Epic Podcast return with Phantom Deep + 6 videos + Message my life story + The Black Album Jay-Z full album to listen only.

The Black Album I grew up on Jay-Z when I was like 5 years old. Funny that I slept with one of my older daughters who had a mask to make her look 27 when she is like 19 in actuality and I am 26 as of today.

Podcast of Phantom and Gabe almost 60 minutes Woa. Doesn’t even matter if I reach 50 million viewers which I may have, it is about evolving so that mercy love and power goes out in the universe and returns on me and my friends. Bugatti in Orlando so bad.

Went hard and deep, emotional. Click to listen, optional to download. Mp3.

I hope you enjoy the music I buy on iTunes sometimes rip if not on iTunes not for download but to share my favorite Jay Drake Albums, gonna start sharing music like that more often. Because when you listen to current situation I can’t do Legal content just yet like Document a Jail or something. I plan on staying in Orlando after I get my inheritance. Attorneys are dicks on purpose a lot of people tried pushing me to school when I succeeded so far with my website in rehab outpatient treatment I have learned years of tobacco smoke and patience. I expect a lot of money and cocaine in Orlando by the time my trial is over. What if I would have found Courage birthday when I was 16 and given it to attorneys like Personal Injury ones I would have flourished, but waiting could be over 500m inheritance not counting offers to fly I assume.

But always stick to your dreams and crazy ideas, evolve, the only way I can evolve further besides money is with the help of others who know secrets to life, like Prosecutors, lawyers, and army folk.

Videos: 6

Video 1: DJ khaled popstar visualizer

Video 2: Man on the Moon 2 Scott Mescudi vs. the world

Video 3: Chris Brown, Young Thug, go crazy

Video 4: Oh Future shouting me out. Roses remix ft. future

Video 5: the weeknd snowchild

Video 6: DJ khaled ft. drake GREECE. Lol commercial of Geico with DJ Khaled being motivational coach i like it.