Gen 6 with Phantom & Gabe + Album 12 first 5 tracks + Album 14 Rough draft 48 tracks and 21 instrumentals from it shared. Enjoy. Chill. No videos this time.

Phantom and me talk about a lot here, one of the best, we regard artists we can’t stand, my full experience and an LA Music school years ago How it went so wrong with this faggot who got mad and cried when he didn’t wanna share his girlfriend with me, and how biased and liars they are it goes into like 10 topics we went in deep. Just know not all of L.A is bad, some parts are good but good and bad comes with liberals and conservatives. Generation 6, go 50 million more downloads for one of our best podcasts.

Here below may listen to first before podcast up to you.

Here is Venezuelan Gangster Reborn showcase, waiting for 10 more tracks, scroll further below for 21 track instrumentals of project 14, woah so epic. Lol steal all their beats and make some of my own they do nothing all free. Hope you all look forward to it. Love faith, and growth.

Gen 6 with Phantom & Gabe + Album 12 first 5 tracks + Album 14 Rough draft 48 tracks and 21 instrumentals from it shared. Enjoy. Chill. No videos this time.

So here is a playlist of some of the Instrumentals (some I made, some ripped, and stolen will edit the tags out with filmora and my friend uses protools when recording and mastering so mp3s u download will not mess up your windows 10 but windows 7 and apple are best because you can bootleg, but just know my stuff will not reset your computer virus scan etc. Cleaned.)

Here is the crazy tracklist I am stuck on I know project 12 is not even all mastered yet only 5 out of the 15 so far, and album 13 is ready to go just waiting for my producer to be ready I am fully ready if you have read the 43 tracks and lyrics I posted. Here is the 14th vision I will not go beyond this until 13 is semi or done.

Notes of 14 for now, the track list, thoughts etc. Rough draft

Yall week like a calendar

Beyond week, close to a billion in arm reach

All I can see from my building is palm trees

(Make some of these myself but many rips) few skits.

Need/blank or done means almost done or (done!!!) officially done.

48 Tracks

  • My Darling Eminem
  • Where Was I At (My Side Drake high pitch) done
  • Angel The Weeknd
  • Attention The Weeknd
  • How Bout Now Drake
  • TKO Timberlake
  • Spaceship coupe Timberlake
  • Amnesia Timberlake
  • Legal Drugs original done
  • Darkest Angel done
  • I feel like dying Wayne
  • Evil Twin Eminem & Eminem other transition mix (the instrumental and beat from original make)
  • (Let’s do it again) Done done
  • Hate to Put You Through It (My Side Drake Low pitch) done
  • Slave to the Wealth (Original) done
  • Dark Super Nova (Original) done
  • Darkest Angel done
  • Saturday Night In Miami done!!!
  • Sunday Morning Girl done
  • Swag Unflawed done
  • 9th God done
  • Baby of Destiny done
  • Billionaire Babies done
  • Forgotten done
  • Mozart Flow done
  • Prisoners of the Sky done
  • Slave to the Wealth done
  • Augusto done
  • Nostalgia done
  • 4PM in Orlando (4pm in Calebasses Drake)
  • Godly Angels (5AM in Toronto)
  • Sweet Man (Sweeterman Drake)
  • Going Up
  • Ghost
  • Always With You
  • Freedom Is Far
  • Good Lullaby
  • Eternal
  • Demon Realm
  • Ocean
  • Final Run
  • Way Down
  • The Silent Room
  • Stuck In A Loop
  • Anger
  • Night Sky
  • Moon
  • Not Himself