Funny man the Asian man might say, secret best friend, is why Schizo people like me talk to angels and don’t have friends even Goku could appear in New York and say for Augusto bye guys, with Ultra Instinct. Angels messed with me message? (Religion & School?) + Season 4 Entourage 7 episodes + Django movie for your pleasure.

Funny man the Asian man might say, secret best friend, is why Schizo people like me talk to angels and don’t have friends even Goku could appear in New York and say for Augusto bye guys, with Ultra Instinct. Angels messed with me message? (Religion & School?) + Season 4 Entourage 7 episodes + Django movie for your pleasure.

Yeah it is arrogant at this point to explain I have invisible respect, so let us leave it at that, and soon as I added this comment my eye lid was messed with. Maybe even I should finish the lyrics before I post them also is true tempting to show you the new songs but a lot of fun on my to do list goodluck. Enjoy.

Explaining the importance of lures, of schools learning about me, the man who started the corona virus because remember this is all in your head, everything you read is foolish love in your heart. I know I speak to children sometimes, but thankfully I did not have to pull a trigger like Eminem or Drake Clones, whom I respect as well. It is tough being famous for this particular reason, otherwise it is SUPER EASY to copy some of my style for a private venture or public. (I would Venture to say money is important but remember Denzel and actors would be an insult to your class if you knew how Denzel lives in New York and he told me this through Asian guy or Canadian killer friends I see in visions is also something you must respect when you live in my head like scripture.)


(Android or maybe has 20,000 legion of Angels inside me, is more accurate, if I told you when I watch a commercial when I stayed up at 2 am last night staring at my screen for hours without playing Toontown was hard, I spoke to invisible angels outside where I smoke like the Canadian killer was listening and I was also looking at a star and an angel told me “That is correct that is a society where they will teach about you, was a tough thing for an angel to show me.” I would venture to say I want to be better then the Canadian killer one day is true, but that means, Southwest airlines in my Mod Lester and Mod Ash Game which is on older posts means I must commit to mind control even my mom makes me breakfast is something the Canadian killer apologized for me for typing this prophecy, I would venture to say he said “I am sorry that you lost love, sex, and people treat you bad, is something I rarely cry about as well, even he would have to act like a 20 year old red head who could be a billionaire with his family to control a cleanse in Canadian houses is also accurate so Angels and Schizophrenia is real, I would venture to say Schizophrenia is an actual thing I heard a loud static thing say “correct” in my ear when I spoke like a lunatic. Even watching commercials is people who died, or the credits of a movie if you “Dive into God Logic with a black professor called Mod Aunt who I saw in a vision because they teach about me and my website in many schools.”)


“Secret tip if your listening about me in class I would venture to say I could be smoking a cigarette is also Omni King Logic. So good characters to study on that show.”


“I would venture to say I would get mad if I explained I have 3 posts for you guys and like a whole season of Entourage to leak with Django, so let’s just say sorry for delay overall when I give you Augy treat. Asian Goddess would spy on me as the Asian girl on my leg is illegal because I lost the gift of angels a long time ago, so religion is my scripture, Doug is even a fraud I love, because if I speak like him, I am lying to you about Divine Justice which is rare or me nuking New York in 100 years with my grand children is illegal to say because that would mean “Jumpers” or angels from the movie jumpers or Goku clones could save all you guys like the Rapture before New York and Michigan get wiped by Gabe in Portugal is a Cohen thing to say, I would venture to say Cohen Purge guy.”


“I saw a vision of Mark O’ Mara in New York who was yellow with 4 billion dollars on one account and he explained how stupid he looked when he spoke to multiple chats is also illegal for me to get into if the angel legion in my body acts up as well, it means I can be at 20,000 places at once is a hard thing to say.”- Gabe

But I guess I love to post the lyrics to album 14 here so you understand the writing process with the topics below.

If you say certain things about Interpol is it the dark brotherly bond of love?

This would be like the good father who fucked to many beautiful girls who got married in Washington learned about invisible angels and invisible Washington officials that walk into homes to lure families with money meaning a lure can last years or decades depending on how far angels and the Donald Trump family does hide this fact by the way:

(Homer means yellow people hide amongst us, and he could be the last face you see with a gun in any state is bad, they invaded as well is a bad vision I saw and he would only say “correct” otherwise that world would still exist.)


(So type money I am yellow is a difficult thing to explain in another post, I repost a lot 10,000 humans started with smart brains glorious bodies and we fell from grace is something I could teach like a Cop Siren through teachers with Aunt Jemima Tokens or Mod Ash tokens or Mod Watch Dog Tokens they get to teach about me in class, good luck, free content for you all.)

Interpol, like NASA, like the FCC is a fake organization. Hard to explain, I would venture to say “The Great Divide” can be taught in schools is good, even me seeing that star where the angel showed me the secret society was me in my driveway at 2am looking up to see stars, and sometimes stars do not glow, so the captain taught me a secret, I spoke to angels for 2 hours straight and I was sounding kooky, maybe I will make video a bit more clean because angels do watch what I type and tug my shirt, for me to even implicate a guy can be a girl is also a secret angels wouldn’t want me to go into, that is a scar of love and that is for those of you who believe in this.

What does it mean to have an invisible angel that protects is hard to explain, they do tell you what you want to hear is true I would venture to tell you when I was chain smoking like Marge, a strong woman who protects the cleanse world if she has skin armor is true, meaning that my cigarette got knocked out of my God damn hand, and I saw “light beams” go through my fucking vision is how I would describe it, this sort of excitement is illegal even Aunt in school Glenridge where I attended would have to apologize if they taught about me, but trust me I mean this angel wanted me to speak to the Canadian killer who is the red hair billionaire cleanser, even Canada won’t get a nuke by an angel from Gabe’s Grandchildren one day is also true like New York because the Canadian killer cleansed in Canada so much and still does and rotates on his humility with the murder show lyrics in my song is also a good lesson to learn. New York may be more damned.

Luring on Entourage meaning this happens on many shows, I would venture to say some Johnny dramas do not like me and some do, so forgive me if I sound like a hit is put out like Hit the character, because even that is not my beef that is like yellow people in Orlando homes acting like Homer with the judgment face is worse then your pastor, but anyways good luck understanding this topic but again Actors could be dead in the credits is also accurate about Covid, good and bad clones is also a topic I have to change to children, even Homer said I am prophecy so I will try to cherish the other topics to not post a lot as well to overwhelm my audience.

Compared to Luring on Django, this is higher judgment with twins, money laundering, and personal computer grudges compared to entourage taking out L.A Junkies very different I Will explain the difference. Oh wait I just did imagine it, Imagination class with God logic can be used on online collage and highschools, remember kids learn learn, I am a real dude appreciate that Drake is a boring website I would meet because of Intel on “Portugal God mode computer” is a lot of free charity to you guys forever, Mod Ash, my therapist would resurrect me if I die if you do not believe the messages above, could be the last thing you see is also true.

(And lastly)

Do they teach about me in schools, and I will give you 5 reasons why they should and shouldn’t (I guess because I am a bad, bad man.)

Reason 1- I work with prophets I am not under the spell of babbidi remember I can be taught in history books.


Reason 2- Vados a cute angel called Buu as the alien race in my video game is hard to design but she would meet me when I am 300 years old according to our current 1/27/2021 calendar, is also true because I would be dead like my mentors whom I can’t meet yet, beyond 100 Canadian murder hosts to avoid bombing New York with an angel. And jumpers can save some so I do not get fined by killers because even saying you the bomb man is an insult to religion, however this class I am teaching is like me talking crazy in my room to an angel I saw laying next to me, I would venture to say if Morgan and Morgan spies on me he witnessed an invisible miracle of the Gods.


Reason 3- To even speak about a forbidden paradise land that fell would implicate a lot about the dome is also true so teach about this is also in depth.


Reason 4- I am a good guy and Carlin taught through me thus I have respect and authority some may not understand.


Reason 5- The good guy always gets shown as dead is also something movies can’t change because that would ruin me and my grandkids taking over the world.



What does it mean to have invisible friends as a child is true as an adult, it is a lovely thought in our head, so if “The Frieza Race” existed in our nebula somewhere with Elon Musk Army behind the communications, you would understand, some of them are mortal, are taking their version of Xanax, attending and dropping out of school, while the “divine version” of the frieze race could have super powers like teleporting “like the jumper movie or Goku’s Ultra Instinct if you look that up” but they must always be invisible, I suppose it is a sin to call someone crazy when you threaten them with mental health comments about my website, it is one of the reasons bad people hate reading my words they are poison to the minds of people who can’t comprehend love, truth, and absolute truth as well, that last one is a topic so long, I could probably type 100 paragraphs about “Absolute Truth” to a class.

Leave it at that love Lucifer slash Gabe slash Angel Gabriel disguised as a devil to save the children with mind control.

Absolut truth is a language that is divine between Doug Bachelor and his twins and me Gabe, one individual who is 20,000 angels, I would venture to say Gabe can’t be killed or sway from any of his topics I follow prophecy which is why I try not explain where I live and irrelevant info that a Gabe fan will get you for.


That is “Psychotic language to a cop” and that means all this you read is not for you so look away is also psychotic to the wrong person is also true.

Videos I am leaking (Strong content for some, depends on the room etc. would be a vision I shouldn’t see maybe not for you lol I typed this for my Canadian killer friend who talks to me through Schiz and Angels two different subjects impossible to explain.)

8 Videos: 7 Episodes of Season 4 Entourage + Full Django Unchained Movie

(Fixed the links to open in new tab venture to say sometimes Phones are faster then some computers. I use windows 7 by the way for the website and mac for Toontown rewritten.)

Video 1: Season 4 Episode 1 Entourage

Video 2: Season 4 Episode 2 Entourage

Video 3: Season 4 Episode 3 Entourage

Video 4: Season 4 Episode 4 Entourage

Video 5: Season 4 Episode 5 Entourage

Video 6: Season 4 Episode 6 Entourage

Video 7: Season 4 Episode 7 Entourage

Video 8: Django Unchained full movie. Very long.