Creationism versus the rebels of High Society: Are they all good? Bob’s Burgers? The Bible, and About Kings and Angels blending in with humans. Etc. + (5) Videos + Ricky Album.

Creationism versus the rebels of High Society: Are they all good? Bob’s Burgers? The Bible, and About Kings and Angels blending in with humans. Etc. + (5) Videos + Ricky Album.

Who was the CIA when kings Existed? Were Angels blending in as humans? Shape shifterzzz?

Before treaties between humans and the divine were made. And did they record with micro cameras on their person Audio and Visual in the past.

(3 crazy examples I came up with like Kings.)

Life lesson: You have to wait, be patient, if not you will hear this response…

Example: You have 5 seconds, or 5 minutes, or 10 minutes etc. (tension.)

I had to wait my whole life so I understand being told a threat, when a person says wait X amount of time, you are hearing a healthy threat, and hopefully if you aren’t Jon Wick in Rome it isn’t what you think. Kings would have to work with the divine, the shape shifters, to build our current society of run down Walmart’s, of run down Mc Donald’s, of niggers getting shot by other niggas, and with cover ups of the police letting it go, with Big Dave’s doing Black Mail and the Big Dave’s go missing from the Gentlemen movie. And if you think for a second Matthew the actor from that movie does not protect murder to keep the peace between lands, families, and countries, you are in denial and probably should look in the mirror to fix your soul because heaven will not let people like you in.

People used to have to do what Gabe did, in many ways to live more than likely in the past. So being honest around good Kings in the Origin story was good, to protect the divine and the millions of other life forms out here, because maybe the conspiracy about space being a vacuum is a lie, maybe only if your soul isn’t pure like Gabe or Drake you will be consumed by the flames of death and thus the lie of Divine Murder is created. You had to be honest or you could not sleep with your neighbor’s wife, you had to be honest or you could not carry a conversation at the Dinner table without getting in trouble.

Toontown is about tasks getting done how the CIA used to be before millions of people were paid off.

For etc. random reasons. Some jobs in the secret Service are so simple, take in girls who are escorts or in trouble, and make the best of it, and sometimes they remain escorts, however the darker side hides the bad things of murder underground, money manipulation, do the airports have underground bunkers with twins, that cheat to get ahead in life? And airports are everywhere so maybe stompers are real, and come from Toontown conspiracy of sellbot factory but you don’t lose laff points, you go sad right away. (I guess a test is what you call it, because even hit men have to say “I have no idea…. Etc.” Usually, unless your like in Meth Land and you must take out coke dealers and meth dealers as a full-time job where Breaking Bad was, also still ongoing more than likely.)

The only real poison is humanity – quote from the Revolution (ok maybe I saw a cigarette in a guys mouth with the Asian Face.) “Do they lie to us about immortal children in far societies, sure, it is possible, and is getting old a curse. And can we choose our Character? Hard.” This particular information about your body being frozen forever should stay a secret forever, because it is based on your daily decisions of Karma and you know publishing on this website is going to make me reach Enoch status one day without tasting death, if you know what I mean.

A test on a person, Hank showed me this: (and point with your finger)

That’s what I had to deal with

(That) repeat 100 times

(Notice when you do this say this to someone they overreact the devil in them.)

(The so-called Human Controllers of Human experimentation in General as a whole and is Bob Burgers sending a message about avoiding a bullet by acting stupid like the Gene the retarded kid.)

(And is it possible Bob is based on Money Manipulation of the Sky to the Earth to the Underground to the Police and in some rare cases to the public.)

Yes I can tell you a secret, to know where money comes from is like speaking to people like (lawyers or doctors) who protect the money manipulation which comes from the so called High Society, and what some may not realize is “High Society” is a place where violence and pain can’t exist, it is one step away from being in “Actual Heaven” which is hard, that is like a full time job, to be an Enoch traveling through space who is immortal, who can meet fallen planets, or bring judgment or partnerships to some.

And what you may or may not realize about Bob in the photo drinking coffee is that he is based on a man who lives in the sky, and his name is Bob. Because these so-called money manipulators, had to much power at one point, and the police alliance started, and hypocrisy and death ran crazy over time. As a matter of fact almost 99% of all of our televised programs including the Media like CNN, would never be shown to those people in the sky, because Teddy, Linda, Tina, and Bob etc. are all based on real people who live in a society with no death and pain, but it is a hard job because they can feel our pain if they watch us below, or fallen planets as some pastors have called it.

Bob told me I was very special but I could go to jail if I make one wrong move with my website, laughing and saying well he will have to sleep with older women in Orlando after court, to keep his head, hahah.

Some terms they avoid up there in high society are “heaven” and the “test” of what a person may go through to live down here in a city, as a matter of fact in Orlando and Miami 90% of the sky money goes through the banks in Miami and Orlando, and through the police like Mike Deal from Winter Park P.D who looks just like my lawyer, and the money gets manipulated and cleaned by dirty cops, because hits do happen in Orlando but we can’t know about them. Thus I pay for their mistakes of them taking forever to give me my wealth and opportunity with secret C.I.A training about my location, I just have to be careful about it, because I control the net and minds of adults and children not a gun in my hand. (and if I told you some people can get shot in the head and be resurrected, by doctors you would be mad, because some cops are to scared to pull the trigger when need be while some may have to.) And that is George Zimmerman the piece of shit cop killer who was a cop who reminds me of the Media, the great divine about the black boy and Skittles. Hahah I joked with my therapist recently about a Jacuzzi and said “Did you have flash backs?” and she smiled and insulted me saying I should sing karaoke down here in Orlando, and I was just explaining a joke, geez what a bitch.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, if you stay and pass the test of time at a school you might have met some jerk from high society that lived off the family forever which is difficult thus you get married into money, hey not my cup of tea, they literally came down from heaven, but if you want you can.

Bob said to respect the murder relationship between a man and his wife, because that is to protect the graceful attitude of the Gods not all may understand, and technically punishment is not always a bullet, it can be a million other things much worse, especially for the wicked. (So ye high societies created religious divides down here to keep people away from the truth, because the truth was murder and to believe the pharmacist or clerk just killed someone because they were a waste of space in Orlando would be to hard to explain to the wicked who believe a bullet can’t judge them, even Gabe could be in a room full of killers and I could be spared because of my website and attitude.)

And last topics:

“Oh my God I got mad in class of Law school at the teacher for telling her they made this sort of creativity and networking of Augusto Gabe illegal, and I joked with her about a bang, when I told her see, this is why it is illegal.” (basically, we are always on the move or you must settle down in your wayward city.)


Praise to all the real Hits from Dragon Ball Super out there, and death to all the fake ones that steal sperm for a living like the guy with the laser beam. From that one episode of kidnapping the exotic Minatouro. Don’t worry I Gabe will not ruin your Lure with Sound to Mark O Mara to Mark Cuban to bill, all them etc. LOL Morgan is so scared lol. (You realize New York buildings are under lock down by celebrities like Mark O’ Mara, and others, and they control them to change laws like legalize cocaine or drugs for the next generation. Etc.)

I basically have to have lawyers guilty of manslaughter while they give me shit for an old bag of meth so how do you think I feel.

(Immortal bodies why does Doug joke about this bob burger explanation about unfallen worlds. Simply put many holy worlds, planets could exist out there, it would be impossible for them to be a sphere, a ball or whatever, they would be flat with a dome, and Man kind controls the media, so listen to the good media like Gabe or your heart of hearts, or listen to the bitch who does cocaine on the news joke about a shooting while going to the weather in the future, and bang she will get hers.)

But that is the sad truth, you take money from the wrong people, and if it is not clean, and if it is dirty, you have created a war, and the war began from your ancestors, and from the ones above. So just be careful because when you go to school or the new company you are kissing ass for, you will be at a divide of the ones who cheated so far to go ahead and the ones who listened.

Videos 5 of them. Because if you explain God is Bob from Bob’s burgers you are bringing morality into question of our Reality here in the U.S, so if high societies do exist, they exiled the devil and his angels, and yes I may have to act like a devil sometimes on my website it is a part of my C.I.A training to be lord of all drugs and all internet communications one day. Otherwise this website is pointless sell it for 20 million when I am in my 30s, would be stupid and a bullet to my head in high society.

Video 1: Morning coffee with one of the creators in human form, oh Doug did you lie about our creators being in high society with no crime? Oh you did. They manipulate money and drop from the sky as attorneys and cops, for missions so secretive you could get popped for.

Video 2: Pink Panther.

Video 3: Rick and Morty more trap house.

Video 4: Big timer in a city with money.

Video 5: Last video a throwback i know I posted this one before. (it will take 25,000 years to reach its destination.) (You disrespect me and I will beat your ass in front of your children) etc.