4 Videos (New Album Leak) + R & Morty other topics with Phantom.

The Conclusion: Gabe & Phantom Discuss Rick and Morty, the Gentlemen movie, spoilers of the DM under Aviation, and other thoughts.

Videos: 4… (Enjoy.) What if Gabe was the Prosecutor?

Video 1: Lil Yachty, drake, & Dababy- Oprah’s Bank acc. (Off. Video) LOL

Video 2: Kanye West Follow God EPIC. Graduation still my favorite Graduation 2 where is it only in Dubai?

Video 3: Dedication 5 Mixtape Wayne full tape. Free.

Video 4: EDM PARTY mix 2020 Progressive Electro.

The new Project Saint Lucifer Experience long time coming the progress with lyrics, my friend Q has the harder job with the beats. (For fun no touring just high off xan.)

Saint Lucifer Experience: (will need to pull many samples for Que) (2o songs) He may be making all of them originals going to try avoiding features but may have a few not sure, just random thoughts.

  • Captain (Golden Roses Remix)
  • Schizophrenia (Star67 Remix)
  • Another Level (Weeknd Style Slow)
  • Neat (Adaption Weeknd Slow)
  • Jail Is Everywhere (Pop Style Remix)
  • My Lair (My Side Original)
  • Slowly Dying (How Bout Now Original)
  • Shackles (Crew Love Slow)
  • Inheritance (Ordinary Life Original)
  • Black Sheep (TKO Remix)
  • Allure 2.0 (Allure Original Jay-Z)
  • High Off Medz (Spaceship Coupe Original)
  • No Freedom (No Tellin’ Slow)
  • Reality (Amnesia Remix)
  • Piano-Soul (Interlude) (Original)
  • Court (Original)
  • Nightly Vision (Original)
  • Airline Clones (Original)
  • Winter Park (Original)
  • The Breath (Weeknd Style 2 beats 10 Minutes finale)
  • Captain

(Intro of an Airline from Youtube)

Verse 1:

United gunshots for the divine murder

They get stomped (they get stomped) (Creepy Captain Murder)

The Flight 629 was blown to bits

Captains of the time throwing fits

Over Stewarts’s lady bits, to many clits

So long Colorado, grab your shit and move to Dam

Chicago goes to jail for the pot you ants smoke, more than a tourist from Amsterdam

(Life of a captain is hard) x2 (Captains survive and die for those who don’t try hard) x2

(That’s when you know these children will one day grow up to die hard) x2

(Don’t try hard words of Kanye) x5


How to own (Medicated Captains on Cocaine)

(With pistols looking for brain)

At hotels with childhood pain

(How to be a captain medicated on cane) x3

Verse 2:

Taking flight can be a sign of the end

In Washington they pretend, eat a Pretzel

Be a Denzel, never lend to those who pretend

Take the tootskie to far

Forget who you are, when meth runs your mind like a car

Alcoholic flavor for those of us who relax

Problematic favor for those who spend to the max

Rehabs were chasing me since the true story behind Denzel

Arabs were chasing tail true story behind bloody lights

Orlando is the center of the medical

You are exiled for not speaking medical

Sequestered at the airport for being against medical

Now Gabe became too important

So, Gabe wants to work in secret with the unimportant



(Captain told us in our head everything is okay)

(We wake up) x3

(Captain Wake my addiction up) x3

(The Gates have me cornered at every corner) x3

(I go ill and would have to spit blood for 20 years to be bill) x5


(Outro Sample of Flight Movie from Youtube)

  • Schizophrenia

(Doctor Intro sample from Youtube)

Verse 1:

Clooney got in my brain, call Morty and Rick

Improve me in the brain, dirty lick magical dick

A magical Prick, vain, fuck a plane jane

To avoid a plane, assistant average

Band-Aid from the cane, with an average beverage

Stuck in two realities, few causalities

Till I realize my post just killed a million African Children

(Did my post just kill a million African Children) x3


(A doctor talking about schizophrenia from Youtube or Gabe)

Verse 2:

Psychotic trigger, not to pull a trigger

The ancestors underground feeling bigger

Trying to put me out of this reality, as my dick gets bigger

Lying to put me into a virtual reality, as my clique gets bigger

Take me through the pain of others

The doctor prescribed me Xanax to avoid prisoner brothers

(Let me take you down a trip so strong) x3

(Put purple in my cup, and addy to make me hit a bong) x3

(Now the Prosecutors want to post on my site) x5

(Stick to the curse) x5

Chorus: (repeat)

Verse 3:

I suppose my age is a mystery

Alien life, rage gave me infinity

And I stuck to Artificial life, proposition infinity

Alcoholic Schizophrenic, demented, cemented

Rageaholic imaginative, but forever a record

(The voice showed me) x3

(The voice told me) x3

Chorus: (repeat or different doctor sample)

  • Another Level

(Intro Weeknd Snippet from Youtube)