The Real Sins of Mankind, The Fallen Ones by Augusto-Enoch

Professor Farnsworth: Amy play that disc backwards. *Rise in the name of Satan* – Calculon 2.0

So, you all rise in the name of Augusto…


Chapter 1 The Portals & 10 Secrets

The way the universe works is like an infinite loop. Think of it like a giant barrier an imperfect barrier which keeps us out of the land of the sacred. We are divided by the portals, which maintain the secrets of the immortals who watch us, they don’t understand how humans can be so stupid. How they can tear everything apart, and make things corrode. The portals refer to an eternal transportation, like a black hole. Taking you to a dimension where you may not survive, unless you are holy enough to behold the faces of the eternal ones. Whom carry all the advanced technology, and the infinite riches of the universe.


So how does one reach this eternal portal with the secrets of the immortal ones?

10 Steps:

  • The Ones who defend without being blind, who believe in real vindication. Who will speak out against sperm thieves, and modern-day laws of ignorance.
  • The Ones who will not bite back with the tongue in given situations, when voices need to be heard, inside the court, online court, supreme court, and in social situations. They are the ones who build a better world for our future offspring.
  • The Ones who believe in legalizing drugs, sex workers, pedophilia lowering the age of consent, creating networks between civilians and police easier, friendlier.
  • The Ones who will discuss the real issues, on the Dark Web, and on the Surface Web, including secret chatrooms, whistleblowing about the sperm trade, and many other corrupt things. Since the media is rigged.
  • The Ones who will be giving words of advice so strong, they kick you hard in the face, even when the world is hopeless, based on the supernatural, looking towards the gods for peace, above all.
  • The Ones who will not let down the friends who need them the most and create an extension into the community over important issues, the way some lawyers and police officers do.
  • The Ones who are not always thinking about their own personal pleasures, they are not always selfish, and think of others, and spend time preaching, working, and planning an extended future for others.
  • The Ones who are willing to take risks on revealing the lies from some police departments, and the lies they cover up the truth about what the world is really about: stealing sperm treating humans like slaves, and framing them for false accusations, with false intentions.
  • The Ones who are willing to practice things that are illegal, drawing attention to themselves, and creating authentic controversy to the locals, and making people argue over facts versus fiction.
  • The Ones who always have words of wisdom to make us better people, to absorb them, even at the risk of being an outcast, and tossed asunder, into the depths of social hades.


Those are the best 10 examples I could give on why this modern world of 2018 needs major help, to change the course, and destroy the wicked. And uphold the true values of the natural gods who made us fun flawed humans.


Notice how I only gave 10 important modern examples, when over 1,000 variations of these examples exist in our known mind and universe. But I picked the most important ones, this shows us degrees of how some things are more important than others. We can’t always be a saint, we can’t overdo it, we need a little selfish time, it is about balance.


And on top of that, apply this infinite logic, and you can solve your own unique situation step by step, and the gods will let you back in with the mercy and holiness they bestow upon the fallen race of humans.


These portals hold secrets far beyond our imagination, worlds we can’t comprehend, the total opposite of ours, they await our arrival one day. But our mission here on this earth is to do all the above, to the best of our ability, nobody is perfect in this sense.


The secrets of the original 10,000 humans who inherited this wonderful planet, before the fall of mankind knew about the above. They decided to build a different world, it wasn’t a stupid tree, or a garden of Eden, it was a mind thing. Slowly creeping into the minds of the holy was the fact they wanted to create a legacy of eternal darkness, and ignorance. So how do we fight against that? With light, and darkness ourselves, bringing them down in the courts, and as police officers of the law.



Chapter 2 Degrees of Sin

The degrees of which sins exist is different. Let us observe the definition I am accustomed to for sin. Since our own definitions matter more than the ones in the dictionary and “becktionary. – Futurama.”


My definition of sin: “The pleasures which come natural to humans, sex, drugs, experimentation, adventure, and changing the realities of themselves and others.”


The popular definition from what I know of Sin is “Those who practice fornication, homosexuality, stealing, hate speech, etc.”


So, I guess none of us can go to heaven if we use the common definition, created by psych wards, who pay pastors to preach and brainwash this way.


So, is sin the issue? No, according to my definition which will be more popular in 100 years, it basically means to have a good time. Now can sometimes we get carried away and forget moderation and other things? Of course, that is the spice of life, sometimes it is fun to go overboard.


But notice how the degrees of sin differ on how much you effect the community, and laws therein. The degrees of sin work sort of like a pyramid. The top is not the best place to be, the higher up you are the more stubborn you become.


So basically, sin is not a bad thing, the gods sin themselves. They are a part of us, and we are a part of them, and they made us. But we have free-will even though most of our lives are extremely rigged depending on how we grew up and our genetics, etc.


You see sin in general is not a bad thing. Is sex bad? No, it is wonderful, but what if you had sex with someone you weren’t meant to have sex with, maybe you accidently have a kid with them, or bad emotions just run through both parties. It isn’t the end of the world, and polygamy seems better.


You see some sins are good, and some are bad. Being a wild animal with multiple partners is acceptable and praise worthy, but it depends who you sleep with. I will let you use your own judgment on deciding what works best for your secrets.


On a last note the part 2 will contain a better run down. This is just the beginning…



Chapter 3 Mental Disorders for DNA

What is a mental disorder?

  • Your wife/girlfriend calling you this? Because she is mad at you, or wants to get a paycheck from a rehab, sort of how parents get paychecks to lock up the innocent children in psych wards.
  • Some asshole who is looking for trouble likes to slander your name because of jealousy and other strange emotions of homosexuality they haven’t accepted.
  • A way to buy medication which just about no one takes unless they are going to court and being babied the entire way for their inheritance of lawsuits won. Because honestly who actually takes it? Unless it is Hydrocone, Xanax, or some other fun stuff.
  • You enjoy sex a lot, open about your sexuality perhaps, they try putting you in a sperm bank/rehab for enjoying sober sex?
  • People who don’t agree with you who are mentally disabled.
  • The people who pretend to be mentally ill and handicapped just to get out of a troubled situation, when the feds come down on them, and maybe get paychecks from the government.


So, in essence, mental disorders are entirely 100% made up, mostly to sell pills, insurance money for rehabs, and stealing sperm which the last one is more important to the locals and the police they pay. As the police build a secret case on them inside and outside of court.


The general fact is DNA is all these people care about, even your girlfriend may threaten you if you are both high off the same drug. Because she wants her family to keep stealing from you, unless she has learned how to do it.


In the end, money is the key motivator for these people, who dream of being Bill Gates without actually working for it properly, stealing isn’t a real job.


Chapter 4 Why Homosexuals are Lovable

You see homosexuals aren’t the real issue. Because we got good and bad straights, bisexuals, and homos. I love that gay guy from the episode “Lethal Inspection” on Futurama. Who makes the jokes about having gay sex at the Airport anonymously. I mean it is priceless, and his laugh which sounds like a smoker laughing is cute.


But the fact is, the only problem with homosexuality is some people are over the top with it. Maybe this doesn’t bother the straight community, but it does bother a lot of other fags like myself. I can’t stand some gay people, how they act, no matter how hot they are, can be a turn off.


Personality should not be over the top to begin with, looks like a cry of stupidity.

Homosexual desires are good for you, it feels good to take it up the ass, ask the porn stars of LA and such. You learn to love it and become infatuated with sex. Just make time for other things besides constant debauchery.


Chapter 5 The Faces of the Supernatural

The faces of the supernatural are like those of old. The stars that shine, imagine a human glowing bright like the sun. Could you withstand that glorious view? Can you imagine a glorious day with the eternal ones’? A life full of endless adventure, fucking like rabbits, and drug use at an all time high. No need to conceal the evidence, and a lot of orgies. That is not even a fraction of the glory that awaits us when our time comes.


The moon gods: The face of the moon gods, is like the face of a radiant solar system all in perfect order. A glorious sight full of truth and silence.


The sun gods: The face of the sun gods, is like stepping right in front of the sun, and hoping you don’t get burned.


The other mysterious gods: The gods range in all different sizes, shapes, and faces. Some don’t even have a physical form, it is like they are at all places at once. With advanced technology, coding far beyond our comprehension.


Just like how a video game is built, and takes years to develop, a truly good one. You will notice the gods created us like a video game, and a small part of them is in all of us, no matter how small or big we are. The ruler of a country, the counsel of that country, a high paid police officer or school teacher. Or even a common joe, or even a homeless person.


The natural love in your own head, is filled with imagination, and without imagination you can’t connect to the divine. You will be godless forever if that is the destiny you want, go for it. Be a backstabbing hypocrite, who hurts others, or doesn’t take a stand against the laws of man that are rooted in deception, financial gain, and suffering.


The fact is, we shouldn’t look towards the religious text books, not even to my own. But rather in our hearts, and perfect the original emotions we needed to maintain, even in a world full of decay and delusion. Of course, many have proclaimed the opposite, and turn the tables against us, the chosen ones. But why fight the destiny the gods gave you, why not embrace it like you have nothing to lose.


On a last note: Why is Christianity accepted as a mainstream cult? Because of the financial gain, the only real education in spirituality you need is in yourself, not in paying for a religious textbook.


Chapter 6 Degrees of Sin Part 2

The run down, please go read part 1 before you open your nasty crusty eyes for this one.


The pyramid scheme: In 7 parts: small example:


  • The base of the pyramid is our natural feelings to lust after another, could be your sister, uncle, nephew, and even your co-worker. Is it wrong? Only you can answer that, no one can answer that for you, and sometimes the consequences are more severe for some, then others on the same exact situation, but the exactness is rare.
  • The next one is about our civil order in the world, how we treat others in public. Or even get togethers, this doesn’t need to be a certain way, however don’t feel bad if you don’t always fit in, you need to learn how conceal your true feelings in, and only express when you feel the need for such time. For if we always expressed how we felt in these times, we can create unnecessary reactions, is it worth it? I hope so, for your sake.
  • Then you have your dealings with nature, can you show reverence to the things like dogs, cats, other animals, and most of all the water. Not being a tree hugger, like those psychos, but caring enough to preserve some of it, you can’t save it all. This is part of our survival when mankind grows.
  • How we present ourselves with our personality at work, school, family, and close relationships. This is important, for it is good to be a bit vulgar, and enjoy your time with them. You need to take people out of their comfort zone in order to realize a higher joy and remove stagnant thinking. Progression on liberal equality is more important than life itself. Why even be born if you don’t be yourself?
  • The destiny you may have with your finances, clearly this is private. But what would the origins of man do, the smarter decisions. Budgeting, and making sure you are happy with not wasting time on stupid things. For this is the beginning of the fall of mankind, especially the wealthy.
  • Call outs, we mentioned some of this in Chapter 1. The new 10 commandments I created based on how to be a decent human being, and trying to go above and beyond at times, without being cliché or traditional. You need to take a stand against psych wards/sperm banks, and worthless schools, for they teach nonsense usually, and all the other things in your country which may hinder growth.
  • The last thing we can touch on is your family, how to raise your own family once you depart from your original family. If you get to this point, maybe family for you is your co-workers, not everyone has the luxury of this. You should always teach them the best moralities. Use individualistic thinking, remove conservative thinking, and promote acceptance of differences, especially political and spiritual without being extreme. Let them decide, as they get older.


So, this concludes the pyramid pretty well, I am sure you could find more examples, but let it flow through your veins, and enjoy it.


Chapter 7 The Fallen Ones & The Origin

The fallen races, how many planets could there be? And are they all planets? Could it be some other realm with different living equipment, not everything in the universe is made of the same material. Maybe some races have no bathroom function, that would be nice. Anyways these fallen races, out of the septillions of races that probably exist, and live immortal and holier lives then the degenerates on earth, have a barrier between us and them. Our planet has become a place of forsaken morals, and we all get to choose faulty morals or go with the origins of the naturalistic morals. Those are the only two choices if we boil it down to the perfect form.


You see when people speak in a matter fact kind of way, and add humor, amongst other things, you will create powerful tension in a person’s heart. Why is it the way of spirituality and imagination are indescribable? Why can’t we find the answers to the riddles of life, maybe the simplest answers are the best ones. I know life in general seems complex, but why make it more complicated than it already is. Why not simplify it as much as possible, don’t you just hate people who make things so complicated? When it doesn’t need to be, usually alternative reasons for this form of behavior.


I believe the simpler we keep things in general the more we revert back to the origins of mankind. Notice how mental illness isn’t real, and they steal sperm from good looking guys all the time, and make huge earnings, this is a complex business of confusion and deception. The devils/fallen race have created this business to harm the public and created unnecessary tension between the rest of us and them.


Notice also how we all like normal dealings with others, keeping it simple, always something fishy the more complex you make it. The origins of mankind were a different story, we were happy believing with our eyes in wonder, and not being cynical with our minds over nature and other humans.


Now the world is a delusional one, with brainwashing techniques, competitions are owned by the same conglomerates, one says lose weight, the other says buy ice scream, etc. These people have turned the U.S and some other countries into dead weight, we are now truly the frozen race of pathetic earthlings. Thanks to the reputation of others, don’t you hate that? I think most of us do, especially if you care about a better world.


The original 10,000 humans who were all created simultaneously who decided to rebel, did they all rebel? No, probably a small fraction of them. They decided to bring our world into despair, but does that mean you can’t make a brighter future in your life, and the life of others? Well it depends on how hard you are willing to push and risk for it. Not all of us have the same advantages as others, and that is pretty self-explanatory.


Chapter 8: Religion & Hypocrise 6 Points Plus

Where to begin, oh yes wait I know! The Christians and Catholics. I mean two of the biggest fraudulent religions since the time Orson Welles did the fake broadcast of us being invaded by aliens. Because guess what buddy, aliens already live amongst us, we are aliens to each other.


Why can’t religious people preach that? The simple things, and why can’t pastors be funny and truthful. Because then they can’t scare you into damnation, an imaginary hell they created. The reality is hypocrisy will always exist in the world, because of one simple word: religion.


Religion was only created for the simple reasons: of getting control over the masses, starting pointless wars to avoid the real wars about sperm and drug laws. And a whole lot of nonsense not even worth getting into. I don’t know who owns the bible, but they must be wealthy with all the copies sold, from selling pointless words which can’t be proven.


As said before and will say again think of the following: 6 off the top.

  • 40% of the bible is probably fictional the rest is questionable at best
  • The story of two human emerging and starting a race is laughable at best
  • I could write better scripture with my hands tied and a hooker sitting on my face
  • It is like reading a children’s book. I mean I believe in creating my luck and miracles, not falling from the sky
  • It basically tells you to live a very lazy life, steal from others, hide behind your religion, and pray you don’t end up in lock down
  • Isn’t the idea of the gods instead of one, creating 10,000 humans simultaneously more realistic then two humans. I like that theory of mine better.


Religion saves as many people as cocaine, meth, heroine, GHB, cannabis, and cigarettes all together. It is all bad for you, the only difference with the other stuff, it is better for you in the long run, more fun, more adventure, less pain.


In conclusion: you are a tool if you think religion is that special or an undercover cop pretending to be a tool, one of the two.



Chapter 9 The Good Sins

The sins that matter to us the most. What is it to others if you just want to have fun. See the problem is some people have things they need to feed, and they are willing to hurt you to get it. Rehabs/sperm banks are the dens of thieves, where they can trap you in like a caged animal. These places are 100% demonic in the lust for power. Let us put all the people who do drugs in America in them, that would be over 100 million reserved spots for drug users, how come we can’t do that? Oh, wait yea that is right, go fuck yourself.


The good sins in mankind are those of being a fierce warrior of the righteous truth. So, let us look at the following examples of good sins: 3 best ones I could find, I was picking cotton when I found them.

  • Giving blow jobs is always good for the soul, I mean don’t you hate it when a girl plays hard to get? She is a stupid bitch, you should be giving me head, not talking, I only enjoy watching you when your mouth is full.
  • Giving us that ass on our face, or the other way around, clean of course I would hope. See the problem is, this is a blessing, you need to learn how to embrace the fuck out of this. The gods in heaven practice this sort of sex, why be ashamed of it, the popo do it, they also do drugs.
  • Learning how to glorify the right things in society, either amongst a group of peers, or family, or even with the community. Make sure your partner doesn’t talk, just lust the fuck out of them.


Okay listen here, now the whole point of this was to take your mind off the word sin. I mean Amsterdam, Portugal, Spain, and a few other remote locations are the best places on earth. Otherwise you need to be a police officer hiding your habit hiding behind your badge, or very rich like Trump.


Chapter 10 Origins of Sin Poem & Message

The origins of sin are tricky indeed

For sin is not the evil seed

Sin is pleasure therein the heart

But it can’t always be at the start

It is a sacred and dangerous part

Moderation and Mayhem erupt

Some just entirely give it up

Planted in the brain

Driving some insane

Sin has no name

For it is just one big fun game

Some prosper, others suffer

Nothing to be gained, even if you are tougher

Sin is like a sun keeping it in place

Once you let it blow up in your face

You will fall from the original grace

Conservatives hell shall burn for them

And the liberals shall go to heaven shining like a gem


The end: This poem is about the origins of sin. Basically, sin has different definitions, it isn’t a bad thing actually. And we know not to trust the religious text books which are confusing. They are like reading a big fairy tale, the problem is we don’t trust our own hearts, and the messages of faith the gods give us. For you see to claim to have all the answers is one of the greatest unforgivable sins of all, and yet Christians claim to know everything, etc. This is the problem with religion it is one big scam, making us spiritual fun-loving assholes look like heathens, when it is the other way around.


We need to practice honesty and not hypocrisy, this is what separates us from the world, being ourselves, and who we feel deep inside we are. Not pretending to be flawless when your heart dreams of lust and danger all the time. The Netherlands, Portugal, and other holy countries understand this concept, and they instill it in the minds of the public. Instead of hypocrisy like the U.S, Canada, and Asia.


Chapter 11 Sex is Rarely Ever BAD

How does one see sex? Truly behind closed doors, we become different people. Touching body parts, we once found gross, and becoming the very thing we supposedly hate the most. Sex is about a few things:


  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin, maybe you aren’t the perfect weight, or the perfect height, or even the best genetics. However, does that mean you can’t enjoy your glorious sex life, which you should cherish and be adventurous in?


  • Being in good shape, practicing flexibility is important for some of us, more than others. I mean who doesn’t like those cool positions only some can do, and having a nice firm body, or somewhere in-between is not a bad thing. Bodies in general are popular based on whatever people expect.



  • Live in Spain? Or somewhere hidden in New York, or some part of Asia? Guess what the age of consent is perfect for you perverts that want to sleep with children, or fake children wearing a mask of a child whom are petite. I mean I see nothing wrong with it, I think that rehabs get in trouble for trying to hunt down good-looking pedophiles to steal sperm from. The fact is even paraphiles get shit and that seems more acceptable 14-17. Just be gentle, that is all.


  • Experimentation with toys, drugs, and slings. I mean come on, this is as hot as it gets, once you add addictive substances that blow your mind, you will be like Zap Branigan. Talking like a buffoon over the simple pleasures of sex. This is a part of being happy filling that void the gods put in us, the gods promote sex not criminalize it, what the fuck?


  • Last thing to touch up on, is the beauty of age. I mean sure sex with younger people is fun, but cougars and father types can be fun as well. How many grown men have penetrated me since I was so young. I was a bad boy, they say I was traumatized, I guess I was now all I do is think of cock from big men. I guess now I am cursed, a sex addict till I die. “I am a defroste my name is Joe.”- Futurama


And in conclusion, sex is fun, I mean it is only bad if you get caught by the wrong people, no chat rooms, careful Chris Hanson may be lurking. A lot of people start families just to sleep with their children, isn’t that a shock?


Chapter 12 The Portals of the Sacred Ones

The sacred ones hold the keys to life:

  • Different kinds of wisdom
  • Different point of views
  • The secrets to innovative technology
  • The secrets of the human mind
  • The secrets of lust
  • The secrets of immortality
  • The secrets of reaching max strength
  • The secrets of how to interact in strange situations


The portals are all over the universe. They hold the immortal glories, like a teleporter to other dimensions of holy beings. Once a person dies, they can become a god right away after death, if they have lived a life full of truth and strength.


The sacred ones keep secret invisible cameras all throughout the earth. So besides human spies, they are the immortal spies, they record all our history. So they will make sure all are held accountable depending on how they decided their lives based on their circumstances.


The portals are technically infinite, they continue developing them. What we need to understand is you never stop growing. The sacred lives of the original 10,000 humans created on this earth were perfect in every way. But a rebellious feeling resided inside some of them, and it was passed through the DNA. But the sacred gods allowed free-will to take its course.


The evil races such as angels have taught men terrible things, the art of war, keeping drugs illegal, creating prisons, and psych wards. They have created terrible things, the holy ones, us, need to stick together to fight them in and outside the courts. Making the system of the gods take place again.


On a last note we need to understand that finding the mystery of life is needed. We won’t have all the answers, we never will. Maybe in 10 million years we understand some deep secrets, and gain new superpowers throughout heaven, but till then we need to learn slowly, just like a child growing.


It took the gods 5 to 10 years to make our Earth, and about 20 to 50 years to make our solar system, this is my logic. The original 10,000 live on through us, in our DNA. It is literally impossible to have our DNA in just two humans, no such thing. Some of these humans were more giant then others, some were black, some were white, some were Asian, etc. This is a part of the beauty of unique DNA code. The sacred ones kept us this way.


Chapter 13 Why DNA will be the focus for the Next 100 Years

Now I know the title throws you off, like that gay guy with that hot ass in short shorts, that makes you question why your sleeping with your girlfriend. But the point is, you won’t be a head in a jar full of LSD, to survive forever, like Futurama heads. So, you won’t be able to prove me wrong on this, just like you can’t prove wrong that I am the Alpha and The Omega, degraded to the form of a human adopting your shitty like views, to save your sorry asses, from eternal damnation.


See what I did there? That is called, I slapped your ass. “Remember when women couldn’t vote? Pepperidge Farm remembers.” – commercial when Fry becomes a billionaire because of his DNA. Oh, wait no it was interest in a bank, I forget which one makes more sense. I guess those super models, and porn stars, and myself whom they made a cartoon show about don’t become billionaires through our DNA. What a load of crap.


You see DNA needs to stay a top-secret business according to the rehab owners. I don’t see eye to eye on this, they just want less competition. They don’t even want to compete with schools, and sex resorts. Notice how sex resorts are hard to find, and how drugs are illegal, you need to conceal yourself in fear. This is all on purpose, unfortunately the rehabs and relationships are the only two outlets with the best chances.


Notice how idiots say “Well my boy is just as good as your boy!” This is probably the story of my life as a kid, when I couldn’t utter the words “Fuck you, bitch.” The point is people are enraged, over these issues like the issues of having a free world where we love each other like Portugal. And don’t enslave one another over normal human interactions and adventure. Sit down take your medication and be happy, I mean the only reason I listen to this, is because I want to win these lawsuits against these places that stole from me, otherwise I would be cruising far off.


Some of you realize the struggle more than others, even if you aren’t a 10 times lotto winner like me. The thing is cigarettes are the only thing you can smoke, not so bad, I was never a pot head. As a matter of fact, meth was more fun than pot, but maybe that is because the sex is incredible. 10 guys penetrating my ass over and over in just one visit to a club, or bar where sex is allowed.


Pot won’t do that for you, but it is all cool, anyways I predict the next 50 to 120 years from 2018 will be hectic over this DNA issue. Once numbers like mine get published, and gets leaked into the right hands, chaos shall emerge in court and outside of it, I am sure this has happened without me, the DNA of others before me.


This is a part of the problem, they won’t talk about it, they are so scared to even bring it up. Once the community knows more, sues the media which isn’t easy, then things will take a huge turn. Howard Stern and Alex Jones, are some of the only media outlets I remotely respect. I mean they take more risk.


Chapter 14 How Long does this Earth Have? Plus 3 endings…

The interesting thing about this Earth is, it is always going and going. Will a redemption day come one day? I guess maybe it isn’t for us to know. Will it be Satan bringing souls back to the grave, or Jesus in a white robe which doesn’t fit on him. Or will it be Buddha raising the dead with his big giant belly.


The fact is since we are in 2018, I give the world 10 to 50 thousand more years, till something crazy happens. I really hope It goes on that long. I mean what is the hurry? What is another 50 thousand years to an immortal?


Assuming the gods want to bring judgment down that way, remaking the earth, or just finding new habitation either way things will one day cease, it is the cycle of life.


As long as you enjoy your time here and make the best of it with the best intentions and strength possible, maybe a kingdom of the gods does await. I like the gods of Egypt better than Jesus. Am I the only one who feels that way?


Top 3 Theories of the end:

  • Raptured into heaven: okay sure, while I am at it let me just get my coat. This is such a stupid theory of religious nuts, they have lost all touch with reality, I mean is this just an attempt to send religious people to psych wards to take sperm?
  • The coming of Jesus, with the lake of fire on earth? This is the popular SDA teaching, well this one sounds cool, I wish it was true, because I know police officers, and lawmakers will fill that lake of fire. Maybe I just want them to perish for all the sins and atrocities they have committed.
  • The gods will find a different ending, and just cause chaos to form one day, and damnation and rewards shall be given to the last survivors. This one I just made up, similar to the second one but instead of Jesus it is the great gods who do it.


So, you see, in the end nobody really knows, life is an infinite mystery. Now go fuck yourselves.


Chapter 15 Sexy Feet the Most Important Part

The two sexiest parts of a human is the face, and the feet. Those are the two most important parts, for starters the gods created the faces to see, and represent different personality types, and beauty.


The thing with the feet is they hold the key to walking on the floor. The feet represent the beauty of the old life, you are walking on the ground the ancestors once walked on. It is a romantic, thing, full of sexuality.


Besides the fact that the human body is hot, and is designed to have fun, the feet and face are the two most important parts. Top and bottom, they represent more than half of the beauty and power in our existence.


Faces & Feet:

  • Good for kissing, which is how it all begins.
  • Good for oral sex, some of the best parts.
  • Having sexy feet on your face, like Asa Akira, that is hot.
  • You show how much you truly worship someone by kissing the feet and face.
  • Feet tend to smell good after sweating.
  • Feet are also fun once fresh out the pool or shower, and you smell good.
  • Faces hold all our main senses, the ones we truly need.
  • Faces and feet are the best way to get aroused, quickly.



Chapter 16 Augusto Enoch The Angel of Damnation…

When people usually think about the end, they think about being an old age and dying. The reality is the end is when you stop living your life the way you should. To understand the human mind better you must use logic, facts, individualistic crafting, form realistic opinions. And the saddest part is sometimes the truth sounds utterly crazy.


Who is going to believe they made a show about a dog based on him/me, Augusto, and the grandparents who dressed and acted the same as on the show. With Augusto’s birthday said on the episode called “Muriel Meets Her Match”, 5-14-94. But it was a safe combination number “5948761441119”. So, you take the 5-94, and the 14. It is my birthday, and the dog has the same four moles I had when I was a kid in 1999, when the show was first aired. So, the government has been spying on me since I was a kid. The episode is also about clones, whom are thieves.


This sets off alarms, this means that in the view of the world/spies. I am one of the greatest legends of all time based on my face alone. Not to mention my whistle-blowing personality, and strange views give me a good way to stand up and face the mainstream trash.


You see the problem with this world most of all is they don’t understand new ideas, infinity, natural morals, and it is not entirely their fault. Some people are just in fear of being an outcast in the social group they are now accustomed to having, so you can’t rest all the blame on them. Eternal results of damnation will await those who knew the truth but yet concealed it. Those who do the opposite will receive eternal life and gifts.


The salvation we need is in us, not outside of us. We can view the outside and admire the beauty, but in the end connecting to the spirit within, and any imagination of childlike faith is what will enter all of us into the kingdom of the gods. And Christianity did not have this idea, as a matter of act, the Egyptians had this concept of Christianity, a more primitive form long before the Christians. This is why Christianity is all fake, full of undercover cops and hypocrites, a main steam cult. The real religion is within each and every one of us, and they are never identical, we are all unique forms of glory of the gods. Christianity teaches the opposite of nature, and human emotions etc.