Eminem album drop, plus 20 epic singles + epic Rick & Morty Content by Gabe, and life. Daily.

Hope you enjoyed those two playlists of Singles Wave Part 2 a mix of hip hop and edm and unique beautiful songs i have bought etc. And the Marshall Mathers LP2 as well. Forget Mp3 on these Mpeg-4 audio but my device i put in settings never turn off on iPod and only 10 minutes max on my super old Android lol I swear to you this Android is so fucking old worth like 100 million in the hands of evil military assholes standing in between me and Bill Gates and other Billionaires, but then again we live and learn right?

Here are 2 cool videos I ripped from the show I bought on youtube so you can watch it. Opens in new tab Rick and Morty Rixty Minutes Interdenominational cable snippets decent length.

Part 1 is like one minute long. Click here. (no me I am the killer. Bam, oh wow that was really fast…. LMAO)

Part 2 is over 7 minutes long. Click here. (fake doors come get them) forgive my laughing at the end.

Oh aliens watching mp4 is to mess with your head made by Bill the owner of our society… lol.

Hope you enjoy the latest music and such. I am currently learning how to record games on a T.V may or may not release that sort of content for halo 2 and halo reach clips. I am happy however with the progress.