About Al Gore 1999 Internet Conspiracy & 1970 Conspiracy, How one group is from Murder to Money, how offspring fairs. + Timberlake Album + other

About Al Gore 1999 Internet Conspiracy & 1970 Conspiracy, How one group is from Murder to Money, how offspring fairs. + Timberlake Album + other


About Al Gore 1999 Internet Conspiracy Part 1

So to make this short and simple, Can A Nigga Like Me on album 13 talks about the different AGs which represent the different CIA Agencies, like Aubrey Gram Drake as you know him represents, Dubai and L.A and the networks he is a part of, funny because a lot of girls and guys live off these networks, they do not do online dating etc. They cheat and get ahead and get gigs and marriage contracts that are so illegal and so absurd, because well in reality we all want these sort of shortcuts.

Andrew Gower the epic Runescape leader, etc. Well I have been recording 3 hours sessions, twice a week so 6 hours a week we are close to done, maybe like 4 more sessions and we are finished. So is it strange that cameras make us look odd, and out of place? Who invented these cameras? Because if a lot of you met a guy like me, you see me face to face boom, your like this guy is God, he is to good looking, and that is a curse I have to live with, because its easy to sell my sperm.

On top of that was the Internet created purposely in 1999? Is Google Rigged? Same year Courage and Spongebob came out, around then, my grandparents based exactly on Muriel and the grandpa etc. So was I made a divine child in heaven? An angel heaven sent? Is that Arrogant to think so? And I am I part Android even though my sperm does work, did I know of divine things, like the Link in Ocarina of Time waking up to help the world, is that who I do this website for? Besides all the old folks around the world who love good content?


1970 Conspiracy, How one group is from Murder to Money, how offspring fairs. Part 2

A lot of people will not tell you the collapse of government, what happened in 1970? and are the elite that hide in the sky and sometimes amongst us hiding the truth about time? And does a person really live to 100 easily? Are old people just wearing a disguise? Can someone who is 70 look 30? Can kids live to be 100 and be super intelligent far off in Asia? You wonder these things as do I.

Because the mentality of reality is we do as we are told, day by day, and this forms hate toward things, if I did not hate how some things operated, I would not be creating this website, if Brothels with women were next to my house I would be to happy, and Court and the crazy conspiracies that govern us would not exist.

I respect the people who had to hide murder, for money, I mean think about it, how many of those people with 100 million dollars in the bank exist in New York? And is that why the Twin Towers collapsed? Was God that Angry that he sent a legit sane pilot to stop the bullshit, isn’t that around the time the Internet came around for little shits like me all the way in Florida to create content? So I can become a God one day and take you on this journey of my life? They will cry and sob and make you feel like shit about that, yet I don’t see them knocking at my door apologizing for the millions of dollars they made from stealing my sperm at mental institutes when my family turned their back on me, instead of helping me get arrested to lead me to money etc.

So in essence the offspring go one of two ways, the world which is difficult, like just people in big cities, partying, oh roomates, rent wasting time bullshitting and how can someone like me who is the complete opposite, create content that can appeal to them in a Godly way to lead them to a salvation, I am not Jesus, I am not a Savior, but I am a guide, or an Angelic deity in some regards, and that is how I view myself so my future can be bright and powerful. And help others, because we all know some people hate others getting opportunity so they block that success from happening.


Other Part 3

Lastly ye the Other surprise video enjoy, I love when I do this and Youtube can’t fuck with my videos I assume many mods at Youtube love my work and I got a few million fans through Youtube Employees alone, but we all know Copyright is bullshit come on. Am I sueing Nickelodeon? No but I should lmao.

And finally click here to view a 17 minute plus clip of Dragon Ball Super Season 6 episode 6, I skipped around a bit. Hope you like it.