Theories 101: The Sacred Races Vol. 1

This book shall open your mind up like a whore at a whore house, and if it doesn’t you shall be the whore opening your legs, one or the other…

Chapter 1 The Devil is not real

The reasoning behind why the devil in essence can’t be real works in a very similar way to that of a Christian preaching bullshit to get his way in life. You notice how everything in nature is collapsing and is trying to survive and live in the moment and uses facts to survive. Otherwise we are nothing.

You see facts are something which are very important you need to cling onto them, people do not see the full length of power in them. A fact would be the “Coca-Cola” can is red, and the stupid bitch next to me in philosophy class says “no it is not red” and tries to give me and the philosophy class an explanation on ho color blind people do not see a red can, pissing me off.

Essentially, she is the devil, in my eyes, the eyes of the 24-year-old know it all, she is Satan, and the only way it can get worse then her is if she created a jail to steal sperm and messed with people’s heads.


Now to top it off not only is she giving a delusional explanation about the cannot being red, she is also trying to pass herself off as smart, why does she give a shit if people in the class think she is smart? Honestly, I like comedy and stupidity so much more than being smart, being smart is the downfall of the human race, you can overdo being smart, you can’t overdo comedy. Oh, what I laughed till I let go of the wheel and died?


We are going to do a copyright on the Coca-Cola can “The Augusto Can” from now on you and your intellectual friends will understand what this is. So now we know where it came from, you see the problem is people want to put a very intelligent explanation for every god damn thing out there. Dinosaurs, evolution, a lot of nonsense.


Nobody wants to admit okay maybe multiple deities/gods/angels with magical powers like birth which in essence is magic, created us, and morality, right and wrong is a real thing not a matter of debate, it is a universal thing.


You will notice how people in society even religion tries to remove us from the sacred races that formed us in the wombs of our mothers, evolution and atheism has got to go like the steam boat and the kayak, that causes a lot of accidents.


Chapter 2 The Evolution from angels to humans

The evolution from being an angel to human is interesting, here is the whole entire point of being an angel. To be an angel is like being the sun except you now have invincibility, and immortality, are those things real can you have it? I mean personally logically yes you can we have a moral duty to follow the good things in our heart.


But what does science want to do? They want to remove the morality entirely by using this mythological bullshit about monkeys, I mean come on. Even the thing about Hitler how do we know it was real? And you can’t say “Hey jack ass Hitler was not real.” It makes you look bad, you can’t say things like “Your kid doesn’t have cancer, your kid is pretending to get you out of trouble so you don’t go to jail for the white collared crime you committed.” See how it sounds?

What you need to understand is from the time we were beings of greatness life became a lie, it became a video game. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say the beauty of nothing is the simplicity we all need.

Notice how even when you do nothing, people still think you are doing something, but that is not true, and when you over react to quickly, people will use this logic of naturalism against you, even if they are hypocrites.


To go from being the human you are now down to a more civilized human with this moral guided power is to connect back to the roots of the angels, why kiss your dog? Why help someone in need? Why start a website with 50 million plus regular followers? Why have a bumper sticker of on your car like me? I like to tell the world the truth and open the mind, fuck the government, right?




Chapter 3 The Moral Battle Again

Now why would a man with so much power, want to keep advertising and he does it all for free? Maybe he believes in a higher purpose, a purpose so high it does not have an end, the possibilities, the outcomes are infinite, they can end in so many beautiful ways. This is when accepting diversity comes in again.


The moral battle within the soul is something few will understand, a lot of people just look at the law, but the law was not made by the gods, right? Unless you really want to be a true Christian go ahead, be a hypocrite, you are just another one of the problems in society, and we need to put up with it.


When a person gets some idea in the head that they can gain something even at the cost of another’s freedom like in my case even, that is when you realize morals in the heart of that person do not exist. The heartless heart they have beats only for greed not giving a shit, “wow, what a surprise, Gabe, I did not know they stole sperm in general and especially in rehabs/jails/nut houses.”


Quote to leave you with:

 “If the soul feels a certain way just go with it, and crash. If you hated the first crash, crash again, and just destroy the moment like an ass or a dick, and boom you will cum again and again, because life is about cum.”- Shady God.


Chapter 4 The Race of Gold in our Spirit

If you can picture the color spectrum in such a way of power, you will notice that gold, and diamond are the two best color schemes. But is our spirit made of gold and diamond? No, our spirit is made of the depth of the ocean, and the mystery of the eyes out there in outer space.

Just think about it these Eternal watchers who created us in the wombs of our mothers are the most intelligent, and most sacred beings that we can conceive of, but they probably have miraculous things that keep them alive on other planets, and maybe able to breath in space, stay invisible like wind, and these beings are above all mathematical equation we can conjure up.

When you absorb the power of the infinite gods inside your spirit that is when you can carry yourself in a more sane and respectful manner, otherwise you are just a wild animal with no stop button, a time and place for everything.


Morphing one of the greatest powers of all is probably a sacred thing some divine beings can do on the spot, and some need to slowly do it over a few years depending on what race you are entering.


Chapter 5 The Sacred Barriers, penetrating them

The sacred barriers are impossible for us to penetrate physically in this moment, judgment day is reserved for every human for all that acts we have done good or bad or neutral.

But in the back of your head you must wonder if somehow the human spirit can go through this magical portal and give you a magical awakening, it is not being “high” it is just feeling in touch with the essence of truth and nature. Like a magical moment in time which you can cherish and hold dearly, and sometimes release the energy to others for a blessing.


The sacred barriers also exist here on Earth this would be us wanting privacy, this would be “please do not knock on my door, unless you are a super model or a Central intelligence agent with good news.” This is the part of the human spirit which will transcend into physical manifestation and it will encompass the divine humans around us.


And when you see humans in general as divine you will notice how different things are as you live, I try to look at people as divine. Even a jack ass who is fallen from grace, plenty of them, but I have to look at who they were originally, the good-hearted kid before they became a total jack ass with no redeemable qualities, this is what it is called “observation of the facts.”


Chapter 6 Lucina The Angel of Death

Let us say like the way we have trees, different kinds of trees, and oceans with different creatures, we have a divine invisible realm of immortal beings, you can call them whatever you so please, just don’t call yourself one, that is my thing.


Lucina is a name I came up with and it stands for “The Light of Reality” this angel is going to take from the richest to the poorest, and all in between, those with all life styles will answer to death, so death now has a new name. Death is an angel called “Lucina” and this new word means “The Light of Reality” the great equalizer is death.


When a person enters into an agreement of death at a hospital due to how old they are or as they stare at a cliff and don’t look back, this is when a person lets go all possible hope of the here and now, and this is when the “gods” whoever they are shall judge whom they were in the eternal cloud, just like how spies in New York have clouds of spying, the Eternal watchers have the best possible clouds possible, and they are more realistic overall then the humans.


Praise be to Gabe and Lucina

huuuuuum, huuuuuum with me now…


Chapter 7 Origa The Angel of Creation

 The definition of Origa means “The birth of new life” or “Entering into a new agreement” you see the angels/gods who made us created us. Can some of us be gods or angels with old age by our side? Sure, it is possible but, is it relevant? Some people have irrelevant information in this life. But it makes more sense to me “Augusto” that the gods created us and some of us could be gods or higher forms of creation.


But we are basically getting demoted down to mortal sinners, so in the end you and I are the same, no matter how wealthy, or how many connections etc. This is the whole purpose of us trying to save this world, so does religion make good points, of course it can. All religions make good points but, in the end, it does not explain the origins.


You see certain angels are assigned certain tasks, to do certain things, and if you are a new creation you need to play along. It is like being a part of a movie, playing a long with the birth, school, high school, etc. Unless you go down a more unique road.


Do these angelic beings care about us?

Sure, but they probably want us to put the pieces of life together with our mind, the gift they gave us, we are above all creation in so many ways. Even though a bird can fly and we can’t, but we have planes, and helicopters! Something only the wealthy can usually take for granted, while the rest of us suffer listening to kids cry.



Chapter 8 Angel Gabriel The Angel of Limbo

 So, Gabe the bible is not real or not accurate? Correct it is like 50% fictional and flawed like a super model with a bad habit of puking no matter how hot she is. But what some people fail to realize is another angel a part of all this is the angel of limbo. This is the limbo I believe in.


Limbo by definition in my opinion is “To wait for something in the after-life.” This is the whole point so the angels of limbo who decide our fate once we die will decide if we get the eternal glory that awaits us in outer space or if we will receive some other form of conclusion, and these conclusions go far, punishment may not even exist for some, who disobeyed, life is complex in this sense.


So, is Augusto Gabe the angel of limbo? Yes maybe, but that is the whole point I am here to give you the wisdom, love, and knowledge you need to succeed and be content. See when you can be content with your religion/spirituality and base it on some form of higher logic and not what a pastor tells you from an old book we can’t prove to be true, you will find a deep peace within the storm of life. That is why Gabe is here, like the dark version of Oprah Winfrey…



Chapter 9 To be 50 billion years old?

 What do you think you would learn about morality, and the world around you if you could be alive for 50 billion years, watching the human race as well as other races out in the universe? Assuming you are not fallen from grace and some of them are, you could learn a lot if you step into the mind of the eternal outcome.


One thing that is good to master is self-control but to master this you need to pretend like you did do something or feel something in order to stop thinking about it. So, if I have a strange fetish involving Rihanna I can just pretend like we had sex and I ate her out and all that and boom I don’t think about her anymore, this is how it works, however I still sort of do.


Now you need to realize to be this age, you have surpassed age of consent, now you are a monster in the eyes of simple civilians in a world full of villains and crooks.


Chapter 10 Conclusion of this odd yet truthful book of philosophy?

The conclusion is simple 8 things to leave you with:

  • You can’t fix everyone.
  • You can’t fix yourself, we are all broken.
  • You can be content without killing yourself for perfection of the world.
  • You can fuck like a rabbit gay or not, and have fun, stop caring what the world thinks.
  • You can travel to avoid breaking some laws, Spain is a good place, kids are fun.
  • You can go live in Amsterdam forever, fuck the U.S, no cops will harass you.
  • Allow your mind to open up to characteristics which you lack to be notoriously powerful.
  • And above all else, do not forget the gods, always focus on this, and you will be carried into higher themes and heavens of being.