5 stories + Bunker thoughts of Japan Secrets. + 7 Videos + Man on the Moon 2 + Gallery of epic things below.

5 stories + Bunker thoughts of Japan Secrets. + 7 Videos + Man on the Moon 2 + Gallery of epic things below.

Story 1:

How Doug Bachelor Deals with the two kinds of cases

The Ugly:

A lady will say “Doug Doug, oh my God Doug Doug”, this is a sign that Doug is being harassed by a demon in a fat disguise who lost all her money to poor life decisions and other sinful behaviors she couldn’t take back, and Doug must say. “Sister I can’t understand.” This is a separation of personality.

The Good:

“Well Doug all is well, I am good, how are you?” This is a sign of trying to be even Steven in a world full of capitalism and greed, you put aside class and Drama, and Doug can then say “Well I am doing well” (while he is holding down 100 great secrets and server chats about arranged marriages, and people in ministries he mentors) So what would Doug consider me? A man on a mission? In a world full of demons, trying to make it to the top with out being James Bond, because if you aren’t James Bond or the Cowboy from the man From U.N.C.L.E movie, you must use your COMPUTER, or become a father of some sort, so use the computer on Facebook like some of my crazy fans would say and get laid and be married and be done. Or go for the whole enchilada, “Give me my Enchiladas Doug” lol.

Story 2:

Miami P.D Thoughts: Murder and the diversity of money in Miami (Illuminati)

The two kinds of Miami P.D ok I got off topic but I tried.

The Human Traffickers who failed example a guy named Manuel:

Fat annoying, made life mistakes will die with it to the grave, an idiot basically is what I am describing.

That would be my weird uncle I had who made money with my grandmother off me and never gave me a dime, oof talk about a spit to my face.

The True officers like my father real C.I.A Augusto Francisco Acconciagioco and the Horatio Canes who sit behind a computer all day trying to figure out how to get information to save the next guy and girl and yes not always from drugs, because drugs can sometimes be a good thing in actuality you could say Gabe got caught with meth and he is facing millions of dollars and a lot of love in the near future because of his obedience and this is the mistake many police officers and people do not understand, the affection aspect, the spying aspect, the aspect of divine computers that came from heaven by a guy named Bill who is now allowed to tell you the truth behind Microsoft and where computers actually came from, because our society of lies has deceived us to make greedy men profit, and it is not because of murder, trust me, cops would love you if you committed murder, especially if you shot someone who deserved it. And even divine secrets of murder being fake can happen in order to get family members in trouble over lack of resources because instead of turning to a computer or a lawyer or both to succeed they turned to faking criminal activity.

I still think Bill Gates knows something about Shape Shifters, Angels, and where Minerals and resources comes from and please Google tells us toilet paper is from the trees, my ass, it doesn’t come from the trees. And if you think I am lying about this well you are hopeless, if you have the faith of a child go ahead you are saved my son, or my daughter.

Story 3:

The truth behind Dragon Ball Z the Accuracy (and what does a God represent the foolishness)

If you explain that characters that are human on a T.V Show are connected spiritually and physically to the unknown great beyond, you are explaining that in actuality some humans have co-existed with other deities, and other forms of beings, where humans and other alien kinds have mingled side by side not always sexual but sometimes friends. And sometimes just through, of course, a computer. Even Steve Jobs may have odd information about the first laptop made in 1980 by space aliens which was like the Mac laptop of 2200 if Mac is around in 2200 that is. Which its great for games although I love windows 7 for everything else to create and write. They built monopolies by making the 2 main computers like this on purpose, respect for reverence, I guess.


One last topic I want to one day revisit I could type about it forever, but I probably shouldn’t even though I know millions of you reading will like it, is the topic of (If Earth is 10,000 years of age, how do we accept it?) and that just goes back to the fun thing of our schools lying to us about the universe? And isn’t this obvious enough? Or do you want to sit here and argue Rebecca. *because she’s a whore* who is 16. While 16-year-old boys on average get jerked around by know it all adults and have to become neutered, twas was my face and case.

Story 4:

Personality Disorder in Miami Court versus Orlando Court versus a Hick city like the many States we hate. So, to break this down having a personality disorder means you are in the heat of the moment with another, because by nature we want to be around others as long as they co-exist with our personality traits.

Miami Courts have found two examples Orlando doesn’t, the thick amount of people, so if 1,000 escorts plus the 10,000 escorts on top of them exist not counting those rich families finding side gold diggers walking a dog or in school, the example of Orlando is literally 500 times slower, the schools are a bigger lie in Orlando because less personalities are around, specifically middle and high schools is where you learn everything, that is where a “kid” so called “kid” commits the unpardonable sin. Of which they can’t return from big decisions in life of joining the army or etc. Orlando is like a C.I.A prison for so many or older families with laundered money that bullshit all day and drink mimosas at fancy places, it is a fraudulent place full of deceit which I love and call home. Just wish I could have Nejame as an attorney instead. Maybe he would appreciate me more as a client.


Lastly 3 examples for Story 4:

Miami Kid receives 20 million at 16 or 20 years old from Family or after a one-year drug charge is highly likely more common there then Orlando, the odds of those things divine intervention are lower in Orlando due to the much smaller population and the delusions spread in Orlando are more potent.

And other states are hard to say because that is a different reality but Military families could receive a lot of money in court or through attorneys depending on their family and how they live, choosing to live holy is such a thing but it is difficult to obey, a whole brand called OBEY is dedicated for people who have to live under strict rule. To make it harder to evolve in society etc.

Scorpions as a kid by my CIA father was it a nightmare or was I a God sent child with super

powers like a Jumper from Venezuela? A Human experiment? The secrets countries like South America keep are tricky because let us say 100,000 people lived in South America, that means 10,000 are at the top with wealth and power, controlling the 5,000 below, which then they control the remaining 85,000 of the population with Media, with Food and Beverage and thus South America is a place of party and eventually if you fuck with the wrong people death. But again, safe zones everywhere you go.

Oh and that was just a random dream I supposedly had where Scorpions were trying to sting me as a kid, and maybe I had divine powers if something harmful touched me I would resurrect or something intense would happen, and who were my Original creators was I formed by the gods as a kid? Or a divine baby? Fans would say one or the other.

I will tell you one last secret, many food locations probably 90% of them in the United States put white powdered looking stuff in our food all the time, we have no choice but to eat it, and we become sluggish and guess what I like the feeling even though I wish I could be ripped with neck tatts, and I think that product which they call MSG, or this corn syrup is actually Heroine, being pushed down our favorite food chains, hard to accept but I guess society lives off of heroine even Rick and Morty made an Easter egg C.I.A type joke about it, saying (shrimply pebbles home planet is 80% Heroine) when Jerry the man with no job was calling him an addict, thus the creation of Rehab assholes.

Story 5:

The Fable Story of the Mediocre Boy who had everything young, and was left with nothing, versus the Boy Who had to struggle and learn, because likewise you can struggle and not grow, and you can have it all And be the best.

Oof this is a tough subject to touch upon this is like the asshole in the room ruining everybody’s mood by saying (that kid is spoiled or he or she doesn’t know the meaning of money.) and even their broke friends will look at them and say shut the fuck up you little twat. Lmao watch my millions of fans use this as a regular phase from now on.

But you are missing the concept I was just trying to explain when I just said that, and that is simple, would I be who I am today, of course, yes the answer is yes, even if I received 20 million at the age of 18, it is highly likely I would have made Augusto Gabe dot com, which you all know and love or love to hate, because it was my passion, but so many idiots bold bold idiots, will say nah, he had to go to rehab several times, argue with his mother about strict policies in his home, and go to Valencia for 2 years because they fixed my test results in school to fail me so I would fall into drugs (a life of crime) which you may think is bullshit but then again, look in the mirror.

Plus, the extra Japan friend, I have well they have been all over with his 10,000 + twins.

Japan Bunker of the Man from my dreams: Wait he appeared in Seinfeld

I saw a vision from an Angel of God about him in a Japanese Bunker

Hiding the Secrets of wealth, because Asia might be frozen till heroic people Arise?

Within their own perimeters? Of their Wayward Pines. (1st season was the only good one, by the way.)

  1. He spoke to me several times, sometimes sitting on a chair saying “Augusto the Devil is real, but that is difficult to explain, it is about truth.”
  2. I learned as he spoke the other Twin, the Japan bunker in some hidden location helps them keep the money Laundered, this particular twin has his food brought to him by Jail Guards of some sort. To protect the Heavenly Sky and such, and to protect carrying out Hits, like Hit from Dragon Ball Super, and hey Augusto supports hits, but you know the devil and his fallen angels of fat asses in Orlando are the prime example on why murder is illegal, because they block guys like me from getting our money in court, and put us in mental institutes our whole lives, Karma will get them.
  3. Like the karma of my parents having to sleep with my Dog and take her out all the time lmao, example of them sleeping in hair for not giving me my entitled inheritance, funny to watch them argue as I prosper. (laughing my ass off.)
  4. Well the Japan man also explained that Asia is purposely busy and difficult because murder happens all over, it is legal, it is a takeover, it is also why many parts of Asia prosper, and many homes could be overcome by soldiers and such and I believe this man is a soldier of God of good of truth, but many would say demon, as a matter of fact look at Doug Bachelors reaction as he reads this when it gets posted or watches me type it, and see how stupid he will feel.
  5. Lastly he told me many secrets I cannot type because it would give me a bad reputation about reaching the outer space area in Portugal you know, he says be like Einstein, a crazy Genius, be funny, be charming, and always make people smile even when you feel like shit, and these words are the words that guide me to hope and improve, otherwise I would be losing my shit again. Thankfully I can afford to run websites and have 2 packs plus a day.

McClaren Dealership may or may not happen with more Morgan twin officials hiding in the shadows laundering money, here in Orlando.

Videos: 7 videos feel free to check the gallery all the way below, and pick the videos in any order you prefer it is a lot of mixes etc.

Video 1: Trappin in Paradise 74 Synthetic Sloth lmho this dude dancing.

Video 2: Oh calm days

Video 3: (Oh Space Prison)

Video 4: CALM the Simpsons GIF goes on and on epic mix.

Video 5: The success of Drake Documentary

Video 6: Juice WRLD bad Energy (oh Augusto u do something a lot of people in Asia do, repeat the same thing over and over.)

Video 7: W A I T bootleg boy (oh he noticed my website and did this one for me, wow millions of fans but no money, yet.)