(fixed album there) 2 Singles missing + American Gangster Drop, + 4 Videos, enjoy. and message to my dad.

And scroll all the way down for American Gangster by Jay-Z playlist of 15 legendary tracks. 

Hey the 2 singles that I couldn’t release because iTunes was being weird with bought music or whatever. U can download it to here ya go.

Two versions of it. Silence.

And the other, not much different. 

Some of my favorite doug did long series here is just one episode. Video 1:

Video 2: Inspired Halo music. 1 Hour.

Video 3: NLR vs Ra4:: Midship CTF (love the halo 2 pros at it.) Nice Like Rice vs. Ra4.

Video 4: One hour of Chill Out Halo Music.

my 13 toons below. No time to train them all but 3 are maxed in bossbot 100s of hours into that, and 1 is 42 cheese, nice. But ye see you in-game.

(Picked inspiring music to fit the mood.)

Video 4 still one of my favorites music wise, its like diving into deep infinity, with divine beings holding you. Hmm is it good to be a devil? Are the devils good people? And are angels just humans watching the lower humans stuck in this man made prison we call Earth? How to make the most of it?

xD enjoy.

Lastly, dad if you ever read this Mr. Spy, Mr. Clone the real father Augusto Francisco Acconciagioc, I love you, thank you for letting me out of Miami to live in Orlando with the trials of family, the best father was you, I think your website is stupid menteyenergia something. But he was a Lord of the C.I.A, a beautiful man who protected me and took me to Venzuela to relate to my roots. I had 2 weird experiences on Uber Eats, a Gus visited to deliver my food, and my grandma from Venzuela who died but in thin form, both acting unusual, this is fucking weird, lmao no more Uber. Just do leave at door from now on right diapers on our faces thanks to my revolutionary website?

Leaking like Snowden one day but on a higher level.

But you know their is a price of death and mystery when it comes to being close to countries like South America, that is a land of people hooked on Divine Intervention as Beerus would put it, while our Country America is about worthiness to know the Divine secrets. Miss Miami tho those Miami Nights, Saturday Night in Miami gonna be my 14th album track with Sunday Morning Girl when I go fuck up the world with court money right?

And there I leave it there, escorts are better then dog parks. LOL