4 Types of Stars: Fallen, Unfallen, Cleansed, God stars + 4 total grand topics: Epic 4th Gabe Lecture, Entourage Season 7, Jon Wick 1, Robin Hood, Immortals, The Counselor, & Gamer 5 full movies. + Rob McFag thinks and doesn’t smoke. (Darkness and Light Jon Legend, Watch The Throne, Future Sex Love Sounds player 1) (Album 13 of Gabe player 2) (And Skeler Hard Wave 30 minute mix Player 3)

4 Types of Stars: Fallen, Unfallen, Cleansed, God stars + 4 total grand topics: Epic 4th Gabe Lecture, Entourage Season 7, Jon Wick 1, Robin Hood, Immortals, The Counselor, & Gamer 5 full movies. + Rob McFag thinks and doesn’t smoke. (Darkness and Light Jon Legend, Watch The Throne, Future Sex Love Sounds player 1) (Album 13 of Gabe player 2) (And Skeler Hard Wave 30 minute mix Player 3)

Topics: 4 grand topics.

1st Grand topic: Getting into depth of an unfallen planet which is a star of course, compared to a fallen star like Florida or Canada, compared to a star that is being cleansed by greatness as we speak, and lastly other types of stars, final one would be “God Stars” and those are like Dragon Ball Super Characters with super powers, so 4 types of stars when I think about it, for now. But yes cleansing this star would mean giant Gabe look a likes and other sorts of creatures could exist one day in a Goliath society, for the Bible to even mention David and Goliath was the beginning of man kind when everybody was equal, before banks existed, before clerks, and McDonalds and being overweight existed, and if you had an exiled town in general you were guilty regardless from the truth.

The first type of star I can think of are the unfallen stars, these could be the ones like Italy, and Portugal, and Amsterdam, they have a cleansed country, or a cleansed star, because when you travel to them the plane is entering worm holes or just simply flying into a specific country, where you trust the friendly captain, many people hate to travel for two obvious reasons, it can look selfish, or it might not be in the best interest of spending your time to do so.

Even if I explain a fallen star it would be Florida, all the mess in Tampa and Orlando the War on crime, the war on technology and all the illegal things about cleansing, and adults holding each other accountable, I guess you could say we live on a fallen star where I am because this is a part of the curse but even if I validated some of the Bible with its teachings I would have to explain that the Bible only described the stars in heaven as mystery they never specified airports, or how they filmed Django and other great movies on God Stars.

So the third star being cleansed would also be a fallen star, technically a lot of beautiful deeds can’t be done till I have been redeemed in my storyline in court so I can’t help other web designers and important people with great ideas to share and whistle blow secrets about the world imagine I have the 800 million dollars now and I live with a wifey in Orlando after court is how it should look for my court case till then I am still on a fallen star because of money launderers and cops around me refusing to help my court case with bad niggers jumping in the way to ruin my success is the delusion they accepted. So it will take time for paradise to form over time.

The fourth kind of star is a God star meaning it is manipulated by characters from the Immortals, these stars may have people convinced Book of Eli and other great movies are formed in Los Angeles, but if I told you green screens are just to lure junkies and fool people into police raids in Los Angeles I have made Los Angeles the capital of lures at that point for some of the foolish of heart, it even explains why Doug Bachelor the great prophet of Jesus preaches over there to protect air travel and delusions, because remember people with grand delusions could never fathom a gun shot in a movie, they will always say it is fake, they can’t fathom angels that are invisible protecting Denzel during the filming while he was getting shot at, they could never fathom towns being created over night to mess with the viewers head, it would be safe to say all that baron land is the respect of the Gods down on actors like Mila and Denzel as just that example alone. However, God stars are never changing, you can be kicked out of them, just like unfallen stars is more like Bob and Linda and creation in a metaphor. I would venture to say they tried convincing that particular Mila and Denzel for book of Eli of Insanity when they joked it was another planet, they were on during the filming of that film. Even people like Dr. Wong from Rick and Morty may have a cleansing job in New York where they hold down buildings to cleanse.

2nd Grand topic: Another good topic is Amazonian people, well for example 10,000 stars in our Universe is a real thing, all spread across from top to bottom, but even multi-verses are probably absolute truth, and I once uploaded a silly map with dots and each one represented a universe which holds 10,000 star platforms like Nintendo 64 platforms but on a much larger scale. So, I would venture to say giant people of our Hispanic origin or of blue skin like the grand priest character etc. All have the groups of fallen unfallen and divine, and yet cleansing a star is a 4th category because that means it fell from grace. But even if I explained the fall can be good or bad it means can paradise exist amongst devils, and can Portugal be my heaven from my perception. Palaces being built after me and Augusto clones existing on the stars above because of my website is also something in depth to get into not so farfetched. Oh, and Drake look a likes thanks to my website also.

This is just explaining that the internet is almost perfect in the eyes of the Gods because the Gods do share a gift of not just invincibility but of the absolute truth of life and its origin therein. Thus to be on a fallen planet with delusions like Florida while I make my website regularly could mean one of so many things depending on which idiot you ask, even court is an insult to web design attorneys like Agents like Ari Gold not existing describes how billions of dollars from Marlboro families were laundered because life is more like a video game with Non playable characters versus people who just get stoned all day. Even people getting stoned all day don’t understand the depth of this website and the evolution of Christianity and Darwinism merging like Potaro earrings.

3rd Grand topic: How some high schools should teach about my personality in class in depth study so they understand.

The fallen aspect of the personality: You become secluded and understand why good and evil can co-exist from that standpoint because you need to succeed in an evil world a fallen planet, a fallen star. But the other side of that is we can’t co-exist thus kids must be removed from classes not realizing they just want to get stoned all day and ignore reality and the makings of what makes a human a human.

Even speaking about evolution would rattle many cages as well to high school students who may or may not understand that having sex like Zoidberg on Futurama is like death almost, because you may lose the opportunity to meet Bill Gates and his daughters and the bill gates army of clones, and all those fun things, meaning some of us accepted the challenge in our video game like world while others just want to have no consequences to their actions.

Movies about Immortals the Bird people an experience I had with a fat guy hiding doctor labs example. All the way out in Sedona I learned something about the Bird people some human named Kirk who acted mentally ill the whole time reminded me of the bird people, so when they create birds they are hiding bunkers in New Jersey and New York of the Bird people, in a way these places hold guns and money manipulation 24/7 it reminded me why being mentally ill when speaking can be better then acting like those idiots who hate Gabe on camera before they get shot.

4th Grand topic: Could Augusto ever show things and talk about more topics on video for this one and mp3 drive. Topics such as: A Crocodile pit they threw me in as a child and I turned Super Sayian in Miami somewhere, my CIA father in Miami how that was like, long topics about the truth and power, and 100 topics in this very long mp4 and mp3 drive.

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Video 11: Gamer by Gabe the movie: woah woah out of all 5 movies not counting my lecture Castle and the main character are like my two favorite characters of all time, Gerald Butler etc. Now Castle and all this billionaire stuff could be the real Unfallen star in actuality where sin cannot abide I picture like 100 dance clubs and 100 gas stations promoting my music on here with my content, but even so Unfallen planets are a great variety as always as are fallen stars from todays post. Now while they joke about mind control, it is more about Personality disorder and loving or hating the quirky characters.

Video 12: Immortals by Gabe the movie: These are secret God Stars with humans and Gods and they manipulate murder and time this is not green screens you junkies.

Video 13: Robin Hood by Gabe the movie: Woah Dare epic. Lord Loxely.

Video 14: The Counselor by Gabe the movie: Lovely moving Visiting the sky ft. the counselor from my 5th project here is full movie if you watched it already because of me here watch it again always optional to download.

Video 15: Jon Wick 1 by Gabe the movie: Watch Wick Manipulate Reality and Angels in a thrilling adventure over the soul.

Video 16: Lmao listen to this idiot: Rob McFag Thinks and Doesn’t Smoke

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