Theories 101: The Sacred Races Vol. 2

Intro: Life is a prophecy of fear and love. That is how we must all look at it because of the state of our WORLD, the state of Florida, the state of the universe at constant war. Do you want to be Switzerland and get shot by BOTH sides? NO not good. Because if you do not pick a side and settle it becomes impossible to settle you become a stray sheep to the Lord of whichever religion or whichever prophet which guides you to that eternal peace in your heart. PoRTuGaLLLLLL

Chapter 1: Em Evolution

The thing about Deep thought and Deep music like dubstep and the deep house which is a trance is important, if you do not have a trance in your life as a drug dealer, as a drug user, as a pastor, or all the above you can land yourself in a lot of trouble to where if you land yourself with certain other individuals you protect each other from any sort of damnation even a bullet in some rare instances, that is why the trance is important.

 The importance of Eminem is simple he went in head first and was bold he had to save, it is like God’s holy Seraphim and Cherubim who needed to send an alien and Eminem was that alien they sent to break the drug laws through the media and to be cleansed in a sacred purge to promote him on the air waves to save lives, not that downsides for some didn’t co-exist at the same time while many acted like Switzerland when they could have stepped in to save another.

 So, I suppose I bring conviction to the conscious, that is good, I am trying to improve your outlook because you could be anybody maybe you just believe in our hypnotism. I had to learn the works of the Devil to consume myself as the holy angel whom should be guarded at all costs, to fuck over the government over time, it is a Karma of me siding with the good prosecutors and the bad prosecutors have no choice but to back off but I can’t let that get to my head that is a part of me analyzing the room with invisible angels/cameras/spies and learning CIA secrets I need to hold dear like Eminem has, otherwise you can ruin the prophecy. And the prophecy is always a secret even if you let out decoys.  

Chapter 2: Drake Evolution

 Arrrrgh I hate that Canadian we all do, because we all want to fuck and get high it is our Carnal nature, lol. So yeah, I respect that greatly but it is still difficult because what if you went with the wrong crowd as in, they would not understand the secrets of life or how to pull you out when you have multiple 16 year olds lined up in your secret Orlando Pad. And that is the whole purpose you need to learn to accept the trance of sin, the trance of drake the trance of Eminem, the trance of Eminem is broader, while the trance of Drake, the Weeknd, partynext door etc. is more secluded and exclusive. I am supposing to defend the exclusive ones and become one of them a two-faced hypocrite, the rich hypocrite like you sue. – Fernando…

Chapter 3: Sacred Thoughts

 The temple of God is closed to eyes whom don’t understand you need a child like understanding, do you have a child like understanding? Do you know how to work with people whom do? If you behold a holy Seraphim you would only say wow, to good to be true. And you may feel a tremble in the body, that is the whole purpose of the balance with good and evil, the evil has their territory and the good has their territory it all depends which Texas you live in which Florida you live in which secret shortcut contacts you may have, when you sense bad energy. Always read energy if you can’t you are on a deadly mission; energy is the most important thing to master.

 You can always be wicked and have a saved soul inside your personal realm of judgment it would be up to the angels in the heavens to judge if you are worthy or if you will turn into nothing or face something far worse, maybe you will be born Vanilla Ice’s Son and walk the rest of your life spit on etc. By -Em a great leader…

 I work with the devil in some regards because is it your business if I was built by aliens? Now you sound delusional, ((WiNK)) (LoL) Now you sound cookoo, but the fact is you are supposed to give into the doctors, the pharmacies need to prescribe the medications I recommend as Gabe otherwise my power on the internet lessens, I need those corrupt anonymous waves of delusion to transmit to people whom will accept that code like Morris code to prevent wars and history from happening.

 But you would never understand in many years of following the right opinions and denying many along the way it can lead to me becoming something I hate one day but with an army at a Portugal home base and still remain Gabe forever so I would be lying about my public image as I would train new Rayman 2s to go on great adventures of sacred prophecy, where did Rayman 2 the great escape come from? Was it a divine alien race whom created code to protect aliens like myself and like yourself? Can you hear me jack? – Oblivion? That is why life is difficult, and tricky and a bit of a trip.

 If you consider a man at a bar, to start from scratch in a society like New York where murders exist on an every day basis all around, and the man is lost and has NO HOPE who CAN SAVE THAT MAN and his SOUL, only Gabe could, because of my billions of followers, who can SAVE THOSE children whom grow up to be bullies but must learn to respect Authority from South Park and Authority from Doctors and sometimes religious figures which I may not approve of, because I want a more open society as do billions of others.

 So, I made your head explode now you felt a wave of emotion and I am still delusional no matter what, I will always be caught in the saving grace for my delusion. Because I can’t save souls as a prophet of God unless I become semi-devil and semi-God to become more like the rebel, of trance, only me and a few others can achieve that, nobody else could.

Chapter 4: Twins the downside is Eternal and hateful

 I can say Doug would be the perfect example of a good twin, Mod Ash the perfect example Mod Matt he would be hesitant, but you see I just convinced you of that. I just fooled your brain into thinking I had all the answers. But you understand the CIA may want my help but what the fuck does that mean? You want me to what get you a blow job? Just settle with the fat chick who feels suicidal. Don’t ask me for my help I am not Bruce I am not God answering prayers as a man, and it is funny because millions of people probably look up to me like a monkey is going to come out your enemy’s ass because I preached the word. I mean I did that once but then I woke up in a jail.

 The thing is some twins in time should be legal and published but only if huge favors have been done for my far off criminal partners whom you would never know existed, like Lest the nerds but Lest represents millions of good criminals who fight to protect our liberty they are the foundation it doesn’t matter in my opinion if 1,000 innocent children had to perish to save the people who protect freedom of speech on the internet. If 10,000 more innocent children had to perish to protect freedom of speech on the internet AMEN then you have the right idea. However, that is not the world we live in correct? Because in what scenario would that exist a terrorist? They were going to kill those innocent lives anyways, plus I think we all hate those women who say SAVE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN FUCK YOU UP YOURS SAVE THE FUCKING BOLD MEN WHO CAN SAVE MORE.

 That will hit a strong core for a lot of you. Phew.


Even if you do believe right and wrong exist

Don’t let it get to your head.

Catch yourself…


That is all…. By Gabe… Still getting my billions through my DNA attorneys gotta sell my rare genetics because of my rare looks and great youth retainer my genetics have. I could be in my 50s or over 100 according to some conspiracists, but because of my alien genetics I retain amazing youth but I could still be killed most likely by a Shark lol. Because Sharks are God’s creation. No boating for me for now lol.

Was watching King Edwards or Something on the History channel I like his dark history it is sad but a must learn to not repeat that history in your specific community you can’t save every community is an absolute universal law of life… Some do not wish to be saved… I do however wish to save…