Look at how far my face got plastered on things besides puppets. (I hate sleeping alone Drake) And why does Gabe sleep alone?

Intro: So one of the few games I actually liked Toontown Rewritten I noticed this game is based on the original which once had a million + players. The characters, the animal humanoids you play as have the 3 triangle mole thing like my real life face. I also learned my three mole triangle Bermuda thing is a gang symbol, I heard a long time ago.

So you notice all the way below two extra pictures of my face on Toontown

Life in general is one big roller coaster, so I think. But I grew up playing Runescape and Toontown Online, before they sort of both got shut down and remade those games as new things. I noticed at a young age a lot, but I still was not fully aware of how obsessed these people were with my face. This brings me to my higher calling.

How does one sleep alone? How can one have true peace? Ask my attorney Mark O’ Mara.

This is the bullshit I have to deal with, and this is just a rant, how come they make your face all over puppets, shows, and you grow up in a decent home a strict one, drug tested, probation, showing up to court, arrest charge. I mean Spongebob has an arrest record, he was a meth boy.

I mean Courage The Cowardly Dog was a meth boy. All these fucking shows are stealing my fucking face! I will do you the honor of leaving a clear picture of my face at the end.

But can you ask yourself how do they do this? And how does my life turn out to be forced into rehabs, all hopes and dreams with careers or school or music or even porn! All these dreams get shattered, am I that special to some spies who are wealthy? Does the C.I.A have wealthy spies who are obsessed with my face that much?

Is my DNA that valuable to these wealthy individuals in the C.I.A who invade my privacy like a mother fucker? Why am I the play thing of this universe? Why do they single out my face, I mean it is creepy and yet like “Okay moving along, why couldn’t my family get me a Rari at 16, why couldn’t I have a 10 million dollar house for myself at 18. If I am this special to them.”

These are the stupid questions I ask knowing to myself the real reasons behind things, and sometimes having crazy conspiracies about life in genera, I can’t have a normal life. And the police may have helped me by getting me a lawyer but at the cost of me being a lung cancer patient smoking cigarettes like I will die if I do not take a puff I smoke a lot! Even as a swimmer and I get pissed if somebody judges me, and the judge orders me to take like 3 different pills I am so subdued.

I am so slow, I have trouble craving sex like a normal person, I can’t move a lot, I feel drained, everything takes more of an effort, this is punishment for the person who was treated like shit since he was 5. I have made so many millionaires and billionaires throughout my life, and I am stuck with less then 10 grand in my account even though I am saving well.

And lastly can I have an alternative outcome? In my case no. The lawyer makes me stuck, this is why the country the U.S is trash and the city of Orlando is so trash, hypocrites and rats everywhere, where is the Rat poison when you need it for these hoes and bitches?

Clip: Drake lyric video… Chill