13th album lyric leaks 43 tracks, A lot of rips, dubs, tech sometimes, + 16 videos + 2 albums, and instrumentals I produced, and 12th album on the way being mastered as we speak 15 tracks. & Phantom & Gabe Hard at it.

Relapse Eminem Deluxe & Beauty Behind the Madness Weeknd

+ Some Instrumentals I am messing with I had to buy and bootleg a lot lol.

Enjoy 3 audio playlists a lot of lyrics and videos below for 13th album. + Phantom and Gabe attacking

Mark for being a pussy and not saving his client Gabe.

Message with Phantom Gen2 more shit talk from Mark O’Mara to my face, more about album 12 and 13 and the 43 tracks and other topics about relatives we hate etc. (click to listen optional to download)

13th album lyric leaks 43 tracks, A lot of rips, dubs, tech sometimes, + 16 videos + 2 albums, and instrumentals I produced, and 12th album on the way being mastered as we speak 15 tracks. & Phantom & Gabe Hard at it.

The Videos: 16

Video 1: Woa Chris Brown coming out about his real identity love it LOVE IT

Video 2: Joyner Lucas & Chris brown- Just Let Go music video

Video 3: Can You hear me Omarion ft. t pain

Video 4: Put In Work Jacquees & Chris Brown omg Chris and his twin unmasked epic

Video 5: Lmao runescape in real life 30 seconds

Video 6: Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, DMX- Danger Zone ft. The Game

Video 7: Lil Wayne Thug Life ft. Jay Jones & Gudda Gudda

Video 8: Busta Rhyme- Thank You ft. Q-Tip, Kanye, Lil Wayne

Video 9: Juice WRLD- Wishing Well

Video 10: SouLyricit- Find your Chi (Lol this is the guy who got me into rap when I was 14 Kamikaze the first beat I ever had. Love him.)

Video 11: Till I die Chris Brown ft. Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa

Video 12: Pharrell Williams- Entrepreneur ft. Jay-Z (oh thank you jay and williams but slavery was not real) lol.

Video 13: No Lights X album Japan Version

Video 14: Krazy Lil Wayne

Video 15: Future Pesos

Video 16: 2 minutes of Em Dancing

Here is the 13th album 43 track list and I am just missing like 5 or 6 songs to type (enjoy a lot of lyrics depth and fun Ripping instrumentals of my favorites again. Hope you like the unique beats i mixed.)

One Day You Could Mimic Heaven and (12 is being mixed and mastered as we speak.)

One day you could mimic heaven album 13… (Numbering + Space it all Perfectly)

  • (Dubs) & Cool sounds many, to make it variety. Producing most of it myself.
  • 43 tracks (4+ skits) inside.
  • Going to use samples, and some ripped instrumentals but half original beats or original in some way.
  • Cartman joins NAMBLA na na na around 2 min scrw u guys im going home
  • Gatsby scene
  • B4blur dangerous 3 samples
  • female vocal moans etc. (for originals for Que) Important for some Originals. Make sure a lot of background noises are low so Gabe can be heard.

10 instrumentals needed from Que the rest from Gabe:

Tracklist: 43 total.
1. Heaven is Gone (original) Instrumental needed
2. Why I am the way I am (the way i am Eminem) + NABMLA scrw u guys Cartman end
3. The Pissed off Girl (Skit) Instrumental needed
4. Billionaire Juice (No Tellin Drake)
5. See Through Her Lies (See Through Chris Brown) + Gatsby Scene at end
6. Gonorrhea 2.0 (Gonorrhea lil wayne drake)
7. The Holy Dreams (Right Above It & transition to Bill Gates wayne drake)
8. Hard Times (Fine line Eminem) (theme: captains, hood & lawyers)
9. Dark Prisoners (Prisoner the weeknd)
10. Momma Loves Me (Dark times the weeknd)
11. Saint Gabriel In The World (Nothing without you the weeknd)
12. Fallen Kings (Most Kingz jay z)
13. Just Close Your Eyes I’m Right Beside You (Some chill mixes for beat) (make one with b4 blur the 1st one of the girl singing)
14. Wait You’re Forbidden to Me (Some chill mixes for beat) (make one with same b4 blur girl bending preach sample)
15. Real Souls (original) Instrumental Needed
16. The Gatsby Boy (Crew Love Weeknd)
17. The Greatest Legend 2 (original spin off of first) Instrumental Needed
18. What if you had a million blackie skit Instrumental Needed
19. Can A Nigga Like Me (Can i drake”transition” to chill mix liquid dream sounds…)
20. Attorneys taking bribes to hide truth skit Instrumental Needed
21. Gabe Gets Molested by His demons skit Instrumental Needed
22. Stars of Heaven (Star67 Drake +Pastor Out of Jail No more Stealing skit at end)
23. Weapon of Language (Pablo Kanye west beat)
24. Piano Underwater (piano of some sort with water sounds) Instrumental Needed
25. Melody of Saints (Chris brown Bassline)
26. Trafficking Anthem (drake golden roses)
27. Shot by Human Nature (spin off of gabes Caligula) Instrumental Needed
28. Rigged Jail (Chris brown Remember My Name Sevyn)
29. Always Moving On (jay z Thank You)
30. Heavenly Blow (Chris brown Biggest Fan)

  1. Future Boy & Trouble Boy (Jay Z Off That)
    32. Nervous Demon (Wayne Don’t Cry)
    33. Can I Take a Taste? (chris brown Stuck On Stupid)
    34. No Pain (chris brown Trumpet Lights)
    35. Heaven is Here (9 Drake)
    36. When We Were Up (Pop style Drake)
    37. World Wide Rebellion (Cold Wind Blows Eminem)
    38. The Nasty Mind (kid cudi Mr. rager)
    39. Once Is Enough to Kill You (till I collapse Eminem)
    40. Full of Depression 2 (full of depression spin off) Instrumental Needed
  2. 41.Bad Dad (Eminem’s my dad’s gone crazy)
  3. 42. Paradise of Miami (club paradise drake)
  4. 43. Ordinary Life in Orlando (Ordinary Life The Weeknd)


43 Tracks with Lyrics + Notes below:


  1. Heaven is Gone (original) Instrumental needed



I come down from heaven so heavy

I go way up with my girl, so great so heavy

(Fix me a drink, Heaven is Gone, fix me a drink, I wanna be so gone) x3

(I am so Gone, so Gone, syrup and alcohol has me gone) x2

Heaven is Gone, the love of the Universe is Gone

Verse 1:

I got my fans so far gone, hit a bong

(Let the heavens sing, as I preach how its done) x2

Ellen G White was a clone of the past

At last, I can reign as Angel Gabriel over lucifer at last

(Bullet to the head like a JFK) x2

(Billionaire every day because I am a Kennedy, with an immortal head) x2

I keep singing till I reach 100 million more fans

Even if the fans are in another galaxy, in space driving vans

(I plan out my moves like the solar system, I kiss your girl like drugs are in her system) x2

So far gone, heaven is gone, so long


Verse 2:

Prove my worth in Orlando so one day Portugal

Heaven will be by my side with shapeshifters (So much justice) x5

Heaven is gone, oh I am so wrong

Cause an Uproar like Swiss Beatz

I invented my lyrics on these classic beats

(On top forever, like a rick Sanchez, but forever down to earth) x2

I get the philosophy, I cause a catastrophe, like Lord Beerus

(Immortal like Lord Beerus, sleep for 100 million years, have 100 beers) x2

Take some steroids to conquer my fears, (heaven is gone, forever so far gone) x3


Verse 3:

Tell me a thousand times how I am such a loser

(Kiss my ass as I fly away like the lunatic from The Losers) x2

(The A Team, the A Seamen, The A Dream, the A team) x2

Hit me up when you have a confession

My girl could not understand marriage is a permanent infection

(Way up in my lair, no despair, life isn’t fair, life isn’t good, you got to make it good

Heaven is gone because I took away heaven like Saint Gabriel would) x2

(Angel of judgment that is me) x5

Outro: short: lower voice here (but understandable)

Heaven is gone, so (gone) x2

(My Xanax has me so gone; heaven is so gone) x2

Heaven is Gone

Heaven is really Gone

They still can’t kill me I got the views

Heaven can’t kill me I still give the views

2. Why I am the way I am (the way i am Eminem) + NABMLA scrw u guys Cartman end

Intro: First 1:32 from Original (Eminem) +

Verse 1: (Eminem)


Chorus: From 1:35 to 2:00 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Why I am the way I am, God dam

Who could say the N word 100 times in this day and age?

Who could cuss out a radio station because that’s a phase?

(A God of the dark is what I am, psychotic Stan, watching your house with no plan) x2

Liquor in one hand, complaining about life

God on the other hand, gave up on me when I grew up in a fake life

(apparently my DNA is not good enough to have) x2

(I am not good enough to grab, so fat, so absurd, and so down on my luck) x2

(But billion-dollar dreams, tell me you losers don’t understand how to build luck) x2

Verse 2: From 2:00 to 2:50 from Instrumental (+repeat)

They treat me with a disease (I have to hide) x2

They want me down on both knees (They want me to abide) x2

By every stupid drug law there is, with drug testing like I’m a kid

Not realizing if I leave the building, I would be broke

My mother acts stupid because Mark O’ Mara is a joke

And these cops in town ignore me, because they want me to choke

The truth is hard to swallow so they don’t want to face me

Plus, if they face me, they face a reality of being a God in a cage

(So full of rage and passion, I spend it on this website for my satisfaction) x2

(I go H.A.M like my soul depends on the future, I can’t save another future

If you treat me like a retarded kid) x2



Verse 3: From 2:00 to 2:50 from Instrumental (+repeat)

I sit back will Bill Gates giving me comfort in my ear

I hear the Asian people give me advice that power is near

I feel so sick of these narcissistic brats from New York, I kissed my daughter in her rear

She visited me from New York to sit on dad’s face, pretended to be older

She wants money to live in New York, because dads face, makes him a billionaire who is colder

And meaner than the reality you can feel, I guess the devil is near me

I guess it is demonic for me to even think these thoughts

New York has more terrorism erupt, as I take as hit in Orlando and hate those business men

Because I am a business man, not a business men, and I hit Orlando with a wave of lawsuits

The God in me is arising, and the teachers around me on jury duty are finalizing my freedom

I guess it takes knocking out a stupid white kid like the one from L.A who pushed me away

To go behind bars, because everywhere I went, they pushed me away

(No education just steal his sperm he doesn’t need a dime, they want me to die every day) x2

So I am, whatever you say I am, and if I wasn’t then why would I say I am

I don’t mean to be mean but that’s all I can be is just me!

(Shady God in the building you niggas not even in front of the yard) x3



Outro South Park 2 long scenes: From 3:37 to 7:02

3. The Pissed off Girl (Skit) Instrumental needed


Make me sound Female:

I’m pissed off because I found out the world is about sperm

And I am so bad at stealing sperm, and I went to college for my degree

I thought I was doing the right thing, now I live in New York like a twat

And people ask me about Gabe and I say what an idiot

My dad even likes Gabe and I hate his guts

Plus, he shows his butt, like he is a model, but he is just a slut

I may not know how to speak because I am a bit niggerish

I probably speak so much love but they call it gibberish

I steal sperm from who I can, I am an asshole in a fat disguise

Plus, I am gonna turn these drug dealers in because even my drug venture

Went wrong, this is my diary of being a dishonest harlot

I should probably be shot, for stopping progression

I probably should stop listening to Gabe unhealthy obsession

I am just a brat, and a rat, oh please lord forgive me

I am the type of girl to say feminism all the way

I am the type of girl to say Gabe only has 2 follows, to make you mad and stay

I am the type of girl to scream about my vagina itching

Plus, my vagina is itching, all I am good at is one on one bitching

4. Billionaire Juice (No Tellin Drake)

Verse 1: From 48 seconds to 1:31 from Original (Drake)

Chorus: First 15 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

Ain’t no telling, Billionaire Juice

(Not living out a suitcase, I blow up the clubs every Tuesday) x2

Looking in the mirror, like I am really him, man am I really him?

(Just bought some blow, put the inheritance attorney through it) x2

Billionaire Juice in Orlando, the Orlando P.D has a case they can’t solve

(I guess ain’t no tellin, ain’t no tellin) x3

Verse 2: From 15 seconds to 36 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

A bunch of niggas chasing after all these women, they don’t even know

A bunch of niggas chasing after my website, then like it acting like they don’t even know

(These niggas acting like my website, they don’t even know) x3

Stay up late at night, at a hotel like old Times, park the Ferrari outside (Ain’t no tellin, smoking meth one day ain’t no tellin) x2

Billionaire Juice, Gustave flow, do it flow, no Codes of ethics out here in space

(Niggas in the army in space will shoot at you, worse than the mafia) x3

(What am I willing to give to her to get what I want tonight, a few thousand, ain’t no tellin) x2

Watch what you say to a real nigga I got the world at my feet

(Slap the hate out your voice with my stinky feet, billionaire juice toe jam nigga) x2


Verse 3: From 3:03 to 3:53 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Okay I had to switch up the flow on you niggas, shit getting to predictable

(I will never pass my physical, these drugs got me invisible) x2

Listening to Eminem’s recovery for motivation, while I am coked up and Visible

(Kanye West fell off with his old music, I wanted Graduation 2, like really nigga

Bring back the invincible) x2

Did you niggas take the summer off? I got 100 million fans my words are poetic

(Did you niggas jerk off? I Jerk off, 100 million in my vans my words are poetic) x2

I stay up late at night (thinking about life, ain’t no tellin) x2

I can be The Weeknd one day or Jay-Z the next, shit I do is to predictable


Verse 4: From 2:01 to 4:39 from Original (Drake)

5. See Through Her Lies (See Through Chris Brown) + Gatsby Scene at end

Chorus: First 1:02 from (complete) only 1. (+repeat)

I see Through Her Lies, she is treating me like I’m See Through

Just like I’m see through, my heart breaks like I’m made of glass

(Supernova the brightest star, only she motivates my heart, to beat like its pacing) x2

(I see Through her Lies like a Swazen from space) x3

Interlude: From 1:02 to 1:40 (complete) only 1 (Chris Brown)


Verse 1: From 1:40 to 2:33 (complete) only 1 (+repeat)

My desire, to see through her lies, supernova my brightest star

She can inspire, her feet can walk on the holiest star

Baby all I wanna do is save ya, (come here, come here, can you hear me, can you see me?) x3

Infrared on your heart, (baby these snipers got infrared on your heart, your my baby) x3

(All I wanna do is save ya, your my highest desire, my empire) x3


Interlude: From 2:33 to 2:58 (complete) only 1 (Chris Brown)


Verse 2: From 2:59 to 3:52 (complete) only 1 (+repeat)

She calls me the trouble boy (the highest boy) x2

George Carlin Swag boy, Divine murder underground boy

I see Through her lies of murder

I see the future of Immortality, push my limits further

(My heart breaks like I’m made of glass, girl you are, treating me like I’m see through) x2

(Put that cocaine with my purple drink to push me through, reward me babe) x3

Interlude: From 3:53 to 4:45 (complete) only 1 (Chris Brown)


Verse 3: From 4:45 to 5:38 (complete) only 1 (+repeat)

What I Gotta do for you to notice me

(I see through your lies, nobody is as cold as me) x2

With all these web designers following me

(Supernova the brightest star, you motivate my heart, to be like a Swazen) x2

(So, I put her up on a pedestal, all up under her like a basement) x2

(Baby girl do you notice me, maybe I want you to die for me) x3


Interlude: From 5:38 to 6:00 (complete) only 1 (Chris Brown)


Verse 4: Long From 6:00 to 7:48 (complete) only 1 (+repeat)

Super golden mansion from outer space

Oh, baby girl I lead these niggas into outer space (divine murder on their face) x2

What I gotta do for you to notice me, I am a felon on the run, in Portugal

(Nobody as cold as me, I am see through) x2

I’m the new Breezy, E.A.R she play hard, worship her feet

She should play God, fresh cut I’m a king call me Caesar

Listen up H.E.A.R (I could have picked her) x3

Only had one BMW at first, now I got a Bugatti View

(A couple cribs, Portugal homes, girls showing their ribs) x2

She hates me because I am becoming see through

(Forever breaking like I am made of glass, girl you are, treating me like I’m see through) x2

From 7:48 till the end: Outro: Gatsby Ending (built into the end)

6. Gonorrhea 2.0 (Gonorrhea lil wayne drake)

Verse 1: First 1:19 from Original (Lil Wayne)


Chorus: From 56 Seconds to 1:19 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Pussy ass nigga I wouldn’t wanna be ya

Yeah, I call it how I see you

(I wish I never met you, I wouldn’t wanna be you) x2

Pussy ass nigga I don’t want your gonorrhea

2nd part of Chorus: Wayne from instrumental goes here. From 1:19 to 1:45 from Instrumental (Wayne)

Verse 2: First 41 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

I’m the young god, swagga un-flawed

(I’m shitting on them like 2 girls and one cup) x2

Copyright God, sperm God, the Insane Nutso God, the Rehab God

Pussy ass nigga I don’t want your gonorrhea (Pussy ass nigga) x2

I’m so tired of balling I sleep a lot now (I let my goons rush ya, like Moscow) x2

Gun at your eyebrow, pow, pow

(Dump you in the woods, and get your camp on) x3

Diva in the room she blowing me just like a band horn

(What you wanna do, I’m all ears I am courage the cowardly dog, so far ahead

Of my time like light years) x2

Pussy ass nigga we don’t want your gonorrhea

(Orlando nigga with billions pussy ass nigga we got our food for good) x2


Verse 3: From 2:52 to 4:22 from Original (Drake & Lil Wayne)



Verse 4: From 1:45 to 2:35 from Instrumental (+repeat)

I am taking more Xanax then I probably should

(Spend court money on Lamborghinis I don’t need in Orlando

Is that to much information?) x2

I am trying to figure out, why these niggas so mad at me

(Oh, right because I can produce 20 hot tracks, while they can produce one song

With their baby mama and child at home) x2

(I will break your fucking collarbone, better pick which fucking side you on, I am getting

A Bugatti in Florida to get my camp on) x2

(Windemere Home, Marlboro Home, lets get our deception on) x3

You keep talking that shit imma see ya, (Kill your seniorita and your Mamma mia ehh) x2

Whatchyou talking about (I’m the young God, swagga unflawed) x2

(I bet I can fuck the world and make it cum hard) x3


7. The Holy Dreams (Right Above It & transition to Bill Gates Wayne drake)

Verse 1: First 57 seconds from Original (Drake)


Interlude From 1:02 to 1:33 from Original (Lil Wayne)


Oh the Holy Dreams are right above us

(The Army is right above us, as we try to escape the rat race) x2

They lie to us in the media about the race, instead of sperm and a face to face

If you ain’t running with it, run from it (Run from it you cowards) x5

Verse 2: First 1:06 from Instrumental (+repeat)

We walk down God’s path, but Jesus had different shoes

Live in the same mindset, but yet I did a better remix of Drake’s views

I got no cars to use, just yet (but court can make me so spoiled even without a Jet) x2

The Holy Dreams are coming to fruition, follow my intuition

(Determination is high even when called insane, fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me, so I pick and choose) x3

Interlude From 1:02 to 1:33 from Original (Lil Wayne)


Verse 3: From 2:00 to 2:42 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Was driving a Mercedes worth 100 grand at 17

(While they were stealing my sperm in my dreams) x2

Then I woke up feeling like Aubrey, like I just got jipped

So, I had to get arrested on a meth trip

(So, a fortune can be to my name, the holy of holies, that is me) x2

Rest in pieces you losers are mad I conquered and set them free

(Guns turn you boys into pussies, sex change, ehhhhh) x2

(And I smoke Marlboro till my inheritance comes for change, yeahh) x2

Interlude From 1:02 to 1:33 from Original (Lil Wayne)


Transition into Bill Gates Instrumental (From 3:56 till the end is full Instrumental)


Verse 1: From 3:56 to 4:11 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Welcome to the Murder show (The CIA kept me out of the Murder show) x2

While Ben Kingsley is conquering the world with a weapon

(I am becoming an international website weapon) x2

This is the Holy dream come alive

You shoot at niggas, I just shoot at them through an mp3 drive

(They say black man got shot, got shot, I say a Hispanic man got locked up, to protect crooked cops) x3


Chorus: From 3:01 to 3:32 from Original (Lil Wayne)


Verse 2: From 4:11 to 4:40 from Instrumental (+repeat) (Lower Wayne’s vocals)

Whoa they steal sperm in mental facilities, and a Bill Gates could appear

Whoa they steal sperm in personal homes, and the cops never appear?

(I think I need to save your children from mental illness, with my words) x2

I think these niggas promoting garbage in music (empty words, empty turds) x2

Yeah, just me breath to them, just let the media look to me

(I took a new platform to the top, like a young Billy Gates, if times were different

And if he looked like a god with 3 moles from outer space, young face) x3


Verse 3: From 3:36 to 4:37 from Original (Lil Wayne)



Outro: From 5:24 to 5:51 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Welcome to the Holy Dreams I am your Angel Gabriel Host

(Doug Bachelor could be listening so let’s make a toast) x2

I got Lucifer’s DNA in my blood so I flow the holy ghost

(Watch the Throne 2 is Saint Lucifer Experience, ridiculous ain’t it?) x2

(Niggas wonder why do I promote Kanye, because he is the truth ain’t he?) x2

Holy Dreams coming to fruition, Number 1 on Forbes intuition, make it to Portugal Heaven

Holy Teams coming to my circle Number 1 on Forbes intuition, make it to Portugal Heaven

(Tell the chopper to fly me up one day, into outer space, to see immortal beings) x5

Billy Gates told me in my ear to be worthy, and say holy, holy, holy

Not holy molly, my haters move slow like a rolly polly (Holy Dreams Alright, alright, alright) x3

8. Hard Times (Fine line Eminem) (theme: captains, hood & lawyers)

Verse 1: First 1:04 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat) (Topic: Captains)

Another day, another hotel, oh well the inside of it’s nice though

(As I fuck another stewardess with a blunt while shitting on the toilet) x2

The South West Airlines are waiting for me to snort my cocaine, near the toilet

My whole life is a toilet, I have plenty clones, asking me if I watch bones

(Or jokingly if I bomb others) x2

But okay another shower, another girl, another hotel, more aviation, months on end

But life is gray, they would turn me to drug showers, to look for druggie girls, at motels

(because in the end that is my life so, oh well) x3 (A captain till death) x2


Chorus: From 1:04 to 1:24 from Instrumental (+repeat) (Make His Vocals lowered) no-clash

Hard times, Hard times, (Pills, doctors, women with children with no money) x2

Hard times, Hard times, (Coke heads, rulers, dreams, psychopathic children school shootings) x2

Ooooh the Hard times, I am going Columbine on the Internet

(Ooooh it’s a fine line, a fine line, snort it to focus on my time line) x3

Verse 2: From 1:125 to 2:22 from Instrumental (+repeat) (Topic: Hood)

What is a neighborhood, what the fuck is it like?

(Sperm doesn’t exist so a billion dollars on the mic) x2

I couldn’t travel to promote the album, a million artist, we go about it differently

(I could travel to promote the album, but I got a billion reasons to think differently) x2

The Hood has no sufferings just drug dealing, while the wealthy hood locks down

More good-looking males

The Hood has so many niggas pretend suffering while they keep drug dealing and

Cops lock down more good-looking males in Jails

(So don’t blame the white men for your problems, blame the people around you then beat them over the head or solve them) x2

(Sperm is in my head okay, then I guess the media is true about all the bull they spread, so Augusto Gabe can live on as the new platform for the youth, eternal for them) x3



Verse 3: From 2:45 to 3:53 from Instrumental (+repeat) (Topic: Lawyers)

I’m a Jackass attorney waking up for another hearing today

(My name could be Nejame or Mark O’ Mara) x2 Another asshole on the way

More cocksuckers begging for funds from judges that are surrounded by guns

While real lawyers get ignored, and all of them want to dip in Augusto Gabe’s funds

(While the CIA pretends, they are fake and more FBI stings go wrong, like carrot cake) x2

So while more lawyers spread lies, and intel not needed

(Augusto Gabe suffers he has bleeded, for their sins) x2

Lawyers dance around the issues because not enough of their daughters use tissues

They all get pregnant, arrogant, and live apparent, in the mansion while they leave

Good looking males like Gabe in prison (So lawyers keep doing lines and walking the lines of right and wrong) x3



Verse 4: From 2:48 to 4:49 from Original (Eminem + ending outro)

9. Dark Prisoners (Prisoner the weeknd)

Verse 1: First 15 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

You bring good to my lonely life, honestly

(We are Dark Prisoners honey, this is the cruel world honestly) x2

I am a slave to the alcohol and Cocaine, stuck in Orlando

(All I know, we are prisoners to our addictions, we are addicted to a world

That’s so empty and so cold, we are prisoners to our decisions, woooahhh woooahhh) x2

Chorus: From 15 seconds to 43 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

(We are Dark Prisoners stuck by the wealthy at the top) x2

(Life is a false reality divided by kids who graduate to the top) x2

(We are Dark Prisoners to these doctors, and pills, it is so empty and so cold) x2

(Mind Control over the world Augusto Gabe is becoming the Warden) x3

Verse 2: From 43 seconds to 1:14 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Maybe I’ve been always destined to end up in this place

(Orlando is the coldest place, with no souls, just addicts) x2

Sold my soul to demons just so I could overcome addicts

I’m addicted to a life that’s so empty and so cold


Verse 3: From 14 seconds to 1:40 from Original (The Weeknd & Del Rey)



Verse 4: From 1:14 to 1:41 from Instrumental (+repeat)

John Tatum brought me so many pills to keep me stable from the pain

(I was a prisoner of donating since I was a child) x2

Now I have become obedient to my schizophrenic disorder

Now girls will call me a nut with a disorder, if I leave to my own Home

(Growing up so empty, so cold, Dark prisoners all over, to these doctors) x2

(Now my older daughters I can’t find, whom I want to adopt for my selfish pleasure) x2

My soul will burn slow, to get her pregnant, I am a prisoner (Oooooh) x5



Verse 5: From 3:07 to 4:23 from Instrumental (+repeat)

(The tears of the Gods fall down honestly) x2

(The New Yorkers have fears, because the Gods have asked another Gabe to be brought around) x2

(The Billionaire Gatsby is here, the dark web drug lord is near, the older me is appealing) x2

So many bad dreams (The snow hits the streets, so many bad dreams, illuminati nigga) x3

I am a Dark Prisoner, your sister, your mother, beg your father, because they are

All Dark Prisoners of the lies the Army Hides (Addiction is all we have down here) x3

10. Momma Loves Me (Dark times the weeknd)

Verse 1: First 1:07 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Waking up, in a mansion with pills and Doctors

(Drunk too much, you know what I’m like) x2

They crucified me in court, delusional nigga

(They keep me on hold, like my website is invisible nigga) x2

Only my Momma loves me, in my dark times

(My therapist for years while on standby for my fame) x2

Only my Momma loves me, in my dark times (forever persecuted) x2


Chorus: From 1:07 to 1:41 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Ohh, ohh in these dark times

Momma Loves Me, with an old drug charge, as I take charge

(Momma Loves Me, supports me when billions to my name) x2

Ooh, in these dark times (probation is a bitch) x2

In my dark times, my fantasies of nightmares come to life

But Momma I know I got problems I know

(Because the life I want is controversial as I get out of the dark times) x3


Verse 2: From 1:41 to 2:25 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Light one up, let me bum a smoke

(Cigarette has given me a dry throat, still coming down) x2

Oooh in my dark times was a drug dealer at hotels

Ooooh it wasn’t Pesos or Kilos but it was Meth and Needles

(Waking up in my dream again, lost the connectivity to what was around) x2

(Now I have to drink too much, so I can be celebrating my new life) x2

I know my lies can never make you believe

(I’ll be going back to the streets, promising everything I do not need) x2

(and only Momma loves me for me) x3



Verse 3: From 3:22 to 4:18 from Instrumental (+repeat)

In My Dark times

(Only my mother could love me for me) x2

(Delusion has become my reality, baby this is all I could be) x2

(Oooh, In my Dark Times, need more drugs in my system to avoid illegal drugs) x2

(All these Pills are for me, this oxycontin is for me) x2

(All this Vodka and Redbull is for me) x2

(Only the Lord can Save me, while I try to save others as a mental patient) x2

Only the Lord knows how to make me behave while I slave for others mental happiness

(Drunk to much you know what I’m like, but you should’ve seen the other guy) x3



Verse 4: From 23 seconds to 1:36 from Original (Ed Sheeran)



Verse 5: From 1:37 to 2:48 from Original (The Weeknd)

11. Saint Gabriel in The World (Nothing without you the weeknd)

Verse 1: First 1:18 from Original (The Weeknd)


Chorus: From 42 seconds to 1:20 from Instrumental (+repeat)

I realized I belong to you

(I create the darkness for Lucifer’s angels everyday) x2

I am Saint Gabriel in a devil’s disguise, I look like Ian Gower

I got glowing hair like (Satan’s greatest disguise) x3

Don’t stop your lovin, don’t walk out on me

I am nothing, nothing without you

(Saint Gabriel In the World, so lost, so forbidden, so cold, and so old) x3

(If I died tonight like your son, would you regret it?) x2

Verse 2: First 42 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

They think I am making an application for the great beyond

(I guess I am to see the skies of the world one day, with the CIA) x2

I am Angel Gabriel, no saint they say, because of hate

I am Angel Lucifer, one day, so they pray, to stay away, from my fate

(I am nothing, nothing, nothing, without these fans, without the schizophrenia

Every day) x2

Walking into the world is a deadly mission, help a prison (they want to beat me into submission) x2

Saint Gabriel in the world My soles are cold, frozen (Frozen Billions is old, played out) x2

But I don’t stop the music, it gets turned up

Almost like I invented music, so my lyrics get turned up (Saint Gabriel is here) x2


Verse 3: From 1:21 to 1:52 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Pick up your phone, I got a question

Is it another deadly mission for another Mr. Rager for me to?

Send them out (One death at a time) x2

The heavens open up for Saint Gabriel, and I am always here

(Legions following me, so I am always here, I am nothing without them) x3

(Angel Gabriel in a demon’s outfit) x3


Verse 4: From 1:18 to 2:51 from Original (The Weeknd)



Verse 5 From 2:31 to 3:09 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Breaking Bad is the best show to come around

Until Augusto Gabe Show came back around, to astound

(Saint Gabriel is making a comeback, I can’t cum on her back) x2

(I need to cum inside her, her head is diamond) x2

My 50 million downloads come regularly with no proof Insanity

(I am stuck in a bubble, creating a delusion to come true) x3

Saint Gabriel In the World, walking down the hall of lies

(Paying for the sins of my fathers, whom were CIA lies) x3

I am nothing, nothing, nothing without my fans

(Gotta fix the world one day, can one man make a difference) x3

12. Fallen Kings (Most Kingz jay z)

Verse 1: From 41 seconds to 1:11 from Instrumental (+repeat)

We have fallen down a loop of medication and dating

How can I pull a young one into the (ambitious cycle) x2

Most kings get their heads cut off, (Most kings) x3

See how they shit on the greats like Breezy

While niggas on YouTube like Suicide Sheep can’t play Chris Breezy

While the entertainment industry falls apart, I am sitting at home with no heart

It gets dark before reality sets in (Most kings get their heads chopped off) x3

(A lot of these young boys going to rehabs by the time they are 16) x2

(A lot of kings are old men, touching boys for sperm from rehab) x2

They want to steal the sperm of men till we are 50

While another failure at sperm theft is drinking a 40 with a wannabe 50 cent

(I am sorry I am a billionaire from the website vent) x3

Chorus: From 1:11 to 1:40 from Instrumental (+repeat)

See Chris Breezy, the fallen lord of vocals

(See the Masks they wear the Illuminati is reaching out with vocals) x2

See Jay-Z and Kanye fall out for another Watch the Throne

(Watch more Billionaires lie about the heavenly throne, while you pray one day someone like me will throw your kid a bone) x2

Keep climbing, the fallen kings, Graduation fell off Kanye became private

Keep climbing, the fallen kings, Graduation 2 is probably for the private

(Fallen Kings, we have become a joke, to vote is to say I have no soul) x2

The game is all rigged and we are a joke, so joke to yourself

Fame is the hall in which I picked a joke, to immortalize myself

(Fallen Kings will rise again) x5

Verse 2: From 41 seconds to 1:11 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Inspired by Elijah, from Doug Bachelor, my chariots made of fire

They take me to heaven (I set the internet on fire) x3

How many holy deeds? (Many holy deeds, many nigga) x2

How many holy choices can one make?

(How to avoid a shutdown or a raid, because the media hates kings) x3

How do you keep faith in the Billionaires and Millionaires you love?

How do you tell ignorant judges, probation isn’t love?

(Most kings get their heads cut off, society became a joke, so the bible fell off, now deals with lucifer are prominent, so I get my enemies heads cut off) x3

Life is a joke like a bag of coke, so live in the moment, keep on climbing, like a king or queen

(The kings, the the kings) x3


Verse 3: From 39 to 1:42 from original (Jay-Z)



Verse 4: From 2:02 to 3:08 from original (Jay-Z)



Outro: From 1:42 to 2:00 from original (Chris Martin)

(Repeat 3 times)

13. Just Close Your Eyes I’m Right Beside You (Some chill mixes for beat) (make one with b4 blur the 1st one of the girl singing)

Verse 1: First 35 seconds from (Just Close Your Eyes) (+repeat)

Just Close your eyes, Augusto Gabe is right beside you

(Be like Gabe so a Mark Zuckerberg can find you) x2

Love will find you, love is behind you, feel the pain

Ooohh, alone at last (I love her just like my past) x3

Ooohh Miami memories (Childhood gone, psychotic child past) x3

Just close your eyes, it will be alright (Gabe will find you) x2


Chorus: From 35 seconds to 1:16 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (she sings)


Verse 2: From 1:17 to 2:00 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (+repeat)

Tell me where you wanna go, (you got the gun in your hands) x2

(You can be on the attack, the future is yours) x2

Show me what you wanna see, you keep them secrets you don’t

Need to keep, you ran out of time (don’t step over the line) x3

(I know you think you wanna fall, but if I could really give it all, if we started

Off blind, I could make you mine) x3

Take a chance on the one, take the gun, pull it out for some fun

Make a splash (Be a lil wayne make a mixtape twice) x2

(Be a star, superstar, Lupe Style) x2


Chorus From 2:00 to 2:39 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (she sings)

Interlude from 2:39 to 3:37 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (He sings)


Verse 3: From 3:37 to 4:19 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (+repeat)

A woman watching the telly all alone will fade into a pitch

(Watch Japan make more mistakes in the sky, because drugs aren’t legal) x2

Watch me become a jump man here in Florida, (Way up with syrup) x3

I took these niggas out the hood with my words

(I will inspire the youth to speak true words, like a prophet of old) x2

Enoch walking with God, that would be me day in day out

Heaven could watch me (but it is a sin for me to be revealed) x3

So, close your eyes, love will find you, and I am a God beside you

(But a Devil is my disguise while I am an angel underneath) x2

(I can rip so many instrumentals, I am the way I am, underneath) x2

Ooooooh, I can sing more notes

Oooooooh, can a Fine China remix happen in quotes?

Can a nigga like me continue growing, (hang you niggas after I teach you the ropes) x5


Chorus From 4:20 to 5:33 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (she sings)

(I can sing a short freestyle before she comes in 30 seconds I have)

Verse 4: From 5:33 to 6:06 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (+repeat)

When you wish on a star, you wish to be far

NASA keeps the truth so hidden, because it is legal to kill in the forbidden

(Aliens aren’t the issue, a Kirk who is a mental patient needs a tissue) x2

The truth about aliens is they created us for one purpose

The purpose of love, and to go beyond that is danger

(The purpose of Earth is to go up and above, and beyond, in danger) x2

Girl my dreams take me down, you can take me down, down, down

(These haters are running out of time, they stepped over the line, time to take them out, out, out) x3

(Angels will take us down, down, to the heavenly path, one day) x2


Chorus: From 6:06 to 6:43 from (Just Close Your Eyes) (she sings)

14. Wait You’re Forbidden to Me (Some chill mixes for beat) (make one with same b4 blur girl bending preach sample)

Verse 1: First 48 seconds from (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

Young Nigga Preach, preach, preach

I’m in Miami at a Hotel with my Bugatti

(On so many pills and cocaine, like my friends in Orlando left me) x2

I am not ready for prison participation

I live with billionaire sperm anticipation

Sorry for the miscommunication

(I need a drink and some Grey Goose would do, you know what I’m trynna do) x2

(I got more blow then a fat girl with a pouch, Young nigga preach) x3


Verse 2: From 48 seconds to 1:55 from (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

I don’t care, I never did

She is a devil (Glass dress, lady in the glass dress) x2

Hold on, bring it here, to Gabe baby (Forever) x2

You are Forbidden to me, little lady (Forever) x2

Oh baby preach, preach, preach, preach (Stuck in the 407) x3


Interlude From 1:55 to 2:10 from (Ur Forbidden to Me) (She is singing)


Verse 3: From 2:10 to 2:52 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

Oh baby preach, preach, preach I am not the black bill gates

But I am not ya ordinary, ordinary, My mother is a bitch born in February

(Plus I preach, preach, I sing on the beat, and rap slow preach preach) x2

Girl lets go do some blow, don’t have to guess how I know

(She keep it wet like tsunami, She think she sunk the Titanic

I get her hot like Wasabi, I think I’mma pop one for you, drink one fuck you) x3


Interlude From 2:52 to 3:54 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (She is singing)


Verse 4: From 3:54 to 4:36 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

Still in Miami, most of these girls are too messy like Adrianna

Iv’e got to do some reflecting (I need to find one out here that is good at

Taking direction) x2

I am convinced that my calls are being recorded (they want my sperm) x3

So hit my assistant, to get me the message, and make the connection like brrrr

(Look I’,m on that wave tonight, I hope you not the crazy type, yeah) x2

(I’m in your tate tonight, I might just break the bank tonight, yeah) x2

PND ain’t with the ray tay, you know Jay Wray, got girls here going

Way, way, way, way, way, way Sin city trip the pay day

(So golden off the heavenly path) x2 Man you can’t afford me

Being Augusto is one think, being Augusto Gabe is a whole different story

(Being Augusto Gabe is a whole different story, sorry babe) x2


Interlude From 4:36 to 5:36 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (She is singing)


Verse 5: From 5:36 to 6:19 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

Niggas is all in their feelings these days

(You niggas all in your feelings these days copying drake) x2

(I just take the lyrics to make a billion-dollar pound cake) x2

(But hearing the scripture with that many sixes you should be afraid) x5

Because Gabe is the true prophet

While you go listen to more false prophets

(Law of Attraction in the universe, drink got me in my feelings these days) x3


Interlude From 6:19 to 7:06 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (She sings noises)


Verse 6 From 7:06 to 7:50 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (+repeat)

Going way way way up, Oh baby (Eminem is singing about Ray J to make a classic) x2

So who are these artist making 1,000 songs about life (Ricky Martin Life is all you need) x2

Play More Life at Sedona prison my punishment for insanity

(Scorpion flow, prison flow, oh the Weeknd just possessed Gabe for this verse

To be a Snow child, a super snow child) x2

These entertainers sounding way, way, way bad

(Gabe makes your girl way, way, way glad) x2

(Young nigga preach, preach, preach, Gabe spread the word) x5


Interlude From 7:50 to 8:50 (Ur Forbidden to Me) (She sings)

15. Real Souls (original) Instrumental Needed

Verse 1:

The Lyricism is way up, like an Atheists Cynicism

(I receive criticism from idiots claiming victim) x2

While I start the flames below your life

(You niggas are on your way to no life) x3

Real Souls, real people are all around (The Soul is inside our brain, remove the pain) x2


Real Souls (the international one, the brave one) x2

Real Souls (We bring people together, we make the websites last forever ever) x2

Real Souls (She has those nice stinky feet for my insane fetish) x2

Real Souls (The billionaires can sing to my music because I inspire every fetish) x2

(Real Souls, the Holy 3 moles, sponge bob goals childish goals) x5

Verse 2:

Real ways niggas lose it all is by talking bullshit, and loving the fall

Real ways niggas gain it all is by talking true shit, and letting the world hear it all

(The law of attraction, the satisfaction of the greatest one, I am the greatest one

The holy one, the bounty hunter guardian) x3

Fall down and just relax

Take a Xanax so you can just chillax (listen to Amazing Facts) x2

Enjoy life, enjoy the ride


Verse 3:

No more musicians these days, coming true these days

So much bull coming out every which way, companies sinking and broken

So much bull coming out every which way, (Life is becoming difficult for the wicked, as they fall down out of place) x3

I rise with a God’s face, I looked at God in the face, the fire embraces me

(I can walk through fire, I can see you are a liar, I can tell haters are for hire) x2

(Real Souls in Miami, prostitutes in Miami giant phanny, tiny phanny) x2

I am the Tyrannical God of Miami in Orlando causing a tsunami

(Forever real souls, real souls, 3 holy moles, courage the cowardly dog forever) x5


16. The Gatsby Boy (Crew Love Weeknd)

Verse 1: First 32 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

Chorus: From 33 seconds to 1:25 from Instrumental (+repeat)

The Gatsby Boy, Crew Love from Central Florida Boy

(Oh the end of the world is near, fix your attitude) x2

Girls loving the Gatsby Boy, Millions of downloads for me the trouble boy

(Fantasy living till delusions become fatality, and reality boy) x3

Verse 2: From 1:25 to 2:00 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Not Straight as in Highschool and flunked a grade

But I obeyed the voice that Kept calling me to upgrade

(I fell for the lust of life; insanity became my reality) x2

Now the future is becoming golden, now humility is spoken, once was unspoken

Now an Angel can match with a God in a game of chess

Now Angels can attach to Shady God in this game of who does Journalism the best


Verse 3: From 2:00 to 2:37 from Instrumental (+repeat) Lower Weeknd Vocals

Smoking weed could end me up in a rehab under light projectors

Reality set in, while they steal my sperm in rehab while cops are protectors

Then a drug charge, and motivation saved me from it all

(But it was vital to have meth in my possession, even though it was fun demon possession) x2

The pieces fell into place, and billions to my name

What a shame, (so many young guys will not get a glorious name, Kirk Kobaine did it to myself) x2

(Oh, these girls loving the crew, they loving iQue, they loving the swag, ripped instrumentals

10 more ripped ones, Gabe will kill you on your own song) x3

I bite their swag just to make it fresher

(I bite their swag just to make it fresher, like a Shady baby, the Gatsby boy

Down here on earth raising hell if you don’t give me heaven) x5


Verse 4: From 24 seconds to 2:42 from Original (as outro)

17. The Greatest Legend 2 (original spin off of first) Instrumental Needed



How can you tell if someone is a legend, you look them eye to eye, don’t cry

Just watch them fly, oh baby I need that insight in my life

Verse 1:

They wanted a black man to go to school for a degree

While cops sell kilos of cocaine with no degree

While white boys go to rehab for sperm exchange

While Hispanic boys go to rehab and get called deranged

While more black people fake being shot, spreading bull

Black lives matter movement was shot down by Gabe, my gun I did pull

(They cry for more money for drug habits) x2

At least I can be open about mine, like Shady God or as Gabe a regular guy


Verse 2:

Walking on a glorious beach with immortals along my side on another planet

The scientist is trying to give a blow job so she can do cocaine and get fucked every day

Glorious dreams are made fun of by those who teach, while I take off to another planet

Then after giving her blow job, she realizes she has been duped, hot Miso Soup

She can’t afford a Mercedes Coupe, she failed at trying to get ahead for being a feminista

Plenty of those feministas will fail, because lying is all they did to get ahead

(While I come out of court with a Bugatti coupe to my name) x2

While plenty of those feministas will hate the out of planet music Gabe makes

With my websites 10,000-year reign

The Gatsby Boy, ohh my Pink Shirt old sport (I fucked your girl old sport) x3



(How can you see a legend when you a nigga eye to eye?) x2

(Besides the fact that a legend can’t fly) x2

(How do you confront people eye to eye) x2

(How do you get high when you are infatuated with the pill) x2

(The Greatest Legends fade away over time) x2

Oh, they say delusions are coming my way

I just pray they don’t say this sort of bull every day to a holy child on the way

(Treat those how you wish to be treated, it is better to be rich and defeated, then to be broke and conceited, so many of these niggas are broke and conceited) x5


18. What if you had a million blackie skit Instrumental Needed


Make me sound like a blackie and a southern racist + Narrator dark voice at end.

Racist: Oh, I can give a million dollars…

Blackie: Please me mister, I have been struggling with the ashtray I am so ashy

Racist: That is a lot of dough, you sure you can handle it blackie

Blackie: I had 10 grand once from a fake lawsuit and I spent it all on Heroin

Racist: Honestly your life is cleaned up blackie, I like it blackie

Blackie: Oh please Mr. give me the million I will give 2 dollars to every black person I see to save up for a hit

Racist: Okay will you do me one favor please.

Blackie: Yes sure, what do you need.

Racist: I need you to pretend like you are a slave, so we can hide the truth

About heaven and about life, we need young white boys as slaves in the future.

Blackie: I guess I can, so make whiteys slaves? Okay.

Gabe Narrator: Concept of this script was to introduce you to the fact that 1,000s of young men will be targeted by mental facilities known as rehabs to steal sperm and not give them a penny. And on top of that they will call racism and act like clowns in court not to shell out the millions or billions in inheritances for these young men, so how do we prevail, when porn is illegal, and how do we prevail with the ones we trust? Simple, we must be honest people, slavery is sort of made up, but we allow entertainers like Jay-Z to joke about it, the reality is, our masters are our parents, our bank, our career advisor, etc. So be your own man become an entrepreneur, and keep it real like Gabe to be real and stop selling shitty content, be a free man, so the universe acts with love, don’t be a blackie with a million on the loose.


19. Can A Nigga Like Me (Can i drake “transition” to the mix built into the instrumental)

Verse 1: First 50 seconds (+repeat) (you may have to space out can I baby a bit)

(Can I) (no lyrics) (Baby)

(Can I) Can A Nigga Like Me (Baby)

(Can I) Be 500 million up for you (Baby)

(Can I) Tell Me Who the fuck you wanna be (Baby)

(Can I) I am not your Elon or Bill (Baby)

(Can I) Cocaine is why you complain (Baby)

(Can I) Being Augusto Gabe is a pain (Baby)

(Can I) Captains listen to me on a plane (Baby)

(Can I) Hotel Staff Spies on my legacy (Baby)

(Can I) But you’re just a girl (Baby)

(Can I) So what kind of girl you trynna be? (Baby)

(Can I) Bring you to Heaven where I really stay (Baby)

(Can I) Have you shot if you try to stay (Baby)

(Can I) I am just kidding baby (Baby)


From 55 seconds to 1:03 of instrumental (Drakes “Tell me who the fk…”) +

(Interlude of Drake & Beyoncé) From 10 seconds to 50 seconds of Original


Verse 2: First 50 seconds (+repeat) (you may have to space out can I baby a bit)

(Can I) Can A Nigga Like Me (Baby)

(Can I) Be down for a slut like you (Baby)

(Can I) Tell Me Who the fuck you wanna be (Baby)

(Can I) I am not your Savior (Baby)

(Can I) Tell me your secrets (Baby)

(Can I) Being Augusto Gabe is a pain (Baby)

(Can I) They tried calling me insane (Baby)

(Can I) Let me hit it with your friend on your knees (Baby)

From 55 seconds to 1:03 of instrumental (Drakes “Tell me who the fk…”) +

(Interlude of Drake & Beyoncé) From 52 seconds to 1:23 of Original

Verse 3: First 50 seconds (+repeat) (you may have to space out can I baby a bit)

(Can I) I wanna open up to you (Baby)

(Can I) In my Bugatti, feet up (Baby)

(Can I) Billionaire Boy inside you (Baby)

(Can I) Tell me who the fuck you wanna be (Baby)

(Can I) Aubrey Graham, Adrien Grenier (Baby)

(Can I) Ari Gold, Andrew Gower (Baby)

(Can I) The media is calling out to me (Baby)

(Can I) Let me fill your 3 holes, so shut up (Baby)

Outro: Playing out from 1:36 till 7:16 of Instrumental

A mix I made as the outro.

20. Attorneys taking bribes to hide truth skit Instrumental Needed


Characters: Girl Attorney, Public Defender, & Felon who is cute male.

+ Narrator

G.A: (thought to self I just got out of a coke party and I am so cool, the guys love me.)

P.D: Hey buddy I am here visiting you, your attorney is arriving to explain the real world to you, cook you up a deal, not like the meth you cooked to be in here.

Felon: Look I am just a good-looking guy on the wrong, end I was just selling not cooking.

P.D: Well even if a judge bought that I don’t know how else to explain it. You got to fake your death it could be important; I know you have family and all that.

Felon: But I could lose everybody I ever loved, and they all do meth, so what is your point.

P.D: Well still this is life, you take a plea.

G.A: Sorry I am late, I was with my husband, listen meth is bad for you, don’t you understand it is not good?

Felon: So, let me go to trial, I will take my chances, I want to understand why the hate?

G.A: It doesn’t work like that, we speak for you, we do all that for you.

P.D: You should listen to her she knows what she is saying, with me you would have to serve a sentence you wouldn’t like.

Felon: I will take the sentence, I guess, I don’t like the plea of disappearing.

Narrator: and the Felon lived happily ever after still selling meth with Drug immunity

To the community, and life moved on. With happier relationships.

21. Gabe Gets Molested by His demons’ skit Instrumental Needed


Characters: Demons deep voice & Gabe bitch voice

Gabe: Oh, stop touching me I just want to sell my soul to the CIA

Demon: No such thing Gabriel (You lost the privilege) x2

Gabe: What did I do wrong? I was just messing around. I just wanted to sing

I just wanted to be good and what I do is that a crime?

Demon: You did not give full credit to lucifer for helping you with your vocals

And with young boys that you may need to touch as you get older as the ritual goes

Gabe: But I just wanted intelligent entertainment nothing bad…

Demon: Oh well, it will end for you if we see you in Hell, you better flee

To the heavens in Portugal in those stupid songs you keep singing

Like your better than everybody else, prove it Gabe.

Gabe: I’ll try to prove it, I’ll try, I promise I will do good so I don’t burn in hell

Demon: Good then you have learned the lesson of greatness and humility

Now take that message with you to the millions of invisible audience members

Before you reach the hunger game audience members in your lifetime.

22. Stars of Heaven (Star67 Drake +Pastor Out of Jail No more Stealing skit at end)

Verse 1: First 1:25 from Original (Drake & Wayne)

Chorus: First 17 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

The Stars of heaven are blowing up (The angels are singing up) x2

We keep blowing up, blowing up the internet every track

(Blowing up, my niggas and me really need the whole thing) x5

Stars of Heaven align, forever they align

Verse 2: From 17 seconds to 52 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

Brand new LaFerrari can’t wait to let it go

(Walk up in my own home because it is my own label, oh sperm money got me this new home?) x2

(Walk up in the court room delusional but fully grown) x2

Niggas know I’m credible, ain’t no pussy on a pedestal, voice mail

Say she ready though, let her know I read it though

(Got my foot on Mercedes Benz pedal doing 90 on the bridge like nigga you already know) x3

Cocaine nights, the stars of heaven align, Orlando nights with bribes by my new bed

(Oh, visions of them calling for the time, when I can be brave in the head, brave boy) x3


Verse 3: From 52 seconds to 1:24 From Instrumental (+repeat)

Now I am flying higher than ever before

Like a whore from Bob’s Burgers who thought she owned the Store

I got the bunny ears on me like louis, she is so young to be my little whore

(The feelings of alcohol and anger I pour) x2 John Taffer promotes me to girls

Who work as a whore?

Kanye puts my music on the plane to show the captains what’s in store

(I got millions of listeners like Howard Stern, with no meth burn) x2

Oh, the cops have told me in court delusional so wait my turn

(Forever real, pray the fakes get exposed, and we live forever man) x3


Interlude: From 1:25 to 2:48 from Instrumental (no repeat) Before Verse 4.

Verse 4: From 1:48 to 2:46 (+repeat)

I don’t think you get how the Stars of Heaven come down

(When I sing in my closet iQue can frown, as I clown around) x2

I got the masses listening to me like we all live in a small town

(I pulled a Dr. Phil on they ass, and made them have a meltdown) x2

I pulled my dick out of the earth to fuck

I pulled my sick thoughts out of this earth, for luck, I created my own luck

(Who said you can’t create your own luck, enemies are told Good luck, suck me off if you want me to be like oh fuck to be like another Chris Breezy on the loose) x2

120 on the bridge my Bugatti flies off into the water

(Resurrected back to life, trying to get back my older daughter) x3

Now we blowin up, I can sing 100 scenarios and I am still blowing up

I do it for the love of it (Let your kid follow in my footsteps for Godliness) x2

I created The Stars of Heaven I am the Alpha and Omega

Represented by an evil shit named O’Mara


Verse 5: From 1:25 to 2:50 (Drake)



Outro: From 2:48 to 3:45 from Instrumental (no repeat)

I do better with the rider in my system

Oh yeah, I’m on deck, when you call me, I’ll listen then

(I smoke cigarettes with alcohol, it’s tradition) x2

I listen Unless I been mixin’, you know when I’m mixin

And I don’t mean mastering and mixin

(I knew the Stars of heaven would make my dreams come true, I been had these visions) x2

(Oh, these ashy niggas singing my music, I guess I passed the Media Tradition) x3

23. Weapon of Language (Pablo Kanye west beat)

24. Piano Underwater (piano of some sort with water sounds) Instrumental Needed

25. Melody of Saints (Chris brown Bassline)

26. Trafficking Anthem (drake golden roses)

27. Shot by Human Nature (spin off of gabes Caligula) Instrumental Needed

28. Rigged Jail (Chris brown Remember My Name Sevyn)

29. Always Moving On (jay z Thank You)

30. Heavenly Blow (Chris brown Biggest Fan)


  1. Future Boy & Trouble Boy (Jay Z Off That)

Chorus: From 53 seconds to 1:11 of Instrumental (+repeat)

Tell these niggas on top to get off me

(I am the future boy, so past all these old niggas) x2

(I am the trouble boy, so infatuated with Sad hoes) x2

You niggas just discovered the sun is a light bulb

Sorry phantom and me are off that

You niggas just discovered religion is why Covid 19 is fake

Sorry phantom and me are off that

(Gonna be the Future Boy, fuck your future girl) x2

(Gonna be the Trouble Boy, Red Soul in a black soul world boy) x2

Verse 1: First 50 seconds of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Oh, Nigga how can you control the future if you can’t call NASA out

Oh, my nigga, how can you be a mole, if your face mask is always out

(Forever rising into a new dream, Future boy, I control the future boy) x2

(20 million new kids will look up to me one day boy, future boy) x2

They have me way up, way up, they hold my title way up

(Future Bill Gates controlling the world with my simple Computer) x2

(Future boy, oh I am the see-through future boy) x3


Verse 2: First 50 seconds of Instrumental (+repeat)

Trouble is on the way, aliens gave Woody the Woodpecker away

(Trouble boy, I am a troubled boy, aliens look after me every day) x2

I was a jumper boy, could kill any nigga in Cuba with shark’s boy

Teleport out this world boy, they stole my sperm boy

(So many of my children are 20 or older boy) x2

Get me out of trouble need a Mod Ash around the corner

(Asia is so bad at murder; they can’t see out the corner) x3

(But my nigga we are all off that, Trouble Boy, and future boy) x2


Verse 3: From 2:30 to 3:10 Jay-Z




Verse 4: From 1:07 to 1:30 Drake (outro)

(repeat 3 times)

32. Nervous Demon (Wayne Don’t Cry) (Remove any tags in this song Que)

Verse 1: First 1:20 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

I am making you a Nervous Demon, exposing the truth

(Oh, I can act like a demon, to expose you to the forbidden fruit) x2

Her ass is shaped like a smile, (But these police officers protect murder

so, I can’t always smile) x3

Life is about the war in heaven down on Earth, the good and bad

(I became good and bad and confused the nervous demons like your pathetic dad, who hates my work because I’m a billionaire dad) x2


Chorus: From 1:25 to 1:58 from the Original

Verse 2: From 1:30 to 2:00 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

Women may carry the future in the womb, but who is going to resurrect the tomb

Of the Gods, (Who will rise to the occasion of being in charge) x2

(Which one of you is okay with catching a drug charge) x2

You know I am a nervous God, because I need to look like a nervous demon

The nerves of that demon, telling me I can’t fuck him in the ass, because

I outranked his family class, talking in my sleep is fun

(I outranked your family tree, your family tree steals sperm for fun, I hope they get

Shot by a gun) x5


Verse 3: From 3:24 to 3:40 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

When you wake up and stop depending on the people around you

(That is a realization, not intimidation, true determination, rise with a nation) x2

Your kid will view you as God, while men playing God destroy or rebuild a nation

While girls’ whore themselves to guys that should be me at hotels by the pool

While teachers who teach little girls, are doing cocaine at nice houses by the pool

(While life is collapsing far as a God I sure do think, don’t blink, just overthink with a drink) x2

Nervous God indeed, not a Nervous Demon, you Nervous Demons are mad

I can beat you at your own game, your girlfriend wants sea men, and I am

The lottery winner with seamen

(Let Shady God be the best Demon he can be, because a word is just a word) x5



Verse 4: From 1:59 to 2:53 from the Original

33. Can I Take a Taste? (Chris brown Stuck on Stupid)

(The instr. Notes) No Chorus Use my Remake Instr.

1st 25 seconds intro good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 1) Lower Chris Vocals

2nd 25 second till 40 seconds (Chris)

3rd 40 seconds till 1:25 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 2) Lower Chris Vocals

4th 1:25 till 2:20 (Chris)

5th 2:20 till 3:16 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 3) Lower Chris Vocals

6th 3:16 till 4:26 (Chris)

7th 4:26 till 5:11 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 5) Lower Chris Vocals

8th 5:11 till the end play out as intended

9th Add 2:52 to 3:55 from Original (Repeat 3 times as outro)


Verse 1:

Can I take a Taste, baby girl you look like Riri

(Can you see me; can you be with me?) x2

Just a taste of heaven, Heavenly flow as I go down the road

Must face heaven, Devilish flow, as I rise above the roads

(I play the fool all the time, because I love you) x3

Verse 2:

Babe What your beauty does to me, all that brain so insane (so insane) x3

Make me forget about your faults, (I hope you forgive mine) x2

Only human on the surface (The enemies would crucify our loved ones above the surface) x2

You do no wrong in my eyes (You are the prize, Can I take a Taste, of your ass with cocaine) x5

Verse 3:

They say everybody plays the fool sometimes

(I guess we all play the fool sometimes) x3

And I play the fool, if I’ve got to, I don’t mind

I’ll be the best damn fool for you no lie

(And girl I lose it every time) x5

Verse 4:

There’s something about you, baby (Something bout you) x3

And I swear it drives me crazy? (Can I take a Taste of that ass with cocaine?) x3

(Can I put my face in it, 5 times over? Don’t say bend over, I need a do over, just do it

Get it over with) x5

You got me stuck on stupid (I’m stuck on stupid for you, look what you do to me) x3

It’s confusing how you do it, it’s like you take my heart

And glue it to your soul (Let me take a taste of your lips after the salad tossing) x3

Verse 5:

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh

(You drive me crazy; can I take a taste of your love?) x3

The real protect the real, the frauds get exposed forever (forever) x3

Oh, baby you know I would give anything for you

(Let me take a taste because I want to be stuck to you) x3

(You’re a real one a loving one, not a fraudulent one) x3

Outro after (my instrumental ends from Original) (Repeat 3 times)

2:52 to 3:55 is the outro from the Original.

34. No Pain (Chris brown Trumpet Lights)

(The instr. notes) No Chorus Use my Remake Instr.

1st 14 seconds intro

2nd 15 second into 22 seconds Chris

3rd 23 seconds Chris Ooh till 31 seconds good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 1)

4th from 32 seconds till 44 seconds Chris

5th from 45 to 1:18 Chris and others

6th from 1:19 to 1:33 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 2)

7th from 1:34 to 1:59 Chris and others

8th around 2 minutes till 2:05 Ooh again good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 3)

9th etc. can let all play out. As is intended

10th Add from 2:11 to 2:40 from Original

Verse 1:

Time to celebrate like we just touched down

A billion dollars going down, such a clown

Painful lies in my mind so my sanity Is compromised

No Pain, No Pain with this lifestyle

Baby baby, get down with that doggy style

(Fuck me like I am a computer, corrupt file

Reset me like a Windows 10, you are a 10) x3

Verse 2:

Babe I will care for you, and hear your body cry

(I will slip and fall in that pussy no lie, no compromise) x5

(Killing These other entertainers on a silly Sound Cloud, watch a God like me Rise, Worth a Billy

And they are looking silly) x3

Verse 3:

Hey little mama all that ass in them pance

Venezuelan and Brazilian with the Spanish accent

Drop it like your single, even though you got a man

(We are getting ready to party let me show you how) x3

Outro after (my instrumental ends from Original)

2:11 to 2:40 is the outro from the Original.

35. Heaven is Here (9 Drake)

Chorus: First 17 seconds of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Heaven is down here on earth

These parents give birth, while I unearth

The truth about life, about life, momma would be mad about my new life

Heaven is Here, (Heaven is forever, and ever, like a crystal floor in Heaven from the book of Enoch, I sing like The Weeknd no Tupac) x3

Verse 1: From 17 seconds to 1:38 of Original Drake verse



Verse 2: From 1:35 to 1:53 of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Trying to kill me with hell fire down here on earth

Flying alive here down on earth, to show you how to get it

(Just to show you how to get it, how to respect it) x3

Collages act like I do no good, because I wanted to get out the hood

(I rise above the flames with my medication, and a doctor) x2

They give me loyalty and I don’t got to pay for it

(I turn Orlando upside down its Miami now) x2

All these handouts, man it’s getting out of hand

(Billionaire Sponge Bob, just grab my hand) x2



Verse 3: From 2:34 to 2:54 of Instrumental (+ repeat)

I say I so many times they kicked me out of heaven

I am a watcha talking bout nigga (Go figure) x4

I am a crazy sympathetic nigga (Pull a trigger) x4

They are still trying get to me for my sperm (my DNA is hidden) x4

Heaven has space shuttles to different galaxies

(I am down here in a lab with Lucifer, playing with pills that mess with my realities) x3

Funny because I did more on my website then I should

(Out of Sedona prison, so now freedom is mine) x2

(If these FBI agents don’t have a story these days, they will make one) x3


Verse 4: From 2:34 to 2:54 of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Soon their gonna act like I can do no good

To keep the message of Wayne and Porn stars all good

I sing about real struggle not niggas in the hood

If these haters don’t have a story these days, they will make one

I can never get away from it, I get loyalty from the heavens

And my content they don’t have to pay for it

I am royalty to the truth, so I would die for it

But I will probably be immortal, because in Heaven people die for it

(I should start telling these niggas get it how you can) x2

(Just to show the 50 million viewers what it takes to be alive for it) x2

(I will drive the Bugatti 1,000 times only paid 2.5 for it) x3

Outro is 3:44 to 4:15 of Original (+ repeat)

So, it is Gabe freestyling (on top of drake’s background)

36. When We Were Up (Pop style Drake)

Chorus: From 0 seconds to 30 seconds of the Original (Drake & Gabe First)

When We Were Up, I was your God, Augusto Gabe.com is under attack by Covid 19

(When we were up) x3 Tell My Mom, I love her if I do not make it (extend me if needed)

(Then Drakes part.)


Verse 1: First 25 seconds of the Instrumental (+repeat)

Dropped outta school now Gabe is becoming dumb rich

Got arrested on Meth so now I can fuck a coke bitch

Orlando cops got me surrounded, I’m on some dumb shit

(I fucked your girl I am sorry that’s an accident) x2

Got so many pills they call me Doctor Tatum

And I like to finish what you think you started

You weren’t on Breaking Bad so stop acting retarded


Verse 2: From 25 seconds to 55 seconds of the Instrumental (+repeat)

When we were up we came up with brilliant ideas, but going solo made it work

So many niggas out of work, so cops provide drug dealing work

I no longer make meth disappear, so I can eat out a prostitute’s rear

I live with no fear, God by my side as I become one over time

All I do is hang with the young and heartless

I live with some fear while on pills because John Tatum taught me

To be old and heartless

(Man, I try my hardest, maybe I should sell a 100-million-dollar website, for 10 dollars, and go work at target, like my haters want me to do) x3


Verse 3: From 2:22 to 3:10 of the Instrumental (+repeat)

Oh, like I will not take care of those below me

Listen homie, I have 3 close friends I must bestow them a little me

To sanctify your transgressions, iQue Jose, Phantom, Wesley Adams, and

Web Master Archer, stay in Orlando no departure

I sanctify your transgressions, in this Vodka as a celebration

I live in faith and determination so my music is Christian with a bit of George Carlin Imitation

(I can fuck all the Jagex Mods with no limitation, let me start with the blondes) x2

To be me is like being Ian Gower and Ari Gold put together

Every day is my birthday, Courage the Dog immortalized me forever

Open safe to show I am the God Augusto Gabe write the captains an open letter

(So well put together, I got smelly feet from the floor, your girlfriend is a whore, she smells them

While I fuck her till, she’s soar) x2


Verse 4: From 30 seconds to 1:37 of the Original (Drake)



37. World Wide Rebellion (Cold Wind Blows Eminem)

Verse 1: From 44 seconds to 1:39 of the Original (Eminem)


Chorus: First 24 seconds from the Instrumental (+repeat)

The World Wide Rebellion is happening starting with Jeremy Wade

(Shooting motherfuckers in the swamp) x2 The soldiers in Thailand who listen to Gabe

The babe who listens to me at a rave, promoted by Calvin Harris, because celebs are fans

The World Wide Rebellion, (I am the only goose standing, stick my dick in a circle, but I’m not fucking around) x3

(Go ahead, fucking hater push me, I told you ain’t no fucking way to sush me) x2


Verse 2: From 25 seconds to 1:15 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

How long will Gabe be this way, till Chapter 2 happens and the money comes along

My ass shown in a red thong, the reason why you can’t be an entertainer is because no balls

You are yelling at empty halls (You entertainers in Los Angeles are going through delusion every day, while they steal your sperm every day) x2

While mine is harder to access and worth millions, but anyway

(I rise in profit, the world wide rebel, while you aren’t even at my level) x2

I started shining after album 8 because I spoke to the devil

Only a few classics on Speak of the Devil


Verse 3: From 25 seconds to 1:15 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

World Wide Rebel rising up in the spying world, the armies of the world

Watch my website like Covid 19

(Watch a nigga like me keep going forward, because its tough love) x2

I want my nuts licked, and gobbled, while I tickle her asshole, while she is upside down

I want my Vincent Chase nuts licked, and gobbled by your mother, while she loosens up her asshole

I will give you money for a farm to help you grow some balls

(I will give you a slap in the face because I am Courage from the farm, with Billion-dollar balls) x2

(These are shoes that you can’t fill, Shady God is the next sequel to Slim Shady, who will be the third after Slim and me) x2

(I am cold as the cold wind blows, ask me why, well I sort of know, because I want to be a drug lord all over Portugal, oh ohh ohh, because I want to be a drug lord all over Portugal) x2


Outro: From 3:30 to 5:03 of the Original (Eminem)

38. The Nasty Mind (kid Cudi Mr. Rager)

Chorus: First 32 seconds of Instrumental (+repeat)

Cudi: I’m off on the adventure

Cudi: I’m on my way to heaven (repeat several times soft in background)

(While my Chorus goes on)

Hey Mr. Gabe, The Nasty Mind, where are you going

(The Nastiest flow of them all, with the angels singing) x2

(Going off on a nasty adventure, porn stars dick swinging) x2

Shut down the city, with the billions laundered to my name

(The nasty mind, off on an adventure, superstardom fame) x2

You wanna be one of them, a super star

(A Nasty minded super star) x3

Verse 1: From 37 seconds to 1:08 of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Cudi: I’m off on the adventure

Cudi: I’m on my way to heaven (repeat several times soft in background)

(While my verse goes)

All these pastors singing (I’m on my way to heaven) x2

I have billionaires investing in my invisible singing

(So little kids grow up listening to me) x3

Tell the middle school its closed Gabe just donated sperm to the Principle

Gabe has a nasty mind, he can’t control his principles

(I kill niggas like Django so how can I be racist) x2

I’m on my way to heaven, to see if NASA is lying in Portugal

I’m on my way to heaven, to see if Elon is Sane, in Portugal

(Take me on that adventure, just make sure Gabe lives forever) x3

(Just in Time, Good deeds can make me immortal in time) x3


Verse 2: From 1:08 to 1:23 of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Cudi: I’m off on the adventure

Cudi: I’m on my way to heaven (repeat several times soft in background)

(While my verse goes)

I am off on the adventure, Gonna kill more niggas going to heaven

Play Django in my slave master palace, as I listen to my daddy’s daddy

Let me dance like Eminem on Cocaine with blackies who are fatty

(I am on my way to heaven, the media is me, the media is replaced by me) x3

(You see those niggas in Dubai without realizing they get shot down, you wanna be

One of them, you wanna be a billionaire in Dubai Space, you wanna be one of them) x5

That’s what Billy told me to say in my ear


Verse 3: first 1:56 of the Original (Kid Cudi)

(repeat 3 times)

39. Once Is Enough to Kill You (till I collapse Eminem)

Verse 1: First 1:42 of the Original (Eminem)


Chorus: From 1:40 to 2:04 of Instrumental (+repeat)

Once Is Enough to Kill You, for your promotion of slavery in New York

Shoot the protesters down with a Sheriff by my side, walking a York

After I kill the protesters, I will fuck your girlfriend who is a Dork

For My website content, and eat some pork, out of her ass

Because she is a pig (Once Is enough to kill you, step into the ring) x2

Verse 2: First 32 seconds of Instrumental (+repeat)

You had tupac play murder all the time cop killing

Then the cops realized the wealthy were stealing children, not actual killings

Then we realized the media glamorized murder like Django Unchained

Then we saw Jay-Z rise glamorized for breaking these hip hop chains

Then people like Drake slaved with the Weeknd for a way to the top

(And finally, Augusto rises from the ashes, it takes 100 times to kill me, so keep shooting at me

These rappers talking bull shit, when I top reality, Augusto Gabe is the best website

While your daughter can’t sell shit on her website, crying about her frail mortality) x2


Verse 3: From 33 seconds to 1:40 of Instrumental (+repeat)

You consider me a joke, but I can pee on a little girl

Cops give me a pat on the back for the meth I smoke or used to smoke

Now I can function on Pills before Coke goes up both my nostrils

Don’t be hostile, just be volatile, don’t touch a child, because I want to touch that child

(So, fuck off while I bring the real slim shady back, but I am a bit fat, let me carry the world on my back, I need a Labrador while smoking crack) x2

I could have ended up waiting tables like Drake said in that one song

Now I could have a billion followers and 500 million dollars because I made you memorize every song

(Now so long to the haters as I keep rising above the God status to a deity you have never seen, as a matter of fact I could get away with murder one day like Gus Fring) x3


Verse 4: From 2:58 to 3:55 of Instrumental (+repeat)

While you encourage kids to go to a school, I will be smoking cigarettes by the pool

Working on entertainment to sound cool, while your boyfriend sounds like a tool

Because he is still trying to mix some more garbage in garage band

I fall asleep and land, in more pootang, once I am done visiting an Island

While the Navy Seals, drones me every day, while the CIA hides up in the sky

I sit back and cry, because I want the immortals from the sky to make me immortal before I die

Like an Enoch (so do they lie about age, about niggas in the cage? About my selfish rage?) x2

Do they lie to us about how long you can live?

Can I kill your boyfriend on the mic if I sing and tell him to hop on this dick?

(Back off sonny your feeling the God, so when I am done, I will go back to being a man like soul lyricist showed me to have a backup plan) x2


Outro: From 3:50 to 4:42 of Original (Eminem & Nate Dogg)

40. Full of Depression 2 (full of depression spin off) Instrumental Needed


Verse 1:

Tell these niggas to back off like a cock in a girl’s face

I got these crackers crumbled in my coffee cuming on a rich girls’ face

(Fuck all these fake RuneScape creators making private servers) x2

I be fucking with the internet (So Billionaires want to buy into my website servers) x2

Full of Depression again, bringing it back again, finally have the arrest record

The reputation, the ass on me is amazing, the flame in my vocals back again

The Arrest record of the youths of the future, will be great

While these old women want you to grow up in delusion

(I want to help these young boys make reality out of delusion) x2


Falling short of the glory of God, no Jesus, (but holy ghost in this bitch) x2

I will not cry when you tell me the truth, but I do cry for the youth

(Oh, good deeds can save millions, Can Gabe be the one to save millions) x2

Verse 2:

Forgotten in a glass house, no spouse, the whole world on my shoulders

Forgotten dreams in my Genius house, she has a pink blouse, and her feet smell like a flower

(I devour her body, full of depression, pour me a drink for more rap these days) x2

All these young niggas wanna be a drake, not realizing drake is based on my initials

All these young niggas wanna be fake, not realizing being fake ruins your reputation forgotten initials

I got that “you know what I’m sayin” swag, Fresh prince of Orlando

Fresh Prince of Winter Park, cops protect me like their pockets greased up

(I am Caesar, the young Caesar, eat her out like the salad) x2

(Watch the throne, full of depression, Watch my tone, full of depression) x3


Woa, step back way back, I am way up these days

Woa, step close baby girl, show me that back, these niggas hate these days

(Slap the taste out the mouth, competition is just local) x2

I am so vocal I can be the spokesperson for Underground Global

Outro: Singing high

(Full of depression oh baby so full of depression) x2

(Bars for days, lifting up bars because I drink at home alone) x2

Full of depression, Recovery and Relapse combined

Que give me another session, for my Relapse in the future

(Yeah yeah, I am going through singing withdrawals, billionaire withdrawals) x3


  1. Bad Dad (Eminem’s my dad’s gone crazy)

Verse 1: First 1:25 of the Original (Eminem & Hailie)


Chorus: First 1:05 of Instrumental (no repeat)

First 23 seconds (Hello boys and girls today were gonna talk about father and daughter relationships, do you have a daddy, I bet you do, who’s your daddy?)

Gabe: Such a Bad Dad, (They steal my sperm because my ambitions are big) x2

Bad Dad, he doesn’t listen just cocaine tricks

Verse 2: From 1:06 to 2:03 of Instrumental (+repeat)

I’m going to hell, who’s coming with me

Can’t you tell, there’s no mountain I can’t wave a wand to move

Cutting off these rappers on the highway they still drive a Toyota

(Lucifer swag, and the emotional swag of a bad dad, the best at being the worst) x2

(On my worst behavior, forever way up on these niggas, a bad dad, a bad nigga) x2

You motherfucking cock suckers can only slap your sister

You motherfucking cock sucks don’t know real struggle of losing your daughters

You sad fuckers wouldn’t get a billionaire’s swag (Leave me alone if you don’t love me) x3


Verse 3: From 1:06 to 2:03 of Instrumental (+repeat)

You can’t be the new Eminem these days

So, while your busy with the trunk of your car

I got your mother listening to my podcast in her car

While your parents fuck on blow to my music when you take a trip in a car

I got the new Bill Gates swag, a nerdy fag, to make haters mad

(You sing like you sucked a cock the day before, your suppose to slap your whore) x2

I am such a bad dad, I want to molest my daughter

(Chris Hansen can’t save me; black iPod has naked kids in it) x2

(Change my name to Chris Mansion, hiding in a nude mansion with kids in it) x2

My mother goes ran rana rana rana rana rana, because of my Court lawsuit on my behalf won

She wants to sue me, again because she didn’t want to tell me about sperm, so truly I never won

(Am I the only one who is normal anymore?

Aren’t drugs and pedophilia normal?) x2

I would yank my teeth before I ever bite my tongue

More pain inside of my brain, years of probation insane

While cops are cocked up, getting brain, I live in tears

Billionaire dreams are insane, my older daughter will know

I got the divine murder tears in the CIA, (Adopt my older daughters) x3


Verse 4: From 1:46 to 2:56 of the Original (Eminem & Hailie)


  1. Paradise of Miami (club paradise drake)

Verse 1: first 47 seconds of the Instrumental (+ repeat)

These girls in Orlando not realizing I hated all my old girls

But really, was with men and women, while dads were protecting their little girls

A bar in Miami has that midnight glow with a girl in a family who hates it all

A car in Miami has that sin city glow with a girl with no family on coke who still hates it all

(They keep asking where you going, what is going on?) x2

(I keep the straight and narrow path, a straight arrow path) x3

Tell me who did I leave behind? I am still trying to figure it out

Tell me who did I fuck over? I was just aiming for 100 million downloads

While being down and out, hard to be sober

(Hard to be sober when your friends are gone in a Miami pen) x2

(I had to murder these rhymes using Microsoft no pen) x2

I hated the flow, I continued to grow, I guess I care about these kids

The ones with mental illness, I care about these young ones

Who will hate it all, because you won’t let them be eternal like my website?

(The poetic flow is the demon that saves us all, this is how I feel) x3

Chorus: from 47 seconds to 1:09 of the Instrumental (+repeat)

Paradise of Miami fading in Miami beach, whoa Lamborghinis are preach

Cocaine in these girls’ nostrils while they can’t teach

(Who will help the youth with mental illness, and truth) x2

(It will be gibe who knows all the strippers by their real name) x2

Remember how Augusto Gabe felt at the start of it

(Miami nights with prostitutes, and brotherly love, for the love of it) x2

(Send my love out to the internet because I represent the real) x2

(I became a slave to my health, tobacco has me dead for real) x2

Show me love, show me fucking love (because I thought it was all I needed) x3

Verse 2: first 1:09 of the Original (Drake) (I be with my nigga) ends.


Verse 3: first 47 seconds of the Instrumental (+ repeat)

You think I am so caught up in where I am right now

The Paradise of Miami, another club for me to visit

Watch these Miami girls dance for a cub like me while I am lifted

Spend the inheritance like a man on his last dime

(Pile of Kush, the mountain of youth, and the Cocaine the mountain of Fantasy) x2

(You think I am so caught up in where I am right now, but believe I remember it all) x3

Miami raised me to be the little nut job I became

(I raised me to be the belittle nut job who made 50 million listeners happy) x2

(They trip off the amount of people I could bring along, while I dream on) x2

Need credentials for everyone of these Prisoner kids, that are older

(Lost in a world of Saints and devils, while I may never meet my own kids) x2

But I’ll never break the promises I made to myself

And I would never make up names for myself, then change

The names I just gave to myself

(All these L.A rappers fade while I become a God for all to watch) x5

(Orlando kept me up while I was stuck, I mean dam really) x3

Outro: From 3:33 to 3:59 of the Original (Drake)


  1. Ordinary Life in Orlando (Ordinary Life the Weeknd)

Verse 1: First 37 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

Like I’m James Dean Shady God will die when his young

(Die when I’m young, Die when I’m young) x3

Do heavenly deeds in Orlando in a Bugatti

(Make me immortal with Elysium House deeds, in Portugal) x2

This is no Ordinary Life, Pills, porn, and masturbation

Loser for Life, pills, for my skills, a knife for my enemies (fascination, everybody said it would hurt in the end, hurt in the end, but I feel nothing) x3

Chorus: First 1:28 from Original (The Weeknd)


Verse 2: From 37 seconds to 1:04 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Driving a Bugatti in Orlando is not Ordinary Life

(Do 100 Miles on the highway at 2am the Police Chase me till they realize I am shady God) x2

(Everybody said the crash would hurt in the end, hurt in the end, but I feel nothing) x3

Heaven in her mouth, got a hell of a tongue (Asian Girl blowing me so my White girl doesn’t find out I am giving them white girl) x3

I can feel her teeth when I drive on a bump, Fingers letting go of the wheel when I cum

Whe-wheel when I cum, Whe-wheel when I cum, David Carradine, I’ma die when I cum

She just givin’ head, she don’t know what I’ve done

(Like Just in Time, I will live forever, but Gabe might die when he is young) x5


Verse 3: From 1:04 to 1:34 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Heaven knows what I’ve been told

(Paid for the life that I chose) x3

Cops surrounded me for my inheritance to come in over 500 million

Jay-Z must love my website with the other 50 million

(Oh, let me spend this 10 million flip a few Bugatti’s because Shady God has a Shady swag) x2

(Do more drugs when only Cocaine is prescribed, I’m gonna fly off the edge, fly, fly off the edge) x2

(This ain’t ordinary life, this ain’t ordinary life, no Ordinary life) x5


Verse 4: From 3:00 to 3:38 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Angels are Singing about me being the morning star

(I was Lucifer before the fall, still have the holy call, I control them all) x3

Controlling the internet with my voice, Saint voice, lady taint, she sat on my vocal cords no voice

(No ordinary life, No ordinary life, No ordinary life, woaaaaaaah) x3

My soul is burning in an Orlando Bugatti

(Father sorry, Father sorry, Holy, Holy, holy) x2

Halos are given to ordinary lives

(Killers listen to my website all over the world, so no this ain’t ordinary life) x5

(No Chorus) Verse 5: From 2:34 to 3:33 from Original (The Weeknd)