Theories 101: The Eternal Watchers Cutting the Rope 12 long chapters + Book of Eli + Oblivion + Dracula Untold + Gabes 3rd Video lecture 2am on a Sunday and mp3 version also. (and full Entourage Season 6 enjoy, 12 videos of that one below. Enjoy this long ass book I typed in 30 minutes.) + Gallery at the end.

Theories 101: The Eternal Watchers “Cutting the Rope”


12 long chapters


  1. White niggers define I have created this term on video and podcast only twice I can think of, and this word means a new thing, like inventing the new slang words from the real Even I would explain to you, therapy is just one degree, I have seen people gone mad in visions, in movies, for not accepting reality, for not evolving, so this definition is the most difficult to accept if you slow it down because it is accepting the less beautiful articles and thoughts, this is very face to face for some. Hope you guys enjoy 3rd Gabe Lecture which is super long I made it at 2am in Orlando and I was back in the home-studio again at my mansion explaining the reality of Logic and 4 total topics which was a 20+ minute video of white power, I guess. But again, racism can be good or bad and can exist on both ends of white and black, is absolute truth.

Click here for the long ass lecture over 20 minutes long… 3rd Gabe Lecture Video

Click here for the mp3 version of 3rd Gabe lecture



  1. Revolutionary dictionary of the eternal To be eternal is to be right with something inside the soul, not everyone will understand that the human body has flames underneath our skin and above our normal skin is usually a gift or curse from the Gods or the devils or angels that vibe in our lives. I would even say my skin beneath my face is a black bark tree type thing which means I can shape shift my face under the face the Gods gave me, is a top secret, even Courage the dog which was based on me, could be based on anybody with 3 moles could be true in theory but even my birthday appearing so many times in Media is a giveaway. Even if I explained I am just a simple man at the end of the day, that would explain true power and toons of the world unite etc.

Even if I tried to explain the paradise we want to build it has to be done over decades, not over night like Zamasu who destroyed every good thing and every good person, and even Doug has bad beliefs about hell fire and us walking on the ashes of the wicked is really satanic so it is funny when Satanic people who believe the Bible hate me, when they teach about me world wide at every bar and club around etc. Or even trap houses even where things can get ugly.

But even I would have to believe a legion of angels are inside of me to maneuver myself day to day and around me. If I even explain the Jumper scenes are not green screen and the little small kids before they grew up on Jumper are actual adults in their 20s who have a different society a different reality means, it is legal to be a kid over there, or it takes longer to age would be the myth counterpart of looking young forever. Even me explaining my favorite Omni King from Asia is me explaining my Asian Goddess like the one on my leg who looks 10 but she could be 1,000 years of age and very powerful, as can the Asian boy with the chair who travels and teleports like Runescape because of his high level rank, even the prayer symbol on Runescape is the U.K Government, so even I would have to give up on this lesson and say make history or don’t.


  1. Spying is a way to teleport to a person and study human behavior and beyond that divinity as well.

To even describe spying as a way to jump to a house with angels or demons to protect or to curse someone in the room is a real thing, some people will always keep a computer open when they deal with shitty roommates because Jumpers can teleport to them and study the situation, so in a way Paladins are helping jumpers to gather illegal data, this would be the real definition of Homeland, unfortunately the other side of it is Saul and all those killers who hide doctors who protect murder in the CIA, and even if I explained Entourage is the CIA in their own right is true, so the CIA is effected by the great divide, even if I explained I am 1,000 light years ahead of every CIA agency and I smoke 5 packs a day at this point that means my song of “Can a God collapse if his days are numbered” are beautiful lines I bodied on the mic about my collapse of my power because Mark controls all my finances my everything as do my 2 parents whom I live with.

Once I realized that to study human behavior is totally illegal, so illegal it is not mentioned by certain houses you would understand as well that it is better to either be Hank the killer or Schell or Bill or Mark or Morgan who all cleanse, with twins or be a great clean web designer because I explain this in my lecture the opposite effect of the balance of good and evil. And as for divinity well they step in more so for me then for you could be true because I am more important then half my audience and if my audience had 1 billion viewers and downloads regularly from all sorts of stars etc. is not a big deal, even I could tell you I care more about the Miami clubs and bar places that promote me, the people who valet a car for ungrateful rich pricks, or even for waiters and stewardess etc. They are all more important then even the kids who learn about me who must learn respect because they are still kids, even if Human society does lie to us about how fast or slow, we age. So, in a way miracles of me murdering adults like Dracula or like Venom would be accurate so I can’t be killed at all is probably true about my Anti-Christ power because Doug would say good prophet or Anti-Christ both are true though I accepted the allure.


  1. Cutting the rope the 2 particular paths I would approve of… So one path is rehabilitation and this looks good sometimes so I will point to potent songs by Eminem on Recovery like Cinderella man, and even I would tell you right now the system is different for everybody out of respect to the people near us who get lured or cleansed one day. Even I would have to joke and say if you speak to your lawyer and his wife is with him etc. That wife you met that day might not make it in a week she would be cleansed by the lawyer of your choosing which means you must always play along, or even cops teaching about me in schools and mod staff faculty and they could turn on each other one day is true for money laundering for adult things, so be honest and accountable is such a powerful article I wrote like scripture so you would understand the eternal rope sometimes goes down the road of accepting I guess I accepted both paths because I am rare and unique.

But now the second road that may or may not be good like good and bad apples a play on words, would be fighting, so posting about my attorney is illegal but fun, posting about my birthday on Seinfeld is psychotic that means Jerry and the billionaires of New York control my life up to the point that I must be a legion of angels we venture into absolute truth, into half truths and into white lies to protect child labs below in bunkers protected by Paladins like Roland from Jumpers that Samuel holds divine powers I can’t explain, so this is psychotic thinking even if I told you I would never taste death and I am indestructible I just have to play a long with a stupid fucking drug charge, and curse words are more appropriate with the fight approach like Rosa Parks, like Malcolm X, like Martin Luther king was a good man who translated to the Martin Comedian I forget that guys name, so even reincarnation is real because if Gabe does good with his one and only twin because I have no twins who control my website means I am earning something so divine I could one day bomb all of anything for fun is a joke because Grandchildren who are fake children would be protecting me one day when my empire gets to big to handle. I was told by angels I have the divine gift of resurrection and of super human strength if I punched someone, because I have a very strong power angels don’t want me to use is also true because why put yourself in that situation.


  1. The book of Eli lesson in depth with movie

So, my friends and yes, I saw a vision of Doug bachelors head floating like a Mario game saying “Hi Friends” and a lot of people died with plagues from Gabe because my website is that potent I summon plagues all over the world so yes I am your God. But at the end of the day those are just my beliefs or maybe absolute truth you hate to accept.

The Book of Eli represented strength something very powerful about the blind, about angels helping you dodge bullets, even if I told you the Book of Eli was real and it was on a stranded star and not green screen I am explaining to you they were illegally recording with angelic cameras, it is possible they have illegal invisible cameras that record people 24/7 so it is possible camera mans are rare etc. Eli just represented the strength of Hank and all those psychos who shoot and kill still for the greater good, and the other characters are following his world is true till he lets go of his death because the end was vague so he may have lived or been resurrected like Jesus is good he was the black Jesus in that movie but with a gun, and with blind abilities of angels. Click here to watch the Book of Eli.


  1. Oblivion movie plus lesson on all the lessons about conquering a civilization is illegal. Here in Florida.

The only two truthful things about this movie is how fucking hot the two main characters are who fuck in the sky which made me jealous I look forward to earning that with different women one day in Portugal and Orlando and Los Angeles etc. But even then it is illegal to understand the 2nd truth to this movie, it is the spirit of Morgan Freeman and the Scavengers who had to get acceptance from the powerful Cruise to save the world and “Fuck you sally” hopefully you enjoy it click here to watch or download etc. all optional.

Now lastly conquering a civilization is illegal here in Florida because illegal is just a word however if I gave you a lesson it would be Mod Watchdog or Mod Asia or Mod Prophet protecting my lessons in class to explain what teamwork meant because Juggernaut is a rare gift and you still need team members visible and invisible that protect you for life. Notice I said for life, not for when we grow old and die because this is a lie the media forced on us, even my therapist once told me she was 90 years old and she looks 50 and she is a fucking psycho spinner chick who looks like in her 40s I guess, so yeah people hint and lie about age, just look at the Morgan family controlling everything in Florida is psychotic and legally unacceptable in every way imaginable. Talk about a cleanse family. I had a vision about one Jon Morgan who is secretly a Carlin who was protecting my birth when I was young, so I guess I was chosen to be the chosen one so yes it is hard to comprehend because I may take pride but I am still masturbating like a loser is true the sacrifice is that as well, just like investing in music and not pot is also smart even though pot and cocaine will fuel me like water one day.


  1. The other movie lessons from it Dracula Untold

I will focus on the CIA concept of Dracula, for starters it is hard to explain this movie the only white lie in this movie was how they were not specific about the divide of adults and children, now I will try not to spoil this because when the villain is asking for 1,000 boys the tradition that means boys back in those village times were not held by Cohen and Mark and Morgan in frozen labs, it means that sperm was given freely, kids got laid, kids forgot, and some kids kept their youth forever like King Josiah the 8 year old king in the Bible was describing a king who was probably 1,000 years of age but looked like an 8 year old, like the Omni King remark I made before, so in a way he save his son but he sold his soul to the devil of some kind for the greater good. Click here for the movie.

Even if I explain this it is obvious after taking my logic even Harry Potter is such an insult to magic and to angels and to all my conspiracies, it means they represented Hogwarts as a psychotic school just to keep the 1% rich and kill off many bad children in a far off society, even wizards could be used for good and evil if you think about it, in a society “Demon Realm” my instrumental I stole because now it is mine because again no nerve to go after me is true maybe Eminem will one day but hey I will be Portugal ready I hope.


  1. Eminem versus drake in the world of how to become a great artist start with confessions part 3 by Gabe an old post

Go find Confessions Part 3 because it will be a great pick me up but even, I will have to explain like in that video something so simple, the 2 greatest artist that did the total opposite but they both technically cleanse I guess I do cleanse with a computer and my angelic clones are invincible and they visit rooms all over Orlando to kill the people in Orlando who threaten me even cops who threaten me is fun because that means my website is summoning the Jumpers from the movie as well as Goku, and Beerus and Gabe-Look alikes. That is also why you don’t shoot a baby is going back to Mr. Flood and Ms. Chapman from Winter Park High which raised me a lot.

Even if I explain mind control I guess I control Eminem and his new songs almost like my feet were on his whole entire studio, so I guess in a way they want to impress me and be on my website to whistle blow one day the way I want to impress them but even I know I am more unruly at this point because words are hurtful to some while hurtful can be a good thing because it feels good to be hurt like a cock in your blank is also true because well pain can feel good, but hopefully it is romantic if you do bang or don’t get banged “quote on quote.”


  1. Biblical references to beauty and modern-day power.

When the Bible explains a homely man who gets crucified you have fallen for the past like Rainstorms and plagues from Dracula Gods that summon judgment on cities that have to much sex and don’t contribute their soul to something else because again we have the gift or curse under our original skin of our face and then we have fire in us meaning flames are inside our body.

So doctors are lying about how the movie from Dawn till Dusk is showing true flames that is not special effects, when some people die they burn up because the flame inside is ugly but again my flame might burn with a white flame of eternal flame not a candle, but again modern day power is bad it means I must work with someone which is fine with me but if Mark and Bart and Morgan are holding back the winds of time like Ocarina of time how can I save others if they treat me like a retarded kid, so hopefully one day the revolution will make it easier for guys and girls to get their money after they get arrested because to get rich after getting arrested to idiots will sound stupid, but when I explain it with calm peace on meds not bothering whores at bars you will understand society and levels like Cosmo Cramer at that point, words and psycho images.


  1. Difficult lesson on absolute facts yet again.

One absolute fact about me is that I am not allowed to faulter because even if I tried to faulter with my posting a bit before Wednesday is not a big deal from a social stand point and from the stand point you idiots reading my work get free content at an amazing cost of just your time like the movie In Time all over again.

Another absolute facts I could bring back old biblical plagues which may has already happened Texas and Los Angeles probably promotes me on the News already it would be illegal if News 13 did not have my permission to talk about me because I live in Orlando now as for Miami maybe they could cover a story about me but that is good, people are being cleansed and dying to teach about me at schools, at sex shops, at bath houses, at Los Angeles coffee shops, at Pitbull Clubs, etc. Even if I told you my wealthy dad Sam owned a giant company called FEG and they run a lot of shit means cops work for my dad who is my step dad, so niggers are put in their place meaning I am like Calvin Kandy so I guess I am a racist slave owner which I love about myself because I love to say “Naturally” in Toontown even I would explain to you I earned my way out of a job, or a marriage, or finding a look a like of Carrie from homeland which I have seen in Orlando, so even I would have to explain to you I avoided all that bullshit, just to be Shady God so fuck all of you who doubted me I will fucking collapse all of you who don’t accept me as a fact.

So be on my good side bitches. – Shady God quote.


  1. Monotonous is a good thing it is needed or classified data and brain waves can’t process for progress.

Even if I explained I saw visions of Snowden running super-fast with a knife, oh yeah so impressed, this means I am protecting illegal data about the illegal Gabe network which technically does exist under my nose, even black girls need a strong personality on camera on private websites to receive Bitcoins is a secret about how many niggers and white niggers can afford to live in Orlando because Miami is cocaine and cleanse capital near the edge.

But again being Monotonous is a gift to listen to my music or to Eminem over and over is normal this makes you decide fuck the world without saying fuck the world unless it is in a song, it makes me feel like angels suck my dick every day since I have to deal with celibacy but oh well we can’t process all the brains and now brain and head are dirty words I guess even hello is illegal because of Eminem and radio stations, which will one day play my music full time.


  1. The sacrifice of neighboring people who cleanse adults versus getting a job in this day and age based on personality cults and funny black women etc.

Money donations corruption. The fall of sin…. and on about the watchers.


So this is the sum of the book even I would explain to you my fan base goes from fat bitches that do protect the lures of the Jessie lures because Schell was the best man he has lured 1,000s of dumb bitches even a few Joeys of the New Toontown staff is true, because cleanses are sacred.

When you fuck to much and your dick falls off you better be a good husband and fuck children with love like Bootleg boy the sample I took and you better donate and drop bombs, or just control the internet, and hey if I create millions of jobs like Eminem taught me when I was a kid, I don’t give a fuck if I created 10 million illegal tokens translated in illegal cop programs because even cops are robots, the purpose of that is they protect the cleanse even amongst their own kind.

And ye lastly: I have been quitting Toontown a bit and going back to rewatching my shows going into work mode slowly with my new album of the 60 tracks and its like turning off that psychotic part of me, but I still smoke outside with my laptop outside all day. But that is the truth the computer is what will get you out of all the NPCs who control everything around you, even if I told you the amount of evil deeds I will not be traced for is a part of cleansing so I guess I control all the killers of the world one day illegal money manipulation is the evil Bill in me. Not the Grand Priest and Omni who protect me for the greater good is also true about not faltering because I waste my time all day is true about me; I just love wasting time.

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