2 Simple quotes about logic & Lastly what does it mean to be a Billionaire versus the Group of Friends who always Party… & 6 Videos

2 Simple quotes about logic & Lastly what does it mean to be a Billionaire versus the Group of Friends who always Party… & 6 Videos

1st Quote Snowden Type:

A Snowden type quote who deals with the C.I.A all over the world would be like

“To find the truth is to find everything, and to find everything, is to connect everybody.”


What Snowden is saying, is that the good and bad to connecting everybody is, nobody works and we become complacent, so in turn you turn into a father, or mother to not feel so guilty, but if you have people like Drake or Weezy on the road doing good deeds, performing, meeting fans good, if you got an up and coming Augusto that is good.

Localized Quote: 2nd Quote of Attorneys, truth behind insanity…

A defense attorney (localized) type quote

“You are looking at 3 years in prison.”


Well let’s start with the product, you got high you sold you did, do all humans do it? Many probably, are some cops and attorneys? Sure, but now some people will call you a nut at this point, so how do I teach on my website the younger generation what this means? When I have been through it? It means this is a test, and I want to see where you land on the scoreboard, so if I land really well I end up with a house and a girlfriend or something, unless the deal is with the cops, and if I am famous a boost to the interest of who I am. But it is also not only a test, it is an escape for many, because actual criminals do not hire Attorneys like Mark or Nejame and pay 10,000 dollars, that would be stupid, that is like a Family Attorney for the young guy or girl who got caught in charges. And the experiences will vary, true criminals either have a quick public defender, or some Sheriff giving them a pass to keep getting high etc. Drug Immunity or Police Alliance, it is all varied.

Lastly what does it mean to be a Billionaire versus the Group of Friends who always Party…

Drake and Me as an example.

Drake Example: Canadian ATF Worker who made music, who knew cops in the Canadian community, who became a success, who competed and out classed all his competition, who got cloned, probably, and who has twins in Dubai while some are in Miami and he gets weird offers and what is considered classified info, now he can party and mess around, sometimes, within reason, because he sacrificed to get there with his twins.

Me, always stay solo, no clone, not unless I meet Bill in the Portugal sky at 70 or 100 years old and an angel takes my place, but the website should be eternal like Google. And backed up by every captain and C.I.A Database by the time in my 30s. And I just sing on my 3 thousand dollar mic, I bought, instead of hanging with dealers like I did at one point and let me music and channel grow with love, and that is law of attraction, just like girls who look pretty and retire or get married or become special escorts, same concept but on a higher level of thinking, for higher level of billions. To be an asshole.


The People more anonymous (even twins)

Category 1: The Nothing Jerk off No Heaven No Hell…

The people are mashed up into 3 categories here, the Nothing, the people who love to say the following

“I like to do nothing.” (attitude) from a Godly view.

“I don’t like Augusto.” (Meow) from a Godly view.


Category 2: The Excuse Makers, My God spare me old Generation of twats.

The demons who will not repent. Say the following:

“I hate that website, dafuq?” Anybody’s views even their own.

“Sweetie I got bills.” Anybody’s views even their own.


Category 3: The School Assholes, because otherwise you must commit crime or what, School isn’t everything? It is a lie! Huh? Only 10% make it barley?

And 3rdly the people who just admit they don’t care but they aren’t so bad at the end like 2 examples here. Sub category:

Ex 1: Dude why did you quit going to school? (the guy got laid and got her pregnant and now the dating network of school is closed, his ambition was so low and so pathetic he just embraced the simplicity of his cock in a whore.)

Ex 2: Dude what did you do after you graduated? (Oh, I became a full-time father and slept with all sorts of assholes and fat women not so pretty and I am gonna be a stubborn fool till I am dead, because I am pathetic at contributing to society, so I am gonna be a fool times 10.)

Videos: 6…

Video 1: My 12 year old daughter studying in Miami when Dad is in Portugal in his 40s. or sooner.

Video 2: When the quiet kid is fed up lmao crazyy Mike great content creator.

Video 3: Damn Son Where’d You Find This

Video 4: Lil Wayne- Life of Mr. Carter audio.

Video 5: Jay-Z and dean Baquet in Conversation (This is how people talk when they have made it out the hood.)

Video 6: Juice Wrld Lucid Dreams (Nice found it through a toontown friend.)