Theories 101: The Life of the Gods Revealed Vol. 1

Theories 101: The Life of the Gods Revealed Vol. 1

Hope you enjoy this book. 6 chapters of divine thinking on page.

Chapter 1: The Pastors…

Pastors are a tricky point to touch on because they have changed over time more than likely here is the big secret, we have no idea how they changed over time. And they are in actuality worshiping something, something invisible, something they can’t touch, some pastors are forced to teach doctrine about scientific schools on the world being a planet, rather then saying it is flat and we are in a prison because of the fall of man, the sins of man.

I think we face a lot as individuals to contribute, what happens when you aren’t recording art in the history books of the internet? You feel left out, you feel down. As a matter of fact, pastors in the community serve as (a gateway to hell), they hold the keys of “well you keep looking for answers” like your smart friend tells you, when you know deep inside you are wrong in the relationship with some girl or guy. Pastors keep us entertained like fools, so we never assume the Gods exist above us, never to assume you can take a helicopter up to space and breath the air, and see divine beings and transportation to other dimensions and realities.

We are kept in a happy bubble, so in the end, pastors are a style, I like Osteen because he is happy always, or I like Doug because he speaks code about reality, or I hate this one pastor because he is from the “South” you do not think about the people on the outside barrier pastors may have to deal with because they tend to be clones, twins and that is the secret C.I.A army which does not exist in our world. Unless your reading this from some other galaxy or the bunkers up above in the sky.

Chapter 2: The Outside Barrier…

A barrier is meant for two reasons, being uncomfortable, and because it is sensitive information that can change your entire whole outlook on life, these are the reasons why we will never know about the outside barrier, and which one because you can go, South, North, West, East, all on the ocean and see how far you can travel before hitting the “Militaries” invisible Navy Seal wall which is a giant electrical mirror to keep you out, and if you ever reach the edge in a small boat (money issues) with Sharks swarming you, and can sharks take down Big boats, and can that army at the border, shoot rockets underneath your boat for venturing to far? And you sink and die to be forgotten by the doctors controlling your microchip who just woke up with bills to pay and cocaine.

So yeah you have those 4 directions not counting North East etc., and you have south can you drill to the bottom, more then likely no, that would be impossible. But can you fly up to the sky, sure, but that would be illegal, because it would change how you live your life, and from now on, guns are all around you at this point if you haven’t noticed, to keep you humble, so you do not get shot. Assuming you are invited and not one of those spoiled girls who cheated in life to get there, easy bullet to the head according to Lure and Trap from Toontown and JoJo Party hat dropping from Runescape.

Last thing about video games, they hold divinity, and that is why we praise them, we worship them, while I play the public rewritten or Oldschool Runescape, a society with no name above the CIA, that can’t exist because of Divine Murder, runs the other versions of Toontown and Runescape which are more pleasing to the senses of population control. So in reality making yourself worthy on the internet or in a large law firm of some kind and mingling sexually because we are all sexually repressed is the way to expand your world view and over time, decades even it takes to ever see the outside or to even venture on the outside, and is the sky of this country different then the other sky? Of course, always.

Chapter 3: What does it mean to walk with God?

Let us begin with the blessings of the ones before us, say the Gods are the alpha and omega they created everything, but they must surrender their offspring create the angels below which are divine beings of all kinds, and what happens when the devil is not real? It is more of a fictional way of saying tribes have come to an end, and smarter humans have taken their place to create medicine and a very sterilized existence for everyone.

So, you wonder what God is, it is an organization of beings like yourself except they are immortal and all powerful and sometimes they get magically deployed to different galaxies for different missions to connect the dots, to create legends and vibes. That is the definition, and what happens when someone like Augusto realizes he isn’t a stupid little shit, and becomes a God in a way on the internet, does that make me super classified to some who show respect, why other idiots just say he is decent, not realizing how stupid they sound because my website is the definition of world wide revolution over time, it does not happen overnight. They do not realize meetings with the president is a secret code about working for the outside barriers for the Gods.

Be a good person they say, and you will have beautiful children, they say, and Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington shoot more people in the movies, be good people, do you notice I am saying life, death, children, and they are actors? You as the actor need to solve the truth around you to walk closely to your soul, it does not mean you are always right, or you should always be alienated but a long period of this can be the determining factor of your final decision in life.

If you notice the photo used here of Blue Vibes can Humans with blue hair, exist? Can they have blue skin, do they exist in a far realm, and if they did, would it take 1,000 years of a holy Augusto and the Doug Bachelors to protect the Holy Augusto to exist and reign as a king for 1,000 years till this civilization can exist and a blessing from the outside can happen, and we can’t see those miracles anymore, we can’t depend on them unless the angels following us that we all have want to protect us from a crash etc.

But in a way you are incorrect about that coffee in the morning you drink, because some person wanted your help, while they pray for a miracle, to scared to become famous and to make it in life, while this one lawyer wakes up dealing with a shit show about Augusto and his wealth and future, and pregnancy and it becomes a dual existence, this is important to walk with God, nothing wrong with being the old dude from Miami that fucks young girls way out of his league and hating himself because he works at one of the 1,000 Cuban places in Miami, hey Augusto would want that, but Sacrifice and power are the two things few go after, so I see to many pastors, I see to many doctors, I see to many students who will never make an impact, so how do I become the God of this day and Age? As Augusto Gabe dot com the website? And for 100+ years to come?

I mean why does my heart say I can work with the devil closely on becoming 1,000 years of age without tasting death like Enoch? What good deeds down on Earth and Devilish miracles would my website need to perform to create a path to heaven when I am much older? And how to let go of those grudges you might wonder, this is all to keep you from thinking about God, God is either your full time devil that is stuck to you like a parasite, or it is just a belief, a myth in your head. Which is he or she to you? Notice how different you act when you pick one or the other, and you can’t pick both, trust me it is impossible they factually contradict.

Chapter 4: What would Doug Consider me, and what do I consider of him?

 Doug Bachelor is two things to me, the good mentor who teaches you how to get married before you end up old and fat, and he really wants you all to get married and unite, or he is the devils handy man, because Doug preaches this so called Jesus figure, who may have been a good man, an angel or some divine being of some kind turned human performing miracles, but Doug never mentions all the struggles such as:

  • The New Generation of Billionaires versus how they came out of thin Air?
  • The Outside Barrier, is it real? Is the Army hiding something? Doug claims the world is not flat it is real. (NASA paid him?) some Doug clones are in the sky?
  • And lastly how do you live? Doug says no, smoking drinking, drugs are all the devil, he gives no rationalizations, just a straight up honest hateful answer, so you don’t seek these things, so you only seek a girl who you will marry and divorce one day. Marry and divorce that’s all that matters according to Doug and he is partly correct.

Chapter 5: Cyber thinking in this day and age?

Now when you say the word nigga do you visualize a black person or someone getting shot still? And if this is you are you that stupid? Will you not forsake this ignorant way of thinking? Or can Nigga mean literally (power, self-esteem, catchy, realism, and fantasy meeting realism, and swagger.) How you carry yourself, if you do not pass this simple test here, you are one of the ignorant idiots, Drake sings about in Marvin’s Room, like you will get shot for the word, because Journalism has become illegal or scarce to find like my own website.

How do you find pleasure, put a bumper sticker of Augusto Gabe dot com on your car to advertise my website, and you are blessed, pass the word and you feel morphine released in your body when you share my holy words with the public, I am the real life Enoch of our day and age, the modern day, the tech era. And the only way to progress besides the obvious primal instincts, is to be alienated on the internet, while still maintaining your personal life with sanity.

Chapter 6: (Final) If you do not use the internet properly what are you doing to yourself and to the world around you?

If you start selling your soul on the internet like Leon Lush you will have a happy outcome, you make friends, you help drug dealers with fat disguises, you have accomplished a form of control over some of the population.

If you are PewDiePie you are an internet spy clone dude who makes millions a year who knows top secrets of the government and you are a jerk off getting high playing video games paying for millions of views from little kids.

If you are a Miley Cyrus or Drake you are either trying to make it from the ATF group or you made it through daddy and you share artistic love and you reach a length of the online community and as well as the local homes you can own with all your friends assuming they both own 100+ homes all over the world, imagine if it was 1,000 more?

And this is basically what life is about, property, mentality, and ignorance, now ignorance is only good if you are siding with logic, if you throw logic out you have lost your senses, and maybe you will just hate me and my website forever instead of appreciate the art, I hope you enjoyed the magic of the internet, and this post here is proof a God can exist, and I am talking about myself becoming a God one day as I get much much older. To fuck blue haired girls like the blue vibes picture one day alien girls on my 7 incher, oh I promise 7 or 6…