The Trilogy of Weeknd + More Classified Conspiracies + 3 Videos Bonus enjoy.

The Trilogy of Weeknd + More Classified Conspiracies + 3 Videos Bonus enjoy.

(The Trilogy album below scroll all the way down or read Gabe the prophet first.)

 First it was the divine (such as the angels, and the advanced technology, jumper teleports) These could be considered the creators, with immortal bodies creating a society below, and that society would grow and split up eventually, it is possible that 10,000 years ago, in our exact coordinates of Florida here in the United States of America we had immortal humans, and co-existing species like Dragon Ball Super depicts the co-existence of the variety of life, maybe Freiza, and Vegeta, and all of those Sayaian chimps are based on some form of advanced alien life, that is now forbidden to us due to 3 things: Your annoying sister, and NASA the assholes that say life outside does not exist, and lastly our limitations of what is around us? House arrest, marriage, etc.

But I will touch upon later the topic of the origin which is (The Divine) and below that is high society (With a mixture of immortals and mortals) and to go below that is (The rebellion of the fall of man kind for us here, we call it that, of course if the Freiza Society and the Beerus Society have a billion in the population, they must have some fallen societies, and if they do not, they were very lucky, but in the end we are split into these 3 categories, otherwise you are dead in the grave resting if we want to be morbid.)

Then to build civilization they needed (Psychology) and from Psychology stemmed two beliefs

The Good and The Bad.

(And how time progressed in stages.)

They lie to us here in the Educational system in my area about “Drug Immunity which is rampant in schools with students, getting high when studying gets you nowhere.” And on top of that some idiots are not appreciative of my sort of effort on a website “This is called Socialism” so we distance ourselves, from each other, you keep your bullshit over there at the house next door to mine, which I highly doubt I have a 2 million dollar house in Winter Park Florida, which is within Orlando Florida, but besides that a man like me has a website which could be worth 20 or 100 million dollars or create great interest in my current reality in court with my attorneys. This is difficult for “The Wicked” Doug Bachelor refers to in the bible, they are hateful about my freedom of speech and would kick my ass for even speaking my mind on honest issues.

And how Psychology split into the Good and Bad Army

Over time

(So when the army started we all know Courage The Cowardly Dog show cased the Army in a very funny way, it was dark and deep, it showed us something divine, and it was funny watching the two military generals who looked ridiculous fight with each other, and shoot each other with cannons and laugh it off, you see at one point in time, the wealthy was based on the blood oath, like the Rockefellers, the Gatsby family etc. All of them had guns to protect New York homes, and over time as the population and new job and career creations happened we have fell badly as a society, as a matter of fact from a scale of one being the saints to ten being the lowest of sinfulness, we are at ten pretty much.

I would have said 9 or 9 and a half, but hey Covid is no joke, even my family has acted mentally like lunatics because of germs, and everybody has to wear a face mask to enter a pizza joint or Sushi, etc. So we are at level 10, even Doug would agree, you can’t be more invasive and hateful then some made up virus you get from breathing air, especially if you breath it in, so we the good saints below living amongst the wicked should call it “the common cold” or “do you need to visit a mental facility” to your mother who may not get the joke or irony in that comment for acting crazy over a made up virus.

And how Psychiatry created societies like California, and New York, and murderers were protected

Sometimes a good thing, and if not, well Karma would get them. Because we all know we the righteous or the self-righteous is what the wicked call us, they say oh murder is bad, but hey Gabe says it isn’t I might take the “I am the son of Carlin the Third, one of the greatest murderers to ever live, George Carlin the God of dark comedy of murder.” You realize Carlin was protecting murder, territory and of course the brotherhood of the internet? So, the C.I.A would stay connected to fight against local terrorism of a porn star complaining that her check isn’t big enough when she has spent her life selfishly on frivolous things etc. Or doesn’t want to accept mother hood, I suppose sex is only a crime in the eyes of the Angels if you are not committed to the sexual experience. I could not explain such a natural desire more simple then that, in our deprived society of good looking males deprived of sex versus cops who get sex all the time because they can get high while some of us are slaves to the legal system, here in the United States at least.

(Even the simple computer from Courage the Cowardly Dog, is a secret, when you type on a computer you are Automatically talking to the sky, to higher society, our key strokes are recorded by the top, Courage the Cowardly Dog Taught us a lot about ourselves, about pride, about the fall, and messages of socialism with the family.)

I guess one of the main reasons why it is illegal for you to talk about this particular topic out loud is because your grandmother may have types on a computer to humans who were bringing money to build psychiatric facilities, and hospitals, and food locations, and some people in the community took this as an insult and your grandmother may have shot some of those “wicked people” to cleanse the community of the evil that did exist therein. Thus, this topic is impossible to discuss, explains why I have such an awful attorney etc. Mentor-ship should be a thing in my opinion, and you don’t have to say everything you feel at once.

(You Twit what did it mean on Courage the cowardly Dog the depth of it.) It really meant at the beginning You belong to the sky, when the computer on the show would say you twit. Take it down another level it says “We do not like you very much, but we will provide you food and you go from there with your family.” And if you take it down one more level you will interpret the you twit to mean Well I am just a God dam twit, (psychotic thoughts to self) because it is not socially acceptable to think foolishly of your own actions, and you get into an essay of self about your life. Those 3 levels exist, and only 3 levels can exist as factual evidence on how to register your brain to commitment and reality.)

(Mission to the Sun episode of Courage the cowardly dog whistle blows on how the “Sun” is a light bulb that gets changed by humans to turn it on, I recommend you watch it.) But dad is it that simple? Mission to the Sun was about changing the light bulb because the sun is a barrier holding the fallen planet of us down here in the U.S below? With checkpoints and time zones far away to the immortals? Sure, it is possible son, now take your Xanax.

(Last great topic different versions of media for every different race of humans and other alien races out there, a dragon ball super version for possibly millions or thousands of life forms.) In actuality this is a simple topic, we will never know but those of us who live holy lives to the best of our capabilities can sense the energy like Goku can sense other divine beings up there, whom care and watch over us here below. So we can then in turn “Take that passionate flame and burn our enemies with it to save our own kind from the wicked mentality that has made our society crumble.”- Quote from Gabe. (The Good Gus)

(The divine realm) The divine realm holds the answers to immortality, the answers to why things are controversial and golden cities, and holy places very hard to attain, pleasures of all kinds for those who are pure of heart. (What our society of Lucifer’s our ancestors fell from, and I highly doubt it was an apple on a tree, probably 10,000 humans or more when we started 10,000 years ago? Not 2 humans, that would be absurd, but a lot of pastors would not be televised if they claim this to be their belief, thus the real prophet of the Gods, Gabe steps in.)

(Below them high society of perfect media) This is where Bob lives with, people, they do not have a government divided with police officers or fire departments, everybody is equal, to be below is to live in Florida where Gabe lives, to reside with the devils, the fall of man, with old shape sifters who may have sacrificed the glories of heaven like Doug said in the Bible to save boys like me around Orlando, is called Destiny, and the wicked shutter to think of how this effects them. (So yeah many of them here can go up to other divine realms, rarely or more then likely go down below as a school teacher for 20 years, and then go back up without tasting death like Enoch if they lived a good life, as in “Carry out hits, or jail sentences for the wicked below carefully.”


(And of course, the fallen like Florida our fake media rampant.) Well I may have been an Angel Gabriel in heaven but no longer am I the Angel Gabriel now I am just a mortal boy according to “Socialism” which has divided us, and I am called schizophrenic, which I consider to be a high compliment, so oh well, let me reign as king over these devils and angels through court money, and the internet.


And my evaluation without mentioning the doctors name

Now I will not get into the depth of how this conversation went but it was like this to sum it up. From Origin to end in 15 or 30 minutes. Repetitive a bit.


Part 1: So since last time we spoke Augusto have you been different? How have you been?

Augusto: Good, but I can’t change my opinion (me being polite.)


Part 2: Why do you think you are here?

Augusto: I am required to be here, and stay out of trouble no need for me to get a job, I am a criminal right? And I live in a 2-million-dollar house with a successful website, so I could probably sell it to Elon Musk?


Part 3: You think Elon and Bill want your website?

Augusto: Well it is highly likely some people would find it interesting if Mark O’ Mara the lying scum bag (I was more polite in talk) dropped these bogus charges of meth possession against me.


Part 4: Alright, well you do hope to be a billionaire one day? Your aspiration? Its not a bad website by the way it is interesting…

Augusto: Yep, I guess I will keep dreaming and play Toontown 10 hours a day on my laptop, since I hate school and it never worked out for me, etc.


Part 5: (skip through mentions of rehabs we spoke about in the past, saying do you believe they stole your sperm? Are you sure? And do you intend to press charges?)

Augusto: Well regardless of what I think if you don’t mind me cursing because of (niggers and hicks) it is impossible for me to sue Nickelodeon for stealing my face or these mental facilities, because I believe Morgan has a Marlboro family offer to Switzerland or stay in Florida with a Trust fund with the black haired prosecutor?


Part 6: (him looking shocked like I just discovered electricity.) And saying alright well that is fine you are allowed to feel that way (him joking about drug immunity…)

Augusto: I understand (and Augusto continued being polite to the anonymous doctor for about 30 minutes, saying at the end well I tried my best.)

(Secretly hoping this doctor wrote me the best report online and secretly recorded our conversation so they would have sympathy and compassion for a man like me in his future.)

Three Videos:

 Dragon Super 2 free episodes click to view, (download is optional)

All Out War S10 E4

A Miraculous Conclusion Farewell Goku S10 E14

+ Vibin Sorry Doug Desc. To Doug Bachelor. (Lmao doug here for you a dedication for calling you out, you know I love ya.)