Visions of the heavenly thrones, the principalities and powers.

I have videos to share, for you to enjoy as well as a fun vision I had. Maybe I was stoned off my ass, I was high off the ganja and I thought about the consequences one action can have on multiple societies, and I thought to myself how do you allow the domino effect to take place naturally- Calvin Kandy. Nice Portugal homes below with cool message and videos enjoy.


So on another note, we live amongst slave owners so why not understand like Old Ben, otherwise your just another nigga.

I need those good pilots, caps, sheriffs, and local law enforcement on my side, so I can get so much meth I can just fade away with the right whores and with the right daughters. I believe I actually had sex with one of my daughters by mistake she wore a mask to make herself look older she was a prostitute my mom had gotten for me, I saw an exact replica who looked much younger drive by I don’t know. So I had fun with a daughter it was great.

But I will never understand life without the right guidance, the captains, the assistants, the people who know it all, without them life is an endless journey, I want life to end and begin with chapters to it, with missions, with fruition, with prospering. I will not hesitate I said to myself, I even swore I could just wear a stupid captain mask like the one Brian Cranston had to go spy on my daughters they wouldn’t know who I am, so I can pick.

Is that bad? Good, otherwise I wouldn’t like it. I want to marry my own daughters if they are my type. So I have to be careful or I will get shot.

Like Anderson Cooper once said, a man would go get a drink of coffee, and he would spill the drink so he would get attention he wanted to enter into the world of the CIA. Gustavo also had interesting experiences I bet joining the CIA where he had to kill people or do something rash so they would open the doors of secrecy. Now if we could just move past those old murders and those old pedophilia rings gone wrong maybe we could understand the language of humanity. Not every person will understand the language of humanity. The purpose of understanding humanity is so WE DO NOT kill or HURT each other. Comprende?

But when a man buys a cup of coffee he doesn’t understand where the money goes right? So you buy from a Starbucks the money goes to a Starbucks cloud of wealth which gets split to the nigger fund to fund the niggers and the nigger dreams like my old friend Lesley who always had my back. lol Thanks Lesley my nigger.


ONLY ONE ME will always be only ONE ME always, always always always always always.

However If I shared funds on a sep. Acc. It would be with the Feds, and Bill Gates, and the people I most admire. I will not be able to tolerate women thrown in my face if I don’t feel like my life is in order…. How can I live the coded life?

The Code of understanding whom I want to work with and whom I want to avoid who is right in front of my face. Well thankfully I know code inside and out, from Lester from GTA and his government experiments and how he spies on the world and Michael the alcoholic personality from GTA who represents the downfall of the Alcohol industry and the promotion of drugs. Now I wouldn’t even mind saying one day I will own the drug trade in Portugal through a Gus because more then one Gustavo is out there, some are not even allowed to speak to me.

We are all on different missions with the CIA, FBI etc. sometimes just to protect the ones we love, I am more of an angel of judgment I suppose, but that is what makes me unique to the people I want to fuck off, and the war criminals and the army and the assistants I like, I want to see improvements in the world NOT the OPPOSITE.

I even last night got so fucked up I was crying at my computer on probation smoking way to many cigarettes, and I thought about all the daughters I would be letting down whom I wanted to fuck, and get pregnant, I even saw one I can’t mention I literally saw one and I was in mask and I said “WHERE IS GABE?” and she started crying and my only weakness besides her pussy was her soul, and I said the pussy and soul go hand in hand, so I can’t tell you the rest of the visions.


But you understand countries are scared of my raw power, they are scared of the connections I will make from SUPER SMALL TO SUPER MEDIUM TO LARGE. And I like that. I want them to cower in fear before all the people THEY HAVE HARMED they do not deserve to live so make them suffer in ETERNAL TORMENT, even fallen angels from the Bible protect my soul, LUCIFER himself lives within my soul I understand the thoughts of DARK men and DARK women, I understand the IRS has nigger funds to steal from my 200 billion dollar empire.

But Lucifer comes in handy because Angel Gabriel the good side of me is not always welcomed, and Lucifer protects my dark soul from the IRS and the lies they spew saying spying is in our head, and that oh if you show so much love for one case why not for these other little men who HAVE NO WEBSITES OR ANYTHING INTERESTING. DUH then you be famous you dolt.

Ash is the perfect example of the all knowing creator who acts like a moron, because we have like 200 ashes out there, but the actual amount is like 2 billion, and we have to take over, properly some softer, some louder, some assassins, which is hot. You didn’t know John Wick is based on me? Oh I got the Jonathan Tat before John Wick 1 came out, you see I am a deity amongst the LA COMMUNITY amongst the ORLANDO community even AMONGST CHURCHES I have gods and kings below me I am a deadly deity I am so powerful in fact I could be crucified if the the wrong people were in charge, which thankfully they are not.

And thanks to good people having my back I am able to understand. Because when a person has deep wisdom and deep Intel and deep soul within themselves they UNDERSTAND how to live and how to share and WHO IS TRUSTED and WHO IS TRYING TO GUILT YOU INTO SOME BULLSHIT CHARITY I might as well just give them 10 dollars and say to the nigger fund with a brown bag full of dog shit or human shit whichever is easier for my ASSISTANT LLOYD!

I will not hesitate to say I would have my twin killed if someone ever stole my face and my FANS in the CIA would spy and scan the whole area to kill my twin and keep only one GABE ALIVE I AM ANTI-FAME

I AM PRO-WAR I want the war in heaven to continue for our father in heaven those are my religious beliefs because now I have the temporary power to become God like our father in heaven over a FUCKING COMPUTER OVER A FUCKING DOG???

What? Yeah bitch Jessie Pinkman and Hank the bad cop right who saves? gomie gomie

lol I like personalities, I like people who are sarcastic, and who are funny, and people who don’t ever give up the dream of saving the world FROM PEOPLE who are a STAIN.

So ye Orlando PD ATF Sheriff whatever I need drug immunity on paper with my 100 billion so I can bring bad girls into my life hell I will sleep with Mark if it makes him happy an orgy with Mark.

And that is life. Bisexuality all the way. I would even dump blow on the ground if I am disrespected and say ONLY METH and PILLS AND POT NO BLOW, and even talk bad about blow the dangers of blow I will convince my fans to QUIT BLOW AND TO ONLY DO METH FOR MY ADULT Audience of course, not for you kids okay don’t do it.

LOL Cuz I am kewl like that Colombia probably hates my guts LOL so meth only Gus not BLOW. with my daughters I will get them prego like Alfredo.

Video 1: Gabe killing the Zamasu scum. I will legalize pedophilia and prostitutes and drugs and we will end this stupid war. And end Hypocrisy once and for all… The baby Beerus named Gabe Gabe the Destroyer it has a nice ring to it my billions of fans can enjoy it. God bless.

Video 2: LOL Fed Doug.

Video 3: Another type of mine any of my daughters look like that?

Video 4: Lo Air-Day and Night shout out to that face she has… hum…

Video 5: Heartless oh I want to gamble and be high off meth with my billionzzzzz