fixed 11 videos now The Magic Behind and Beyond Vol. 3 + DBS Season 5 Episodes + Fury + Lucy + American Ganster 3 movies + (Joanna gaga and Blueprint 1 Jay-Z and See me now and Perfect Day) Player 1 (Auroa Mp3 mix from youtube) Player 2 + Other content 8 long chapters. 6th Gabe Lecture.

The Magic Behind and Beyond Vol. 3 + DBS Season 5 Episodes + Fury + Lucy + American Ganster 3 movies + (Joanna gaga and Blueprint 1 Jay-Z and See me now and Perfect Day) Player 1 (Auroa Mp3 mix from youtube) Player 2 + Other content 8 long chapters. 6th Gabe Lecture.

 Book #44 The Magic Behind and Beyond Vol.3

(8 chapters)

Chapter 1: Describing two fallen stars in great detail

One fallen star in this example could just be the State of Florida but in reality the other star is all of the 50 states the United States of America, now while the second one does sound cold, we are describing something specific from real world experience all the way to something broad and a bit childish. So even if the Bible held some value, we are forgetting the miracles and deeds our ancestors did to secure us spots in the heavens is how I would have to sound with this new secular way of thinking.

I am going to tell you a story about one out of one hundred Doug bachelors, so I had a vision Doug was explaining how he had to be a part of the army when Los Angeles was still developing, and thus he had to sleep with countless female partners for 5 years when he was in his early 20s, at those Los Angeles Brothels, that are now shut down as of today, unless you know a special mansion in Los Angeles that does that. And his mission was to help procreate nonstop when drugs were legal at the time, and how he was helping contract killers on families that were abusing the Rockefeller law of building things based on the 1% controllers so to say. So, in this story of Doug he sounds like a coked-up drug addict who murdered with the intention of becoming wealthy one day.

Thus Doug helped create Los Angeles with 1,000s of others like him who lived through those so called tragedies, even I would be explaining to you, YouTube is under such heavy mind control you can barley say anything half as controversial as this website because a tragedy is when the twin towers fell or Leon Lush complaining about more stupidity before he goes to eat more sugary sweets which are bad for our health, and sometimes forced down our throats, even Angels compromising with McDonalds and other fast food endeavors is a part of a fallen star we lost perfect regulation and perfect beauty. Also, versus the Richest caveman a silly book full of lies by Doug about him growing up around drugs and becoming independent almost sounds close to my story but sugar coated.

Chapter 2: The Fall of Lucifer in the Bible explained as a good thing, reality splits with youth and growing old

When Doug and pastors explain the fall of lucifer like a bad thing they are leaving out important details such as “Lucifer means morning star” to begin with and it is a beautiful name, so we should say Lucifer had a different opinion in heaven is not a bad thing amongst angelic beings, that could mean can good and a different version of good co-exist one day is also accurate. Even if I explained that lucifer is a holy angel who had to save planet Earth in our diluted form that would mean Jesus the good guy got crucified to hide simple white lies, and maybe Jesus is at equal footing of glory with Lucifer who would not turn the other cheek and Lucifer could be Gabe, could be Drake, or Matthew the actor, is also accurate about the so called fall of man. For me to even live like Jesus like Doug preaches shows me Doug is protecting his right to freedom of speech on a big platform he needs while he may use my material to teach about me in his church which Doug probably has and I am honored Doug would hold me in high light.

But even you and I know white lies are important to the simple minded the delusional fuckwads, the diluted morons who love white lies, they would believe 1,000 white lies about my death about the demise of Drake before they start thinking ahead about the future.

The thing I may not be able to explain about the little Asian boy in my lyrics who represents a character who does exist who does not age is more important then you think, like the Omni King logic for Dragon Ball super, if I explain to you a kid is really smart I sound almost like a Jersey moron, instead of explaining “Well our little girl is a gift from the heavens because Lucifer won the war in the end, and she is our gift from the Lucifer lineage.” This would be 100% absolute fact about the little girl in our modern world of Jersey or Florida versus if Augusto was actually secretly a 12 year old Asian Boy who pretended to be this fat Frankenstein robot with deadly good looks and deadly eyes, or Augusto the fat old one is under mind control by 12 year old Asian boys that never grow old because they never fell from grace like Lucifer did, so Asia remains holy in some regards.

Even Gabe tried to explain why he can’t accomplish in this world would be like me admitting 100% absolute fact I had to build the best free content possible because I wanted to touch the soul like Lucifer or Angel Gabriel would do and those are just fictitious names, I have no idea if one is different than the other. Because once you read past the point of my points about age splitting means society chose Lucifer’s way instead of lets all be absolute all the time and fuck each other, it would sound more like Babylon actually if I think about it, even the fall of Babylon sounds like paradise of constant orgies are breaking apart, so maybe in a way Babylon did start off as good, maybe Babylon is still around but Doug Bachelor preaches it fell from grace because now we all need to hug our bibles like idiots and make people feel stupid about the so called word of God.

Chapter 3: The Book of Lucifer by Gabe, why Lucifer was never a bad metaphor, and why I disagree with judgment day by Doug Bachelor

The book of Lucifer would have 20 chapters and the chapters would be like this if I ever practiced:

Chapter 1: Lucifer was teaching us Scientific Terms to Split Realities

Chapter 2: Lucifer was always a good person, and pastors are using White Lies

Chapter 3: Doug Bachelor lied about Judgment day to keep people stuck in Church so Gabe and Drake can Succeed

Chapter 4: Lucifer was a good metaphor not a bad one, now if you believe white lies more then absolute and some people do, then maybe is a bad website

Chapter 5: Last chapter sample is “How can Augusto leave footage to the world for the devils of the future”

Those 5 chapters are broad maybe that should be a school thing you guys write 10 different versions of the book of Lucifer and see who falls where on the realm of truth or white lies or both, can you serve two masters? Yes you can Doug lied about judgment day that is too difficult to comprehend, so maybe Doug is just protecting us with white lies to explain life so his role in life is vital and important in Los Angeles but so is mine in the demonic world, I guess I dance with the devil. Like I said the second coming of Jesus would never happen but however judgment day one day to one state or to a city is more accurate instead of Jesus returning to burn everyone and rapture, even I would explain that means every city and generation has to suffer the end of their reality because of depression? Maybe that’s why Drake and Gabe were sent to heaven he handles the concerts and I handle the phones and computers.

Chapter 4: The Book of Enoch my old review explaining where Enoch and other immortal mortals that lived long lived are as of today compared to immortals who were immortal to begin with forever.

Being immortal to begin with, without tasting death or the fall of why one house in Arizona owns like 100 homes in Florida, or they think they do and they lure family members to cleanse them at those houses would be our current reality but again I stay at home all day so I do not worry about family, and to live like me is an insult against the collage kids who keep graduating and pushing the boundary of ignorance.

To explain that Bob is an immortal from Bob’s burgers would be like me explaining Bob is God or Bob is an important man like a God so you understand your personality doesn’t need to be so extreme it can be as simple as Bob or Drake or Gabe and you still make it to heaven, and unfortunate sarcasm would be used here to ignore the truth for some stubborn readers.

To be an immortal who never fell would be like Just In Time movie with Justin Timberlake where they never knew evil face to face thus they live perfect lives at perfect mansions in far off remote lands with time zones of some kind, this is even religious in a way back to if you want to live a cleansed life and become immortal and earn it, or just be born with it, however both realities are possible but we obviously have wars and problems in-between so the book of Enoch is important Enoch reminds me of Eli from the Book of Eli movie. Even if I explained that Enoch just was a symbolic person with Godly traits could be 100% absolute fact versus just one man named Enoch, however only one Augusto does exist but even I would be lying about 20,000 angels that inhabit my body meaning I cannot faulter or fail or if I do I get back up and continue.

Chapter 5: The Unfallen star qualities in detail to explain perfect media, and no war, and no rebellion

Unfallen star qualities:

Perfect media would be like the following:

We would have regular meetings with the public at churches and court rooms invading our privacy so we always get to know each other, none of us could be single unless we made an exception by choice, so in a way getting laid would be mandatory as would foot fetishes and would be romance of people in fat disguises, so yet this would unite the world like the Pope in Rome but the downside is can you leave that perfection and go about life as an author, or as Drake an auto tune singer or Doug the conservative etc. Because even I would be considered perfect and fallen media, I practice a blend of it, so both are possible and they do co-exist but just imagine what a perfect world would look like, and yes Tribes from the bibles would be good.

Tribes from the bible in modern day times: No War:

Even if I said one tribe requires you to look like a Victoria secrets model, I have just described a bad reality of only skinny people that blended into New York a war zone between Newman soldiers from Seinfeld versus all the gangsters living for a quick dollar. But even I just broke New York into like 100 tribes all at once that co-exist and war because co-exist is ironic to some of them.

No Rebellion:

So this is like me going back to Doug from the first chapters of this book and saying Doug is saying white lies about Lucifer and a bit full of it, maybe even I would explain to you Lucifer represents a beautiful angel who had to adapt to his surroundings of the fall of mankind, and even that is like saying spirits morphing into humans as a miracle like when I got tossed into a crocodile pit as a kid and didn’t die is also a Miami and childish faith thing to say and believe, so how can rebellion exist when my website runs 100 million phones as of today I guess I am mini-castle I am under mind control by Bill Gates, and that is all good so the rebellion is a depressing thing or it is a philosophical thing, one or the other can it be both? Well ask the reader they are just words, like names, it means something different to everyone.

Chapter 6: What happens once a star has been through cleansing is Omni King Logic what the Omni King represents with divination.

Omni King Logic is difficult to explain starting with how stupid the character looks is a cloak of hiding how the Omni King is just a little young 10 year old Asian boy or 10 year old Asian princess or 10 year old Roman boy, or 10 year old Roman girl and they control the pedophilia Market in Russia for example, and this is good and bad because this means can you normalize and control your hormones in the world of Russia and Asia where they bid for children but even I would say Asia has easier children to get laid with versus Russia where you need to be wealthy or a father to know that world could be true about cults and classified data, even Omni King represents a lot with divination, it is the human sacrifice for those lands to split with their beliefs.

Even if I explained my soul can only be attracted with people who play along is a good thing and trust me I do not walk around with a horn saying these words is different then me applying some of my own lessons in my own life in my own way of thinking while many of you will go about those topics differently.

Chapter 7: Touching up on Creationism article I explained how life is split

Here you click for the creationism article about Bob and about life split into those 3 categories like the Holy Spirit, father, and son are metaphors, unless you read it already scroll past it.

When you start connecting the dots of everything you understand the author is typing from 100 different point of views, because my type of authorship is illegal on planet Florida to be fair to planet Los Angeles which would say it is legal. Notice how I split two states which you need air travel for. Florida is hard to flourish it is court and billions and Los Angeles are bribes and quick millions watered down from billions.

Chapter 8: Finally Gabe is basically saying “Pedophilia is good, bisexuality is good, being silly and strong personalities like Dragon Ball Super characters is good, all those dirty thoughts we have are good and not evil” Thus church and religion will let us down a lot on absolute truths of being free souls, and free-thinkers versus conforming. The breakdown!!!

For starters churches will not preach pedophilia is good even though it is, the bad comes with the personalities of individuals we hate so if a group of 5 grown men share little kids and wives then you have learned about how grown women and men practice pedophilia and it is unmatched beauty in the eyes of Gabe without making a stupid joke like Eric Cartman about it, however the downside is you are wasting your time, you waste your time on so many things you could be doing when you gave up that sexual moment for lust of the flesh because she was tiny like a spinner and yes spinners are fun but can evil spinners exist that Gabe had to avoid.

Even I avoided coffee shops to pick up girls because they are all broken down and depressed not realizing how stupid they fucking look, even I became a meth dealer for over a year to get easily laid and be around cool humans versus trying to impress some type of “Ice Princess” at a coffee shop which is an insulting term I got from Mod Ash at Jagex and Eric from Entourage because nobody likes an Ice Princess, yet these girls flourish while I must whistle blow for adults and kids about sperm and lawyers to save souls, so I could one day get those hot bombshells I have posted in the past in Portugal as Portugal drug lord internet lord. Now after a decade or more of sacrifice maybe I can make it there with little girls and bombshells, no idea.

Below is the 6th audio and footage lecture.

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