2 Videos + 11 Singles from iTunes + Chris Brown Exclusive Deluxe Album + long epic rant and thoughts from Gabe on Toontown kids, and drug dealing past. How to improve yourself. Enjoy. Because I got a big high from typing this, to be immortal one day.

Guys I share an epic rant about my version of Christianity and how it relates to Toontown and my full 100% personal life with nothing to hide if you scroll all the way down below, besides that check out these 11 singles I bought on iTunes and this old Chris brown deluxe album I bought on iTunes.

Picture Perfect Remix near the end (if you have heard that’s my bitch by kanye and jay-z on watch the throne, same exact beat.) They just added a bit more, for all you nuts of music to listen to check it out. But you know I am working on this Blue Vibes book about Alien life taking form over 100s or 1,000s of years of war, that is the point. But oh well, why do we lie to each other about the sky and immortality, because you need to be worthy so one day I can be worthy, I should do a book on this. Based on an imagination I can be a God one day with many good deeds and create other gods below.

But first beat court, only 2 videos here: The content and rant below is so good below you may want to check it out before checking the 2 videos, and Por Hacer Me El Bueno put me all in my feelings google the song lyrics and translate it to English from Spanish. and Dream on little Dreamer, because I am still a dreamer. Gabe is here for Eternity.

Video 1 Shyre Halo 2 Montage the pros of the past, the best game ever made taken down. For FBI Stings, bro bro gotta buy me the Xbox with master chief collection get off toontown for a while lol. But I am usually always on.

Video 2: The Gun Pointed At The Head of The Universe from Halo 1 I put this a lot on album 12 lyrics, man I really outdid myself with iQue.

So 2 paths a lot of us face in life is (going with the crowd) this is living with relatives you hate, or a boyfriend or girlfriend who is unbearable and wants you to change but you know you can’t because you feel God the holy spirit speaks to you or Gabe speaks to you as your God, in my cult following of millions. But you see the path here leads to death, it is empty.

The 2nd path which takes (a lot of self-reflecting on how stupid we are.) as well as trying to improve our situations in life is vital and important, if you have a friend who does nothing but smokes pot he has achieved nothing, I was a meth dealer on and off for several months in Orlando and I never went over 30 grams or more for delivering meth, but I delivered meth to so many customers, some in Polk County, Older guys in their 50s even with this cool dude name Dylly is what I will call him, and he has been to jail he has told me we do not speak anymore, but he still sells Meth and GHB and all that till this day in Orlando and he is the real deal. I mean I met like 20 drug dealers and heroin addicts thanks to him, and I would try every drug in the world except heroin it has no prospects. But I was happy to know Dylan was a good guy, he should have turned me in to the police before me having a strict family in therapy to reach a happy outcome of money and friends in court, but Dylan never turned me in.

As a matter of fact Dylan was a nice guy a cool dealer, and he represents the Meth Dealers I sometimes sing about like on album 12, and even if one day I do become a full blown coke head like Mark one day I will have to get things done, good deeds, otherwise I would be slipping into the first category and don’t fool yourself, we all fall into that first category without even thinking it just happens, and yes I take Xanax and listen to a judge and a therapist and spend 6 hours or 12 hours a day on my computer on Toontown since Runescape takes ages, and boost my accounts fairly no cheating but in the end I still live in a 2 million dollar mansion in Orlando and (Careless Whisker, and the toon Y x ing both cats are bullies) who say horrible things to me, as I am leveling up they say Oh I am going to reach 137 laff yeah haha. (I am like let me chime in.)

I tell them guys 137 laff is a joke, its a waste of time, and racing is why Disney closed Toontown Online, so I told those kids, because that is all they are really, especially to a guy like me who has sold drugs, gone to jail, and lived under probation faithfully, and they call me absurd names they say I hope you die, I hope your airplane crashes, because the toon I was on is named (Airline Captain Shady-Kitty) and that name is the coolest name I ever came up with because it describes airline people who go to military and aviation school who end up selling drugs for the rest of their lives, the scum of earth the people we need on this flat planet.

So anyways Joey please ban Careless Whisker and Y x ing, they hate my guts you know. Lol, but I learned a valuable lesson I already knew, and why didn’t my family turn me in a long time ago, I have no idea why, they should have mother caught me with drugs back in 2015 I think and she did not want me to go to the cops to jail, but now I realize all the years of probation heart ache and rehab living is so I can be a millionaire out of court with friends and a future, so the drug laws were there to save me, not that Meth makes you a bad person, it doesn’t the opposite opinion of that is hateful, I think I will do meth one day in the future when I am wealthy, not under the roof of my parents but carefully. Again I do not condone a lot of things but this is literally my life, play 6 or 12 hours a day on Toontown Rewritten because the other toontown versions suck, while I do therapy, make music with my producer regularly and boost my self-esteem.

And lastly to wrap it up these words are for you to remember to record them forever, because some will not see me as Christ-Like they will see me as the Anti-Christ, and as much as I make fun of Jesus and religion because I live in the modern world, I do share the belief that mercy and power and improvement is what we all need to seek for ourselves and the ones we care about, that is without a doubt hard for (Careless Whisker and Y x ing to do they suck at the game.) I have seen one toon by the way say (Holy Moly outloud so some toons know who I am) they just don’t address me directly however Legendary Tan Dog or whatever says dude your a legend every time I see him lol.

Oh crazy me I got 6 main toons, in those photos, but my last 3 toons I swear for the far future all semis with sound etc. With more Billionaire and crazy names… So far these are me if you see me in game.

(Lawlsworth’s Darkest Angel) Toonupless 105 laff (maxing boss and law)

(Airline Captain Shady-Kitty) Lureless 105 Laff (maxing boss and law)

(Billionaire Dad Lawlsworth) Dropless 107 Laff (Maxed boss only maybe law one day.)

(Courage The Cowardly Kitty) 131 Laff trapless (maxed all 4)

Sacred Ocean Billionaire Bear in the brrrgh now

Ice Barrage Billionaire Bear in the brrrgh now easy I level up so fast summoning invasions etc.

Enjoy new and old photos below.

Follow your little voice over the million dollar voices and the loud voices of getting fucked up every day, and when you make this a habit you reach out to the right people and destiny occurs.- Gabe Quote. Only apply if you are 10 years old or 30 at the oldest. Otherwise no hope for you 😉 just saying. Less hope.