New Series Confessions… Part 1 Enjoy ;) [7 Videos: The Brittle Brothers, Walt Defends Jesse, Pub Scene Saul, The Feds Wolf of Wall Street, Call Saul Bathroom Break, August Roman Song, Legacy Eminem]

So I was tempted to do a gallery for this but I decided I wanted to make this happen.

So here is what I have learned:

  1. What I say doesn’t matter, at least to others, but I have faith it makes a difference in people’s lives here.
  2. Court is all fake, the court system is faker then a strippers tits.
  3. I may be a pedophile, non practicing, I only like seeing photos, sue me, arrest me, whatever I like Kayle from Breaking Bad. Ye I said it bitch.
  4. I wish I could blow up all the treatment centers and make them into retreats: allow pot, maybe drugs at some, and say “Yes we will take your sperm.”
  5. Now lastly If you do not like this new series, go jump on a black cock. Wait but I like Black dick, I like older men, I like older women, and I like children. I am fucked in the head, blame Slim Shady. LMAO

So while my billions of dollars from my “Fluid” as my attorney Mark O’ Mara calls it gets split into the IRS and other programs the FBI will use for bullshit you and I don’t believe in like build more rehabs, lock more niggas up, whatever. Fact is people get paid to stay in Jail and Prisons, I have proof of this but one day I will interview the cops in local jails.

I wish you the best of luck, did you like this series? If you were me would you say I am incurable I have a disease? Yes I do, my disease is this. “I like to be myself, I like to be the drug addict even though I am sober, I like to have fun with the family, I like looking at young girls, I like things I shouldn’t case closed I am a horrible human being.”

Right? Now suck it, to my 10 million followers, God I am blessed. Fuck me.

Video 1: The Brittle Brothers…

Video 2: Walter Defends Jesse

Video 3: Pub Scene Call Saul.

Video 4: The Wolf of Wall Street The FEDS.

Video 5: Call Saul Bathroom Break

Video 6: August Roman What You Did To me…

Video 7: Legacy again the return of one of the greatest lyrical songs…