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Now the assortment of videos I have are good 3 in this specific Order.

Short Uncle Movie video I buy a lot of movies on youtbue etc. Technically I can share it but this one you can download. Click here to watch and download if you want.

Seinfeld the Abortion topic with Elaine and Jerry 5 minutes.

And 17 minutes of the Pride of Vegeta fighting for the ones he loves.

And below are albums I got listen to them. And enjoy my instrumentals and other mixes.

Graduation Kanye

Drake If You’re reading this its too late

(Other songs I wanted to share instruments etc.)

Talking about great things in life sharing Videos i love of favorite shows, and djing with 3 playlists enjoy.

(2 albums + Other) + Gallery + Cust Gifs + Lyrics Leak + Gen3 Phan & Gabe + Man from Uncle Video + Seinfeld Video + DBSuper Video (epic)

The Remaining 6+ Song lyrics of album 13 Lol so anxious waiting for 12 to be mastered so we can start recording again about it. Enjoy.

Like woah gabe put in a song (You niggas still saying the sun is a light bulb me and phantom are off that LOL)


  1. Gabe Gets Molested by His demons’ skit Instrumental Needed


Characters: Demons deep voice & Gabe bitch voice

Gabe: Oh, stop touching me I just want to sell my soul to the CIA

Demon: No such thing Gabriel (You lost the privilege) x2

Gabe: What did I do wrong? I was just messing around. I just wanted to sing

I just wanted to be good and what I do is that a crime?

Demon: You did not give full credit to lucifer for helping you with your vocals

And with young boys that you may need to touch as you get older as the ritual goes

Gabe: But I just wanted intelligent entertainment nothing bad…

Demon: Oh well, it will end for you if we see you in Hell, you better flee

To the heavens in Portugal in those stupid songs you keep singing

Like your better than everybody else, prove it Gabe.

Gabe: I’ll try to prove it, I’ll try, I promise I will do good so I don’t burn in hell

Demon: Good then you have learned the lesson of greatness and humility

Now take that message with you to the millions of invisible audience members

Before you reach the hunger game audience members in your lifetime.

22. Stars of Heaven (Star67 Drake +Pastor Out of Jail No more Stealing skit at end)

Verse 1: First 1:25 from Original (Drake & Wayne)

Chorus: First 17 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

The Stars of heaven are blowing up (The angels are singing up) x2

We keep blowing up, blowing up the internet every track

(Blowing up, my niggas and me really need the whole thing) x5

Stars of Heaven align, forever they align

Verse 2: From 17 seconds to 52 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

Brand new LaFerrari can’t wait to let it go (Walk up in my own home because it is my own label, oh sperm money got me this new home?) x2

(Walk up in the court room delusional but fully grown) x2

Niggas know I’m credible, ain’t no pussy on a pedestal, voice mail

Say she ready though, let her know I read it though

(Got my foot on Mercedes Benz pedal doing 90 on the bridge like nigga you already know) x3

Cocaine nights, the stars of heaven align, Orlando nights with bribes by my new bed

(Oh, visions of them calling for the time, when I can be brave in the head, brave boy) x3


Verse 3: From 52 seconds to 1:24 From Instrumental (+repeat)

Now I am flying higher than ever before

Like a whore from Bob’s Burgers who thought she owned the Store

I got the bunny ears on me like louis, she is so young to be my little whore

(The feelings of alcohol and anger I pour) x2 John Taffer promotes me to girls

Who work as a whore?

Kanye puts my music on the plane to show the captains what’s in store

(I got millions of listeners like Howard Stern, with no meth burn) x2

Oh, the cops have told me in court delusional so wait my turn

(Forever real, pray the fakes get exposed, and we live forever man) x3


Interlude: From 1:25 to 2:48 from Instrumental (no repeat) Before Verse 4.

Verse 4: From 1:48 to 2:46 (+repeat)

I don’t think you get how the Stars of Heaven come down

(When I sing in my closet iQue can frown, as I clown around) x2

I got the masses listening to me like we all live in a small town

(I pulled a Dr. Phil on they ass, and made them have a meltdown) x2

I pulled my dick out of the earth to fuck

I pulled my sick thoughts out of this earth, for luck, I created my own luck

(Who said you can’t create your own luck, enemies are told Good luck, suck me off if you want me to be like oh fuck to be like another Chris Breezy on the loose) x2

120 on the bridge my Bugatti flies off into the water

(Resurrected back to life, trying to get back my older daughter) x3

Now we blowin up, I can sing 100 scenarios and I am still blowing up

I do it for the love of it (Let your kid follow in my footsteps for Godliness) x2

I created The Stars of Heaven I am the Alpha and Omega

Represented by an evil shit named O’Mara


Verse 5: From 1:25 to 2:50 (Drake)



Outro: From 2:48 to 3:45 from Instrumental (no repeat)

I do better with the rider in my system

Oh yeah, I’m on deck, when you call me, I’ll listen then

(I smoke cigarettes with alcohol, it’s tradition) x2

I listen Unless I been mixin’, you know when I’m mixin

And I don’t mean mastering and mixin

(I knew the Stars of heaven would make my dreams come true, I been had these visions) x2

(Oh, these ashy niggas singing my music, I guess I passed the Media Tradition) x3

23. Weapon of Language (Pablo Kanye west beat)

Chorus: First 22 seconds from the Instrumental (+repeat)

All these weapons made by fallen Angels Azazel from the Book of Enoch

Weapon of Language to inspire the rebellion of new Disciples and Enochs

You’re looking at the military in the night sky (While the military makes technology to drop the blueprints by, wondering who the new Gods are?) x3

(You play a role to sell a soul, weapon of language) x2

Verse 1: From 22 seconds to 2:14 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

You wake up wondering about the bread

Last thing you’re worried about is some head

Language is more important then filling someone with lead

You feel alone like a kid who sleeps in a shed

(You wonder is Gabe making another post for the masses, to awaken more) x2

(You wait for divine intervention, not realizing have you lived out pure?) x2


Verse 2: From 2:14 to 3:53 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

What is the purpose of a gun (to entice the media to come) x2

What is the purpose of a drug charge (So Attorneys can create an outcome) x2

What is the purpose of banging your sister (So you can fuck like your dad cums) x2

What is the purpose of getting high every day (My death will be numb, really numb) x2

What is the purpose of impressing people you can’t see (So one day you give out the crumb) x2

What is the purpose of dumbifying music (So 50 million looks towards Gabe celebrate with rum) x2


Verse 3: From 1:52 to 5:50 from the original (Kanye & Sampha)



Verse 4: From 3:53 to 4:18 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

The past is of the millions who live off the CIA

Patrick Stewart, Deputy director Avery Bullock (to keep communities safe) X2

While millions of kids will be a Stuart little, because of drug traffic, caught by a Deputy Avery

While only 100,000 kids could rise to the occasion, of another Gabe

While some of those kids need to hold down the fort

While one has to go through a girl through an abort

I rose to the occasion of Old Sport, be a good sport, Old Sport

(Smoke these niggas like a Newport, Billionaire Gatsby Modern Day Fort) x3



Verse 5: From 5:49 to 6:10 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

The greatest fear is to look up on the night sky

(Wondering when God is gonna say hi) x3

Well Shady God is here, so let us just pray for a while

Well the Angels of God sent me here, so the devil can make pay day out of me for a while

Impossible for another Eminem or 8 Mile, but it is possible to be influenced in style

(Who will Gabe influence in the next 100 years, revolution, mother tears, attorneys’ fears) x2

Maybe some of you need a more chill night life, if no ambition keeping a wife

(To help other people’s lives) x2

24. Piano Underwater (piano of some sort with water sounds) Instrumental Needed


Interlude: (Que make it repeat once)

Man, all you pussy niggas drive me crazy, make me sick to my stomach I feel nauseated

All you haters hold hands and jump off a building, I could still taste her pussy memorabilia

Verse 1:

These niggas acting like lil bitches in court

I don’t understand this speech like you scribbled it

Took the prosecutors clothes off, step back and exhibit it

Tear her ass up like a parking ticket

The end of the road is at walking distance

In yo face like an airbag in a car collision

My meth man so consistent

I’m staying rich, trying to not make black decisions

Everything I do I plan it out like a solar system

Nigga if you clumsy you gon slip and fall a victim to me

(Dedication 5 Lyrics, I remixed the way different way up) x3

Interlude: (Que make it repeat once)

Pop some pills that make me sleepy, and creepy, Petite hoes of age creep me, in they teepee

I hope her pussy is better to read then wiki

Verse 2:

I hope her feet even dirty taste like kiwi

Hope it’s nicer than Tahiti, hoping I could get a freebie

Leavin haters bodies floatin with a mouth full of seaweed

Snitches give me the heebeegeebees

I hope they’ll disappear, where the fuck is Houdini?

I got niggas by my side

You got police on your back

Billionaires come from the sky down to earth

The Media gets donations from them, while they hide a birth

(The truth is you niggas give me heebeegeebees, you Catholic niggas

Play with little boy wee-wees, while Gabe has petite girls’ knee deep) x3

Interlude: (Que make it repeat once)

Why does Gabe bring about these lyrics of others?

Because Gabe believes music should be free for all our sisters and brothers

(Why even bother, trying to make a dime is about luck and dealing with mother fuckers who act fake lying about a dime) x2

Verse 3:

And you’re looking at the ocean in the night sky

Wondering how many sharks wanna say hi

Wondering if you can put your relatives out here to swim by

(Wondering if the ocean has an end since the world is flat) x2

But you know its only crazy niggas that say that

Wondering if the ocean is even real

(Wondering if you live a good life does that mean you must reveal?) x2

(Or do you want to be an average joe with an average meal) x2

Interlude: (Que make it repeat once)

Even if you could swim 100 miles in the ocean, should you?

Or is that just a way to get killed, these people are just trying to fool you

Never jump off a boat or plane, life within the rules of a goat, so only think insane

(Follow your passions to the fullest, listen to the music for the sad man, play it in your ear 24/7) x2

(Live with passion about the sad emotions, to make it to heaven, live like a good man) x2

Short Outro:

You’re looking at yourself in the mirror when it’s night out

You’re talking to yourself like your inferior, trying to figure it out

(Emotions dragging you down about divinity and youth, because few artist

Bring out the truth) x3

Killed the Piano Underwater, because playing a piano is like being Underwater

Spray me with the holy water, the website is your father

25. Melody of Saints (Chris brown Bassline)

(For Verses make the instrumental play out after verses end)

(The instr. Notes) No Chorus Use my Remake Instr.

1st 1:05 intro good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 1) Lower Chris Vocals

2nd 1:05 second till 1:15 (Chris) (repeat 5 times)

3rd 1:15 till 2:53 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 2)

4th 2:53 till 3:14 (Chris) (repeat 3 times)

5th 3:14 till 5:15 (Reached destination) good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 3)

6th 5:15 till 5:37 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 4) Lower Her Vocals

7th Outro From 12 seconds till 53 seconds (repeat 3 times)

Verse 1: from 32 seconds till 38 seconds breezy

Melody of Saints, so vain, so vain (numb no pain) x2

Singing on an internet stage as a hologram (Your girl gives a damn) x2

You niggas singing in subways and for half a gram (You have yet to meet Uncle Sam) x2

You run your mouth without fruition (While when I run my mouth billions appear, like I control the definition of manipulation) x3

Verse 2:

Melody of Saints, trying to reach our destination

These girls have an infatuation about my sensation

At the end I am just a man of mans a boy of boys

A childish king that likes materialistic toys

(I sing for Devils as a saint to raise virtual boys) x3

Verse 3:

Oh, nigga have I reached my destination (You have reached your destination)

Saint down on earth where is my destination (You have reached your destination)

Oh, I got the truest Light nigga determination (You have reached your destination)

I got a fetish for making her feet my destination (You have reached your destination)

I got a simple mind to conform if it is destruction (You have reached your destination)

Following the footsteps of those who represented a nation (You have reached your destination)

But sometimes you trip when being human overtakes (You have reached your destination)

We the real live forever man, not these fakes (You have reached your destination)

We are eternal man, so we always do heartaches (You have reached your destination)

Immortals play the field, Heartbreaks (You have reached your destination)

Jumpers teleporting through the sky (You have reached your destination)

Drink the rider so we can fly high (You have reached your destination)

Take a leap of faith like Bill Nye (You have reached your destination)

These rappers using Sound Cloud are Shy Guys (You have reached your destination)

We drink Polynesian Pearls not Mai Tais (You have reached your destination)

You niggas hungrier than Asia with Pad Thais (You have reached your destination)

Saint leader from heaven, don’t ask to many whys (You have reached your destination)

Verse 4: make sure her vocal is lowered (always follow index)

Stuck at the forefront of stupid

I am immune to cupid (The Saints of heaven singing my name) x3

They dance like Eminem on Cocaine, insane (insane in the membrane) x2

Ooooh I can never reach my destination

These niggas Ooooh they have no destination

Oooooohhh nigga is the gps broke

Oooooohhh you niggas have arrived at my final destination

Oooooohhh (Ooooh I have yet to reach my Heavenly Sky Destination) x3

Outro From 12 seconds till 53 seconds (repeat 3 times)

26. Trafficking Anthem (drake golden roses)

Verse 1: First 10 seconds from Instrumental (+repeat)

I got the Anthem to move these beats as a producer with a co-producer

Abused so I became an abuser, a bruiser, don’t stare at Gabe to long like Medusa

While I am the Glory Mole you are a cruiser, of glory holes, with men who look like moles

I got girls who look at poles, listening to my music before Proposition 208 for Breakfast

Just say yes to your girls, who probably think poles are disgusting unless 208 is expected

Put the ignorant girls in rehab for that addiction, forever trafficking the music

Put the smart girls that grab life and music like an addiction, trafficking that booty for men who make real music

(I traffic more anthems then you niggas trafficking a sound cloud, with no listeners

My website may not say a billion listeners, but I don’t have to buy any listeners

So quit your twitter, Instagram’s, and garbage pages, you are just hitting kiddo phases) x2

Chorus: From 10 seconds to 1:42 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Trafficking Anthem play this as your favorite song

(slick-a-slick-a shady the third) x2 Tell me where I went wrong

I took any song and remixed a song from the future like an alien singing with a bong

I got lady of all ages listening throng, I shoot these fake rappers with words of wisdom King Kong

Trafficking Anthem they play this all over the globe especially Hong Kong

(Underground music for the traffickers all the way, our niggas in prison so we can do drugs for another day) x3

Verse 2: From 13 seconds to 1:56 from Original (Drake)



Verse 3: From 1:46 to 2:09 from Instrumental (+repeat)

The lies they told me made me obsessed, like you’re going to fail

Then I was blind folded, and yet I prevail, like a kid obsessed with Brail

And I graduated the internet, better then kids at yale

While they live like a snail, they pale, in comparison

Laying dubs down on my vocals is my confession

Listening to the truest niggas in my iPod possession

I live day in day out to learn no lesson because I fit into progression


Verse 4: From 1:56 to 3:57 from Original (Drake & Ross)



Verse 5: From 5:02 to 5:35 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Where do I drop the ball, in a prison hall?

Trafficking children and Trafficking drugs so niggas pretend to ball

While the cops laugh about those two topics, because it is a black ball

You have yet to learn respect and opportunity, street smart

You have to let them learn how to repent and opportunity, meet Art, Van Dale

You niggas are all Art Van Dales, not understanding

Trafficking is where 80% of the world is heading illegal activity

If 10% of the world followed my sort of creativity, we could achieve world-wide humility

(Shout out to those moving pills, meth, and blow, put on a show, just don’t get caught, and hopefully the boys in blue, throw, you a seed to grow) x3

27. Shot by Human Nature (spin off of gabes Caligula) Instrumental Needed

Chorus: repeat once

You Made me this way, put some flowers in my face

Shot by Human nature for being this way, earnest place

You made me this way, put some feet in my face

Shot by Human nature for being this way, eternal place

(Mistakes are made so why should I care, Careless nigga shot by human nature) x3

Verse 1: repeat once

If they don’t back down, I will not ask for your help

I will fight back, always on the attack

Illusions are running high

Billion-dollar DNA call me fly

Caligula taking off into the sky

Bring the chorus in nigga, the greatest of all niggas

(Billion-Dollar DNA like Caligula) x3


Verse 2: repeat once (make my voice deep for this verse)

Let the models do their blow, the cops sell blow

Let niggas get shot by humans in imaginary media show

Let the bottles flow, while cops join the ATF and grow

Let niggas get stuck in psych wards for sperm to make money grow

(Let it all fall apart, Gabe darkest heart, could use a restart, sell my art, for a billion is a good start, my haters fall in love or fall apart) x3

You niggas are lame, work at Wal-Mart


Verse 3:

I will decide for myself; you need to decide for yourself

If they ever try to shoot me down, I will blow them down

Wrath of Caligula never asking for help

Wrath of the Gods upon them

(Caligula comes alive in an we way, the new Caligula we are they, you will not survive our wrath

We will fight back) x2

(Oooooohhh one day my children will blow them down, wrath alive in a new way) x3

Whoa you made me this way, before I’m gone out this place

Put some feet in my face, just to get me to cum out this place

I repeat wrath, human race

I kill niggas, no trace, I finger trace, the universe

In every verse, with a pen of magic, for every chorus and verse

Off these niggas go in a hearse with sound cloud as their purse

You niggas live with the crumbs of my blessing eat the curse

(Forever a curse to the wicked) x5

28. Rigged Jail (Chris brown Remember My Name Sevyn)

(For Verses make the instrumental play out after verses end)

(The instr. Notes) No Chorus Use my Remake Instr.

1st 18 seconds intro good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 1)

2nd 18 seconds till 1:27 (Chris)

3rd 1:27 till 1:56 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 2) Lower their Vocals

4th 1:56 till 2:39 (Chris & Sevyn)

5th 2:39 till 4:03 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 3) Lower their Vocals

6th 4:03 till 5:30 (Chris & Sevyn)

7th 5:30 till 6:14 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 4) Lower their Vocals

8th Outro: First 50 seconds of Original (Chris Brown) (repeat 3 times)


Verse 1:

Rigged Jail, because I take it for love, I take it for love (Ooooh) x3

So, if the lights in the sky come crashing down (I can still find your love even in the crowd) x3

Oh, baby Rigged Results, will you remember my name, legends never die, I never fade

(Oooooohhh, tell me more about the next child) x3

Verse 2:

So, I have no choice, So I guess I’ll have to steal your love away

And I’ll take this scar, from my heart, bang bang

(I take this bullet, bang bang, I take it for love) x3

(Your lips are far away, I need my kiss, Oooooohhh I take this bullet bang bang) x5

(Freestyle with the repeats)

Verse 3:

Singing to get out of this mental prison (Ohh they surround you in a delusional prism) x3

The therapy guides you to think insanity is normality (to hide the murder of the sky prison) x5

Floating above the clouds and sky, wishing upon a fallen star (Oooooohhh okay bay) x3

(Freestyle with the repeats)

Verse 4:

Floating above the clouds and sky, wishing upon a fallen star (a fallen star) x3

(Freestyle with the repeats)

All gas no breaks, I just wanna levitate, I just wanna levitate, Billionaires can levitate

Outro: First 50 seconds of Original (Chris Brown) (repeat 3 times)

29. Always Moving On (jay z Thank You)

Verse 1: First 1:00 from the Instrumental (+repeat)

I was gonna kill a couple rappers like Malina Grey but they did it to themselves

I swear they swallowed my heavy load like Sasha Grey but they lie to themselves

They sing about trash while Hopsin puts in the world like a real nigga

Malina grey is to scared to say the word nigga, because they aren’t black

Well I am Venezuelan on the attack, click clack, step back

These wannabe singers needing a website or a school to save them

(Singing about bullshit that will not save them, because them is the youth) x3

(Thank you, thank you, your far to kind, I’m just moving on from rat behavior

So I will pay for my crimes) x5

Chorus: From 1:00 to 2:00 from the Instrumental (+repeat) add my background vocals

Background: Oooooohhh Always Moving On (repeat)


Always moving on, thank you thank you, (you haters are far to kind) x2

I am sorry you don’t understand the grind (You probably go in a line) x2

Welfare, healthcare, Obamacare, while Obama thinks I am trying to create a scare

But to be fair, I am just more rare, then the meat

Always moving on with the heat, please take a seat

Always moving on with the peak, please take a seat kid

Interlude: From 1:00 to 1:35 from the original (Jay-Z)

Verse 2: From 2:23 till 3:30 from Instrumental (+repeat)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind

Hold you’re applause this is your song not mines

I just applied Protools and Filmora

With iQue on this beat to be destroyed no restora

While tools, are acting like fools, you know ah

I just got 12 number 1 albums maybe now 13

50 million plus downloads of each, but my sperm can get me the beach

The downloads are just to reach, the youth because I teach

And preach, preach, preach Party next door

(I wipe the floor with these wannabe party next doors, they sound like garage band

Malina Grey a garbage band sounding like sand in my ears, they probably play with little kids’ rears) x2



Verse 3: From 3:50 till 4:03 from Instrumental (+repeat)

I like listening to Kanye, ye ye ye, play Kanye in my video game

(Make Kanye a J Mod, because we all love to fuck with each other, insane) x2

Oh, watch me fly higher as I move on with my lips

I take little kids on drug trips, and get lost in the woods (when I get high on Ice) x2

Oh, I guess I need to go back to blow so I can act right, like white on rice

These rappers can’t afford a website so they are mice, another sound cloud tragedy

These managers can’t afford to get them Forbes to suffice

So, another tragedy of them saying Augusto is crazy for DNA

(Well I keep the wise guys code alive; I just need to see the sale of my DNA) x2

Talk: (Ohh by the way Malina Grey kiss all those groupie girls tonight for me

While I make a billion and your stuck on a million) x2



Verse 4: First 1:02 from the original (Jay-Z)




30. Heavenly Blow (Chris brown Biggest Fan)

(For Verses make the instrumental play out after verses end)

(The instr. Notes) No Chorus Use my Remake Instr.

1st 47 seconds intro good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 1) (2 girls on 1 chair twice)

2nd 47 seconds into 1:13 (Chris)

3rd 1:13 into 1:58 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 2) (2 girls on 1 chair twice)

4th 1:58 into 2:23 (Chris)

5th 2:23 into 3:09 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 3) (2 girls on 1 chair twice)

6th 3:09 into 3:36 (Chris)

7th 3:36 into 4:20 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 4) (2 girls on 1 chair twice)

8th 4:20 into 4:46 (Chris)

9th 4:46 into 5:30 good to repeat que for my vocals (Verse 4) (2 girls on 1 chair twice)

10th 5:30 into 5:57 (Chris)

11th Outro From 1:15 into 1:43 from the original (repeat 3 times)

Verse 1:

Two Girls I’m Watchin, Heavenly Blow for them (Get it Poppin) x3

Two Girls on One Chair, (No it is no option) x3

Heaven is made of nostalgia and beauty

Earth has little to no beauty and paranoia

(So, take my mind off it with heavenly blow, two girls on one chair) x5

Verse 2:

Nerdy upbringing with the ego of an entertainer

(Whoa my schizophrenia was my personal trainer) x2

Two girl I’m watchin, are they of age

R Kelly swag, but I like either way beast in a cage

(Two girls on one chair, no it is no option, dance for me I’m the captain of the ship, they gonna have my motor rocking) x5

Singing Like Chris Breezy all night long (all night long) x3

Verse 3:

2 Girls I’m watchin, no is not an option, Girl I’ll be the captain of the ship

They gonna have my motor rocking, singing to them like Chris Breezy all night long

Getting these bitches, and play in my song

And switching positions, I got the money

So, I’m granting they wishes, I’ll be their sugar daddy

(I make them scream, baby, baby, baby) x5

Verse 4: Make my voice Deep (repeat once)

(Come on girl, tear it up, you can make it clap for me girl, give it up

God damn, you’re fine, I’m about to stand up, stand down I just

Came do you just to make you holler, Doing it for hours even in the shower) x3

Outro From 1:15 into 1:43 from the original (repeat 3 times)


  1. Future Boy & Trouble Boy (Jay Z Off That)

Chorus: From 53 seconds to 1:11 of Instrumental (+repeat)

Tell these niggas on top to get off me

(I am the future boy, so past all these old niggas) x2

(I am the trouble boy, so infatuated with Sad hoes) x2

You niggas just discovered the sun is a light bulb

Sorry phantom and me are off that

You niggas just discovered religion is why Covid 19 is fake

Sorry phantom and me are off that

(Gonna be the Future Boy, fuck your future girl) x2

(Gonna be the Trouble Boy, Red Soul in a black soul world boy) x2

Verse 1: First 50 seconds of Instrumental (+ repeat)

Oh, Nigga how can you control the future if you can’t call NASA out

Oh, my nigga, how can you be a mole, if your face mask is always out

(Forever rising into a new dream, Future boy, I control the future boy) x2

(20 million new kids will look up to me one day boy, future boy) x2

They have me way up, way up, they hold my title way up

(Future Bill Gates controlling the world with my simple Computer) x2

(Future boy, oh I am the see-through future boy) x3


Verse 2: First 50 seconds of Instrumental (+repeat)

Trouble is on the way, aliens gave Woody the Woodpecker away

(Trouble boy, I am a troubled boy, aliens look after me every day) x2

I was a jumper boy, could kill any nigga in Cuba with shark’s boy

Teleport out this world boy, they stole my sperm boy

(So many of my children are 20 or older boy) x2

Get me out of trouble need a Mod Ash around the corner

(Asia is so bad at murder; they can’t see out the corner) x3

(But my nigga we are all off that, Trouble Boy, and future boy) x2


Verse 3: From 2:30 to 3:10 Jay-Z




Verse 4: From 1:07 to 1:30 Drake (outro)

(repeat 3 times)