Daily LIFE oh my GOD may have recordings of me. Gonna shit on the dreams of deaf boys like the pope.- Eric Cartman.

Hello brothers and sisters and fuck buddies. Anonymous fun here. Daily Life is going to be unique give it some time to kick off. Like a 14 year old slut who just found out she is getting 2 old for prostitution…

5 Videos & 2 DM Gifs Concerto! Pablo Ye, etc. the Weeknd….

4 Videos (New Album Leak) + R & Morty other topics with Phantom.

4 Videos + Phantom & Gabe Movie Comments Talk about nothing…

4 videos (American Gangster Podcast with Phantom) + Gifs

3 Epic Vids & American Gangster Custom Gif + Others

3 Videos and GIFs Daily Life

Why Do I love Pedophilia, a philosophical statement, Phantom and me talk about 2 key principals which can apply to any one

A goodbye for a whil3 + Newish Gallery + (7 Videos: Say Goodbye 2 Hollywood + Dad’s Gone Crazy by Em + Juvenile Mvideo + Beerus the God of Destruction DBSuper + Ed edd n eddy ft. Rolf where did the love go + SouthPark Margaritaville + Future Drake Big Mood Leaked Song). Take Care…

A Day in the Life of Being Godly with Phantom… + Gallery + Good message. SEXY photozzz…

A Day in the Life of Being The Devil/Shady

Ok so I am posting one of the songs I am redoing with unique lyrics same instrumental of 9th project. May keep an em verse Shhh Guess which one.

  1. I literally smoke 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes a day. I drink almost daily, I take medication Xanax, Latuda, and Oxi something which is a mood stabilizer. No not that good Oxi fucking assholes.
  2. I jerk off to child pornography because women don’t want me. They want my baby then they say good bye.
  3. To my cop fans I am sorry I am such a dick, I try to be shriveled.
  4. I do hate my life because if I am not smoking cigarettes, I watch The Great Gatsby or the other 20 movies I own over and over on repeat. I have no social life only with my brother Phantom, sometimes I talk to King. I have my mother and dad which I tolerate like roomates in my mansion. Let us be real I get the bigger cut when it gets sold.
  5. I go to work 3 times a week for 2 hours each time easy job, it is fun making the whole office be worth millions lol.
  6. I watch smelly feet videos I have a Youtube channel of my feet just TYPE augustogabe dot com foot boy or something like that old I don’t login anymore.
  7. So ye I stay at home all the time, I hate my life can I leave it here for now? But I need to hate my life because “I am never FINE and DANDY”- George Carlin. “Something is wrong with Dan he was dandy…”

Video: Marshall Mathers Lyrics (See you next time…) (Searching web for gif of ipod of young girl.) 😀 FUCKING HOT