Podcast with Phantom + Game Design Leak of Gabe + 2 Albums dropped Ne-yo and Drake And Future.

The New Podcast Update:

The Differences of heavens in the world, what are they? We talk about the army hiding superhumans and our society hating anything different or unique, but it does not reflect on every individual the same, more personal stuff, dark truths, can Great Whites live under a mansion like that of Justin Bieber? and he can toss a Selena down there if he wanted lol, why death is important and why some good people have had to do it, to save from the bad and irrational.

Click here to listen (optional to download)

and to see before or after my progress on my game design although it is a tad bit dishonest I hide the big google drive and such, work on it 2 or more hours a day wish I had cane or addy to help me out. But here it is.

Click here to download the zipped folder you need to unzip on your computer or phone but looks better on computer they are drawings of dungeons on the bi-polar planet and a map of Steve Jobs planet, planet 40 on the list. And dungeon of Asheon the Asia image I was sent by my schizophrenia brothers in Asia, who implanted me with this technology as an Android lol.

Might as well share some of my designs with the world.

No videos for today was lazy.

Enjoy the albums.

Ne-Yo In my own words & What a time to be alive Drake and Future.

Bad boy Gabe is back did one recording session got more coming up, in 2 more we knock out the album.

But could take a month or more after recording for its release.