10 Stories + 2 Courage The Cowardly Dog episodes direct view and or download + Bonus Thoughts and Theories.

10 Stories + 2 Courage The Cowardly Dog episodes direct view and or download + Bonus Thoughts and Theories.

Story 1:

You have to admit I am God, (a test or you can’t be spared for crimes of guns) This is called respect, or reverence, or some other language depending on where you live, many people where I live in my “Galaxy” in “Florida” glorify the wrong things in my opinion, even my overly religious cousin from Wisconsin has to pretend to be a psychopath about religion whenever I speak to her, because the world we live in is full of hateful and sinful people who wear awful disguises and masks to cover the true rage which embraces them.

Simple you treat others the way you would like to be treated, and if you make fun of someone, learn to take a joke and don’t cry about it. And if God is just a simple man like Bob who cooks burgers, or Jimmy Pesto, who joke around, then you don’t have to look toward Divine Judgement from higher beings which hold divine powers of destruction, considering you must live within the compounds of your society.

The Term Friendship:

The bad of it.

(All of it is bad, starting from the origin)

If you call someone a friend, it is like saying (I am here to punish you mentally by listening to you talk, it is considered a waste of time.) To have somebody very close to you is different then so called friendship, and you may need to one day say goodbye to that person you care about, she could be a twin or he could be a twin you love who is pregnant or who is on duty and you may never see them again, and that is the world we live in, Gabe can’t share his identity thankfully, (that would be bad, very bad)- like the Omni King would say if he is out there.

(Plus, do you get paid for friendship?) “In your society?” Or is mentorship better of some kind which is rare to find from good mentors?

Story 2:

How mental illness has saved killers for the greater good in the U.S versus the dark side

Of Families keeping money and reality away from their own children.

Well the positive side is very simple, you keep all the wealth your family passed down through twins and such and keep your kids in the dark as they grow up in mental illness, where they are led to believe a lie about themselves, and reality.

(Motherfuckers tripping so hard I thought they had their shoes tied together.) – From a Drake song, I think.

Story 3:

I once saw an angel show me a vision about one of the first banks that was sending money easily when 100 grand was nothing, and his accounts froze, and he knew in his heart of hearts he did something wrong, thus he asked people around like Runescape Non Playable Characters, did I do something wrong? And he knew, the CIA was being treated like insanity rather then something you earn, thus he learned a lesson before going through a long time of lying and denial which some humans prefer, this is more so from Obamas generation when he was in his 20s, said the Angel of the Lord.

You do realize the internet and video games have isolated about 80% of our current population of at least a few hundred million humans since we know they lie about it being 8 billion humans, are we counting other galaxies? And Humans with blue hair or one eye? That live in other societies? Or are we talking about 10,000 idiots walking around the ghetto of Asia, to advertise falsely to children on Youtube and thus it goes to our public school system to make all the kids learning feel bad, for the sort of (honest and factual beliefs a person like me may carry in these comments on this website.)

Story 4:

An angel of the lord told me I would meet a short stack dude one day who will help me with my reality and to listen to the idiot as I went along. (To discover how to do toontasks in Orlando for a long time after my court case is over with my money, to help the devils to increase in power for that Portugal mansion one day.) I would be the only human in existence to accomplish such a thing to step outside of reality and back in, even with Airline Captain twins mentoring me on new things as I went along in that reality of Portugal and such.)

Story 5:

My visions are becoming blurry maybe I had a bit much to drink last night, well this next one is about the Tony Sopranos, they are some of the most important people in the world who hold the peace, as a matter of fact I would venture to say if I told you how money got passed along down through society it would make Tony look like the kind of guy who would knock your block off for just thinking it was easy to get it. Whatever that means, a legal hit man, when piggies try to black mail you with things that could be good or bad depending on your immature intention like that one really good song I made on album 12. But lastly can Tony Soprano co-exist with his legacy of the Sopranos with a Drake? With a Lil Wayne? With a real hitter like Bird Man? With Gabe? With Courage The Cowardly Dog, etc.? Yeah now I am just being a dick.

Story 6:

The Angels of Light and Death are different, the light tells you to abide by honesty and to settle down with your level of reality, to adapt, and your reality may be very different based on income, where it came from, do you wear a disguise? Do you have twins? Do you ever use your real ID? Are you a father or mother? etc. Otherwise you face deception which eventually leads to a death of some kind, and that can mean anything, especially if it takes forever to occur, even shape shifters, can show themselves to be demons if you asked for one, I think I myself have to learn to become a demon even though it isn’t really who I am, like in a new song I am releasing, being “Augusto” is one thing being “Augusto Gabe” is a whole other story, which was me biting drakes style and making it fresher. “An old Eminem Line. You know before he sold his ass, but I still love his music.”

Story 7:

Off the coast of Russia, I saw another continent which lead people to heaven it was more wayward pines with Divine Murder tools of flames in between to lure people in. It is almost like I saw people so stupid, trying to escape a society, and they were lured to their demise with flames in between, and I saw actual Angelic beings of Gods on floating platforms of Gold which flied through the universe, it is interesting, life is a big test in a way, I mean for me to even leave Florida would be career suicide, and it would ruin the whole journey, so many just say “travel all the time” I mean unless your Ari Gold or some high profiled twin person, traveling a lot is a trap. Kids should know that, plus many missed opportunities if you don’t go to aviation school and learn about drug dealing, it isn’t just the army and school, that would make most of us depressed and suicidal to be stuck in a depressed loop.

Story 8:

My Old Android phone I noticed if I look at the black reflection, it shows me for who I really am, because the camera at the top is just to fool people into a trap of sitting in a chair and making negative comments so the CIA can harshly judge me for looking fat and get shot in the back of the head, instead of showing my true beauty as Angel Gabriel… So, the hidden camera reflection is the truth, because mirrors are cameras, they control the world from societies hidden in deep Asia or deep Russia. Etc. By the way when I look into the mirror I see a holy Angel, I can’t believe how beautiful my face is, it pisses me off so much, I really wish I could be normal sometimes, nah just kidding, your girl will be fucking you but will be dreaming about me.

Story 9:

Some Ancient cold mountain cities could one day be shaped by those of us who become Gods to create societies. Is a secret the wicked could never comprehend? I mean if I end up living to be 200 years of age I don’t know what would become of me and my identity, and the people I work with not just on web design but on classified trips to societies that don’t exist, hopefully I don’t run into the Beerus Society they would be mad at me, but in actuality, the way Gods create miracles, Augusto could create miracles with the right partners in the future, and those miracles are more important then Godly ones, because the only Godly ones we see here on my planet, are lightning, thunder, and rain, or some made up hurricane controlled by the God humans above us, who watch us.

Story 10 last story:

When a person sounds psychotic in the given scenario of a scene of a room like a video game editor, you understand why people like our ancestors like Bill or the people on Forbes who lived through tough scenarios sneaking technology and money to not get shot or arrested, hell Bill may have secret stories about how he went to jail when Microsoft was being created and the murder bunker underneath of money laundering called the cleanse I once spoke about on a pod cast, but what is not understood is websites when done properly can have positive effects on your mental health including the mental health of others who are fans while you succeed, then it just becomes an issue is (Is this person safe with money and these people.) I myself can’t stand stereotypes like “Why live with the family?” or “More negative horseshit, out of a person’s mouth which is stupidity.” They do not comprehend your facial identity and life story or the effort you put out into the universe.



Suicide Booth Theory of Amsterdam (delving into the CIA bunker below)

Well in a certain country called Amsterdam, people can volunteer for self-destruction/suicide which is a silly concept, I have a theory about these suicide booths the news articles don’t tell you, and people underground, of these Suicide Booths, will speak to you in code for a while, and ask you why do you want to kill yourself, in a dark room full of 5 or 10 people with guns, and they ask you, your religious beliefs, and how you feel, and why would you want to end it, and they may make you beg to die for 5 minutes before doing it for you, I think this is a dark reality America does not want to address, because mental illness is to profitable to lure people into thinking they own medication in New York Pent houses before getting capped for a lie. Because the real money is in that secret C.I.A murder and justice society of those who cheated a lot to get ahead.

The process of a Person Dropping from High Society how it can go. (not traveling to other galaxies very classified.)

When you think of people in upper society above you, it would be different depending on every country, because technically the founders of this country and other countries on “Planet Earth” have lied to those of us below, about where medicine, and food supplies come from, and they pass a long money to many families below, sometimes good, and sometimes corrupt, it is even possible a crazy princess who is in love with Augusto in the Sky from Canada or some other country could get permission to travel undercover to meet Augusto through his future girlfriend and her friends, etc. And Augusto would never think twice because of the ass and drugs and drink, etc. Plus, would you ask someone in your basic reality if they are who they say they are? Or is that something a lost condemned soul like an evil Christian in a fat disguise would do to make people in her home upset. (So it is highly possible, people from the sky drop, with identity information, private drivers, with either helicopters, or in the ocean, through the Navy Seals, and go live amongst us the Tree People like from Rick and Morty.)

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