12th Album Venezuelan Gangster Reborn Tracklist (plus 14 videos) and gifs. (Conspiracy thoughts)

The 12th album track-list My producer iQue is producing the 15 new tracks, check out his crew at Plush Studios, I give them free publicity, I once went to hit squad, I do home studios only now, I once mentioned this on a podcast, in Orlando.

Enjoy. (by the way is the sun a fake light bulb?) (and did we once have advanced technology before mankind became evil?) (isn’t that how banks manipulate money with fake identities?) That is why it is so hard for us to get inheritances you practically need to socially enter the CIA side of it. I need Sheriff Service in Orlando to stay here pay for large amounts of quantities of pot only 😉 winky face. (Good deeds to be immortal?)

(click to look and right click to save download one of my game designs bored sharing the Blood planet. For a Runescape copycat type game I spend 1 or 4 hours a day on it.)

12) Venezuelan Gangster Reborn (Lyrics)

Samples: 5 needed I will gather them for you Que.

  • Sun in the Sky Remix (for a song outro as a second song)
  • Kanye West Don’t Look Down Sample Outro
  • Chris Brown See Through Outro or hook sample
  • Rayman 2 music sounds (Outro or something)
  • Teflon Sega- Bretta Lake (Skrux remix) 


Track List: 15

Track 1: Bugatti Crime

Track 2: Puppet of Fetishes

Track 3: Final Exam

Track 4: Born to Slave

Track 5: Heavenly One

Track 6: Lucifer’s Dream

Track 7: Underneath

Track 8: Immature Intention

Track 9: Love of a Child

Track 10: No Flaws in Her Eyes

Track 11: Highest Reward

Track 12: Lake of Blood

Track 13: Skull Fuck You

Track 14: Fading Comets

Track 15: Love of The

Videos: 14 videos.

Video 1: lol the THUMBNAIL

Video 2: Duke Dumont Inhale

Video 3: Lil Wayne My Heart Races on ft. Jake troth

Video 4: Street Chains Wayne

Video 5: Wash Us In the Blood

Video 6: Trappin in Paradise


Video 8: YAYA 6IX9INE (isn’t this why kids run from the parents to party.) LOL

Video 9: Lil Wayne Pull Up ft. euro

Video 10: How come you don’t want me no more man. LOL

Video 11: AREA 51 can humans get along with aliens is NASA lying to us.

Video 12:

Video 13: Mr. Probz Waves

Video 14: DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine- Middle.