you think video games are awesome as is, you would be correct. I mean the fact that we have computers and code to hack into devices, spy on people, create hidden networks, and make cool worlds which where the character dies come back to life. I mean this is some sort of paradise, and the evolution of video games are incredible, even though I can’t understand most of them. I like the simpler times, but that is me.


If the gods gave us all this technology to tap into, maybe just maybe as we evolve into these gods ourselves slowly over millions of years, we can one day access the depths of the universe. And maybe the universe in general becomes a video game to us when we inherit immortality, and super powers, this life can’t just be it. That makes no sense logically.


You see in the end we have those who are the real children of the gods of the universe. The test of life they shall pass and make it to the golden gates throughout the infinite planets with new life. And then we have those who have decided to keep drugs illegal, steal sperm, keeping sex workers illegal, and keeping pedophilia illegal, these are all defectors. The reality is, you get the logic, these people have turned from what is natural, from what is holy. Now they have created tension with the saints, and in some cases, they hold more power on this Earth then the saints.


Religion has ruined us once again, instead of the actual 10,000 original humans in society, and all the above things preached which make us the children of the gods they practice real ignorance. Calling us pagans, showing no kindness, and hate us, half these people aren’t even religious they just hate for a living and force their views on us. Helping them steal sperm, and lock people down as long as cops allow them to do so.


Then the last third group after death is probably some sort of no reward, and no punishment, they have decided to let go of life, allowing eternal life to slip by. They aren’t holy nor are they unholy, they are but a thing in the middle cast away aside asunder.


Life in essence is a video game, it is all a test 100% of it. I mean you need to be careful, and you don’t always get other chances to help win the past, you need to master it, as the gods watch us and hold all of us accountable on that great judgment day. We won’t see the final rewards of immortality, super powers, and advanced technology, and so much more if we don’t follow the natural heart.


Chapter 9 The Responsibilities of Power

The different powers on this Earth have obviously been degraded to a form of ridiculous absurdities. The powers of the origins were those of great strength, wisdom, and bore children of the holy ones. Till sin crept in 10 to 15 years after Earths creation and inhabitants. The original 10,000 humans who lived simultaneously side by side had all the powers one could want. We did not infringe on each other’s rights either, and everyone was rich, and to gain more riches wasn’t even an issue, was a matter of magic and teleportation.


You see the heavenly courts were clogged up, they had a legal battle of the gods versus the sons of men, the fallen races. This is when Earth the place we know and tolerate, became the dwelling place of the wicked ones. But why did the gods allow this, instead of just wiping out and starting over. Well you can’t truly learn to love without free-will and allowing your creation to make their own decisions.


I even theorize that the original 10,000 humans were created by immortals who were created themselves. They were not the Alphas and Omegas of the universe, perhaps they took a different approach then they would. The fall of mankind was a tough one, I mean this is the perfect world, and how can we make this modern 2018 world feel more like home?


The powers on this earth have degraded too little to nothing, our powerless brothers and sisters hold no power over the corrupt government officials forcing lies down our throats and creating tension in so many respects. When will we start to adopt the Portugal and Spain liberal approaches?


The powers of mankind have drifted into eternal darkness, with some of the little hope being some good government officials, and spying technology. Thanks to all this advanced technology the gods and the guardian angels have taught the sons of men, to make for our advantage has helped us bring redemption and vindication on many social issues. We get to truly look at how common drug use is, drug dealing, pedophilia, and a lot of other considerable crimes. And we realize it is normal human behavior, and many factors play an important role. This is natural human emotion, and religion has corrupted our views and switched good for evil and evil for good.


So, by all means be the bad boy, bad girl, and travel trying new things you aren’t supposed to do, this is the purpose of your own personal life. The balance needs to be achieved, some of us have higher callings in this life than others. And higher callings for the side of deray and self-destruction keeping things strict will perish one day. For the gods did not live by an extreme code, but rather by the natural things given unto us at creation.


“Yea man you got to legalize it! We are talking about robosexual marriage! We are talking about lots of stuff!” – Hermes Conrad.


Chapter 10 The Accountable Poem

The Accountable Poem:

The greatest gift of all, is having the gods hold us accountable forever

We can’t let humans hold us accountable, this is a never

The sins of mankind only get serious when you infringe

Keep the sins under the covers, hide your lovers, sisters and brothers

For the greatest evil of all, are the ones who don’t care at all

About freedom and expression, they practice nauseating depression

They create surface tension, and did I mention, inner lies

The saints going out with cries, the gods are even amongst the flies

Invisible cameras hidden throughout the universe, and all of us under watch

The sins of the son of men, hold hypocrisy, protecting the family, but not others

This is an atrocity, causes mankind to go to fatality, false prophets and lovers

Don’t let the crowd sweep, you into a world of no return

Find the passion for the leap, into an immortal turn, which will always burn

Life is not about religious traditions, false ambitions, and false intuitions

It is about doing what feels good, connecting to the hood, respecting the good

Fighting for the rights, reaching new heights, shinning truthful lights, spending cheerful nights

The Gods that hold the suns in place, one day we shall see their face, accepting authentic grace

Holding us accountable, and the sons of men are surmountable


Chapter 11 The Secret Chambers of Diversity & 5 Keys

The universe holds different terminology for every different thing out there. Even the things we can’t see. You see logically when we view the world we view it as a mystery or as an infinite expanding universe. Technically both are 100% correct.


But what if like dimensions, which means invisible deities and invisible cameras are all around us, maybe even our eyes are constantly recording 24/7 for judgment day/our death. You see the problem above all is to talk about these things makes you a child, you seem weak to some, but why care what they think.


The secret chambers that hold us together are probably something special, each chamber conceals advanced technology, it doesn’t get better than this. The technology allows these deities to record our every movement and allows the other deities to see how the Earth operates. This is honestly more logical and better than Christianity in every sense of the word.


So, these sacred chambers, besides holding technology, probably also hold special rooms in which you can conduct orgies and do drugs, while you are on break. I mean this sounds like the perfect safe house for immortal beings to be in. Didn’t the gods create those things? They did technically create everything including the technology used for bad like guns and other weapons, even though some of those weapons can save lives now a day.


You see to enter these holy chambers of holiness you must have a pure heart, but what does a pure heart entail: 5 strong indicators you have the gods inside your heart, working for change.

  • Fighting for drug legalization rights all of them.
  • Fighting to lower the age of consent (hard for some of us to preach this but the court room is the best place to change this.)
  • Fighting to legalize prostitution in all 50 states, and the world at large.
  • Make different forms of diplomatic immunity for all the above, since we don’t live in a perfect world, won’t people still practice these things either way? Even after they get caught. Of course, I have met interesting drug users and dealers in my case, and maybe some prostitutes, who still continue that journey.
  • Arrest these psychopathic therapists who believe molesting children is evil, and drugs are evil, making up stories about clients going to jail when the only one facing jail is them.


And I can continue on here, but this is a part of the struggle for good and evil. Since when do people infringe on the rights of others, clearly law enforcement can do this, and sometimes get in big trouble for it. As well as the lawmakers, because if they truly did listen to the majority, drugs, pedophilia, drug dealers, and prostitution would probably be legal somehow, to some degree, some sort of strong compromise of truth and justice.


Chapter 12 The Greatest Sinners in History Poem

What makes the difference? What will raise real interest?

Should I always wear a vest? Who can I trust, who is magnificence?

Is eating ass a sin? No, not unless they are too thin, won’t be a win win

It all depends, is this a part of your journey, harmless fun

Life is one exciting journey for good or bad, a loaded gun

Life is not always fun on a bun, we need to be brighter than the sun

That isn’t easy in a world full of darkness, and being beautiful will bring darkness

Beauty is a curse, like snatching a person’s purse, unless they stole it from you first

The greatest sinners differ, some are for the good, and some are bad

I am one of the greatest winners, and sinners, for the right reasons, which are sad

I don’t attend ridiculous dinners, with the bad sinners, who steal DNA, and are mad

They can’t pay rent any other way, they are never gay, they always stray

The greatest legends from the past shall be forgotten, for they were miserable and rotten

What history text can we trust, and how must, we adjust, to these unjust, claims

Why is it wrong to hang out with big names, and spread truth to unlock new chains?

The world revolves around ego, money, power, and sexuality. Four of the most powerful tools

It can be used for the saints of the gods, or even the fools, for we both enjoy sex like tools

The greatest in history is yourself, and those closest

The greatest sinners in history leave a legacy to remember with technology

They will remember us with media, and spying, no lying, no more crying, dispelling mythology

Disproving false archeology, and creating the right education of liberal views

Waiting for the right cues, looking for the right clues, creating sane non-hypocritical rules

Making all humans feel like they make their own rules, freeing them from bondage

Reality evolves, delusions dissolve, confrontations resolved, and mysteries solved


Chapter 13 Fallen Empires & Ideals

The ideals of following traditional morals which aren’t real is not the main issue, but it leads to it. Notice how the fallen kings, and government officials are the ones who have been stuck on stupidity, not strong enough to make a stand.


Clearly 2018 media is the main problem, you just arrest the news people, and they face serious charges for broadcasting fake stories, let us talk about the real issues. The sperm thieves in rehabs, schools, and in relationships. Why don’t we have the networks to connect with police and lawyers in an app? That would be cool, and friendly, and apps to pick up girls in the local area like Grindr, why do we use Tinder? It sucks.


Huge difference in these things, the jealousy of the wealthy versus the rest of us is crazy, and when I become wealthy thanks to my sperm I won’t change my mind much. Although I will be a bit lazy, and fake my death, while at the same time have 10 identities, and get the bad officers in trouble.


You see the ideals people hold are like that of tradition, but do they really believe this. I mean people have asked strong questions, or strange ones, which have us taken a back. We need to remember that the police officers of modern day America is tantamount to that of retarded children in the special Olympics. And we need to feed them treats for the grand stupidity they do, they don’t allow the smarter police officers up front. This is why drugs are illegal, the age of consent is way too old, and why prostitutes struggle.


This is how the fallen empires we have inherited from our ancestors take us down, because you need to learn how to convince people of your morals, it may not be exactly perfect, nor should it be. But the very least you can do is create barriers in between to catch civilians of all kinds when they break the laws of man. For those aren’t the laws of the gods, they rarely meet, Christianity is a plague on society like a hemorrhoid which can’t be operated on.


You need to make the first moves no matter how silly and dumb you look. If you notice, the greatest people today and in history, and to come, are the ones who aren’t afraid to look dumb doing the right thing. The holiest of us are the ones who surrender to the natural feelings of sins we have, and embrace immortality, not the traditional hypocrites, and nobodies that hide like cowards throughout the ends of the earth.


“When somebody reflects on the choices they have made, and works on a new grand plan, that is when they will be able to take off, in a new outlook for the heavens. Giving up is not always the answer, and maybe a fresh start is in order, but those that hate us will say we have a disorder, and you must keep your own order, and move forward.”- Angel Gabriel Quote


Chapter 14 The Theories behind Sun Gods 8 of the highest points

Going to list the top theories behind the Sun Gods: 8


  • The stars hold the key to our existence, without them we would perish, and immortality would never occur, for immortality here in this world is science fiction.
  • The craziest untold stories and theories about justice and divinity are usually the most accurate ones in the end, when all is said and done.
  • The suns create the best of both worlds, romantic lustful nights, and the mystery of life, air, which holds us in place so we don’t suffocate.
  • The suns are there to protect us from flying dangers in outer space, as well as hold our own nearby moons, planets, and stars in place, the mystical pool is the theory of how wonderful it must be to create these lower life forms simultaneously.
  • The most important part of a person’s existence, is passing on the proper morals of liberal views, and fighting for what is right in the heart, from the start, to future generations. This is the only reason for our main existence, everything else is bonus.
  • The only reason we haven’t died yet, is because the gods cherish their creation to the point of no return, the unconditional enamored feelings they have towards the children of Earth is strong, one way or the other.
  • Those that focus on the stars will notice how reverence and fear shall strike upon the human heart, no matter how rich, and powerful you are. For the mysteries of the universe hold our heart in place, waiting to behold an immortal’s face.
  • Since the suns are immortal, and they are basically fueled by the divine gods, this means we have proof that some forms of immortality exist. For science can’t prove that stars die out. The stars are going to burn so bright they will always be there, even 10 billion years from now our stars will not move. This is a sign of hope for the mortals who wish and work to earn their way into a new kingdom full of your fantasies.


The sun gods, how to describe, it isn’t easy. For I can’t put it all into words, it is a faithful journey indeed, based on some evidence and walking strong. Not based on ignorance and the rest of emotions which cause the suffering of today.


One day you will all reunite if you so desire with whomever you miss, logically, if you did well in this life, maybe not perfect, but good enough to your creators, they will let you make the kingdoms of angels and deities your new home. The original 10,000 humans whom existed on this earth had more power then what you can fathom, that one day could be ours, believe like a child, and sin your heart out for the right reasons.