The Magic Behind & Beyond Volume 1

Author: Same asshole as usual… Augusto, what the fuck are you still doing here? (Notice trying a Futurama subtitle before every book.)

Gab3 the director of Sneakin Drake’s music video. 3 years in prison oh no, save me.


Chapter 1 Looking at the Self-Image


The Magic Behind and Beyond. This is a story about the modern world, and how our image has been changed over time. Not always for the right reasons, at least that is the point of view some of us maintain. Let us try and focus on the most important things, that this life has to offer throughout this entire small book. All for free, not a black pastor or Joel Osteen, preaching all this nonsense, or trying to give you meds, and public humiliation like Dr. Phil.



How self-image began, and how it is now, and where it may end up.


Let us keep in mind we haven’t been on this world for long, less than 10,000 years is the calculation some of us have. We believe in accountability to higher powers, gods, angels, and other masters at work. Here is the reality, the 10,000 original humans, who traveled throughout space with advanced super powers and technology took notice of how perfect life was. But now we need to learn how to adjust to the sinful nature which is surrounding us and embrace some of it.


When the gods/God created the first humans, they ranged in height, from petite, to massive giants over 30 foot tall. Humans can no longer be this tall or have the incredible powers we once had. The sins of the fallen races, has plagued our world into an eternal frenzy.


We had a pretty peaceful life, till the gods spoke in the court room about the sins of wanting to create a new society. This was the original sin man conformed into. So, let us take a simple example: “Let us say I wanted to create chaos, amongst everyone. I wanted people to fall for deception, and create lie upon lie, and make people jaded. Make drug users hate other drug users, take advantage of others, and create different social classes. Well this is what the fallen race of man has begun, we were meant for so much more.”


For you see the image of man was beautiful back then, modern times says otherwise. Now we have medical scientist paying kids to pretend they have illnesses, and other things like that. And we are forced to play along so we don’t get yelled at saying “Stop pretending your sick kid.” The deception level with doctors, and over this sperm issue which is what most of the world operates on, is how the secret kings and queens evolve, and let society collapse upon itself. While paying the courts to protect them, from the serious crimes they have done.


The self-image of how man has collapsed shows just how far some people are willing to go, to hurt others for personal gain. I have seen from personal experience, people whom I loved, and cared about take advantage of me, and take me to a mental hospital, even if I wasn’t on drugs. And what does it matter to them if I was high? They lock you up like a wild beast, and the hate inside of you grows tenfold. You need the medicine of the gods to look past the humiliation of being tormented in these places. Calling you mentally ill, and saying you can’t function in society, when they made over a billion dollars or some other high amount off your sperm. They made cartoon characters based on my face, so get off my ass for being ambitious.


Clearly police officers are pathetic cowards, they hide like rodents. Instead of defending that innocent person like myself, and they can’t confront the real issue, it seems like a rare thing. Why be such a pathetic wimp, why not do your job and bring justice for the person they stole from. You see the self-image of man has changed dramatically.


Did the Romans steal sperm? I don’t know, probably not, they didn’t even have T. Vs, all they had was eating, fucking, pregnancy, and more fucking. What happened to those simpler times, some would say, I sort of agree, I wish I could have been there. Life is now set in a rigged system for banks, judges, and all the other components which operate via the web. We also have the secret Federal web, and C.I.A networks, with a massive vault of secret information withheld from the public.


(At the rate we are going)

We can’t seem to stop what is to come, the trappings of people trying to be wealthy from stealing of those of superior genetic code has increased ever so much. The self-image of man is no longer an equal matter, now one is better looking than the other. But why? More unique looking, perhaps, or something special they see in that person…


The self-image of mankind had a great start, in fact we were once glorious beings, who could conquer the universe, and travel through space, and the concept of time was nothing but an illusion to us. We once had these god-like powers, which the heavenly beings gave to us, and to the animals on this Earth. But since we the most intelligent of all the animals put up our flag of sin, we paid the price till the end. This is how the system works itself out, on its own.


One of the greatest atrocities known to man is the desire to keep wisdom a secret. The bible wishes to tell fairy tales about how man fell, and how it was seeking more wisdom then needed, but maybe it was the other way around. Instead of two humans, it was over 10,000 humans alongside with other alien species.


This religion is better than “Scientology”, let us admit that “Tom Cruise”, what a piece of work he is… A hot one. Anyways, the greatest thing about man was we didn’t create divides amongst each other. But these divides have built successful million and billion-dollar businesses, if sperm is involved, which many times it is often stolen by these companies, then yes, they await trial and focus on making the one they stole from look like the criminal.


God am I glad to all the gods of all religions, for technology, especially spying. My record is cleaner than a virgin’s asshole, waxed, and untouched. The criminally insane that steal, and build psych wards can’t say the same thing, they have a long rep sheet.


The other issue with our self-image is we have let others decide on how we should look, and dress. Conforming to these ideals is not always the end, but it can still be awkward, for us. What if I can’t look the way you do, so cool, in that hip outfit. Or pull off the uniform, it is simple, we all have different positions to focus on. It is not easy letting go, sometimes we refuse to let go, out of the fear from not accomplishing the callings in life, we believe the universe/gods have given unto us. If you truly believe in the gods/god/universe/fairies, like the rest of us, then maybe you as well have an issue with conforming to the ideals of others, especially in the long run.


(Conclusion of self-image)


What will be more gratifying to you? Maybe no gods at all, maybe just a pet rock, whom you evolved from. So, all the smart people can laugh at you. Or maybe you do believe in the gods, but do they represent the liberal agenda? Or are they whipped, in a let’s have it both ways, and be hypocrites.


In the end serve your masters, even if it is 100% not a person, maybe just pleasure. Just keep in mind that, you could be wrong in the end. I would rather try and be right, rather than be wrong.


Chapter 2 Infinite is 100%

When we think of infinite, we usually thing percentages don’t matter. However, that is not entirely true. For example, the percentage it takes for you to figure out a simple equation, is about the same amount of trying to figure out on how to get laid at a strip club.


In life we all use percentages… If a stripper is dancing for you, she will almost most likely 99% be an escort if you are willing to ask nicely for her info and offer a big wad of cash. The more you offer, and the smoothness of how you offer it, along with the delivery and timing, will determine how far you will go, and for how long.


Even the word infinite, if we think about it, just means everlasting. Some people mean it as “it feels like forever.” But sometimes, in most 80% of cases, they probably mean it to be actually forever. Meaning you can go through time forever, without ever dying, wasn’t this the original purpose of the 10,000 humans the gods made? This makes more sense than Jesus, even though he was a good man. This is SDA thinking, and Jew thinking put together.


But you should recognize that the equation of life is infinite, movement is everlasting. You stop going to the bars and clubs, movement, is still occurring. No matter how badly you want to just stay peaceful, like a priest looking to not get accused of the common crimes they are known to commit. No lawyers are not paying me to write this…


So how does one convert this equation into real life?


Simple, whatever your mind draws you towards, for me it is different than your callings. Your callings in life could be a number of things, maybe you’re even a little more fearful about certain choices, and choices of words. The life I have decided to walk down, is the life of a real small-time celebrity, no matter how big I get, I don’t want most people to recognize who I am, unless it is a 16-year-old girl ready to go.


When a human makes up in the soul, on certain choices, and sacrifices, we must ride on with them till the end. The end of this life means our graves, however do we leave an eternal mark on the world… Of course, but maybe, just maybe we need to be bolder. Just allow the rush of power, and truth surge through your blood, speak like they are the last words you will ever speak. And act as though your faith is infinite, and your soul will be coming back after your death. Be a little cocky and have the gods within your heart. “Convert the unbelievers to radioactive vapor.”- Godfellas episode. All jokes aside, blow shit up without actually blowing shit up.


Also, some people will never understand the concept of infinity and percentages, they live life only to gratify self with no intention in making changes in the world. Obviously, the more power and resources you have, the more you should do to help progress the liberal agenda, to let slaves free from the bondage laws keep us in. New fresh laws, not lawless, as a matter of fact drug laws turn all of us into wild animals, against each other, with no logic and decency used. Trying to have it both ways, steal sperm, and sell pills. That is all, they do…


The words of a pastor are hard to swallow, like a big black throbbing dick down my throat. Is this not true? But anyways, once you have realized the infinite cloud, of life is abounding you can start to figure out the world in a way which won’t put harm in your way. Sometimes inevitable, be ready to take heat, and convert it with cold water.


The end, and don’t try big black cocks at home, or in public gyms, unless you like pain.


Chapter 3 Modern Morality in Science


Today morality looks like the end of a grandma’s ass. We just have to accept it; conservative values are all horse shit. A police tactic now has been adopted here in the U.S of setting hypocritical people up for failure. When it seems like all hope is lost, and things look bleak, you need to focus on the good spies like Snowden that watch over us, and care about vindicating our morality in the legal system.


Modern morality has changed in a few was, especially with modern science, real science mind you:

  • Is it wrong to steal sperm?
  • Is it wrong to sleep with someone who isn’t of “age”?
  • Is it wrong to do drugs, other than booze, behind the wheel?
  • Is it wrong to chase after dreams you can’t have?
  • Is it wrong to talk about real life things like spying, and how the legal system actually works?
  • Is it wrong to cheat on someone you care about?


Now I think 6 is enough, a doozy at that. Let me do my best to give you the modern underground run down of these things. The reason I say underground is because most people won’t admit to these feelings considering a lot of it is against the law. So, we try to keep privacy as much as we can, without he laws of man ruining our experience here on this Earth.


  • Is it wrong to steal sperm? That is a conundrum. For most modern humans how do you answer this. I have never done this, but because they made cartoon shows of my face, and depicted my grandparents in Courage the cowardly dog, and said my birthday on an episode. It is not hard to figure out spies, and liars alike have been after my sperm in different ways, mainly through seduction of men and women. And putting me in rehabs/mental hospitals, that would be the easiest way.


Clearly how do you think a person will feel, the pain growing ever so greatly. While cops, teachers, lawyers, trainers, bartenders, waiters, etc. are all getting high off blow, meth, heroine, pot, alcohol, etc. And they choose not to listen to probation if they get caught because the cops can’t touch them. Drug immunity/Diplomatic immunity is there to say “Fuck you, I will get high when I want.”


The problem is, living with strict parents, one can’t say this to the police. And the police I dealt with are grade A assholes. Wearing face masks, and talking shit like they are unstoppable, pretending like I am the bad guy, when everyone around me is after my DNA to becomes millionaires and billionaires. Depending on the contacts, right?


So yes, in conclusion I think stealing sperm is wrong. I think telling someone, after you stole is a start at redemption. Or Asking them, hey “Augusto” which is me. Asshole let me have some samples, I will pay this much, maybe we even get a lawyer involved I will give you a bonus if all goes well… Believe it or not this does happen in the world, some guys are that lucky, they have even asked average looking assholes who look like shit for sperm. And the best looking with the most unique genetics like me are treated like mental patients. So yes, in conclusion, hellfire in the afterlife will be waiting for the thieves, and even jail. My court case appearance, drug possession, and trafficking. But it isn’t even about that, courts are full of it and hide the true details, because of spying, and voting by multiple parties, sometimes bribes.


  • Is it wrong to sleep with someone who isn’t of “age”? This is an excellent question. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Do you want to hide with the angry mob, some being major hypocrites, or do you want to be honest?


You see being through this sperm system, I have realized that besides drug use, and selling drugs. They make us look like criminals if we have thoughts of sleeping with children. Maybe I see nothing wrong in it, but that doesn’t mean I have done anything. Honestly, I know the courts protect pedophiles, otherwise why haven’t they raided the homes of half the Americans practicing pedophilia with their children. Apparently sleeping with children is okay, as long as you don’t get caught, if you do, maybe some fines, maybe rehab at best. They apply this logic which makes no sense to even drug users, and dealers.


If you feel in your heart of hearts, that something is wrong, then for the love of yourself, don’t do it. But should you force your sad mistaken irrelevant opinion on others? No… Keep it to yourself before they do a reverse sting on you. Because it is the people that stone pedophiles, and paraphiles that go to jail, not they themselves.


And of course, a big difference between child molestation, and child abuse. I believe child abuse would range to someone who strangles a kid, or is overworking the kid in the bedroom, as though they were a consenting adult. Kids consent in a different way.


When I was a little kid, I had sex with other kids my age, even as a kid who was 15 or 16 I got into a relative’s bed, and I was naked and hit on them. They were nervous but secrets happen. The fact is, children hitting on adults, and young adults hitting on adults, happens more often than not.


And on a last note, about modern science, well science seems to take no moral side. Unless you are talking about rehab/sperm bank science, which says if kids turn you on, you belong in rehab, that is torture, especially to a non-practicing pedophile such as myself. I do look forward to it one day, however I have yet to do it. Unless you count a 10-year-old sleeping with another 11-year-old. I was a play boy, kissing on the feet of young girls, and fucking them till they said my name out loud.


It was so much fun, I never get laid now, anyways the end, it is not a mental disorder, it is a lifestyle based on natural feelings of sexuality.


  • Is it wrong to do drugs, other than booze, behind the wheel? Oh, come on. I mean really… How is it Amsterdam and Portugal have evolved beyond these bull prison penalties which aren’t real to begin with… Did we really forget how important this issue is, how do they have coffee shops with pot, mdma, mushrooms, and other fun stuff, and how is it we in America need to be afraid for our lives over some basic fun. The problem most common on this issue is about 1- Vengeance like in a relationship. Or maybe someone hit on your significant other. So, you make up accusations about them. 2- The sperm issue, all the money in it. And lastly: 3- They are too dumb to adjust, the communication between police departments and the legal system, plus the community has been corroded. Why has the networks been so secretive, simple, they think they can get away with more money for themselves, rather than share it openly.


Now on the last conclusion let us focus on the fact that the media never pushes for pro drug use. Rehabs pay them out the ass, to either keep the issue off the air, or talk about opioid addiction to pills, which is now the new form of the news cops going to jail. The way it works is slowly creeping their way in, by offering them money to not be progressive etc. And then it creates issues, and some of those news cops land in jail or rehab. Because they refuse to acknowledge the real issues in the media. It is not just about showing it, and being nice, it is about presenting it, in an effective way to push for change, like they did with gay marriage, and pot.


  • Is it wrong to chase after dreams you can’t have? This is going to a moral side, about what each and every one of us is meant to do. I wanted to be a lot of things, and still do, as I grew up. Ways to help the community in ways, some can’t. But because of this sperm/lotto issue, they won’t allow me to get the sort of jobs as a police officer or a porn star, that I wanted. Now I will be viewed as the secret mentally ill billionaire, who needs to make secrets deals with people, to keep selling my sperm, even a jigalo.


You need to ask yourself a lot of things, before you go down a certain road, to start off with, are you ready to deal with the consequences, no matter what they are. Even if they look a lot worse on paper, then they are in real life, which by the way happens a lot in this world. Rehabs, and schools preach a message of boringness, while the teachers go home and get high off all sorts of drugs. I did drugs with school teachers, and other professions before, older men and women. Why is that so hard to believe?


Life won’t give us the dreams we want, usually you need to fight for them, or push your kids to follow the dreams you wanted. It is not a bad thing to try and groom the kids to be a certain thing, however if they feel strongly against it, just be sensitive to what path they want. May not be the high paying, or luxurious job many dreams of, but those people tend to have more stress, due to the quantum nature of the legal system.


And on a last note, dreams are just that, we all live in one. If I was born an average looking guy or girl, I may be working at a restaurant, or working for a serious degree in law or medicine. But because of them making cartoon shows about me, and me being brainwashed as a kid, and secretly knowing they took my sperm since I was about 5, I realize that oh my god, I could be the richest man in the world one day. And it sounds like a total dream, I have dreamed of it, probably more then I should, but this is life.


So, the dreams I once had have become an illusion, I still want to do game design, and be a real celebrity who posts this sort of material on my website ( and promote the truth about spying and sperm. But in the end, the gods may have a lot of cool dreams for me, I haven’t seen yet, till the ban on my ass has been lifted, and that is a big ass.


  • Is it wrong to talk about real life things like spying, and how the legal system actually works? Do you have actual proof of this? Of it being wrong, I mean if people know they are being watched, some behavior is altered, even practicing pedophiles may go softer on the children. Buy them flowers and toy cars.


Anyways, the reality is millions of Americans are probably breaking a lot of laws daily, and they just don’t care, or show little importance to the laws of man. They are not the laws of the gods, clearly cops are even hypocrites.


The legal system in person is all a façade, the reality of it is much darker, and detailed then what it appears. I never understood why we the defendants including the innocent ones caught with drugs, who had sperm stolen, a conspiracy case, can’t speak to the prosecutors about how painful it is the current life you live. And show love and affection. Why is that so hard? Cops don’t even show care from what I can tell, that should be illegal in itself, even if it is a serious crime. But drug laws are void now apparently, even school teachers preach drug immunity, unless they are lying to all of us, about diplomatic immunity.


Spying clearly for the most part is supposed to always remain a secret except for a group of pretend “Kingsman”, who think they are bad asses, I mean seriously get over your sorry ass. And why can’t spying sometimes be discussed with innocent clients like me? Whom they have made billions off of? Exceptions are made in the legal system all the time, and you tell me, this is how it has to work? That is just one big sting waiting to happen to the prosecutors, and bankers ignoring the facts, and footage, etc.


So wrapping it up, the legal system is a joke, and some people need to co-operate more than others. But who is guiltier, drug dealers and users, or the sperm business? Clearly, we can all agree, sperm thieves are the real criminals in society, this drug issue is such a waste of time, most cops in America probably don’t believe in the drug war, they know it is about “nut houses” and big “nut cases” such as my own: Augusto.


  • Is it wrong to cheat on someone you care about? That is hard to say. Clearly sex is different for everyone, and undercover cops pretend to be couples all the time, sometimes looking to start trouble for lawsuits. Like a charade, not an actual escapade.


The problem with relationships is, a financial aspect is almost always involved, if I get emotional over someone, I will most likely feel the need to mooch off his or her job/career. But why? The problem with all these things is life is meant to be about exploration, carefully of course. But some laws, and some targeted groups are stereotyped by blind cops over nonsense.


But if you make a commitment to be faithful, which few seem to do nowadays, you should follow through. But if you feel like changing, then you should talk openly, even if you risk it all. Relationships shouldn’t be based on surviving in this world, even though it is a compromise many make.


(So, the conclusion of morality in the modern scientific world)

You should always try and be respectful, even when your nature goes against it. Life is one big struggle in every way imaginable, and medicine, and people won’t always be the cure, especially for longevity…


Chapter 4 All the theories of Creation


Let us take a look at the most popular theories of creation of our shitty little planet which needs a visit from the heavenly punishers. The 5 most common ones the media, and online talks about. Then we touch up on the last form of thinking which is “realistic” thinking, putting things together with logic, and facts. Some opinions may be formed, but in the end, it is all the same? Right?


  • Evolution- The theory in which all was made over billions/millions of years… How convenient, you can’t prove it. And it goes against all logic, and signs of intelligence are void. So, no higher powers made the complex system. This theory is the dumbest of all, to promote books, pills, the sperm industry, to get good people who are spiritual in trouble, this is so extreme.


  • Adam and Eve- What the fuck, this makes no sense. Now don’t get me wrong good and evil make sense, some higher power/gods make sense. But two people making all of us, that sounds like something a 6-year-old would make up. Not to mention a snake talking to them. This is also an extreme to sell religious books, and to steal sperm in psych wards. Some people take religion a little too seriously. I mean whatever happened to just fucking and sucking and doing the normal functions the gods designed us for. This theory is just as bad as “evolution”.


  • Christian Evolutionist- These are the top, they take the cake, like a fat kid at a bakery. I mean, you are contradicting yourself dumb ass, you’re saying a higher intelligence is real, but it took them or Him Her forever to make all things on earth. Can you please just shut up and lick my feet, make yourself useful, and eat around my ass while you’re at it, to fuck it.


  • Life is an illusion- Oh is that so? Can you tell me why I feel pain when I yell at someone I don’t feel like yelling at, or why I bleed if you cut me? Or why I love big dick inside my ass? Or why I love nice young girls, and fantasying about them and their ass on my face, like how I put my ass on an older guys face. I mean seriously, I can feel the dick and mouth, I don’t need a stupid hippie lecture on life being an illusion.


  • Science Fiction Agnostics- This is the last group of assholes I will touch up on. I mean seriously, this involves scientology, and 100 other false religions, just the word religion makes some of us cringe and feel like jizz is still inside our ass, or throat. Why do these people even exist? Oh maybe, god is real, maybe gods are real, sounds like you are fishing for hate, and debate. Just stick your opinion up your sperm stealing friend’s ass.


  • Higher gods/angels/deities of some sort did in fact create all of us, and good and evil is a real factual struggle- This is the last select few. These are the smart assholes that go to heaven, the ones whom receive eternal life, now some of these assholes hide in different religions, because guess what. This way of thinking isn’t a religion, if it was the police would surround the pastors house and arrest him.


This way of thinking molds reality all together, like how your reality is different than mine, because everyone wants my sperm to sell for some billion/million dollars, and yours is worthless. We merge our differences all in one, we speak 100% Truth, absolutes, and strong formulated opinions based on research.


For starters, yes life is a mystery, but does it seem logical to make only one god the center of attention in an infinite universe. That sounds like a cult. Not to mention, you can’t have sex? You can’t look at drugs for a lifestyle? You can’t sleep with sex workers who need some love for that blow money. You can’t experience, the human experience like Bender B. Rodriguez.


Now do the gods who created us have a sense of humor? Duh, I mean all that inappropriate talk, and narcissistic thinking religious people tend to have make us spiritual cool bad boys and bad girls look bad. One of the reasons why Lil Wayne and Drake and a lot of other cool cats are so popular is because they touch up on real life.


They believe in having fun, making silly jokes, making people have a brighter day, at the expenses of showing good and evil is a real thing. The thing is if your lifestyle involves you getting high off blow and meth like most police officers in Florida do. Then who am I to judge, but if you double cross me, and stand in my path, I will feel pain. What did I ever do to you? What made you so mad at me? Live and let live, is this mentality. I think violence is just about the last resort, and we try to resolve things in court, even though the system is greatly rigged.


If a group of people are building a psych ward, those people have created a 100% false system to steal sperm, they land on the side of pure evil, it doesn’t get much worse. They point at the rest of us, blaming us for our vices, and thoughts, while they hide the same ones.


Religious text books hold great wisdom and bullshit altogether all and all. I understand we don’t all agree with it, but we need to own up to doing our research, so we can preach the truth to the community, and respect the laws of the gods, that made us.


Do you think the gods, that created us felt like sin was inevitable? Or that maybe some good things that aren’t sin are called sin. While they do the opposite, that is the point, the liberal agenda in government to decriminalize most things is a good thing. But some people refuse to see this as good, even though the world does whatever it feels like it is telling them.


Super powers, immortality, eternal friendships, and eternal fuck buddies await us in the glorious heaven. But should we end it now!? I hope not, and I don’t think suicide makes you a bad person, nor does it make you evil. Doesn’t it twist your gut when religious people say this is a sin? It makes me so sick I want to punch them in the face. I did suicide once, and I’ll do it again, that is why I write songs where I die at the end- Eminem. Anyways, just another way to steal sperm.


It is also a mistake to think a person is crazy for making strong spiritual statements about sex, drugs, and other political issues. We just don’t feel as conservative as others, simple as that. Why do we need to respect your religions, when they serve no purpose other than wasting our time and money? The spirituality we hold is our religion, it is like taking the good out of every religion, and formulating your own philosophy, and abiding by absolute truths, and feeling good, without stepping on the toes of others. When you feel good about stepping on the toes of others, war starts.


Makes more sense that the gods created a society of 10,000 + humans when the Earth was formed. Maybe the Earth took 5 or 10 years to make, instead of 7 literal days. I try to apply my finite mind to the things which I can’t comprehend, unlike the common creationist, and the extreme evolutionist.


Blow jobs sound like fun, didn’t god invent them, didn’t the gods invent those lips for sucking, what the fuck. And our nose for smelling those sexy feet, and other things. I mean I like making my boyfriend’s worship my body.


And that is the end, live and let live, unlike police officers, they are assholes full of hypocrisy.



Chapter 5 How long has it been…



How long has it been: The story of the angels and guardians of the entire system…? A message from your heavenly friend: Gabriel…


How long has it been my friend… Waiting on earth for another tribulation to occur? The gods are with us, awaiting the eternal nature of judgment, and pain. One day we shall meet, or maybe we shall meet again, in a glorious eternal way. We are not saints, although we try, and our cockiness should not always be our defense, for how does a man let his guard down, in a world full of backstabbers, and sinners.

How does a sinner like I, enter into the glorious mansions…? How does a sinner like I enter into space travel, and immortal powers…? How does a sinner like I get the reward of everlasting life, with super powers to see the mysteries of creation, for what they really are?

Do not fret, do not fear, do not over complicate, and do not follow the false prophets of this world. Follow your heart, for our time on this earth is more precious than a child born unto the mother.

When can I open my eyes brother? When can I see things for how they are? The watchers/angels are always assembling in formation for the righteous, and the angels of darkness are always finding ways to hurt the elect of the gods.

How long has it been since I held your hand, and told you it was all okay? Where did the child-like faith go? Why is the world so cruel, why are the hypocrites so head-strong… Haughty, in nature, mad at the works of the chosen ones?

For wisdom can be used for good or evil. Just as how a gun can be used for good or evil. Just as words can be used for good or evil. Just as how we use each other for good or evil. The morality of man has declined, you must not seek outside the world for pleasure, the way the wicked do. You need to seek heaven first, the gods are calling, the prophets are calling with infinite wisdom to protect us from eternal slumber, and pain of damnation.

How long must we wait, can we make it easier on each other brother… Can we see eye to eye, can we understand the world from the same ground, or at least a realistic compromise? For the wicked, do not see outside, they are scared to even look at the greatest enemy of all, the one within, the reflection in the mirror.

God bless the new watchers of this earth, with the spying technology the gods gave to them. For we know not how they have access to this, and who are the geniuses behind it. The holy angels taught man how to do this, they taught them how to build technology to protect the truth and save us all.

And to finish off this message, who must I confront about my fears, and sorrows. Only the gods, for they only have the medicine to keep me sane, otherwise leaving it to others, will draw the foolishness nigh.

May the gods bless the chosen elect, whomever they are, and push for making a better world, instead of waiting for judgment day, here and now starts today, play your holy role, even as a sinner with a broken spirit.


Chapter 6 The Theory Behind Stars

When we see the wonders of nature of earth we know deep in our soul, some divine beings crafted them. That is the natural belief system, which is why most humans tend to be creationist of some sort. Different varieties of assholes, who all think they are right, and leave me alone with my wife and kids, and meth pipe. I got me a pistola.


So, the theory behind stars is a complicated one. I believe the stars are like decoration, the gods that created the original 10,000 humans. Maybe even stars are there to protect us from asteroids, and comets, etc. Imagine if it was such a blank universe, all that shit would fly down on us like money at a strip club, where Wayne goes to, or me…


The star is made up of pure flames but let us think about something for a minute. Are those flames dangerous to immortal beings, and the gods alike? Just think for a minute, you had immortality, along with all the super powers you could imagine, including the power to create. Couldn’t you walk on top of your own creation like a divine being. Possibly, maybe, who knows? One day, we place a bet now, and I win in a million years.


The problem with our solar system, galaxy, whatever you call it… Doesn’t matter to me… Why do we try to classify every beautiful body of heaven into the same stereotypical names? How dare the scientist make claims for the rest of us, based on 100% fictional theories about black holes, and stars alike. How do they know it came through billions of years, just another fairy tale like stories in the bible?


The stars are like blazing signs of immortality in front of our face. And only those that are grateful enough shall enter the kingdoms of the gods. Then we will be crowned eternal life, and hopefully leave a lot of good things behind, some more than others.


What is in the center of a star? We assume it is just one big ball of lava and fire, which maybe it is. But just like the chemicals we know nothing about, outside of our atmosphere, there could even be unique chemicals that the stars produce, which radiate a powerful wave of glory, heavenly glory. Maybe it is just the inner child in all of us, that wants to believe these stars have inherit beauty in them. Beauty we can’t see, like the soul of a human, or the wind passing on by.


So when it took the gods, 5 to 10 years to make Earth, were the stars already there? Maybe, it is entirely possible, maybe they created the stuff around our planet, before creating our planet. The whole process of our region could have taken 20 to 50 years all in all.


You see stars are basically a passageway into our imagination, and our imagination is a very powerful tool for good or evil. It can be used to corrupt the things of this world, or it can be used to progress real freedom and love. The stars remind humans at night, that the gods above are always watching them, and taking good care of them.


Just how the theory of no moon or sun around our Earth would ruin our planet, maybe, just maybe our planet needs the stars around, and other empty planets to survive. We can’t be sure on this, but it makes some sense, if space was so cold and vast, with no heat from all the stars, and only our moon and star, we might as well perish. The cold of the gods, would overwhelm unholy beings like ourselves into rubble.


The stars and moons alike produce a romantic factor for some of us in our lives, as well. The gods smiling down on us, letting us know hope is up there. We are all very curious of other alien races, and the technology and super powers they may have. They are holy beings who have never tasted death, because they never sinned in that way.


On a final note, embrace the flaws, and perfect your crafts, just like the stars, glow even when you look stupid in front of others. For the stars themselves look stupid to the untrained eye, it is all about perception. Nature is also the same way, maybe trees couldn’t survive if the stars vanished. All a brilliant puzzle piece, of infinity.


Chapter 7 Gods glistening in Perfection


Let us start with the beginning of our existence. Before we even stepped foot, the gods have always been, time is just a concept to us. We are only mere mortals, ants, compared to the universe, no matter how great we are amongst our ass kissing peers.


Now swallow your pride and focus on the gods of old. The gods have no actual physical form, they can appear however they so please. If a god wants to look 100% like me, or Tom Cruise, go ahead, they do it. If a god wants to look pathetic like you, on your couch, go ahead. The point is, the gods have no actual face. That is why old scribes, and Egyptians describe them as magical beings with animal heads, and angelic wings. We just picture something beautiful, yet invisible to us.


The eyes of the universe are all around us, however who are the beings whom sustain such things. Is the conquest for immortality done for them or are they still evolving? The fact of the matter is, all things we as humans know of in our context decay, at least houses, humans, nature, and some things last longer then others. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I do believe humans can reach a state of godliness, one day, living a good life here, and getting rewarded for our ancestors’ misdeeds is a part of it. The original 10,000 humans, who had no sin, till sin was found in them.


Our mind plays tricks on us, why? Because we say it does. What if our mind didn’t play tricks on us, what if our minds were the gateway to immortality, and to heavenly gods. What if our way of communicating with them was through silent prayer and being brave even in the face of adversity.


When I picture the gods, I picture us being a part of that team. They made us for the specific reason of evolving into greater beings, then our ancestors. We were meant for so much more, but some issues came up in between. The gods are the heavenly mysteries that can be at all places at once, and use advanced technology, with advanced brains.


Like storing something on a cloud, could we store a human brain, the date it holds, to a cloud? We mortals no, but can the gods? Of course, they hold all of us accountable for our actions, and life choices one day, now is that a good thing? Fuck if you are happy with it, go for it, blow it like a dick about to explode with cum all over your face. That is hot as hell, where is Sasha Grey when you need her.


I guess I like to think of numbers, time, math, and everything else we humans created, as a means of defective equipment, no matter how cool it seems to us. I mean yea sure it is cool but imagine what happens after death! Imagine the glorious rewards a heavenly immortal can receive, to hard to even grasp.


We all like to picture, incredibly good looking muscular men, when we think of gods. But that is all mythology, I mean sure cute, but where does real power come from? It comes from within, and from space, not from physical form.


Most humans will tend to ignore the most beautiful thing of all, themselves. Once they learn to just fuck it, and go with it, they can be fearless for talking out desires they should essentially keep to themselves. Why not just be bold, the bolder humans we have, especially in positions of power, the more influence and change in government we see, our future generations will blossom into a world of love and happiness, and not of pain, sorrow, and hypocrisy.


What if the gods are a part of us. We just need to keep evolving, like a child, but it takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Accepting certain religions, and beliefs can. But that is planting the seed, and being set in your ways, if they are holy or unholy in the eyes of the gods, so be it. Listen to your heart, and not always with your dick.


Because is your dick wrong? Sometimes, yes, but not always, listen to the vagina, the lips talking like a bird singing in outer space, where no one can hear it. The best part about the human body is we need to embrace it, smelly feet, nice ass, nice torso, cute belly, little meaty so what, fuck it. Get some jelly rolls going, fuck the shit out of that thick chick, make it feel like heaven. Like heaven came down to you.


You see the gods of this planet is essentially us, and the gods of the highest order watch over us, like the mortals try to watch over us. But who judges us for eternal life is them, not the idiots watching you get naked.


The end, didn’t like it? Get a job writing and write something better.


Chapter 8 Human mindset vs. Truth


The human mind is a great thing, it is like the universe shrank down into our head. I mean it is crazy, our mind can sometimes race with time, faster than time, and even slow down like a collision, and it all hits us.


People can convince themselves of a lot of things, with the human mind. I think the children of the gods are under attack by the spirits of evil. Who want to steal sperm and create hate in the community? All of a sudden freedom of religion and speech is under attack by retards with computers.


The humans convince themselves the gods that created us don’t watch over us, and keep us accountable, as well as “spies” who hide the real job they have, usually holding down multiple jobs, changing faces regularly. Which can be used for good or evil.


When a human is convinced the government can’t find them, in a crowded world, they have convinced themselves that life is basically not worth living properly. All of a sudden normal behavior becomes insane. Being self-aware becomes delusional in the eyes of the delusional. It is like arguing with a brick wall, that has no sense of reality.


The truth about life is, it is almost always about power: connections, money, DNA/sperm, and anything in relation to this. This is why accounts are frozen, this is why fights in court occur, and cowards run. With the stolen property of that beautiful man.


You see logically we need to accept mystery in a graceful way. Even the C.I.A says this, but this isn’t always a good thing, sometimes it is a good thing to connect the dots. Like Steve Jobs said in that quote. We need to look forward, into the future, and figure out what the world wants from us. Because in all honesty only one out of every 10 to 50 thousand guys could be millionaires from the sperm they have. And in my case one in ten billion, my sperm could make billions and inherit big stock in huge companies.


People are scared of this, they are scared of the truth. Because the reality they live in is delusional. I mean I have been rejected by beautiful average girls, when I should be able to take a pick at the litter. This is the sad reality of having the face of the gods. It is a curse, this is reality not delusion.


On a last note: the truth can’t be suppressed for long. And we sometimes think we can stop it. I just embrace my faults, and whatever people consider “sins” and “disorders” why not. Just do it and see how the teamwork of gods people will work in your favor, and the full-blown sinners will perish like ashes.


The absolute truths of life can scare us, so we become partially delirious. Notice how one friend may act like all these things are normal. And another may act the opposite, we all live in fear of the unknown. That is why people hide, only the gods should judge them, not the flawed legal system of man unless it is absolutely needed.


So, may the great ones, the holiest ones be with you, and let you enjoy your life. And the ass and dick you get may it be a glorious fun experience. My religion trumps yours…


Chapter 9 Why Some places are More Evolved


The reasoning behind the chaos of life is simple. The original 10,000 humans rebelled against the gods, against the request of keeping peace and harmony between each other. They said all with one voice “Let us do things our way.” And the gods, allowed it, they are loving gods, so they dropped the wall of mercy and power. Because with mercy comes great power, and infinite wisdom.


“The sons of men became all corrupted, like a wave of destruction, no end to the villages that are destroyed.” The universe is huge, infinite at that. Meaning it is always being built upon. For all we know, our universe splits up into a billion different universes, or galaxies. However, you want to look at it, in the end our theories about what is out there stop with morality and the origins of man.


If we can’t solve the simple answers of the origins of man, and the morality we must follow as a group to take down the conservatives, and promote, liberal things. Then we will allow deception to keep destroying the world, and civilians will collapse slowly but surely.


Maybe the quest of NASA and the military searching for top secret things in the beyond after life are a hopeless quest. They can only get so far, simply put they ignore morality, and construct of a new age. Of decriminalizing drugs, sex workers, and pedophilia. Till they do these things, the governments will continue to collapse.


Life is a small piece of the puzzle, add it with other human beings, and you have a vision, add some educational guesses with realistic, yet over the top thinking, and you have an infinite recipe of love and immortality.


When life is created, we start small. Even as we grow we are still small, no matter how mighty our appearance is, for without the help of gods, and the people who believe in the same morality, or similar morality, we can’t come to a conclusion of evolving the morality of the community, and generations to come.


I am sure alien races look upon us with revolt. Not liking what they see, drug users aren’t the issue, neither are dealers. The problem is the legal system is having problems adjusting to the unstoppable forces at work. Even if you don’t agree, live and let live, but the sperm business would be affected greatly, rehabs would shut down like at a moment’s notice.


Not only do these superior beings above us hold greater technology, wisdom, and super powers. They also hold the key secrets to why humans are stubborn. Why is it we destroy one another. Why do people turn on each other, this blind sin, being blind is a sin in itself? Not seeing things for what they really are, not seeing the invisible ink.

The world only will see these things once they see a true reflection of the damage ignorance causes. Forget substance abuse, child abuse, etc. The reality is look in the mirror, and at the people in your life, you are all sinners, like the ancestors before you. And instead of living in ignorance learn through life, and the experiences it has to teach us. And finally, the end, is making a beautiful home for all eternity for yourself and your loved ones. By bringing in truth, and love, impart wisdom, not ignorance, and you will live the rest of your days in glory after death.


Chapter 10 Giving Up the Search of Everything For…


When people tend to give up, they react negatively to this. Giving up certain things, can sometimes do harm, or sometimes bring the opposite. As usual, the search of everything, which is life itself is a hopeless search. Looking into all the mysteries of life with faulty explanations with no morals of the gods instilled in you, then you will deray in pain of the blind pleasure that is of life.


When I was a young lad, I remember this wonderful older man, he was homeless. I couldn’t tell if he was an undercover cop or not. I think I met him at a book store, my mother had to drive me places. I would even pay adults to buy me a pack of cigarettes, from Walgreens. Some of them thought I was a cop. It was very funny, however this older man struck me as odd.


For he had given up the search of a home. I couldn’t tell, obviously I am filled with paranoia, theories about the strangers I run into. How does one know if a stranger already spies on you, and knows a lot about you? I guess I don’t care anymore.


I went to Publix, and bought a cheesecake, a lot of sweets basically for this older man, I had an old flip phone or blackberry which is probably worth billions in the hands of the F.B.I. Since I am a famous rascal.


The homeless man was amazed by the words that came out of my mouth. Simple as “Would you like some food?” I started to feel so ashamed of the simple things in life. Knowing I was a powerless child, in a world full of hypocrisy and sinners. I have had a few run ins, like this one. Maybe one day I could share them.


In the end, if you really search for the things that matter, whatever it may be to you. That is all that matters.


Chapter 11 The Negative Theory


The theory about negativity, how that works in society. Dimensions, the things we can’t see. That is like dividing the world into things we can’t adjust to. Picture if you will me trying to explain life in the simpleton manner, by making a silly drawing of it. That won’t work, only a dumb scientist would do that.


More power in the moral code, and theories of how it all began, instead of looking outside. Some people always need to make a negative point to everything. Why must negativity be used in such a manner, the fallen ones don’t allow the truth to enter the brain. They allow deception and mistrust be placed, into the hearts of the faithful.


Christians have an ignorant view of the world today, and as stated previously in a different book, half of the Christians today are undercover cops working to catch people. I mean that is the honest nature of the world.


When you are positive even in the face of negativity, your spirit rises to a higher level. You can’t always feel it, but it is there. Inside of your beautiful soul, and the negativity disappears. The only time gods chosen people use negativity, is in inspiring music, to combat the wicked. By brainwashing the public, music seems to be one of the few public ways, since they won’t let real war occur in the media over legalizing drugs, sex workers, and pedophilia.


The reality is people would rather swallow the easy life and allow it to destroy them by doing nothing. Sometimes when we feel we can do nothing, that is a lie, that is how you can do something. Words, sharing, and wisdom alone will go a long way.


Christianity today practices this moral code of negativity. Taking essentially normal things like sex, the things we feel, homosexuals, sex with children, drug usage, drug dealing, sex workers, treating each other like sane humans and cutting the mental illness stuff out. Etc. Christians are basically faulty cops, who have a heart of hypocrisy and believe in turning on one another, instead of living and let live, and protecting the freedoms of those who they pretend are condemned. When it is the other way around.


The final thing about the negative theory is: it can be interpreted different ways, just like morality, and the origins of man can be seen different ways. People seem to be scared of the most important topics to the soul. Religion is about as useless as a sex worker who can’t move her legs. That would be rape. Which is why things need to take a change in attitude.


Chapter 12 The Evolution of Water & Fire…


As we see into space, planets full of water, and of fire. Stars, and aquatic planets, we notice that these two elements were used by the gods, during the creation of earth. During the years it took to mold us. The best part about these two elements is the fact that they tell a different story from each other.


(The story of fire)

Fire was one of the first elements known to man-kind. Used as a way to bring power to the immortals. The original 10,000 humans, who had unique forms of beauty, and great super powers, some even giants. They all shared the common love for the heavenly government. Adam and Eve were not real. What was real, was this underground society, and fire is what lifted them. But why?


Well fire burns? Ever smoked way too many cigarettes, or pot? And you burn yourself? Of course, most of you wouldn’t admit to that, it feels good. Like sex, painful but yet pleasurable. Now what we notice is the flames contain a super nova effect on the mind of humans. If I sit and stare at a flame, and approach it I get burning sensation in my mortal feeble body.


But the immortal ones, learned how to use fire to their advantage. They could touch fire, create fire-like creations in the palm of their hands. They had incredible super-powers the gods bestowed upon them. The ancient secrets of magic, which technology basically is, just like life, it is all a beautiful display of magic.


The flames will burn anything that isn’t pure. That isn’t holy so to say. This is the theory of many people who believe in such things. Knowing the origins of man is like a lizard looking at a human and knowing, “holy shit this guy has super powers, he is huge.” We are basically lizards; however, I can’t stick to surfaces like them, nor can I fly like a bird. That would be fucking awesome. Notice how nature has super powers, so the original 10,000 immortal humans on this planet, had ways of climbing up walls. Flying with the wings of an angel, angelic humans. And countless other nature like things animals have which make us unique.


On a last note, the judgment day of the wicked will be for the sperm thieves, and those other blind sinners, who choose not to put heaven, and priorities in order. I choose not to call out exact names, but they are out there.


No one knows when judgment day shall come, but the gods will be ready, with the power, of all the suns in the solar system to bring an end to corruption. And start a fresh new life, but that is all a secret, and could be 10 or 50 thousand years from now. Who knows? Not even the angels in heaven know… And they are gods themselves in a way…





(The story of water)


Let us get started on water, the miracle of this is life in itself. I mean could you imagine you hop inside it, a big pool of it, and you can basically float, and it feels like you can fly. Gravity doesn’t exist essentially under water, that is fucking awesome. Even being the athletically trained swimmer I am.


On a side note: I once swam 5 hours a day for 30 days straight, 6 days out of the week. I was weighing about 220 pounds, and I built so much muscle, I sort of built a strange body type, however I like it. Nor did I lose weight, I ate way too much. Like two small pizzas to fill the burning sensation of starvation.


But if we keep looking at water as the enemy, in such a way a snail or a pet might. We will never understand it, just like how people are scared about right and wrong, and siding with liberal agendas that could set us all free. Why wouldn’t you want a free world? Of course, it would destroy your families’ rehab/sperm bank business, because it isn’t a nice one like “Passages Malibu”, and it doesn’t allow pot like it should. I mean seriously if you are taking my sperm give me the best you got. And hooker bot 5000.


Water is a mystery, have you seen the ocean of the Earth? I mean you could search 5 or 10% of it, if your even lucky, and spend years on it. But all the creatures move around inside it, so the giant squid, and cool fishes could have moved locations. Like Drake and Future, change locations.


Some of the cool super powers the swimming creatures have, that the gods gave them was. They could breathe underwater, as a matter of fact they can die if they come out. I would like to imagine like a child that the original 10,000 humans on this earth whom were immortal with super powers, could breathe under water like fish and sharks. Possibly swim like one, maybe even ride a shark or dolphin, for the hell of it, without getting bitten. Since animals were friendly before the fall of society.


(The final conclusion of these two elements)


I could go on about these elements for probably 100 pages but let us stick to simplicity in learning. I am running out of jokes for a serious topic. Why does water and fire not mix? And the few times it does is under water? Lava vents, from the core of earth. That is incredible, glorious from the gods of creation for making such a thing.


Sin is represented by fire/lava. The purity of our original souls is represented by water/ice. That is sort of how I see it, isn’t lava another form of fire? And isn’t Ice another form of water? We could go onto steam, smoke, waves, hurricanes, whirlpools, and awesome insane things the angels all around us create in nature.


But the fact is pleasure/sin wasn’t the issue. The origins of men were pure because priorities were kept in place, do you really think for all eternity we are singing, no… We are traveling the universe with immortal powers, fucking alien chicks and other things, and going from one planet to the next. Teleporting, flying, breathing under water, creating nature, and evolving into higher beings over time.


Keep cool under pressure.