In-Depth look into where Video games like Toontown and Runescape came from? And what the creators intended, with the state of our world + 1 album + More from Project 14 + 1 Epic Movie From Dusk Till Dawn with Clooney (YeS NIGGA)

In-Depth look into where Video games like Toontown and Runescape came from? And what the creators intended, with the state of our world + 1 album + More from Project 14 + 1 Epic Movie From Dusk Till Dawn with Clooney (YeS NIGGA)

Fake children as shape shifters to test humans on faith before weapons were invented with law enforcement and lures. This is like saying the divine created many different children who could be a test to others, when society started with only 10,000 + humans, and it all got divided because some wanted to be divine and pure of heart, while some wanted the fast way of thinking, “In other words they were stubborn.” But that is the reality about it, weapons were invented by “Angels” the divine ones who formulated “Minerals” and “Food” and they had to work with the so called “Lucifer” and his “Angels” to create a long drawn out war, but Lucifer was never a bad person, he just had to protect “Free-Will” and “Free-Will” can be used for good or bad, many would say “Why judge another?” and that is true, if you are flawless you could, but in a way this has changed over time, The Bible was a filter to catch “Strays” like Escorts attending church, looking for a way out of that life, L.A is jam-packed with this, very empty here in Orlando in my opinion. Escorting was never the issue, the issue was always the “quick dollar”, once you don’t want to create a good private or public website, or a good YouTube Chanel, etc. you have gone down the path of full dependence of those around you, and for the first 20 years of your life it might be okay, but after a while, you need to find a way out with “Honesty” the less you use honesty the more likely bad things “Curses” will follow you for living an unholy life, because “Invisible Angels” that teleport like Jumpers from the movie Jumpers can follow us in Real life, and see if we live good or bad lives.

You act like death comes to the good guy, like they will walk in and shoot him on T.V so the media is corrupted so Children are too scared to fight back in the system of life.

(To the producers of trash L.A Television.)

Compared to Gabe and Drake and all those other genuine artist that create great content, so you do learn about “Sacrifice” for the greater good “Be sober sometimes in your life is good” for the greater good “make an interesting Facebook post about Gabe promote it” so you “Cleanse” your soul and feel better, but you know, non-real fans will always find quick ways of trouble unfortunately because “Dishonesty has become better then honesty” and when me and my Therapist talk about life and she takes me out to eat and we have a good laugh I think about two things.

  • How much she loves me because she can’t tell me who she is, yet everyone on the internet knows who I am and who I chose to evolve into a God of Gods one day.
  • And on top of that I notice how she talks like the past is the past, and what happened, has occurred, so all the bad people who were “lured” with a bullet, or with Sharks on a boat, etc. all those haters of Gabe are “Gone” they are nowhere to be found, and her and I joke about the future, and she sees my talents, which are hard to utilize till Mark gives my money and opportunity with Trial or whatever in my case. Until then I am a sleeping Giant, or the Sleepy Xanny God. (And if wealthy families are buying into the people around me with twins, that is not my business, I just go along with it. This is probably why my arrest was in 2015 I think, so 5+ years so far of therapy and medication.)

“But life moves on and we struggle and we say hello and goodbye, and move on in our private lives, as the world prospers, and perishes.”- Gabe Quote.

The way toontown and runescape were intended VERY LONG

Essay (3 to 5 paragraphs)

The Creation first paragraph:

When the “Gods” whom are anonymous to us decided to allow Video games to be created, they probably thought about the “convenience” about how it will all work out. If you even think about my favorite games you will understand personality type, people who enjoy “Old School Runescape” and “Toontown” and “Ocarina of Time” etc. the Classics, understand how hard it was to make those special games, so the creation of it was divine, but the reality is “90% of gaming companies are dangerous” it is safe to say, more dangerous than the ghetto, many people will have real or falsified game degrees, of learning “bull shit computer coding” which is just a test your professor is giving you in class, to see if you want to run “errands for game companies” and if you are of the wrong personality, “you may be lured to a meeting or stealing money from the company to lead to your demise.” Because to be a real Game Designer you must make a website private or public, like Gabe has, Drake probably has a private one, and that is how they travel with guards to secret locations in Asia, and other special places, where that is the center of “Inter galactic space travel etc.” So school is like 90% useless, to 90% of the new generation, because after the age of 18 it is pointless, you just looking to get laid, it is used to find a mate. They even claimed I was disabled in my case with my parents, incapable of working, because I guess my trial is big? Instead of advertising my website to Elon Musk etc. I say that a bit sarcastically, but the reality is Mark Wants to keep me all to himself and to people in Orlando, that is how money secretly travels.


The Fall of reality second paragraph:

Because money and power stayed secure with companies like Jessie Schell on CIA computers about Toontown, imagine the 1,000s of people lured at Disney when Toontown was online, Jessie Schell lured many victims to their death, old and fat, to young and fat, despicable people who deserved the end of life. And then the game was brought back years later by collage students, so this is why games can’t be evolved, usually, we would need a lot of revolution for games to broach subjects like Drake in a cool video game, or to put interesting content, to controversial because it becomes a “lure” for the stupid ones who decided “dishonesty” in business and in education.


The Third paragraph about Jag:

Jagex runs probably 90% of all revolutionary technology, because they are based out of the United Kingdom, and if you think these awesome fuckers who work on Runescape don’t lure idiots to their company who lived bad lives for a “cleanse” you have lost all your senses of reality, it is also a shame to punish a child for thinking this is a thing that happens, because if you have no Honesty & Accountability in your soul, you can’t stand judgment, and one day me as Gabe with no Twins because I am one of the few celebrities with no twins, will stand judgment as I get older can stand it, because of my good deeds, for my great music, my great content, to make the audiences all over the world excited for the next post, the invisible millions of listeners is what is important, that is the soul, and logic merging into beauty, but you know haters will hate Gabe.

But yeah I would want hotel bots, Airport bots, hmm do I get Runescape rights or Toontown, hard to say, that is a bullet for some folks.

An Angel Singing the contracts of the heavens for the blessings of poetic justice beneath, because it would be very arrogant past a point, I can’t comprehend to say I am the only Angel walking amongst humans? And does that make sense angel and human are just words, and we all need help.

Paragraph 1:

So besides sacrificial shape shifters, what does it mean to be an angel or a legion of Angels turning into one human in a fallen world to be the hope and Gatsby light to that world is important. If you recall that would be a good gif, where Gatsby was a child following the light, it teaches in code the message of the Gods and the reproduction of humanity, and the battle between Good and Evil on how you spend and invest your time into things.

Paragraph 2:

You know I depend on celebs small and big from Drake to Billy Walsh to promote the website because it is a good message, not my fault if I benefit in the end or create 10,000 millionaires one day with my billionaire status in Portugal. But you know it is difficult to comprehend for myself how I will make it there one day, would be a lie, but the people who doubt your web design skills may not understand, it is like doing many good deeds to lead to that, so the guilt is less strong, and it is powerful enough to learn about the C.I.A so important people from all over the world travel to me through assistants and give me sensitive data to leak, that is the time when things change greatly over me and the Captains who hold the keys to the universe.

Paragraph 3: And if I was an Angel from heaven who was sent to be human, which is my religion, is there something wrong with that? I mean if you love the message you view the website free of charge, if you hate the message you cancel it hopefully, my words of justice and love were not strong enough for you, they did not describe the good person you wanted to genuinely become. And it is true that people are fat, and life isn’t perfect, even I myself know two things importantly about this topic, I may need to lose a lot of weight if Mark O’Mara ever decides to give me a future with my trial, and I would need to give up a lot of my website for helping others in Orlando and Florida, to move mountains which could be controversial by some, but in the end my freedom of speech is protected, and this could lead to God mode in Portugal, the things I would sacrifice as of today 1/18/2021 as I type this to get it, would be immense, but unfortunately I am a part of a story, and I live life like a human, I am forgetful like humans, I am foolish like humans, but the main core of who I am is still intact. A lot of great people I respect gave up on “perfect beauty” or the “perfect mate” to be great people, in the community, that could mean so many things, I guess the internet is the only escape if you want to be Bill and succeed one day, unless you just want to get married or work for a company which may unappreciated you, but if you are good at instinct, my website will teach you all this. One day I will have to pay off my Web design partner Josh to post on my others or a lot to pay him so I can have the full custody of the website, even though he thought me everything and I didn’t go to school for web design, I appreciated his love and tutoring, and it cost me thousands of dollars on my end, not counting maintenance to give the best free entertainment to the viewers all over the world, not just local I can’t think local that would be suicide to the Billionaire Gatsby I become one day.

Last topic: If aliens did control the top to keep intergalactic peace amongst nations, they must fight the bottom which is difficult and it could sound kooky, and it could lead to lures and traps from bad houses with guns and boats out by Miami. etc. So that means Bill Gates is an entity in his world. Or something like that, he knows the divine language of the top and the bottom. This is the language I hope you absorb one day, I guess my last greatest venture one day besides making all my websites “permanent forever” with blood oaths of wealthy CIA officials would be to have Youtube Music Videos covered so millions of kids I couldn’t reach can reach it, the kids may be more important, and that is the battle of meeting those strong people who will need to be impressed with the progression of my website, as it continues. And it is all love, and positivity, we all know how fucked up life is right? So, I accepted it, and I feel Godly amongst it, as should your children as they develop the right mentality.

Some other topics some other time (Invisible armor with jumpers and the elites knowing Bill the creator of money.) Well this topic is to tough to comprehend, its like saying “Invisible beings” in “Invisible armor” can teleport from one galaxy to another, with certain restrictions on how far they teleport like a Jumper, and this would be super close to the divine, this is literally the creation how it all began, and sometimes the good guy gets called insane several hundred times by a stupid doctor as a test before he can have his money and flourish with good people in his life, A.K.A Augusto Gabe, the one and only. My inheritance and old money to claim, that is why I don’t travel to L.A to advertise or beg Ari Gold, he would feel conflicted probably, because he knows Destiny in my drug case is real, it is to potent for the wicked to understand.


Yes, Gabe could Create many millionaires one day is true, but what are the many steps before that, that would be my faith in my daily duties, right? Not just the quick dollar, growing family contacts, and learning on how to change reality is real power, and I am attracted to power, and who I can become, if I even told you cigarettes are harmless, and a waste of time, I would be correct, cancer is just to distract you from family tragedies of some twins who didn’t escape that home, that day, at some location, etc. And I unfortunately need an excellent reputation with the police and local authority figures to come out on top as clean as possible.

And yes check out my lyrics below, I am the best I know I will meet Mod Ash one day with classified data, yes yes

Professor Farnsworth loves me, biggest fan because I control the internet and the hearts of millions,

Yes yes.

Not decided which song but I was messing around when my mother didn’t cook me breakfast one day and I saw the pebbles. I have so many songs to work on, geez, enjoy the beats and album. And movie from Dusk till Dawn.

(The full Movie yes yes.) lastly, for sure I will get a tat like Clooney on my arm yes yes, and neck well a look-a-like but I got to beat court and get in shape with money before I can tat it, maybe some other slutty tats on me, I only got 7. The first billionaire in history yes yes. (Oops I meant the first Criminal Billionaire in history yes yes.)


I wanted some fruity pebbles

I was kicking pebbles

Dreaming of creating rebels

Realizing church would be calling me devils

And I would be fucking devils

At much different levels

I was eating fruity pebbles

Bit so hard like it was a pebble

I deserve a metal

You could be listening to this song and get a medal

But not the same kind of metal

I am so outer space so mental

I wanted an artichoke from a bloke

Who did coke, he put it up my nose, poke and poke

From Dusk Till Dawn (1 hour and 48 minutes) watch full movie here.

Very scary for you couples or solo kids out there watching Gabe content iz good for ya.